One Can’t Judge by Appearance #13

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Chapter 13. Embarrassment 2.0

Yan Xi ignored the big monkey’s scolding. She turned to retrieve a shoe she had thrown out and put it on her feet.

She looked around. Where did the other one go?

Seeing that this woman ignored him at all, the big monkey became even angrier and wanted to curse but was warned by the police. He didn’t dare to provoke the police and gave a flattering smile. Seeing him like this, the police were a little angry when they thought of the severely malnourished child in the hospital.

“Go in.” The police pushed the monkey into the police car and began to report to their superiors. They had already caught him.

Seeing that the big monkey had been taken away by the police, Yan Xi, who was still heroic just now, was panting with her hands on her waist. She hadn’t exercised so strenuously for a long time, and her body was still a little uncomfortable. She didn’t feel anything when she took off her shoes and ran to the ground. Now she feels a burning pain on the soles of her feet. She doesn’t know if it’s because the floor is too hot or her foot is scratched by something.

Seeing that the road is uneven, the sacrifice of drawing a sword to help is huge, and the only gratifying thing is that the scum has been caught.

Limping to stand under the shade of the tree, the soles of her feet seemed to hurt even more.

“Hey,” a pair of flat shoes appeared in front of her. The hands holding the shoes were clearly articulated, their nails were neatly trimmed, and they were not wearing any accessories. Yan Xi blinked and looked at Mr. Yuan standing in front of her, but she didn’t expect him to show up.

“Change your shoes first,” Yuan Yi saw her dumbfounded appearance, threw her shoes in front of her, put his hands around his chest, and said, “So many men and the police are present. What are you doing as a woman? Now you know that your feet hurt?”

Is this person here to help, or is he here to criticize her?

You men are so capable and can do anything, so why do you give birth to a child and make them suffer? Thinking that the other party would send her shoes anyway, Yan Xi was so knowledgeable that she didn’t confront Yuan Yi with her thoughts.

She took the shoes, bent over to put them on, and picked up her high heels. The size of the shoes was too large, but they could be worn well.

Seeing her honestly changing shoes, Yuan Yi felt that when this woman was not talking, she was still very pleased to her eyes, “What do you keep these high heels for?”

“These shoes are very expensive,” Yan Xi took two steps. The soles of these shoes are very soft. Her feet felt a lot better, but the soles of her feet still hurt when she stepped on the ground. “Thank you.”

Seeing her walking back slowly to find her shoes, Yuan Yi didn’t walk naturally, so he guessed her foot must have been injured.

“Xiao Yan,” Zhao Peng panted against the wall, stretched out his hand, and pointed to a certain corner, which was where Yan Xi’s other shoe belonged, “What on earth did you eat and grow up” He ran like a horse, but compared to her he is ashamed of himself as a big man.

“I grew up eating spinach” Yan Xi made a Popeye pose and raised her chin.

Zhao Peng:…

He doesn’t understand the thinking of young people joking now.

The corners of Yuan Yi’s mouth, which was following Yan Xi, curled up. Seeing Yan Xi turn her head, he pressed the raised corners of his mouth back again. He stepped forward a few steps and put his hands in his trouser pockets, “There is a traditional Chinese medicine doctor who is good for skin trauma. I will take you to him to see your feet.”

After walking two steps, he saw Yan Xi still standing on the spot, “Hurry up.”

“Xiao Yan,” Zhao Peng looked at Yan Xi worriedly, “This is…”

“A friend of mine, Brother Zhao, you and the driver will take the footage back to the station first, and I will go straight home later.” Yan Xi saw Yuan Yi standing in front waiting for her and said to Zhao Peng, “Help me ask the station to leave.”

“Okay,” As a colleague, Zhao Peng is not good at meddling in the personal life of colleagues. Although this man doesn’t seem to get along well, since the other party took the initiative to prepare flat shoes for Xiao Yan, the two of them should have some friends, “I’ll go back and talk to Director Chen.”

“Thanks, next time I invite you to dinner, let them deduct the cost of the damaged microphone from my salary.” Yan Xi walked to Yuan Yi with her aching legs, “Let’s go.”

Seeing that she was having difficulty walking, Yuan Yi struggled in his heart. Should he help her look for her high heels, carry her to the doctor, or let her walk slowly behind him?

Yuan Yi walked forward with a sullen face and a full face of anger. After walking a few steps, he saw Yan Xi slowly following behind, her lips were pale, and her palm-sized face was covered with sweat. Only in the blink of an eye, she was separated from him by a few steps and looked pitiful. Very pitiful.

“Give me your hand.” Yuan Yi walked up to Yan Xi, and while talking, he didn’t wait for Yan Xi to react and held her arm.

His arms were dry and cold, with an almost inaccessible smell.

“Thank you.” With someone helping, Yan Xi walked a lot easier, and she smiled brightly at Yuan Yi.

“If you don’t try that hard, how can you suffer such a crime,” Yuan Yi said, her face flushed when he saw her. “The other hosts are all intellectually beautiful or elegant. How come you are embarrassed and ugly?”

“I’m the bottom-level host,” Yan Xi said with a smile, “but how do you know I’m the host?”

“Didn’t you interview people with a microphone last time? “Yuan Yi paused, took out a white handkerchief from his trouser pocket, and stuffed it into Yan Xi’s hand with disgust, “Wipe the sweat from your face.”

“It may be the host who is doing the interview, but it may also be a reporter.” Yan Xi didn’t expect a man like Yuan Yi to still retain such an ancient habit of carrying a handkerchief.

“Why do you talk so much nonsense,” Yuan Yi turned his head, “What’s the difference between a host and a reporter?”

That’s still very big.

Seeing Yuan Yi’s expression of “I’ll be angry if you talk nonsense,” Yan Xi glanced down at the shoes on her feet. For the sake of these shoes, she didn’t care about him.

When she got to the doctor, Yan Xi knew that her feet were so painful that they were not scalded by the high temperature on the ground but were pierced by broken glass dregs. When the doctor picked out the broken glass, she was so painful that tears almost squeezed out of her eyes.

“The wound is very small. Just be careful not to get infected,” the doctor sterilized her foot and bandaged it. “It’s okay.”

“Is it that simple? “Yuan Yi looked at the glass dregs taken out of the tray, “Would you like to take another look?”

“Don’t worry, this is a minor injury,” the doctor stood up and put the injury medicine in a bag. “It’s eighty-seven dollars in total, thank you.”

When Yuan Yi touched his body, he realized that he didn’t have a wallet with him: “Can I pay by mobile phone?”

The old doctor pushed his presbyopic glasses: “I’m sorry, I’m old, I don’t understand these advanced charging methods, and I only accept cash.”

So embarrassing.

As the second young master of the Yuan family, Yuan Yi has never bothered about money. Today, he finally realized what it means to “stump a hero with a penny of money.”

“I have it here,” Yan Xi took out her wallet from her backpack and took a hundred-yuan bill to the old doctor, “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

After Yuan Yi helped Yan Xi out of the clinic, he explained with a stern face: “I left my wallet in the car.”

Yan Xi pretended not to see the embarrassment on Yuan Yi’s face: “It’s okay, you did such a nice thing to send me over here. I’m already very grateful, but…”

Yuan Yi turned to look at her.

“But it’s best not to put valuables in the car. Not only is the car unsafe, but valuables are also unsafe.” Yan Xi told a story about the car window being smashed and all the things in the car being stolen.

Yuan Yi listened silently. After walking for more than ten minutes, the two of them stopped in front of a car: “Get in the car, and I will take you back.”

“Will this be too much trouble for you? “Yan Xi was a little embarrassed.

“Yes,” Yuan Yi opened the door and helped Yan Xi to sit in the passenger seat, “It is all trouble, but can I still throw you halfway in the hot weather?”

Yan Xi:…

He speaks like this. If it weren’t for his good looks and the money and power in his family, he would be a bachelor for a lifetime.

Yuan Yi got into the driver’s seat, turned his head, and glanced at Yan Xi one after another. Seeing she was sitting as stable as a mountain, he finally couldn’t bear to say, “Fasten your seat belt. I’m going to drive.”

“Oh.” Yan Xi then remembered that her seat belt was not fastened.

Seeing Yan Xi finally fasten her seat belt, Yuan Yi stopped looking at her, started the car, and drove forward.

The car was quiet. Yuan Yi didn’t turn on the stereo or talk to Yan Xi. Yan Xi held back for half an hour, then said, “Mr. Yuan, thank you very much for helping me today. Why don’t you leave me your contact information, and I will treat you to dinner next time.”

“Don’t talk to the driver in the car.” Yuan Yi replied indifferently.

Yan Xi turned her head and looked out the car window. If he didn’t want to give it, she could save money for a treat.

This embarrassing silence was maintained until the car was parked outside the community where Yan Xi lived, and it was finally unblocked. Yuan Yi stopped the car and read out a string of numbers to Yan Xi.

“What?” Yan Xi was stunned.

“My phone number and WeChat ID,” Yuan Yi was a little unhappy, “Did you just ask me for it?”

Could it be that she was just talking casually?

An ungrateful hypocritical woman, he helped her, and she didn’t even want to invite a meal.

“I thought you didn’t want to give it to me.” Yan Xi took out her mobile phone, stored Yuan Yi’s mobile phone number, and remarked his name as “Mr. Yuan” in front of him.

For the first time, she saw a wealthy and noble son who talked about traffic rules in this way, and he strictly followed the rules of not talking to the driver while driving. She wanted to write him a commendation.

There was nothing much to say, but Yuan Yi was still a little unhappy in his heart, so he pursed his mouth and didn’t speak. When Yan Xi’s cell phone called him, he didn’t look at it. He raised his chin, “Okay, you can get out of the car.”

“You don’t have to worry. I don’t use WeChat often,” Yan Xi replied with a smile, “so I won’t send you a message.”

Yan Xi got out of the car with her high heels, and when she turned around, Yuan Yi’s car was sprayed with exhaust gas.

When the car turned a corner, Yuan Yi parked the car on the side of the road. He took out his mobile phone and found that there were five missed calls. Four were from friends, and one was an unfamiliar number. He saved the number and remarked it as “Yan Single Dog.”

In the WeChat friend application form, an account called “Dahe, I am Xiaoxi” was applied to add him as a friend, and her avatar was a pot of red hair and blood.

This woman…

The avatar and name are not feminine at all.

Yuan Yi curled his lips in disgust and nodded in agreement.

Get the meal she promised back in a few days!

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