One Can’t Judge by Appearance #86

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Chapter 86

Xu family.

“Why is the content of this issue rebroadcast again?” Grandpa Xu sat on the sofa expectantly but finally waited until 8:30, but the content was something he had seen before.

“It’s almost the Chinese New Year, and some TV station staff will also be on vacation.” Uncle Xu heard Grandpa Xu’s complaint and said slowly: “So you can watch other programs for a few days.”

“I’m used to watching this show every night, but now I suddenly have nothing to watch. It’s really boring.” Grandpa Xu stood up with a cane and looked out the window twice, “Is it snowing?”

“The snow has been falling for the past few days.” Uncle Xu helped Grandpa Xu upstairs, “Dad, do you think we should invite Xiao Yan over for a meal? I think good things may not be far away in the relationship between Xiao Yuan and Xiao Yan.”

“If your sister can relax a bit, we don’t need to worry about it.” Grandpa Xu sighed helplessly, “Fortunately, Xiao Xi is a generous girl. Otherwise, with your sister’s attitude towards others, she would have lost her affection long ago.”

Uncle Xu smiled helplessly. How could he control his sister?

Recently, he had nothing to do and registered a Weibo account. He realized that the relationship between Xiao Yuan and Xiao Yan had so many people following them. Now listening to his father complaining about his sister, he has nothing to say except to keep smiling.

After complaining that the words were about the same, Grandpa Xu stopped in his tracks: “Then Xiao Xi will also take the New Year’s holiday, or should she host the New Year’s Eve party?” In his opinion, Yan Xi is good at everything, and it would be a shame not to host the New Year’s Eve party. It’s such a pity. It’s a big loss for the imperial capital.

The old man said what he thought of now, he was talking about his sister a moment ago, and then he mentioned the New Year’s Eve party. Uncle Xu was stunned for a moment before he realized, “Dad, Xiao Yan is still young, and there will be many opportunities like this in the future. I’m afraid she won’t have the chance to host the New Year’s Eve this year.”

“I don’t like to watch other people’s hosts.” Grandpa Xu soon became happy again, “But it’s good, so she will have time to come to our house for dinner. The 28th of the twelfth lunar month is a good day. You go and call Xiao Yuan. Let him bring Xiao Xi over for dinner and call Da Yuan (Yuan Bo) along the way.”

“Older sister and brother-in-law…”

“No.” Grandpa Xu shook his head, “If the two of them are here, we won’t be able to have a good meal.”

Uncle Xu smiled wryly and didn’t mention it again.

“Forget it. Xiao Yuan doesn’t have any prejudices when it comes to relationships. It’s better if I invite Xiao Xi myself.” Grandpa Xu touched the phone in his pocket, “I have her WeChat.”

Yan Xi’s workload in the past two days has been smaller than usual, so she hastened to prepare the comic book draft. Since she admitted that she is the host, Yan Xi, the editor in charge of drafting, has been half-crazy.

The photo on her ID card is quite similar to hers, and she doesn’t know why the editor didn’t recognize it. The other party probably didn’t keep her ID information in mind after signing the cooperation contract, so they urged her drafted to hand it over every day.

Send the finished manuscript to the editor Ming Ming. Seeing Ming Ming excitedly calling her father, Yan Xi sent a blank expression: I am not as old as you.

Ming Ming: It doesn’t matter. You can recognize me as your child.

What makes an editor become so insane out of moral integrity?

The WeChat notification sounded, and Yan Xi looked down at her phone.

Grandpa Xu: [knocking expression].

This emoji style, which was popular seven or eight years ago, reminded Yan Xi of the time when chat software was just popular. However, a nearly ninety-year-old grandfather knows how to use emoticons for chatting, so he can be regarded as keeping up with the trend.

Grandpa Xu: “Xiao Xi, I asked aunt at home to cook a lot of delicious food for a family dinner on the twenty-eighth day. You and Xiao Yuan come over to eat.”

Listening to Grandpa Xu’s tone of voice, Yan Xi smiled. The other party is old and inconvenient to type and read, so the two usually chat using emoticons and voice. It is quite interesting to communicate.

Accepting Grandpa Xu’s invitation, Yan Xi remembered that today the police came to ask her about Song Ci and Song Chao, thought for a long time, and finally told Song Hai.

“Silly girl, do you really think they are just here to ask you about Song Chao?” Song Hai gritted his teeth and cursed after hearing the ins and outs, “These little bastards of the Song family are all bad ruffians. Confessing in that way deliberately embarrassed you. You should have told me earlier that I should have dealt with him. “

“I was just worried that you couldn’t resist going to trouble him, so I didn’t tell you.” Yan Xi sat on the sofa with her knees hugged, “I feel very unlucky, I have nothing to do with the Song family, but I will be implicated.”

“Living in this world, one cannot go smoothly.” Seeing that her daughter was unhappy, Song Hai was no longer in the mood to scold Song Chao, so he turned his head and began to comfort his daughter, “Only the more you experience, the stronger you will be. Don’t be afraid.”

Yan Xi was amused by Song Hai’s nervous appearance. She lowered her eyelids and said: “You mean the police came to find me because they suspected that I had placed the bug on Song Ci’s car or that I was suspected of hurting Song Ci?”

“Since Song Ci had a conflict with you not long ago, the police will definitely investigate you.” Song Hai was worried that his daughter would be afraid and added, “But don’t worry, this kind of thing must pay attention to the motive and conditions of committing crimes. Investigate these cases. The polices here are all experienced, and they can tell you are innocent with a few words, so they asked a few words without any trouble and then left.”

“I knew there were a lot of messy things like power struggles among wealthy families,” Song Hai frowned, “Do the two brothers from the Yuan family have a good relationship?”

“It’s pretty good.” Yan Xi feared that Song Hai wouldn’t believe it, “Eldest brother is seven years older than Yuan Xiaoer, and his attitude towards Yuan Xiaoer is like raising half a son.”

“It’s an advantage to have fewer brothers and sisters.” Song Hai heaved a sigh of relief. He didn’t want to marry his daughter into a smoky family. No matter how much money he had, life would be miserable.

The father and daughter were chatting, and the topic turned to the gossip of the wealthy family. If it wasn’t too late, Yan Xi would like to listen to it for a while. She glanced at the time on the wall and reluctantly said, “Tomorrow night, there will be an annual meeting in the station. I will come back late at night, don’t wait for me. Go to bed early.”

“Are you going to bring a male companion to the annual meeting?”

“There’s a dancing session in the evening, so everyone brings a partner.”

“I knew it.” Song Hai had an expression of “I knew it a long time ago,” “Okay, you young people have fun. Although your father. I are over fifty, I was young.”

Yan Xi held her face and smiled without refuting.

Song Hai suddenly felt sad. The tender and beautiful jade cabbage he raised by himself was about to be taken by a pig, and he still had to accept it with a smile. Being a father is not easy.

“Dad, don’t overthink. You are the most important person in my heart.”

“Your mother said the same thing to your grandpa before she married me.” Song Hai said with a bitter face, “Later when your mother gave birth to you, your grandpa almost scolded me to death.”

Listening to his father talking about the past, Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing: “Every father loves his daughter.”

“Yeah, how can a father not feel sorry for his daughter.” Song Hai wanted to reach out and touch the top of Yan Xi’s head, but when he saw his adult daughter, he knew that this action was no longer suitable for her.

Back then, the short and soft little bun became so big in the blink of an eye, and she had a boy she liked, so he probably understood his father-in-law’s mood back then.

“Go to bed early so you don’t have swollen eyes tomorrow and don’t look pretty enough at the dance.”

Yan Xi stretched her head over and rubbed against Song Hai’s palm: “Daddy, good night.”

The annual meeting of the imperial capital has always been the busiest night of the imperial capital. Not only the front and backstage staff of the station, but also some artists who have a good relationship with the station and celebrities from all walks of life will come to participate, so many staff have lost weight for more than half a month for this day, and they applied several weeks facial mask to make themself still looks pretty.

Seeing Yan Xi appearing at the gate alone at night, before someone had time to think about why she didn’t bring a male companion, the next moment, they saw Yuan Yi, who hurried up to cover Yan Xi with a women’s coat in his hand.

When there is no good show to watch, some people who are not so righteous suddenly lose the will to continue watching.

“I really don’t understand whether you women are afraid of the cold. Usually, you can’t wait to wear warm clothes all over your body. At this time, you can walk gracefully in an evening dress.” Yuan Yi straightened Yan Xi’s coat, “Go inside and take it off later. It’s still cold here.”

“Understood, Grandpa Yuan.” Yan Xi pulled the skirt off the coat to prevent the clothes from falling off, “It’s the first time I attended this kind of annual meeting. I’m actually a little nervous.”

“There’s nothing to be nervous about. Anyway, it’s just eating and drinking, drawing prizes to give out gifts, and the leader has a few words to say, then it’s almost over.” Yuan Yi put his arms around her shoulders and walked towards the elevator.

Several people were already standing in the elevator. Seeing Yuan Yi and Yan Xi coming in, they stepped back.

The sexy woman standing at the front took advantage of this moment to shrink back and let others cover herself. When the elevator door was about to close, a male employee wearing glasses walked in. He saw the sexy woman at a glance. His eyes shone: “Goddess Fei Fei, I like you so much!”

Zhao Fei Fei huddled in the corner and said with a dry smile, “Thank you.”

“Sister Fei Fei, you are more beautiful in real life than in the movies!”

My movie fans, please don’t yell anymore. You may never see my film and television dramas again if you keep yelling. Zhao Fei Fei was feeling desperate. She secretly glanced at Yan Xi and Yuan Yi, who were standing in front of her. Seeing that they didn’t seem to be paying attention, she silently breathed a sigh of relief.

“Teacher Zhao.” Yan Xi suddenly turned around. The bright smile on her face made Zhao Fei Fei feel chills in her heart.

Why did she forget that the Yuan second master’s girlfriend is the host of the Imperial TV station, and she had to be sent to the door even if she died: “Yan, Teacher Yan.”

Unexpectedly, Zhao Fei Fei respects Yan Xi so much the male employee who is a fan of Zhao Fei Fei gives Yan Xi a strange look.

“Teacher Zhao just called me Xiao Yan. How can I bear you to call me a teacher?” Yan Xi nodded slightly to Zhao Fei Fei, forgetting all the etiquette. Seeing that Yan Xi didn’t seem to mind that she used Yuan Yi to hype up her scandal, Zhao Fei Fei was very moved in her heart. She instantly felt that Yan Xi was so beautiful, and the beauty was nowhere to hide.

“Should be, should be, your show is so good, my assistant and I like to watch it very much.” Zhao Fei Fei thought when you became the boss of Hengtai, as long as you didn’t care about this matter, it didn’t matter if she called her the ancestor.

The assistant, who had no sense of presence in the first place, nodded repeatedly at this moment: “Yes, yes, “Things on the Roadside” you hosted is very interesting.”

“Things on the Roadside”? Yuan Yi turned his head, “Xiao Xi, isn’t your program called “Those Things Around Us?”

Is the level of proximity so low now?

There was an awkward silence in the elevator.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Yan, I saw you were too excited, so I’m a little out of my mind.” The assistant didn’t dare to look into Yuan Yi’s eyes at all and always felt that as long as she met Yuan Yi’s eyes, something terrible would happen.

“It doesn’t matter, the names of “Things on the Roadside” and “Those Things Around Us” are quite similar, and sometimes it’s normal to remember them wrong. I often have friends who call the wrong program names, and I’m used to it.” Yan Xi worried that she would never speak again. After a few words, the assistant’s face would be blushing with blood.

The assistant looked at Yan Xi with emotion. No wonder such a vicious man as the Second Young Master Yuan liked Host Yan so much, even a woman like her.

“Actually, there is something I wanted to say half a minute ago.” Yan Xi looked up at the light on the top of the elevator, “Have you noticed that the elevator doesn’t seem to be moving?”

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