One Can’t Judge by Appearance #85

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Chapter 85

This matter had nothing to do with Yan Xi. Still, the gossiping eyes of the director, who tried his best to hide it, reminded Yan Xi that although Song Chao didn’t have much affection for her, both she and Song Chao knew it well, from outsiders’ point of view, Song Chao was obsessed with her. In the eyes of some people who like to make up romantic plots, all the sacrifices of Song Chao may be for her.

Obviously did nothing but may bear the infamy of being a beauty. Yan Xi feels that this is a typical situation where she is both proud of her love and career but not good in other aspects.

Fortunately, the editor and director are very measured, knowing that there are some things that, even if you are curious, you can’t ask them out.

“The guests invited this time are related to the Song family,” the editor apologized to the two hosts, “Thank you for your hard work. We will record again when we get in touch with new guests.”

“It’s okay. I know that you, the director, are also thinking about the show.” Their serious talk shows are different from eye-catching variety shows. The negative news is very taboo. Here, Shen Xingyan will not speak for an insignificant guest.

Seeing that Shen Xingyan didn’t speak, Yan Xi also sat on the sofa, well-behaved and didn’t speak.

After the editor and director left, Shen Xingyan turned to Yan Xi and said, “As for the Song family, no one in the station asks you to say a word. If there are too many people, there will be confusion. Whether it’s your friends or colleagues, you must be on guard.”

Yan Xi nodded and said with a bitter face: “At this time, even if I stand up and say that I am not familiar with Song Chao, probably not many people will believe it?”

“Don’t mention others, even I don’t really believe it.” Shen Xingyan said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter, a person will encounter a few weird things in his life, and only a few weird people will make life more colorful.”

Yan Xi felt that this consolation didn’t seem to be that effective.

Because the recording of the program was stopped ahead of time, Yuan Yi hadn’t started to set off when he agreed to pick her up, so Yan Xi returned to her office, turned on the computer, and watched the video material of “Those Things Around Us” for a while.

The Song family’s matter has long been quarreling on the Internet. Netizens have imagined a series of bloody dramas of a wealthy family. The netizens have questioned anyone who has a relationship with the Song family and has an online account.

What is the truth?

Except for the dead old man of the Song family, no one knows about it anymore.

Suspecting that Song Chao was the murderer, she doesn’t know who spread it. Yan Xi felt that with Song Chao’s style full of insidious calculations, he would not be so stupid as to kill a dying old man himself, and it was still in a hospital under surveillance.

Unless his brain is flooded, or he is suffering from neuropathy and loses control of his emotions, it is absolutely impossible to do such a thing that is not in line with his personality.

When Yuan Yi picked up Yan Xi, he found that she was hesitant to speak, so he knew she must have something to ask him: “Tell me, do you have any questions that you need to bother me to solve for you?”

“A little bit indeed,” Yan Xi smiled flatteringly at Yuan Yi, “but I’m afraid you’ll be jealous if I say it.”

“About the Song family?”

“Boss, you are so smart, your IQ is over 180.”

“Okay, if you want to hear gossip, just say it directly, don’t flatter me.” Yuan Yi snorted softly, “Besides, I look like someone who is so bored that he eats this kind of jealousy?”

Yan Xi shook her head violently: “It’s not like that.”

That’s weird.

“Didn’t I tell you before that the Song family was in chaos?” Yuan Yi didn’t gloat when he mentioned something had happened to the Song family. On the downhill road, once Mr. Song dies, the Song family will be torn apart.”

“Isn’t the Song family a competitor of yours?” Yan Xi wondered, “Why don’t you seem to want the Song family to become more and more down?”

“Although the Song family and the Yuan family have been competitors these years, they can be regarded as healthy competition. It is a good thing for the market and consumers. Once Mr. Song falls, some of the Song family’s businesses will shrink or even go bankrupt.” Yuan Yi looked a bit stern, with a bit of resentment and sympathy, “The Song family has supported countless employees. The collapse of the Song family means that many workers will lose their jobs. Some workers have worked in the Song family for most of their lives. Now in their 40s and 50s, their adaptability, physical strength, and innovation ability are not as good as those of young people, and it will be difficult for them to find a job in the future.”

Yan Xi is not a company manager, and her considerations are not as good as Yuan Yi’s. Only after hearing Yuan Yi’s words did she realize the seriousness of the matter. Thinking of the future days of those unemployed workers, she couldn’t help frowning.

Seeing that Yan Xi was unhappy, Yuan Yi regretted telling her this, so he said with a smile: “But you don’t have to worry, so many people are unemployed, the country will definitely find a way to properly accommodate them.”

Yan Xi felt a little happier and nodded slowly.


“If I don’t go home tonight, my dad will come to your house to ask for someone.” Yan Xi interrupted Yuan Yi, looking outside the window at some shops where fabric firecrackers and red lanterns had been hung on the glass windows, “New Year is coming soon.”

The streets and alleys seemed to have made an appointment, and auspicious and festive songs began to be played to please the passers-by.

Opening the car window, Yan Xi’s face was blown by the cold wind: “It’s snowing again.”

Yuan Yi leaned over and closed the car window: “It’s such a cold day, what kind of wind is blowing?!”

“There is a handicraft store in front, and there are many interesting gadgets in it,” Yan Xi said, “The Chinese New Year is coming soon, I want to buy two kinds of handicrafts with good meanings and interesting meanings for Grandpa Xu, you can go and have a look with me.”

Yuan Yi glanced at the snowflakes floating outside, then at Yan Xi’s expectant eyes, and finally nodded.

“Put on the scarf and gloves.” After getting out of the car, Yuan Yi wrapped Yan Xi tightly, wishing to cover her face.

A kind of coldness makes your boyfriend think you are cold. Yan Xi pulled out the scarf covering her mouth and walked into the shop holding Yuan Yi’s arm.

Yuan Yi looked at the store Yan Xi mentioned, the store was not big, and the shopkeepers were an old couple. The proprietress obviously knew Yan Xi, and when she saw her, she smiled: “Miss Yan, are you still here so late?”

Noticing that Yan Xi was still holding a man, the proprietress took out the reading glasses on the shelf and looked. Her smile became kinder: “This guy is your boyfriend, right? He looks really energetic and has a strong body. He should Have strength.”

Yan Xi smiled at Yuan Yi, nodded, and said, “Well, you guessed it right, he is my boyfriend.”

“The young man has a good face. He looks a little fierce. In fact, he has a good face that is invulnerable to evil and has a long life. He is a natural match with you.” 

When Yuan Yi was with Yan Xi, he had long been used to being misunderstood as he was persecuting a woman from a good family. Still, someone praised him for his good looks, and that he and Yan Xi were a natural match, so he felt strange.

At this moment, he found this old lady very pleasing to the eye.

“Miss Yan is here?” Sitting on the reclining chair, the boss opened his eyes and slowly stood up from the chair, “What do you want to buy today?”

“I want to buy some handicrafts with good meanings for the elders in my family.” Yan Xi slowly looked at the handicraft exhibition shelf, “It’s the Chinese New Year, and the elders are not short of money or things, it’s just for their heart.”

“It’s good to be filial if you know how to buy things for the elderly.” The old man praised a few words and took out a wooden box from the bottom shelf. “This is a fairy-playing crane that I spent half a year making. You can see if it suits you.”

After the box was opened, Yan Xi couldn’t help but gasp in admiration. The pavilions, towers, mountains, rivers, and trees on it and the old man playing with the cranes in the forest made this work look full of mystery.

Yan Xi bought it without hesitation.

Ever since Yuan Yi heard the proprietress say that Yan Xi and were made for each other, Yuan Yi picked out several handicrafts without blinking an eye and left the shop with heavy bags in a good mood.

“Miss Yan, go slowly, Mr. Yuan, go slowly.” The proprietress walked to the door and was about to send the two of them out but was stopped by Yuan Yi.

“It’s cold outside, don’t come out.” Yuan Yi stood under the steps, turned his head, and said to the proprietress, “It’s snowing, and the road is slippery. If you have nothing to do, don’t go out tonight.”

“Okay.” The proprietress nodded with a smile, looking at Yuan Yi as if looking at her lovely grandson.

“These are all made of wood, and they are quite heavy. Let me carry a few bags for you.” Yan Xi reached out to get them, but Yuan Yi refused to let him say, “It’s so cold, put your hands in your pockets and don’t show them. In case you are caught Frozen into carrots, it doesn’t look good on camera.”

“Oh.” Yan Xi took a breath and put her hand back.

“Yuaner, what are you doing on the sidewalk in the cold weather?”

A black jeep was driving slowly, the co-pilot window was open, and Zhang Wang’s head stuck out from the window, “Is the love between you two a fire in winter, and you still come for a walk in the cold weather?”

“Passengers are not allowed to stick their heads and hands out of the car window while the vehicle is driving.” Yuan Yi said with a blank expression, “This is the basic knowledge for the kindergarten class.”

Zhang Wang:

“What are you carrying in these big bags?” Seeing Yuan Yi’s hands full of things, Zhang Wang asked casually, “Put them in my car, and I’ll take you back home.”

“No need,” Yan Xi smiled and watched the two quarrel, “Our car is parked in front, I passed by a store now, so I asked Yuan Xiaoer to accompany me to go shopping.”

“It turns out that you bought the things.” Zhang Wang said meaningfully and looked at Yuan Yi with a half-smile, “It’s our Yuan’er who is considerate and knows how to accompany Dahe to go shopping and carry things. Unlike me, who is careless. Yes, I never carry bags for women. It seems that in order for me to find a girlfriend as good as Dahe in the future, I have to get rid of this problem.”

Yuan Yi’s eyebrows twitched. He raised his eyelids and looked around. His hand holding the bag remained motionless.

Zhang Wang says with his inner voice: Who told at the beginning that women would never carry bags and things? How sonorous and powerful Yuan Yi’s words, how powerless the reality was. What are you doing with such iron teeth as a man, now carrying a big bag? Are you still happy like a fool on a cold night, isn’t slapping your face?

“What you want to change should be to be careless, not whether to carry a bag or not.” Yuan Yi raised his chin slightly arrogantly, “Even if the other man who hangs around the flowers is covered with bags all over his body, it is impossible to find a girl who is more beautiful than our Xiao Xi.”

Zhang Wang: “Damn it,” he dared not refute. He feared Yan Dahe wouldn’t play with him in the dungeon tomorrow.

When did Yuan’er start to become shameless for flaunting his girlfriend at the slightest disagreement?

“It’s because of your luck that you were able to catch up with our beautiful and talented girl Dahe.” Zhang Wang shrank his head back into the car, “I’m single, I refuse your bowl of dog food, goodbye!”

Watching the jeep leave in the dust, Yan Xi said: “Why do I feel that he is a bit weird?”

“Maybe he’s broken in love again.” Yuan Yi said calmly, “He’s always been like this, so don’t worry about him.”

“Oh.” Yan Xi felt that what Yuan Yi said made sense.

After sending Yan Xi home, Yuan Yi returned to the car, opened the WeChat chat group, and saw Zhang Wang send five voice chat messages in a row.

“Who said that men shouldn’t carry bags for women?!”

“Who said that men shouldn’t go shopping with women to carry things?!”

“Yuan Xiaoer, come out!”

“Yuan Xiaoer, take a snapshot and look in the mirror to see if your face is swollen by yourself?”

“Give me the hush money, or I’ll tell Dahe about this!! Come please me, beg me!”

Yuan Yi: It doesn’t matter, anyway. Xiao Xi believes me.

All members of the group: …

Why are they eating this dog food?

Qiao Sheng: Seriously, do you think… Mr. Song was really murdered by Song Chao.”

Yuan Yi: Impossible.

Qiao Sheng: Why?

Zhu Han: It’s very simple. Although Song Chao’s character is a bit vicious, he is not mentally retarded. If he wants to kill Mr. Song, he has countless ways to hide from others. How can he choose the stupidest one?

Zhang Wang: Maybe the rest of the Song family deliberately discredited Song Chao, his life in the Song family was not so easy.

Yuan Yi: Before things come to light, it is impossible to determine who is the winner in this inheritance battle.

At the end of the new year, many people who work in the imperial capital but are not originally from here have already started to go home to visit relatives. The formerly lively imperial capital has suddenly become much quieter. But the news on the Internet is more and more lively.

For example, the brothers of the Song family came up with somewhat different wills, each sticking to their own words. Initially, there were people on the Internet who criticized Song Chao for being cruel and ruthless, even to his own grandfather. Gradually, these voices became that Song Chao was bullied by his cousins since he was a child. Actually, he even planned to be raised as an heir. Because the cousins were jealous of Song Chao, they deliberately framed and charged him with killing his grandfather.

Ordinary people can’t guess what the life of a wealthy family is like, so they put their limited cognition into infinite guesses and forcefully make up a bloody harem battle drama.

When the police found Yan Xi, Yan Xi was processing the material of the last issue of “Those Things Around Us” with several colleagues from the program group. Seeing the police coming to her, she couldn’t help but wonder secretly, could it be that her father evaded taxes?

With her father’s stable personality, he shouldn’t be able to do such a thing, right?

“Ms. Yan Xi, we are police officers from the West District Public Security Bureau. We are here today to ask you to do a little favor for us. I wonder if you have time now?” It was a female police officer who spoke. Maybe the police wanted to get closer. Get rid of the sense of distance from Yan Xi, so they specially arranged female police.

Yan Xi nodded and led the police officers into her office under the worried eyes of her colleagues.

“This matter has nothing to do with Ms. Yan. We just came here to find out some information,” the policewoman took the water glass handed over by Yan Xi and smiled a little embarrassedly, “According to what we have learned, not long ago Mr. Song Ci met you before?”

Yan Xi nodded.

The annoying Song family became collateral damage even if she was thousands of miles away.

“We found a tiny monitoring device in Mr. Song Ci’s car.” The female police carefully observed Yan Xi’s expression, not wanting to miss any of her emotions. Still, the other party’s reaction made the female police sure that this matter had nothing to do with her.

Yan Xi was dumbfounded. It turns out that the battles between rich and powerful families are all about this kind of high technology?

“Two hours ago, Mr. Song Ci had a car accident, and he was being rescued in the hospital.” The media would expose this matter anyway, so the female police did not intend to hide it from Yan Xi, “It is said that Mr. Song Chao once treated you a few times. In your eyes, what is the personality of Song Chao?”

“I don’t know him very well,” Yan Xi shook her head, “Although he claimed to have a crush on me in high school, I only studied in that high school for half a year. I was relatively young when I was in high school. I was only fifteen years old, and I had no idea of love at all. When I met Song Chao again, even at a dinner party half a year ago, I didn’t say a few words to him. And then there was that scene. I was confused about the vigorous confession incident, and I couldn’t figure out why he would suddenly confess to me.”

“Emotional things, probably no one knows what’s going on except the person involved.” The female police smiled, “Thank you for helping us in our work. I’m sorry to bother you today.”

“The police and civilians should be close.” Seeing that the police were about to leave, Yan Xi got up to see them off, “By the way, how is Mr. Song Ci?”

“It is said that he was seriously injured, but his life was not in danger.” The female police walked to the door, suddenly stopped, looked at Yan Xi, and said, “By the way, Miss Yan.”

“What?” Yan Xi raised her head with a somewhat inexplicable expression.

“Mr. Song’s medical examination report shows that he died of natural causes, not homicide, so Mr. Song Chao is not suspected of murder.” The female police said helplessly, “But netizens don’t believe our police’s judgment. You are a professional media person , I don’t know how to deal with this kind of public opinion?”

“Cold treatment, when everyone calms down, explain the cause and effect of the matter, and everyone will understand the truth of the matter more calmly.” Yan Xi whispered, “There are a small number of people who don’t care about the truth, they just don’t want there to be no excitement.”

“Maybe you’re right.” The female police nodded and sighed, “Thank you for clarifying our doubts.”

Yan Xi smiled and said, “It’s just going to be hard for you.”

“Serve the people, it should be.” The female police smiled and shook hands with Yan Xi before leaving the TV station.

After the police left, colleagues immediately surrounded her.

“Teacher Yan, are you okay?”

“It’s okay, the police are here to ask some questions, everyone continues to work.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

After several police officers walked out of the TV station building, a policeman asked the female police puzzled: “Captain, why didn’t you ask her about being forcibly taken away by Song Ci that day? what happened……”

“No need, it won’t be her.” The female police shook her head. “She didn’t lie. Asking too much is of no benefit to the case except that it may make things unresolved.”

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