Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #47

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Chapter 47

Quite a few people were holding masks in their hands, which should be needed for a performance, but now sporadic people are still wearing them, so Shi Zhi is not too abrupt.

The leader also praised Shi Zhi for speaking with great vigor.

Young people should be like this. They have enthusiasm for life and can cooperate with the program team to complete the task after a while.

That is, “Why don’t you change into your performance costume? People will start recording the show as soon as they say it will start, and then it will be troublesome.”

Shi Zhi: Change, change, change.

The leader enthusiastically picked out a set of clothes and handed them to Shi Zhi. Shi Zhi thanked her. The clothes are too big, just put them on.

She wears a mask and a costume and blends in perfectly among the NPCs. Even if Bai Wu is here, she might not be able to recognize Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi was standing by the side, listening to the NPC’s discussion of the task in an open and aboveboard manner and how to embarrass them. Shi Zhi also nodded in agreement from time to time.

There was a slight accident while queuing up.

There are more people.

The extra one is Shi Zhi.

They have rehearsed several times before, and the formation has been settled.

The lead dancer, “Huh?” Her eyes fell on Shi Zhi, and she felt that something was wrong and that there were extra people.

After Shi Zhi found out about this situation, she didn’t panic. She moved and tried her best to squeeze in. She was also thin, so everyone gathered together a little, and a place was made for her.

Now Shi Zhi is not the protruding one. The lead dancer nodded and continued to lead them in choreography without thinking too much.

Shi Zhi followed the gourd drawing and jumped along, but nothing went wrong.

“What is your name?”

Shi Zhi didn’t take the initiative to start a conversation with anyone. After all, her identity was not suitable. She was a player and directly stuck in the NPC team, which seemed a bit arrogant, but just because she didn’t talk to people, it didn’t mean that others wouldn’t look for her.

After the dance and started chatting, Shi Zhi was approached by the people around her.

She stared at Shi Zhi curiously and said, “At first, no one was around me.”

The lead dancer can’t remember, and neither can the leader, but the people next to Shi Zhi must remember. They just didn’t say it just now.

Facing doubt, Shi Zhi remained silent for a second and replied, “My name is Hu Youyou.”

“I came with my cousin.” She even made up a cousin.

The people next to him understood, “You’re here to make money, right?”

“The TV guy is really generous. If you follow suit, you’ll get two hundred yuan.”

Shi Zhi: ???

She doesn’t know about this, but since she has automatically completed this experience, she would be more respectful than obedient.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

As for why she didn’t take off the mask, she also had a reasonable explanation. She was very happy wearing it and liked it more.

At best, others would say that she is indeed a young girl and still loves to play.

Although Shi Zhi didn’t take off the mask, regardless of her voice or figure, she didn’t look too old.

According to Shi Zhi’s thinking, she can go home after the inquiry is over.

Don’t be too arrogant as a human being. Save a little face for the program team.

However, reality does not allow it. The people around them are all overly enthusiastic, saying “Cousin” one by one, shouting “Yo Yo,” and even taking Shi Zhi to collect two hundred yuan.

Shi Zhi couldn’t leave even if she wanted to, so she walked a few steps away before being stopped by someone.

“Hey, don’t run around. The stars will be here soon!”

Shi Zhi paused, “…Okay.” Then she returned.

She has already seen the cameraman she is familiar with. The staff of the program crew has woken up after taking a nap, and the rest of the guests will come here soon.

Standing next to Shi Zhi, the elder sister, who had asked her name before, was very enthusiastic, and she even chatted with Shi Zhi, “Are there any celebrities you like in there?”

“I went to watch it this morning. Celebrities are really different from us. They are all handsome men and beautiful women…”

Shi Zhi: “I’m fine.”

She asked the eldest sister, “Is there anything you like?”

Eldest sister: “Ning Jiachi, you know, I think he’s pretty good. I liked him when I watched TV dramas before, and I don’t know if I can get him an autographed photo.”

Shi Zhi knew that Ning Jiachi was very popular because she probably understood his real attributes. She couldn’t even nod her head when faced with such praise for Ning Jiachi.

“There will be a chance.” She told the NPC’s eldest sister.

Shi Zhi’s eyes fell on the things held by the lead dancer.

If I’m not mistaken… that seems to be a clearance card?

Originally, Shi Zhi wanted to find an opportunity to slip away, but now her heart calmed down instantly. She held the two hundred yuan in her hand.

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you pass the checkpoint or not. She mainly thinks that the atmosphere here is good, and since the labor fee has been paid, she must do a good job in this work and live up to the two hundred yuan of the program team!

The lead dancer complained while holding the clearance card.

“There’s nowhere to put this thing, and my clothes don’t fit.”

Shi Zhi walked to the lead dancer and volunteered.

“Perhaps I can help?”

“My costume has big pockets, and I stand in the back row.” She picked up a corner of the dress, showing off her big pockets. Her pockets are really big.

At 2:30 in the afternoon, the program recording started again.

Everyone took a short break and regained their energy. However, there are only five of the six guests.

“Shi Zhi said she has something to do, so we don’t have to wait for her. She can go there by herself.”

Bai Wu received Shi Zhi’s message and explained it to the rest of the guests.

The director of the program group also received the same message from Shi Zhi, telling them to go to the mission location first and not to wait for her.

Just one morning, the director already saw Shi Zhi’s navigation ability. She has a first-class sense of direction. Basically, Shi Zhi led everyone around, so the director didn’t say much.

The director was just wondering. Shi Zhi still had the habit of taking a walk at noon. How far did she walk before she couldn’t return for a while?

The director consciously led them in the direction of the group dance. In fact, even if he didn’t take care of it, he was still living there.

When everyone came to the mission site, they all expressed emotion.

“This scene is a bit big.”

The budget of the program group is burning. This is the biggest scene since they came to the program.

And when the five guests appeared over there, dozens of people began to sing and dance. Everyone wore unique costumes, and it was quite shocking to dance together.

Ning Jiachi couldn’t calm down and looked around, “Where is Sister Shi?”

Didn’t you say she came by herself? Ning Jiachi thought that Shi Zhi would arrive one step ahead and wait for them here, but now he didn’t even see Shi Zhi’s figure.

Bai Wu was also a little anxious and negotiated with the program crew in a low voice, “Is it going to be recorded?”

“What about Shi Zhi?”

“Will she be in danger?”

Leaving aside that Shi Zhi didn’t arrive in time, there was no camera for her, and Bai Wu hadn’t seen her until now, she was worried about her safety.

The program team was also puzzled, but it had already started, and the process had to continue, so they couldn’t wait for Shi Zhi alone.

They really felt that something was wrong. Shi Zhi was not like someone who would be late and unreliable. The staff comforted Bai Wu, let her calm down, and shot. They have already sent someone to look for Shi Zhi, but the phone has not yet connected to her.

At this time, the program team was completely unaware of the “seriousness” of the matter.

Shi Zhi was dancing over there. She didn’t have time to pick up her cell phone. She could only feel the buzzing and vibrating of the cell phone in her pocket.

Knowing that the program team had gone to find Shi Zhi, Ning Jiachi and Bai Wu cheered up and enjoyed the group dance in front of them.

The dance was still very good-looking, and there were subtle changes in the neatness. In the later stage, the guests found that many people’s movements began to be different.

After the NPCs performed this dance, Tian Hong concluded, “Everyone really put their heart into it.” He also noticed the subtle changes in the movements.

The director didn’t go into the small black room to monitor this time either. He also came to the scene and smiled mysteriously when he heard Tian Hong’s words.

Didn’t you put your heart into it, increase the difficulty with your heart.

The lead dancer got a cue from the director, came out, and explained the rules to the two groups.

They will dance again. The guests need to learn quickly, not only to jump out but also to point out the difference and jump out.

That is to say, they danced twice in total, and the first time was performed without everyone’s knowledge and purely watching the excitement. The guests had to learn how to dance and observe and recognize the difference in the dance.

The smiles on the faces of the five people completely disappeared.


Are you serious?

Everyone immediately began to protest.

Tian Hong smiled wryly, “Is this realistic? You want us to learn how to dance with just two examples. Give me two days, and I may still be unable to learn it.”

Lu Dajun: “If I can learn to dance twice, what kind of comedian should I be? I’ll be a dancer!”

Annie muttered: “It’s really difficult. I have a little dancing skills. I have learned it for ten years. I don’t know if it will be useful.”

She has already started to jump up, and some of the movements are already in shape.

Lu Dajun: “Sure, Annie, I will leave this task to you!”

Bai Wu told Ning Jiachi: “Don’t look at me, I can’t dance, and I haven’t had that talent since I was a child…” If dancing scenes are needed for filming TV dramas and movies, Bai Wu has to give them to the dancers as much as possible. The movements also need to be practiced for a long time.

Ning Jiachi comforted Bai Wu: “It’s okay, I’m the king of dancing in Asia.”

Bai Wu: “Are you good at dancing?” At first, Annie thought that she was already very good at dancing after ten years of dancing. Still, she didn’t expect Ning Jiachi to be the king of dancing in Asia.

The cameramen became a little curious.

Ning Jiachi was generous, “I didn’t skip it.”

Bai Wu: ?

Cameraman: ?

Didn’t skip it. What a fart Asian dance king!

Ning Jiachi: “But, what if?”

In case he dances really well, he is very talented.

Bai Wu wanted to avoid talking to Ning Jiachi anymore, and the second dance over there officially started.

Everyone watched it appreciatively the first time, but they were nervous the second time. They kept memorizing the movements and had to distinguish who was different from whom.

Looking at it this way, their mind is about to go haywire, and they almost ascend to heaven one by one.

Ning Jiachi said to Bai Wu, “Look at me. I have already learned I should be really talented.” He was confident.

The director happened to hear Ning Jiachi’s words, “Then Ning Jiachi, you start first.” Please start your performance.

Ning Jiachi confidently walked to the open space under everyone’s gaze and was about to start dancing. The expression on his face was in place, and he looked very classy. 

Those who didn’t know really thought it was a dance teacher.


His movements continued to stretch his hips.

Bai Wu felt she was already the type of person with uncoordinated limbs. Thanks to Asian Dance King Ning Jiachi, she had some confidence.

Ning Jiachi jumped a few times confidently but was called down by the director.

Is there any similarity between the dance he danced and the dance the locals danced just now?

Even though Ning Jiachi stepped down, he was still full of confidence because now all he had left was confidence.

He has really learned it, his eyes have learned it, but his hands, feet, and arms are not in control.

Everyone couldn’t escape, so they went up to dance one by one.

But it was Ning Jiachi who encouraged them at the beginning. At least they weren’t the worst, so their mentality didn’t collapse.

Bai Wu’s dancing is very average. She has revealed it before. Tian Hong is not young, and his main job is to be a host. Dancing can be regarded as an embarrassment for him. Of course, anyone who compares with Ning Jiachi will win.

Annie said that she has dancing skills and she had danced well before. At first, everyone thought she must be the top one, but then they remembered that her movements were not fast and she made frequent mistakes, so she was slightly better than Bai Wu and Tian Hong.

Lu Dajun, on the other hand, the dance can’t be said to be very beautiful, but the degree of completion is the highest.

Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi were talking on the side.

“It seems that Lu Dajun got the clearance card this time.”

Bai Wu again missed Shi Zhi: “I don’t know how Zhi Zhi dances, and if she is here, can we get this pass.”

Ning Jiachi: “It’s not necessarily that Lu Dajun will win.”

Bai Wu and the cameraman both looked at Ning Jiachi: Didn’t Lu Dajun win? Could it be Ning Jiachi?

What the hell are you doing, a rookie?

Lu Dajun jumped more and more confidently. He felt that he was stable. He passed the first checkpoint, his heart was excited, and his hands trembled.

Then an NPC wearing a performance costume suddenly walked out of the dance group and quickly handed something to Ning Jiachi.

Ning Jiachi took it subconsciously. He looked down, and his eyes widened.

Clearance card?!

The NPC gave the clearance card to him. Who is the worst dancer?

Ning Jiachi was almost dumbfounded. He said cautiously to the NPC wearing a mask in front of him, “Did you discover my talent for dancing?”

Isn’t it written in martial arts novels? Many protagonists are mediocre, but the boss finds that he has a strange skeleton, is a prodigy in martial arts, and finally begins to dominate the martial arts world. Could it be that he is also the same reason?

Although Ning Jiachi said he was very confident, he still knew how well he could dance.

Or, the other party is his fan, so open the back door for him.


Shi Zhi’s voice sounded from under the mask, “Can I count 13?” Can I have a clear understanding of myself?

Ning Jiachi, Baiwu:!! Shi Zhi!

Bai Wu also wanted to chat with Shi Zhi and ask why she was on the NPC team. Shi Zhi felt that there was no longer any delay, and she would explain it later.

She yelled at Ning Jiachi, “Run!”

Take the clearance card and run quickly.

Ning Jiachi reacted quite quickly. He had long hands and long feet. After Shi Zhi gave this command, he quickly rushed out of the encirclement like an arrow after a bow was drawn.

Swear to death to protect the pass card!

Shi Zhi and Bai Wu also ran behind. The mask on her face blocked Shi Zhi a little, so she pulled her off.

This mutation happened so quickly that people couldn’t react at all. Annie and her party saw that Shi Zhi, who had no idea where to go, suddenly flashed from the NPC team and gave the pass to Ning Jiachi. The three of them, Are you running away?

The director didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He jumped his feet angrily. The sky was so blue. How did Shi Zhi get into the NPC team? He still hasn’t been discovered all the way.

Is she really a game bug?!

The director said to the cameraman, who was stunned, “Watch what I’m doing. Chase after me!”

Princess Lu: Huh, huh, hugging my big and thick self, he almost touched the edge of the clearance card for the first time, and now the clearance card flew away with long legs.

So in the small town, on the field of hope, a scene of chasing each other started.

Shi Zhi and the others were running in front, and the cameras were chasing after them, yelling, “Slow down!”

In the end, the cameras didn’t catch up with Shi Zhi. The machines they were carrying were too heavy, and they lost them. Shi Zhi led the two team members back and “surrendered themselves.”

Because Shi Zhi suddenly realized, “Why are we running?”

Ning Jiachi, “Sister Shi, didn’t you let us run away?”

Shi Zhi sighed, “Perhaps the psychological quality is still not up to the standard.” So the first time, I just ran away.

“We are right this time. Let’s go, go back and find the director!”

Look for the director openly.

The director of the program team heard from the camera that Shi Zhi and the others had lost track of him but then saw Shi Zhi’s trio come to the door on their own initiative.

Shi Zhi also greeted the director casually, “Hi.”

Director: “…” She came back by herself.

The director had already understood the ins and outs when Shi Zhi changed her name to Hu Youyou.

Very well, this name has exposed her, right?

The NPC who danced with Shi Zhi was also very confused after Shi Zhi ran away.

——Isn’t this the cousin?

――Whose cousin is it? Isn’t it yours?

No, everyone thought that Shi Zhi was the other party’s cousin. It was like holding a banquet. It would be challenging to be discovered if you went in and ate and drank alone. They all thought it was the other party’s relatives.

“You are really a talent.”

The director’s mood has calmed down. He called her good. He never dreamed that this game bug would transform into an NPC.

Oh, and she got a clearance card.

“Can you explain?”

Shi Zhi: There is nothing to explain.

“We have passed this level, right?”

Director: “…”

It wasn’t Shi Zhi who obediently admitted her mistake. She even asked if they had done the math.

Too arrogant, too arrogant!

Shi Zhi: “It’s what you said, you can snatch the pass, but I haven’t snatched it yet.” She was outwitted.

Before, Annie’s team wanted to snatch the level from Shi Zhi. Shi Zhi specially checked through the camera whether it was feasible, and the director gave an affirmative answer.

The director continued to collapse, “But you were asked to grab the other group. I didn’t let you grab us!” Why did Shi Zhi always play with their ideas?

The last time she went to the house to find the clearance card, this time she directly mixed it into the NPC and got the clearance card.

Shi Zhi: “But they don’t have it.” What is she grabbing for, the air, the loneliness?

Refers to Annie’s group.

She didn’t mean to offend. She fully stated the facts.

Princess Lu Dajun: Aww, he was crying so loudly.

It’s so heartbreaking! It really is a vicious stepmother.

Shi Zhi: “So, we’re reasonable, right?” If it’s unreasonable, it’s because the show crew can’t afford it.

Faced with Shi Zhi’s expression of “Can’t you afford it,” the director said, “…”

Shi Zhi was right. He was convinced by Shi Zhi’s powerful logic. Lu Dajun’s group had absolutely nothing to rob. Shi Zhi didn’t want to rob them.

Blame him for underestimating Shi Zhi.

“It’s over.”

The director waved weakly at Shi Zhi.

Let’s go quickly. He wants to calm down. He doesn’t want to see Shi Zhi for the time being.

However, the director thinks this section’s effect is really good. After editing, the audience will definitely like this reversal.

Shi Zhi clapped hands with her two friends in celebration.


Shi Zhi heard that the director had urgently issued a notice to the staff.

Give the photo of Shi Zhi to the local group performer later, as well as her height and body shape. Don’t let her mix into the NPC team anymore.

The effect is good. One time is fine. Two or three times. What else do they play?

When Zhi Zhi’s game bug appeared, the director urgently repaired the bug.

Shi Zhi: “…”

Why does she look like a wanted criminal?

Shi Zhi is not alone in thinking this way. Ning Jiachi also thinks so.

Ning Jiachi said to Shi Zhi, “It’s okay. I can join the NPC camp next time.”

Next time it can be found out.

Do it together!

If the director heard Ning Jiachi’s words, he might want to die with him.

Ning Jiachi and Bai Wu expressed their admiration for Shi Zhi one after another. She is too strong and wonderful. Was this premeditated?

Shi Zhi: No, she saw it while walking.

Shi Zhi has been thinking about one thing. She said to Ning Jiachi, “Give me an autograph.”

Ning Jiachi will definitely not bring his own signature, but he can ask for it from the program group. Signatures are also very simple for Ning Jiachi. He didn’t even ask. He just asked for a pen. Shi zhi, do you want me to write something more?

Shi Zhi announced a name, followed by “Safe and happy, smooth and worry-free.”

Then Shi Zhi took the freshly released signature and blessing quotes, stayed in the wind for a while, and then went to look for the eldest sister, who was dancing beside her then.

The eldest sister said she likes Ning Jiachi and wants to get Ning Jiachi’s autograph.

Before the eldest sister left, Shi Zhi also found her smoothly. Shi Zhi first told her that her real name was not Hu Youyou, but Shi Zhi. At that time, because of the special situation, the eldest sister had already known the situation from the program group. Yes, she understands.

Shi Zhi told her she was sorry, but it made her feel embarrassed, which was not a big deal.

Immediately, she received the gift from Shi Zhi, the autograph she was thinking of, and covered her mouth happily.

Ning Jiachi not only signed the autograph but also took a photo with the elder sister after learning about the situation. He can now rest for a while because he completed the task too quickly.

Shi Zhi asked Ning Jiachi and Bai Wu, “Do you want to spend money?”

Bai Wu replied very simply, “No money.” The program crew took away all the money.

Shi Zhi: “I have.” She took out two hundred yuan.

Then Shi Zhi took the two of them to the canteen in the town for consumption and treated them arrogantly, “I’ll buy what you want to eat.” It didn’t look like standing in a canteen, but like in a certain luxury store.

The director was also puzzled.

Where did Shi Zhi get the money? Could it be a private wallet?

The staff around him were transparent: “No…it seems to be a labor fee paid to the locals.” Pretending to be an NPC, Shi Zhi also received two hundred.

The wool came from the program crew.

Director: “…”

Shi Zhi held a huge sum of two hundred yuan, and Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi were indeed rude.

I want to eat potato chips, and I want to drink AD calcium.

Ning Jiachi asked, “Sister Shi, can I buy two packs of spicy strips?”

Shi Zhi extended a slap toward him.

Ning Jiachi: ??? Is sister Shi trying to slap him? But spicy strips are really not healthy…

Ning Jiachi reluctantly wanted to put down the spicy strips but heard Shi Zhi speak.


“Buy five packs.” Two packs are not enough.

She also wants to eat.

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