One Can’t Judge by Appearance #83

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Chapter 83

Before netizens could react to the information contained in this Weibo, a blogger named Xiaoxiliu posted another Weibo.

Xiaoxiliu: Nine years ago, I was fifteen years old, a minor, and I didn’t know what “forbearance and deep affection” were, but in these nine years, I have never had any contact with Mr. Song Chao. As some netizens imagined, Mr. Song Chao was in a Foreign country and paid attention to me silently. I don’t have a prophecy, so it’s hard to tell whether it’s true or not. But this year, when I met Mr. Song Chao at a certain banquet, he called me Miss Song. In my opinion, if you really pay attention to someone silently, not to mention that she changed her surname, you should know even what hobbies she has.

Having said that, if netizens don’t understand the meaning of Yan Xi’s words, they are out of their minds.

Some marketing accounts keep exaggerating how affectionate Song Chao is and how much it pays attention to Yan Xi. Still, after careful scrutiny, you will find that most of these articles are sensational. They are simply dreamy love stories that can be used as textbooks. In addition to being able to move a group of visitors, it is useless to Yan Xi.

Most importantly, the blogger also emphasized that she was a minor who was only 15 years old nine years ago, which means that she herself sneered at these sensational articles.

Some netizens who are easily moved are furious. They feel that Yan Xi is trampling on other people’s affection, which is inhumane.

Yan Xi replied directly: It would be inhumane for a fifteen-year-old girl to fall in love with him after receiving a love letter from a boy she doesn’t know. It is inhumane for a girl with a boyfriend and a good relationship with her boyfriend to endure flowers and confession from an unfamiliar man and to pinch her nose to admit that the other party is affectionate.

Yan Xi’s reply seemed a little rude, but most people agreed with her statement and even felt that her reply was very reassuring.

The idiom “inhumane” has become a hot word on the Internet in just a few hours.

After teasing a few eccentric people on Weibo, Yan Xi’s mood finally eased up a bit. After greeting her colleagues, she was ready to leave work.

The fate between her and Zhao Wantong always comes from the elevator.

Apart from Zhao Wantong, there were also a few TV station staff members in the elevator. They obviously knew about “Yuan Yi’s cheating on a popular Internet comic incident.” Still, they didn’t know that Yan Xi had cleared up the misunderstanding, so they looked at Yan Xi with sympathy.

Seeing Yan Xi smiling, Zhao Wantong seemed to be in a good mood but felt inexplicably unhappy immediately, probably something similar to “I finally think you are amazing. Why is your man cheating on you? How can you be indifferent? You should rush over and beat him up.” disappointment.

“Yan Xi, are you not angry?”

Others in the elevator secretly extended their ears to listen to the gossip, hoping the elevator would descend more slowly.

“Why am I angry?” Yan Xi asked with a smile.

“That bastard Yuan Yi dares to cheat. Aren’t you very good? You can outrun a dog and catch that kid’s scumbag father. You should kill Yuan Yi at this time!” Damn, the more she said, the angry Zhao Wantong couldn’t wait to grab Yan Xi’s shoulder and shake it a few times, wanting to hear if there was water in her head.

“Why did I hit him? I love him so much. Of course, I forgave him.” Yan Xi deliberately teased Zhao Wantong, “It doesn’t matter. I believe he still loves me the most.”

When the elevator reached the first floor, Zhao Wantong gritted her teeth and said, “Forget it!”

Looking at the back of Zhao Wantong leaving angrily, Yan Xi suddenly felt that Zhao Wantong was quite cute sometimes.

The other people in the elevator look at me. I look at you, squeeze out of the elevator one after another, and rush out. The gossip parties are too broad-minded, and they are too embarrassed to listen any longer.

Zhao Wantong sat in the car and hadn’t dissipated her anger. She took out her mobile phone and logged into the Weibo account, wanting to scold Yuan Yi again. Still, she was immediately dumbfounded when she saw the news on Weibo’s homepage.

What, Xiaoxiliu, an Internet celebrity comic artist, is Yan Xi?

Was what Yan Xi said in the elevator just now meant to play tricks on her?

“Yan Xi, you little bitch!”

Zhao Wantong smashed the phone on the passenger seat and cursed unbearably. She knew that she and Yan Xi were born at odds.

Yan Xi, who was incompatible with Zhao Wantong, was again blocked at the intersection. This time, the visitor was more domineering and even arranged for two professional bodyguards to drag her to the car.

“Kidnapping and illegal imprisonment are against the law.” Although Yan Xi had practiced self-defense skills, she thought she couldn’t beat these two ordinary-looking men, so she tactfully did not resist. “If you want money, you can find my dad or boyfriend. They have money.”

You can make it again if the money’s gone, but her life is still very important.

“Miss Yan, someone like me who can afford a luxury car needs to earn money through kidnapping and extortion?” The man sitting in front turned his head. He took off the exaggeratedly large toad mirror on the bridge of his nose, revealing a frivolous and greasy face.

Yan Xi felt that this man looked familiar, so she glanced at this very valuable car: “This car is gorgeous. Is it a global limited edition?”

“Hmm,” the man raised his eyebrows, “You have good eyesight.”

Yan Xi secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that this man doesn’t seem to want her life. How can an ordinary robber show off to the kidnapping target?

“You should know me. I’m Song Chao’s cousin, Song Ci.” Song Ci crawled over from the front seat and squeezed into Yan Xi’s row to sit down. Seeing Yan Xi move aside, he sneered and said disgustedly, “Don’t worry. Well, I like big breasts and long legs, and I’m not interested in women like you.”

Yan Xi turned her head: “A man said that to me half a year ago.”

“It seems that he has the same vision as me.” Song Ci patted his silver-gray suit jacket, “But I didn’t come to you today to discuss the problem of men’s vision with you.”

“I hope Mr. Song will be gentler when he chats with me next time.” Yan Xi squeezed the bag tightly in her hand, sitting in a seemingly casual but defensive posture.

“It’s nothing. Why am I looking for you?” Song Chao lit a cigarette, opened the window, and flicked the ash, “I didn’t expect my arrogant cousin to like you. It’s really beyond my expectation.”

Yan Xi didn’t speak, and she had nothing to say.

“I’m too bored today, so I kindly remind you that my cousin has a lot of tricks. When we were young, He could kill the koi raised by the old man and frame me. Now I can also use this kind of unsightly trick to come to deal with Yuan Yi. You and Yuan Yi made him lose such a big face in front of countless netizens. It’s not that he doesn’t hold grudges against you. It’s just that the project he’s in charge of has problems and is too busy.”

“He has been arrogant and conceited since childhood, and he always feels that our other cousins are all fools, only he is the smartest. This time he returned to China and secretly invested in projects with other people to make money. He doesn’t know that he doesn’t have enough connections in the country. Thinking, how can it be so difficult to make money? Song Ci took a puff of smoke, “As a brother, I will inevitably teach him a lesson so that he is too busy to bother you. Speaking of which, you have to thank me.”

“The project that discovered ancient artifacts underground?” Yan Xi looked at Song Ci in surprise. Everyone said that Song Ci was greedy for money and lustful, and his business methods were mediocre. Song Chao was the most outstanding in their generation. She didn’t expect him to be so scheming.

“I want to deal with him. I just bought a few people.” Song Ci raised his eyebrows slightly, “I am also happy to see that you don’t look down on Song Chao.”

Yan Xi: I really don’t understand the grievances and hatreds of your wealthy families.

Song Ci’s behavior of showing off his success in defrauding others in front of strangers made Yan Xi feel like “I finally succeeded in cheating once, and I will brag about it for ten years.”

“The matter between you and Yuan Yi on the Internet this time was also caused by that little bastard Song Chao. If you are willing to swear a few more words about Song Chao on the Internet, I can sponsor your program.” Song Ci raised his chin, “For example, Scolding him is a bastard, and he himself wants to be a mistress. Originally, I wanted others to scold him like this. Still, after thinking about it, only you can be the most relieved.”

“Mr. Song, with all due respect, you call Song Chao a little bastard. Isn’t it a little unfriendly to your second uncle?” Although Yan Xi doesn’t like Song Chao, she can guess why his character is so insidious. When he was young, he was bullied by his cousins of the same generation. He used small tricks if he couldn’t beat him, which became a habit over time. Song Ci said that Song Chao was not a good person, so how good could he be?

After Li Jiayu, who was able to compete with Sister Shen for the first sister position in their station, committed suicide, some people broke the news that Li Jiayu’s suicide might be related to her boyfriend Song Ci’s.

A mistress is disgusting, but the man who gets mixed up with a mistress is not disgusting? Instead of blaming the culprit, a big family band together to bully a child. Isn’t it very fulfilling?

“Miss Yan’s words mean that you don’t agree with my request?” Song Ci frowned unhappily. This woman looked timid but dared to refuse his request?

“Song Chao plotted against me. I will settle the score with him. But he is a child born to his parents after a year of marriage. According to the law, he is a legitimate child who looks like your Song family. You say he is a bastard, was he born to his mother and other men in your Song family?”

Song Ci was stunned for a moment before realizing: “Are you fucking scolding our family?”

“No, I’m just discussing your family relationship with you calmly.” Yan Xi began to believe that Song Chao was the most outstanding among the younger generations of the Song family.

Song Ci can let people bully Song Chao willfully on a whim. Even for her, who had a little relationship with Song Chao, he couldn’t wait to come out and let her “swear at Song Chao to vent her anger.” Is this a habit of showing off his power since childhood?

Song Ci was about to scold Yan Xi when suddenly the car braked, and he, who was not wearing a seatbelt, almost fell off the seat. He looked up and saw a Hummer parked in front of his newly bought limited luxury car, blocking his way.

He opened the car window, stuck out his head, and cursed, “You idiot, can you drive?!”

The door of the Hummer opened, and Yuan Yi strode towards this side with a blank expression and dragged Song Ci out of the car without saying a word.

Seeing this, the two bodyguards in the car hurriedly jumped out of the car, but before they had taken a few steps, they were stopped by two or three young men in suits. They knew these people were not simple, so they didn’t dare ask them. They put their hands on it.

In just the blink of an eye, Yuan Yi had already pinned Song Ci to the ground and punched him several times.

“Second Young Master Yuan, I have something to say, don’t get me wrong, I just wanted to talk to your girlfriend…” Song Ci covered his face and was beaten so helplessly. 

He originally wanted to say that he had absolutely no intention of Yan Xi. Still, he hadn’t finished a word, and Yuan Yi, who was livid, beat him even harder.

“Yuan Xiaoer…” Yan Xi leaned on the car window and poked her head out from inside.

Yuan Yi looked at Yan Xi, who was intact and even smiled, let go of Song Ci’s lapel, and carried Yan Xi out of the car like a child.

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