The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 58. (1/2) 

Xiao Yang is indeed afraid of Fu Chen. This time it is purely emotional. Who knows when he will return to Yaoyang Base.

Although the city of death is dangerous and far away, he believes that Brother Fu and everyone can rescue the scientist named Li Jin. Qing Qing and Bai Tian Tian also have spatial abilities. Brother Fu would rather bring the troublesome Bai Tian Tian with him instead of Qing Qing.

He knew that Qing Qing wanted to go with the team and was unwilling to stay with Cheng Rui at the Yaoyang base.

He wanted to take Bai Qing Qing and tie her by his side, and when the scientist was rescued, he would bring her back to the Jingzhou Base to live together.

What did Brother Fu promise before? he told himself not to confess yet, and let him make the decision when they returned to the Jingzhou base. Still, he broke his promise and handed her over to Cheng Rui.

Although he was annoyed in his heart, he didn’t show it and secretly took the person away directly.

Xiao Yang hugged the girl in his arms tightly and said, “Qing Qing, go to sleep, don’t blame me for doing something to you if you don’t sleep.”

Teenagers are prone to impulsiveness, not to mention the girl he likes is lying next to them. He doesn’t want to show those dirty thoughts to not make her struggle.

Bai Qing Qing smelled a dangerous smell from his breath and quickly closed her eyes, “I’m asleep.”

The two hugged and slept.

When she woke up the next day, Bai Qing Qing felt stiff and sensitively noticed that the wounds on her neck and shoulders were no longer painful.

She stretched out her fingers and touched her neck and shoulders. There were no scars, the skin was smooth, and the previous injuries disappeared without a trace.

What’s the matter, she upgraded her ability, so she healed her wounds?

In the past, after she upgraded her abilities, her injuries didn’t heal. Bai Qing Qing was puzzled and didn’t realize that the boy behind her was also awake.

“Qing Qing.” Xiao Yang acted like a puppy, rubbing against her neck, “Did you sleep well last night?”

A knock on the door interrupted her answer.

A male voice came from outside the door, “Xiao Yang, are you up yet?”

Both of them were familiar with that deep and slightly magnetic voice, it was Fu Chen’s voice, and he was right outside the door.

Bai Qing Qing tensed up for a moment, almost thinking she had been discovered.

Her heart was beating wildly as if it was about to jump out of her chest, and she couldn’t help but hold on to her toes.

Xiao Yang hugged her and lowered his voice, “Don’t be nervous. Brother Fu didn’t notice.” He pretended to just wake up and shouted: “Brother Fu, I just woke up.”

“Come down for breakfast when you get up.” Fu Chen said through the door.

“Oh, got it.” Xiao Yang lowered his eyes to look at the nervous Bai Qing Qing, put his hand on her soft hair, stroked it, lowered his head to her ear, and said, “What do you want to eat? I will bring it to you later.”

Bai Qing Qing rolled her eyes at him. He was bold. Fu Chen was outside through the door and still talking to her.

Fu Chen looked at the closed door, doubts flashing in his heart. When did this kid Xiao Yang be so dawdling? He didn’t open the door after getting up.

“Xiao Yang, are you awake?” He frowned slightly.

When the car is about to leave, he and Xiao Yang should switch up to driving.

Xiao Yang had warm and fragrant jade in his arms, and he couldn’t stay longer even if he wanted to, so he replied, “Brother Fu, you go. First, I’ll be right back.”

“Hurry up.” Fu Chen stared at the door for a second, then turned and left.

Bai Qing Qing moved, pushed his chest with her elbow, and said, “Get up soon.”

Xiao Yang didn’t let go and sighed: “I really don’t want to.” He couldn’t help kissing her cheek, “Qing Qing, I’m wronging you to hide for a few more days.”

Bai Qing Qing pushed his head resting on her shoulders, “Okay, hurry down. It will be miserable if he finds out.”

Xiao Yang got up reluctantly, stretched his waist, and his bones made a slight sound. The young man was slender, tall and very powerful.

He left the room, locked the door and went down.

Xiao Yang usually doesn’t like to sleep late, and everyone thinks that he is getting up late because the team didn’t bring Bai Qing Qing, and he still feels resentful.

Liang Zhiyu glanced at him: “Breakfast is in the kitchen. You can get it yourself.”

Xiao Yang went to wash up first, washed his head with cold water early in the morning, wiped it roughly with a towel, put it on his shoulder and stared at the eggs and sweet potatoes in the pot.

Qing Qing doesn’t like to eat these things.

Everyone in the team should have eaten Breakfast, and there was not much food left in the pot, which was enough for him alone, but there was Bai Qing Qing upstairs who needed him to support her.

He knew there were bread and pastries in her space, but she liked to drink soy milk in the morning, eat some vermicelli or noodles, and the soup had better be a little spicy.

Xiao Yang poked his head from the kitchen, frowned and said, “Can you give me a bowl of noodles?”

Liang Zhiyu pushed his glasses, put down the electronic tablet in his hand, and said, “Do you want noodles?”

“I can’t get enough of a few eggs.” Xiao Yang smiled: “You can give me a bowl of noodles, and I will be full after eating.”

Bai Tian Tian took the initiative: “Dr Liang is busy. Let me come.”

“Don’t get used to him.” Liang Zhiyu narrowed his fox eyes slightly and said calmly, “You have to eat and cook for yourself.”

Bai Tian Tian sat down awkwardly.

Xiao Yang snorted coldly: “I will do it myself.”

When Fu Chen and Shen Mingxuan came back from the outside, he boiled water in the kitchen when they saw him and looked at Liang Zhiyu.

Liang Zhiyu: “That kid wants to eat noodles. I’ll let him make it himself.”

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