Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #46

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Chapter 46

Shi Zhi: A vicious stepmother must do what a vicious stepmother should do.

Think about it.

Then the tall and burly Princess Lu, who managed to stabilize the Diabolo, was poked by the vicious stepmother Shi Zhi with a stick, fell to the ground, and even spun a few times on the ground.

Lu Dajun: “Ah!”

Almost crying, did Shi Zhi poke the Diabolo? No, it is the hope of their team!

After finally seeing the dawn of victory, he doesn’t know when he will be able to complete this task. This is still the first task!

As soon as Shi Zhi put away her stick, she didn’t bother anyone, so she waved her hand, leaving behind a heartbroken Lu Dajun. She went to look for Ning Jiachi and the others.

It wasn’t she who picked them. After all, Lu Dajun and his group frequently caused trouble.

The staff of the show really wanted to die laughing.

Lu Dajun was already very snarky, his reaction was super fast, and he even came up with a story about why a princess should make things difficult for her. Still, Shi Zhi’s response was faster than expected.

She said that she had become the queen, the vicious stepmother of the princess!

So, the princess’ final destination…is the queen?

The fairy tale talk that Shi Zhi made before has a follow-up, and the director feels it is stable. This is definitely worth a hot search!

Shi Zhi returned and gave feedback to Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi, who was squatting in the “home,” and the big revenge had been avenged.

Bai Wu compared them in her heart. She knew that Shi Zhi was reliable and Ning Jiachi was unreliable.

Shi Zhi led Ning Jiachi and Bai Wu to sweep through the folk custom street extremely fast. After completing this level, they continued to other mission points.

“It’s a wooden house.”

It was given by Ning Jiachi, and there was no other reason. He simply thought the wooden house was closer to Folk Street and the name was nice. Shi Zhi didn’t care. It was the same wherever she went anyway.

After Ning Jiachi chose the wooden house, the introduction of mechanization also sounded in his ears.

This level is not learning but going to the wooden house to find the level pass, and an older man is waiting for them there.

These voices were not only heard by Shi Zhi’s group but also by the other group.

Tian Hong told the other two team members, “Let’s go to the wooden house now!”

First, find the wooden house and get the clearance card.

This task sounds easier than playing Diabolo. Shi Zhi and the others have already completed the task of Folk Street, and it will only be a waste of time for them to do it any longer.

It finally became clear.

Tian Hong’s team of three ran all the way, taking small paths, although the division of east, west, north, and south was still unclear. During the process of harassing Shi Zhi’s team, Lu Dajun vaguely remembered that there was a building like a wooden house, and they really arrived first. Wooden house and successfully found the old man.

A very kind-looking old man.

When Shi Zhi and the others found the quaint building specially arranged by the director for the show, they saw that Annie and the others had already surrounded the target person.

Bai Wu was very annoyed, “It’s over. They took the lead!”

Who doesn’t understand now? The other team just heard the broadcast and came out to intercept the bullshit.

She didn’t expect the gunpowder flavor of this show to be quite heavy.

Not only Shi Zhi and the others saw Lu Dajun, but the team also saw Shi Zhi.

From a distance, Annie told them in a sweet voice, “Sorry, we came first.”

Ning Jiachi shouted, “I have eyes… you guys came first.”

Annie thought that Ning Jiachi was planning to retreat now.

“In this case.” Ning Jiachi looked at the two people beside him, “Let’s grab it directly.”

Pointing to the direction of the uncle.

What about the first ones? They can grab the uncle!

Uncle: ???

Director: ???

Ning Jiachi was really not joking. He really wanted to snatch it.

Lu Dajun has already pulled Tian Hong to make defensive preparations to prevent them from really coming up to snatch people.

Shi Zhi grabbed Ning Jiachi and said to the two people around him, “Come with me.”

Annie’s trio thought that Shi Zhi and the others saw nothing to do, so they turned around to find other missions and breathed a sigh of relief, but in fact, Shi Zhi just pulled them to a corner and stood on the side wall talking. The three of them are surrounded in a circle.

Shi Zhi leaned against the wall and opened her mouth, “The clothes the uncle wears don’t have pockets.”

The uncle is wearing Tai Chi clothes, which are very fairy-like, but there are no pockets.

She said this nonsense. Others might need clarification. Even the camera couldn’t figure out what Shi Zhi meant for a while. Did she have any research on clothes?

Bai Wu understood it instantly. She looked into Shi Zhi’s eyes.

“So the clearance card is not on him!”

Shi Zhi nodded.

Not on the target person. Where would that be?

The three of them pointed at the house behind them in unison.

In the wooden house arranged by the program group.

Ning Jiachi faced the high wall, clapped his hands, and made a running posture, “Let me go!”

Finally, it was time for him to show his talents. He entered the yard and opened the door for Sister Shi and the others from the inside.

Shi Zhi had already pushed open the wooden side door.

The door was ajar.

Shi Zhi looked back at Ning Jiachi, who was trying to climb over the wall in surprise. What’s wrong with climbing over the wall if there is a door?

Ning Jiachi: “…” Pretending nothing happened, he even posed for the cameramen and said, “Don’t cut it.”

Cameraman: He can be sure that this episode will definitely be broadcast.

While Annie was still arguing with the old man, Shi Zhi’s first team, who they thought had left the stage sadly, had swaggered into the wooden house and went straight and started looking for the pass.

Annie’s team was still complacent until the director’s gnashing of teeth sounded in their ears.

“Shi Zhi, stop looking!”

“As for the staff, hurry up and drive Shi Zhi and the others out.”

Shi Zhi and her party were blasted out.

Ning Jiachi was unconvinced and shouted, “Why don’t you let us do this?”

“What does it say in the rules?”

The rules only say you get the pass card, but it doesn’t say whether you get it from the target person or find it from the house yourself.

The director of the program group was also defeated by Shi Zhi. If it hadn’t been discovered in time, the clearance card might have been searched because Shi Zhi guessed right. The clearance card was in the wooden house.

Annie: ???

Hell, didn’t they leave long ago? According to this, they almost missed the pass just now?

The Shi Zhi trio who were kicked out had to pass the old man’s test honestly.

The old man is very self-willed. He doesn’t need everyone to learn from him as long as it can satisfy him.

Shi Zhi was caught next to the old man by the staff of the program team. Everyone watched the game bug closely, and Shi Zhi behaved very well.

When she arrived, Annie was acting coquettishly to the old man.

“Master, that clearance card is really important to us, please, please, please.”

Her appearance is inherently cute, with folded hands and a pair of watery eyes staring at each other eagerly. Few people will refuse, especially for the opposite sex.

But the old man shook his head.

“Little girl, I’m sorry, my grandson might be soft-hearted if you act like this… I won’t eat you, this kind of thing.”

Grandpa doesn’t like this.

Annie was dumbfounded, and she didn’t know what to do.

Ning Jiachi: Well done! Uncle!

The old man recognized Bai Wu, “Did you play Xiao Hua before?”

Xiaohua is a period drama character played by Bai Wu. Although it is not very popular, it is deeply loved by middle-aged and elderly people, which has opened up that market for Bai Wu.

He also said that he knew Shi Zhi, “The drink you endorsed is quite delicious.”

Shi Zhi: “Thank you.” After all, the champion was chosen by destroying one of her teeth.

Shi Zhi’s manager, Brother Quan, had a good idea at the time, and Shi Zhi completely opened up the national market by printing her face on the drink.

According to Ning Jiachi’s thinking, they have an inherent advantage here. The old man still likes Bai Wu’s Xiaohua and asks her a lot of questions about the actors in the plot, so he can start from here.

Bai Wu did his best, but the old man was very principled. He liked the character because he liked it, but it was not easy to get the pass.

Tian Hong was really helpless.

Why did they think this level was easier than experiencing traditional handwork? The traditional handwriting is clear, but the uncle’s hobby is hard to understand.

Uncle’s heart, sea needle.

When the wooden house clearance card was deadlocked, Shi Zhi spoke.


Everyone was watching Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi said to the uncle, “Are you interested in fishing? I have a little experience in fishing…”

There are 100 million points of experience.

Facts have proved that no uncle would refuse the charm of fishing, and the uncle’s heart is not a needle in the sea. Shi Zhi can figure it out.

The target person was happy to use the pass card to exchange Shi Zhi’s skills. Shi Zhi told the uncle a few points to pay attention to when fishing and Shi Zhi’s group passed this level.

Tian Hong asked Shi Zhi, did she have to say a few words? How did she get the clearance card so easily?

Shi Zhi summed it up, “When you are away from home, a few more skills are useful, and you don’t need to overwhelm yourself with too many skills.”

Annie was shocked, “!!!”

She also knows how many skills that do not actually benefit her… But now, how many young people will master the skill of fishing?

Could this be a topic between uncle and old man?

She knew that Shi Zhi had a title, Uncle Shi Zhi.

The clearance card is said to be a clearance card, but it is actually calligraphy work with chic handwriting. The old man just now is the inheritor of this calligraphy.

Shi Zhi’s team was in a hurry to clear the level. Taking advantage of the high morale of everyone, they began to look for the next mission point.

Shi Zhi knew the general direction, but the specific location needed to be inspected on the spot. The three of them walked around and didn’t see the place. In order to hurry up, they decided to split up.

Shi Zhi was on the order, and the director could see what each team was doing, so Lu Dajun blocked Shi Zhi at this moment.

They had already discussed it, and it would not work if this continued. Shi Zhi’s team had passed two levels in a row, and they still had nothing to gain. Lu Dajun was also inspired by Ning Jiachi.


Beat the group.

And the pass is on Shi Zhi.

“Shi Zhi, you’re alone.”

In fact, Lu Dajun had already ambushed them, but he still had to pretend that he had just seen Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi didn’t panic. She sincerely said to Lu Dajun, “Brother, your acting skills need to be improved.”

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have this acting skill. It doesn’t look like it at all.

Lu Dajun: “…” After all, he is just a comedian, so don’t be too harsh on him.

This is not the point. Lu Dajun coughed twice and slowly approached Shi Zhi to discuss with her.

“I don’t make it difficult for you. I know that the customs clearance is stuck on you. If you hand it over, I will let you go. Okay, we don’t have to fight anymore. It hurts our feelings and peace.”

Lu Dajun deliberately came to intercept Shi Zhi, who placed the order. Last time, Shi Zhi also poked the Diabolo while he was doing it.

He intends to try his best to solve it peacefully, but there is something in his words if Shi Zhi doesn’t plan to cooperate, he will really grab it.

Shi Zhi asked the camera, “Is it okay?”

Also, brought robbery?

This is really okay.

When it was originally set, it was intended for the guests to compete with each other.

Shi Zhi responded, expressing his understanding.

Lu Dajun: “Give it to me.”

He was still asking, thinking that Shi Zhi had already chosen to give up. After all, Ning Jiachi and the others were far away from Shi Zhi, and his teammates would try to entangle them there.

If she doesn’t give it, he will start to grab it.

The director was very curious about Shi Zhi’s reaction. Did she really give it to Lu Dajun?

Based on how he got along for a long time, he always felt that this didn’t quite resemble Shi Zhi’s character, and there was a high probability that she would run away, right?

Shi Zhi didn’t give the clearance card to Lu Dajun, nor did she run away. She made a stop motion to Lu Dajun.

“Brother, if you do this again, I will fall to the ground.”

Lu Dajun: ???

Director: ???

Lu Dajun was dumbfounded, “What are you doing?” What kind of way is this? He has never seen it before!

Shi Zhi blinked, “I’m touching porcelain.” Didn’t you notice that?

It is also strong to be unreasonable!

Shi Zhi also added, “I’m not in good health.” So he weighed in, whether he really wanted to grab something from her.

Lu Dajun was really shown by Shi Zhi’s manipulation.

I’m not in good health. I can’t afford to fall to the ground. How can this be provoked?

Lu Dajun: “I’m afraid of you too. You can go…”

Shi Zhi clasped her fists, “See you in the world of fate.”

Then Shi Zhi walked past Lu Dajun with ease. Ostentatiously, Lu Dajun saw all the way through the checkpoint, but he didn’t dare to touch her.

He was afraid that Shi Zhi would touch the porcelain. What would he do if he really touched porcelain?

Shi Zhi’s cameramen followed her, he couldn’t help giving Shi Zhi a thumbs up, but Shi Zhi said, “Actually, I’m not made it up.”

“I’m really not in good health.”

It scares the director, isn’t it good?

What’s wrong?

He hadn’t heard of Shi Zhi’s physical problem before. If there is really something wrong, he should have a look.

Shi Zhi’s cameraman also became tense during the follow-up.

“So, how are you feeling now?”

“Would you like to see a doctor? Our program team has a team doctor.”

Shi Zhi waved her hand to express that she didn’t need it, but it wasn’t serious. Seeing a doctor was motivating.

“I am staying up all night.”

“Online” She also sighed.

The cameraman laughed so hard that he could hardly hold the camera steady: Is it okay to stay up all night and call it sick?

These days, who doesn’t stay up all night.

And it was the first time he heard an artist say she was online all night. Shi Zhi had no air at all.

Lu Dajun wanted to snatch the checkpoint from Shi Zhi, but he failed, so he made another move.

He intends to defeat magic with magic.

Three people blocked the way of Shi Zhi and the team.

Ning Jiachi: “No, you are entangled with us!”

“Can you walk independently? Can you complete the task by yourself!”

Always thinking about getting it for nothing, what’s wrong with rushing through the level.

After seeing Ning Jiachi and Bai Wu, Shi Zhi told about her experience of being stopped by Lu Dajun, and they knew about it.

Tian Hong was a little embarrassed, and Lu Dajun was very embarrassed.

“We can’t finish it!”

Otherwise, do they still need to find Shi Zhi?

Ning Jiachi has already made preparations. With him around, don’t even think about snatching the pass, but Lu Dajun said not to misunderstand.

“We didn’t rush to clear the level this time.”

They came to touch the porcelain, to stop Shi Zhi and the others from finding the task site.

Lu Dajun says Shi Zhi’s original words, “Don’t go any further. If you go any further, I’ll fall down!”


Shi Zhi, think about it?

He learned too!

Matryoshka, the love dolls!

He just learned from Shi Zhi, so it works anyway.

Ning Jiachi: “…”

Bai Wu: “…”

Shi Zhi was also stunned for a moment, but then a smile that was sure to win appeared on her face, and she signaled Ning Jiachi and Bai Wu not to panic.

Let her come.

This smile made Lu Dajun’s eyelids twitch.

Shi Zhi opened his mouth.

“You fall.”

“If you fall, I’ll step over you.”


Lu Dajun’s face collapsed. He stammered and asked Shi Zhi, “Why are you doing this!” 

She didn’t play cards according to the routine.

The male princess was very hurt.

Shouldn’t she be like him because he was afraid of touching porcelain, so he chose to give up?

Shi Zhi: “Because I am ruthless and hard-hearted.”

“How many times have I said it? I am a vicious stepmother.” The emphasis is vicious.

“Little princess, why are you still so naive!”

The vicious stepmother Shi Zhi went online again and even had an impromptu performance.

The character set is stable, and it will not collapse!

In the morning alone, Shi Zhi has already contributed to several famous scenes because sometimes Zhi’s existence makes the other group seem a little incompetent.

They didn’t even get a pass.

In fact, the program team director felt this was not bad for Shi Zhi. After all, Annie’s group was not good enough, which was beyond their expectations, but Shi Zhi’s background made it even more bleak.

The director team felt that even if they edited hard, there would not be many shots of Annie.

Annie was aware of this matter and was a little preoccupied.

Of course, she came to the show for the camera. Otherwise why?

The last variety show she participated in with Shi Zhi brought Shi Zhi a lot of fans. This time, she will become invisible, and she is afraid that she has offended Shi Zhi.

The program team arranged meals, but Annie still fried eggs for the two teammates. In order to show her gentle and pleasant side, there is a high probability that the program will be edited into it.

At the dinner table, Annie also talked and laughed happily with everyone, telling two jokes occasionally.

Ning Jiachi complained softly to Shi Zhi.

“How can she say that?”

Can people have a quiet meal? The recording program is already very tiring.

Shi Zhi began to eat on her own. Still, when Ning Jiachi complained, she unconsciously looked at Annie, raised her eyebrows, and finally couldn’t hold back. 

She said something softly to her.

She wasn’t very far from Annie either.

Shi Zhi’s voice was very low, and Annie didn’t understand it, but according to her thinking, Shi Zhi was probably scolding her, look at the frown.

So Annie held her face together, “Sister Shi Zhi, what did you say to me just now? Can you speak louder? I can’t hear you.”

Even when eating, there is a machine recording in the lobby. Everyone was eating their food or communicating in a low voice, but now they felt tense.

Bai Wu held the chopsticks. Her eyes were worried: Are you looking for trouble?

Bai Wu planned to rescue Shi Zhi, and Ning Jiachi also had this plan, but Shi Zhi spoke faster than them.

She looked at the smiling Annie and increased the volume.

“I said, your double eyelid stickers are up.”

Annie’s double eyelids were drawn up, and she reminded her of good intentions. Still, the girl might be deaf, so she insisted on saying it aloud. Since she spoke sincerely, Shi Zhi would definitely satisfy her.

Otherwise, it seems she has ghosts in her heart, and it’s not her double eyelid stickers anyway.

Maybe Annie doesn’t care about these things.



She was already so embarrassed that she wanted to find a crack in the ground, and her whole face was flushed. She found an excuse and ran back to the room in a hurry. She looked in the mirror, and it was true.

The double eyelids have been raised.

Annie was actually a little unbelieving, so she watched the recorded video again. Judging from the shape of Shi Zhi’s lips, her soft words were a reminder to her.

Ning Jiachi: This is too funny!

Shi Zhi felt a little full after lunch. She didn’t want to lie down when she was full and couldn’t fall asleep even while lying down, so she planned to go for a walk. Bai Wu originally wanted to accompany Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi stopped her, “Didn’t you say your feet hurt?”

When recording the program in the morning, Bai Wu wore a new pair of shoes that didn’t fit her feet well. They ran back and forth to find the mission point and walked a lot. Bai Wu was afraid of affecting everyone, so she kept silent. When it was time for a break at noon, she only told Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi: “You take a rest and soak your feet.”

She can go out alone and won’t go too far anyway.

The program staff also had a break, and Shi Zhi just walked around the neighborhood and didn’t take any shots.

The small town has mountains and water, there is not much pollution, and even the air is fresher.

Shi Zhi took a slow walk, wandering casually, she had a good sense of direction, so she wouldn’t get lost and felt like repurchasing a house, so she could tell the butler about it.

Then she heard booing.

There is a group of people in performance costumes on the street, and various costumes and props are scattered beside them.

Everyone was playing together, laughing and joking, and there were quite a few people. Shi Zhi was not noticed when she approached.

She watched the excitement with her hands behind her back and soon understood from their discussion that everyone was a local resident. The program team organized them to perform for the guests, that is, Shi Zhi and her party, and let the guests complete the task.

Shi Zhi nodded and understood: it was one of the tasks.

Shi Zhi also accidentally heard her own name.

Wearing a costume, it looks like the leader is telling the people around, “I heard that there is a star named Shi Zhi in there, and she finishes the task very quickly.”

“This time, we have to make it more difficult, and we can’t let the guests pass the test easily… The director said it’s hard to embarrass the guests.”

“Did you hear that?”

Shi Zhi:

Sure enough, this is the style of painting of the directors of each program group.

She went out for a walk, looked around at the task NPCS, and heard that she was about to face a dilemma. What should she do?

Shi Zhi chose to join them.

She picked up a mask casually, put it on, and yelled dignifiedly, “I heard it!”

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