One Can’t Judge by Appearance #82

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Chapter 82

“What are you looking at?”

Yan Xi suddenly raised her head and looked at him with a smile.

Yuan Yi strode forward, kissing Yan Xi’s lips hard. After a long while, he reluctantly left her soft lips, gently stroking the corners of her soft and moist lips with his fingertips: “Xiao Xi, let’s get married.”

Yan Xi looked at Yuan Yi’s serious appearance, lowered her eyelids, and was speechless. Suddenly the phone rang. She breathed a sigh of relief, smiled, took Yuan Yi’s hand away, took the phone from her bag, and answered the call.


Yan Xi looked back at Yuan Yi behind her, “It’s snowing too much outside, so I won’t come back tonight.”

“Okay.” Yan Xi hung up the phone, turned to Yuan Yi, and said, “It’s late. Go to sleep.”

Yuan Yi was silent for a moment, then stood up as if nothing had happened: “Okay.”

The two went upstairs in silence when Yan Xi entered the guest room. She turned her head to look at the corridor. Yuan Yi stood in the hall without moving. His face was sunk in the shadow of the light. She couldn’t see the expression on his face clearly.

At this moment, Yan Xi suddenly couldn’t bear to close the door.

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Yi came out from the shadows with a smile on his face, not as sad or lost as Yan Xi imagined. She shook her head, “It’s okay, good night.”

Yuan Yi approached her and kissed her forehead: “Well, good night.”

As the guest room door closed, the smile on Yuan Yi’s face dissipated little by little. He returned to his room, closed the door without turning on the light, and fell directly on the bed. The room was eerily quiet, and he heard the sound of snow falling on the flowers, plants, and trees.

Time passed by, and Yuan Yi went downstairs and turned on the TV without feeling sleepy.

Imperial Satellite TV’s “Those Things Around Us” just started broadcasting. In the beginning, there were cute and bright smiling faces, as well as their childish words.

This is a group of very happy children.

But these happy scenes were soon replaced by children performing on the streets, dirty children who litter the streets and play mischievous tricks, minors who play games and swear in Internet cafes, and primary school students who dress cleanly but hold thick books.

Their faces are mosaiced so that the audience cannot see their faces, but this does not make the viewer feel better.

Every shot contrasts the joy of the opening scene, like a different world, but it happens to exist in the same time and space.

In the camera, adult men and women with children performing on the street yell at the camera, and even a slightly obese woman rushes to beat the host. After a few camera shakes, the obese woman who came to beat someone disappeared behind the camera.

Although Yuan Yi is not from the program team, he knows why the program team kept this scene.

Because these grown-ups who let the children perform are guilty, they know it is wrong. They are not ignorant of the law and are unwilling to give up letting the children make money. That’s why they are so angry and want to stop the TV station from filming.

Yuan Yi didn’t know how Yan Xi dealt with these emergencies, but under the scenes, he saw the good wishes of Yan Xi, and the program team wanted to change something.

Yuan Yi’s eyebrows twitched slightly when he saw the content about cold domestic violence, but he still insisted on watching.

The program’s first episode ended when Yuan Yi sat on the sofa and didn’t move for a long time.

When Yan Xi got up in the morning, the snow still hadn’t stopped, so Yuan Yi asked the driver to drive out of the jeep that had been parked in the garage for a long time. Although the snow on the road has been cleared, there is still a thin layer of ice on the road. It is not easy for ordinary cars to drive on this kind of road.

Neither of them mentioned what happened last night as if nothing had happened.

At this time, the hotline of the Imperial TV Station was overwhelmed by the audience. Many people asked if the TV station had any channels for donations and what they wanted to do for those poor children.

The online videos about this program have already been reposted. Countless people talked about education, parent-child relationships, and things they usually don’t want to discuss. Today, there is a channel to vent, separated by a virtual network. Let them have the urge to pour out their troubles.

This is the first time Yan Xi has been praised by many netizens for relying on the show. Some people say she is courageous and dares to shoot those street performers wandering around. Some people worry that she will be retaliated against by these people and go to her Weibo to leave a message saying let her pay more attention to safety recently.

But everyone has one thing in common: to thank her for being able to stand up and dare to stand up.

Netizen 1: I was sweating for the host when I saw that fat woman rushing over. With her tiny arms and legs, a slap could knock her out.

Netizen 2: What I’m more curious about is what happened to the woman who rushed over?

Netizen 3: The one upstairs is really naive. As a diehard fan of Yan Xi, I want to tell you the words King Kong Barbie.

Netizen 4: I thought of the father who didn’t care about his children but went out to eat, drink, whore, and gamble. At that time, he seemed to be hit by the host with a high-heeled shoe, and then she held him down…

Netizen 5: I didn’t expect…the president of Hengtai would be like this type. He will marry Yan Xi in the future. If he dares to mess around outside, he will be beaten to death by Yan Xi.

This netizen’s comment was liked by many passers-by.

Netizen 187: To be honest, I didn’t like this female host very much at first. I thought she had a white Lotus face. Every time I saw her, I would think of those bitter dramas. Still, after I was repeatedly moved by her show, I knew what it meant to not be fooled by appearances, and I apologized for my previous superficiality.

Netizen 269: The show was edited very well, without deliberate sensationalism or exaggeration, but it happened to be this plain style, which made me feel even more out of breath after watching this show episode. Domestic cold violence, abuse, abandonment, sexual assault, child breeding, lack of communication, and other negative social parent-child relationships, after being spread out in the show, make people sad and angry. Many people in the world have to take exams. Why there’s no exam for a parent?

Netizen 947: I am a mother-to-be. After watching this episode, I want to take it as a warning, and I don’t want to become a terrible mother.

Netizen 3871: I just got the news. It is said that a few very powerful figures watched this episode and planned to establish a children’s protection foundation.

After the show was broadcast, the positive comments received were more than expected, and the condemnation they were worried about was much less than expected. The entire program group seemed to have run a marathon and tried their best. Finally, dare to breathe a sigh of relief.

This time the show was cut into two episodes, and the excellent feedback from the first episode made the leaders see the results of the first episode, so the next episode was broadcast smoothly the next day.

The part of Yan Xi interviewing the young guy in the Internet cafe was included in the next episode. After this part was released, it once again caused a sensation in the society. They once again realized that it is not only children who are affected by the family but also those who have been affected. Children and adults without skills are also victims of negative family relationships.

Children are not yet grown up. They can be saved, but what about the grown-up victims who have been living in the shadows, without the opportunity to receive more education, and have no chance to get a good job?

Society is progressing, and times are developing. However, no matter how prosperous and wealthy the society is, it is still full of helplessness and despair under the shadow that most people can’t see.

Originally, the topics discussed were upgraded from children to families and from families to education. Still, now they have expanded to social responsibilities.

Behind the prosperity, people’s hearts are always warm.

This program has been an unprecedented success, and the follow-up influence is even greater. Some labor security centers have actively stood up. Some technical training centers are willing to provide technical teaching for some special groups of people for free. They do not charge their tuition fees. Maybe they have limited power, but they can change a person’s fate, even if it is one, perhaps it will get better in the future.

Yan Xi is also known by more people because of this episode, and she has the label position of “conscience host” in the minds of many viewers.

A reporter interviewed Yuan Yi and asked him if he was worried about his girlfriend’s safety when she was working. Yuan Yi replied yes, but he would support her ideals and aspirations. This answer caused countless female netizens to give Yuan Yi rave reviews. Some even joked that because Yuan Yi was so considerate, she would recharge his mobile game.

However, when Yan Xi and Yuan Yi were being praised on the Internet, someone on the Internet suddenly broke out, saying Yuan Yi had an unclear relationship with a certain Internet celebrity Comic artist. 

The entire Internet was in an uproar as soon as this revelation came out. They had praised Yuan Yi for his affectionate and considerate but turned around and revealed that he was a cheater. This was too embarrassing.

Coincidentally, someone soon broke out that in the video of two female friends robbing her friend’s boyfriend that was uploaded on the Internet a few months ago, the Song Yan mentioned by a female friend A was actually Yan Xi and the poor schoolboy whose love letter was thrown away by female friend B is Song Chao, one of the heirs of the Song Group.

Before, Song Chao was ridiculed by many netizens because he wanted to be a male mistress. But now it has emerged that Yuan Yi may have been cheating. Meanwhile, he confessed to Yan Xi nine years ago, but his confession letter was thrown away without him knowing it. Netizens’ dislike of Song Chao gradually turned into sympathy.

For nine years in his life, Song Chao had a crush on Yan Xi since high school. He had been thinking about her all these years. He finally made himself better and mustered up the courage to confess. As a result, the woman he loved deeply became the girlfriend of other men. This is not only a mistake but also a personal trick.

Some delicate netizens have begun to sympathize with Song Chao.

Later, some netizens found out that Yuan Yi cheated on the Internet celebrity comic artist called Xiaoxiliu. This Xiaoxiliu’s drawing skills are average, but she has more than one million fans because she is very good at making up warm stories. The comic book she published before was also among the top ten booksellers. Careful netizens discovered that this Xiaoxiliu has never advertised any brand or store since it opened on Weibo a month ago. Her advertising comics started in the past two weeks. Not only did she have advertisements for Hengtai’s newly developed mobile game, but she even drew many fan pictures for this mobile game, which attracted unsuspecting fans who kept shouting the word’ cute’ in the comment area.

Black fan 1: Hehe, I just said why a person can always be arrogant and don’t accept advertisements. It turns out that she is being raised as playthings by wealthy men.

Black fan 2: You can be a mistress if you can draw two strokes. You are awesome too.

In just one or two hours, the internet comic artist blogger named Xiaoxiliu received tens of thousands of comments from netizens. Netizens are very busy, cursing Xiaoxiliu and Yuan Yi while sympathizing with Yan Xi and Song Chao, stirring up the emotions of many people on the Internet.

If this episode of the show hadn’t been a big hit, Yan Xi wouldn’t have such a high degree of national recognition, and passers-by and netizens wouldn’t be so angry. But even so, the incident broke out so violently, from the insider’s point of view, the people behind it were obviously targeting Yuan Yi.

Bad his reputation and even deliberately led netizens to boycott all of Hengtai’s products, including the most popular mobile game recently. Some marketing accounts even took the opportunity to brainwash netizens, saying that to support Hengtai’s products is to support cheating men and mistresses.

Yan Xi didn’t expect that she would just broadcast a “Noon News” live and then go to the main station to hold a meeting about children’s help channels. After returning, a stormy event happened on the Internet.

Internet celebrity comic artist Xiaoxiliu became a mistress of Yan Xi and Yuan Yi’s relationship?

What is this all about?

There is such a commotion on the Internet it is impossible for Yuan Yi not to know, a matter that can be solved by saying, “Yan Xi is the Xiaoxiliu” Why doesn’t Yuan Yi speak out?

After dialing Yuan Yi’s number, Yan Xi was excited and said, “I just came out of the conference room. Do you know the news on the Internet?”

“I know,” Yuan Yi’s voice on the phone was calm, even a little sexy, “Don’t worry, netizens will forget about this kind of thing after a while.”

“When they forget, how much income will your company lose, and how much will the stock price drop?” Yan Xi lost her temper at Yuan Yi’s calm attitude, “Why didn’t you tell the netizens that I am Xiaoxiliu?”

“I know you don’t want the two identities to mix together. You want to simply draw comics, and simply host the show,” Yuan Yi smiled to calm her emotions, “Okay, why are you getting more and more serious now? Long-winded, only twenty-four years old, how can it be like a forty-two-year-old nagging?”

Yan Xi: “I think you’re the one with seventy-two hearts! Do you want me to call you Grandpa?”

“Then why don’t you call me Grandpa?”

“Second Grandpa, you should cultivate yourself in the office and leave this matter to your invincible and beautiful granddaughter.” Yan Xi snorted into the phone and hung up.

“Aren’t you stupid? Even if my drawing’s vest is taken off, it’s not a big deal. For such a trivial matter, you let netizens scold so many comments. I’m ashamed to say that you are a domineering president. It doesn’t even count.” Yan Xi glanced at the comments on Yuan Yi’s Weibo; every popular comment was scolding. Still, it had to be classified as elegant or vulgar.

Opening the chat application, several friends on Weibo privately tapped her and asked her what was going on.

Yan Xi didn’t answer them one by one but clicked on the chat group and typed a sentence.

Xiaoxiliu: I’m sorry, there is something I haven’t told you, but I’m actually Yan Xi. I didn’t become a mistress, nor was I a mistress.

All members of the group: …

After closing the chat group, Yan Xi logged into his Xiaoxiliu Weibo account.

Xiaoxiliu: Although I don’t know where the rumors came from, I feel very sorry for affecting everyone’s mood on the Internet. I have been hiding something from you for a long time, and I hope you can forgive me. In this situation, I have to stand up and explain the rumors that spread today. I’m not a mistress, and Yuan Yi didn’t cheat on anyone because I am Yan Xi.

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