One Can’t Judge by Appearance #77

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Chapter 77

Perhaps it was because Song Hai was very popular in the business world or because Yuan Yi had a big name. The guests who came to the birthday banquet enthusiastically gave Song Hai their blessings, turned their heads and complimented Yuan Yi, saying how he and Yan Xi matched each other. 

Song Hai put on the diamond watch given by Yuan Yi. In the compliments of everyone, he did not get carried away. His behavior and wording were no different from the past.

The birthday banquet is still ongoing. The news about Yuan Yi courting his future father-in-law and the guests at the banquet has been pushed to major websites. Some news reporters even said that Yuan Yi had just taken over the hotel and invited his future father-in-law to dinner. It can be seen that he values her woman’s relatives.

The day before yesterday, it was revealed that the elders of Xu’s family gave the hotel to Yuan Yi because they loved Yan Xi. On the second day, Yuan Yi put on a big birthday celebration for his future father-in-law, which made people who did not believe the report on the first day start to waver. Some netizens joked that, seeing Yuan Yi’s diligence, he might be willing to let himself marry into the woman’s house.

The comments made by netizens on the Internet were nothing more than a joke. Still, for Yuan Yasen, who saw the news report, it was undoubtedly a slap in the face. But the hotel was given to Yuan Yi by his father-in-law, and even the unprofessional reporter from the financial section from the Internet was hired by his father-in-law. Even if he is unhappy, he can’t get angry.

Flipping through the comments on the Internet, he almost couldn’t hold back his temper and smashed his phone, but with his wife present, he didn’t want her to know these things, so he could only hold back his anger.

“Yaya, do you know what’s happening with Dad?” Yuan Yasen felt a little uneasy. For such a big hotel, his father-in-law gave it to Yuan Yi without telling them. Did he feel dissatisfied with them?

“What’s the matter?” Xu Ya put down the collection of poems in her hand and looked up at Yuan Yasen, “Dad was not in good health a while ago. We have nothing to do today. Let’s go and see Dad then.”

She really didn’t know about it.

Yuan Yasen felt a little unhappy. Yaya is his father-in-law’s biological daughter. It’s okay to keep this kind of thing from him. Why didn’t he even tell Yaya?

“Okay.” He, who never refused Xu Ya’s request, agreed immediately.

When he heard that his eldest daughter and son-in-law were coming, Grandpa Xu was playing chess with someone online. Because he couldn’t beat the opponent, he quit the game happily.

“Dad,” Xu Ya handed the gift she had bought to the aunt. Seeing Grandpa Xu coming down the stairs, she rushed to help her. Grandpa Xu waved his hand away, “No, no, I can still walk by myself.”

Xu Ya knew her father’s temper, so she didn’t insist anymore, but she still followed him step by step. Grandpa Xu glanced at Yuan Yasen, standing beside him, and pointed to the sofa: “Sit down.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Yuan Yasen sat down as he said, and he, who was always proud and arrogant, was a little restrained in front of his father in law.

“Why, You heard that I gave the hotel to Xiao Yuan. You can’t sit still?” Before the couple could speak, Grandpa Xu said first, “Anyway, I like that girl Yan Xi very much. If the purpose of your coming today is to say bad things about her, then you don’t need to speak.”

“Dad, we are also doing it for Xiaoer’s good. The girl named Yan Xi is really a good person, but her job is public, so I’m afraid she is not suitable to be Xiaoer’s wife.” Xu Ya comforted her father’s emotions, “It’s not that she is not good. It’s just that Xiaoer is not suitable for her.”

“Nonsense, what are you talking about? I think you have lived in the stomachs of dogs all these years!” Grandpa Xu was so angry that he knocked on the coffee table with his cane.

“You have loved poetry since childhood and lived a life of ignoring everything. It’s not because your behavior is more noble and elegant, but because our family has good conditions and can provide you with a life like yours. If you were placed in an ordinary family and never moved your four limbs, you can’t distinguish between the five crops. If I rely on you to eat, I’m afraid I can only drink the north and west winds. A girl who works seriously and earnestly is called showing her face, so what do you call that? If you don’t do anything, will you wait to die by eating nothing together!?”

(Never move your four limbs, can’t distinguish the five crops idiom means living as a parasite.)

“Dad,” Yuan Yasen felt distressed when he saw his father-in-law losing his temper at his wife, “Yaya is just too kind, don’t be angry.”

“I, this Lao Tzu trying to educate my own daughter, can’t say anything?” Grandpa Xu turned his head and looked at Yuan Yasen. “Why, now I’m too old to talk?”

As soon as he heard this, Yuan Yasen’s head grew bigger. His father-in-law started with this sentence a few days ago and then scolded him for nearly an hour. Now that he heard this sentence, he was reflexively afraid.

“Dad, tell me, I’m listening.” Xu Ya feared he would be angry, so she patted him on the back, “Speak slowly.”

“I know that you are not dissatisfied with Yan Xi’s identity, but dissatisfied that Xiao Yuan did not obey your arrangements and felt that Xiao Yuan was out of your control, so you became so angry and vented your dissatisfaction on an innocent and motivated girl.” Grandpa Xu sighed, “Yaya, you have been pampered and self-willed all your life. Although you have reached the age of being a grandma, your heart has been the same for decades. Yasen treats you well. I am very happy for you, but you ask yourself, are you a qualified mother?”

Xu Ya looked at her father with a terrified expression, not understanding why he would say such a thing: “Dad.”

“It’s all my fault. I didn’t teach you to take responsibility, which made you like this.” Grandpa Xu felt guilty, “Back then, Xiao Yuan was abused by the nanny and ignored by you. In his youth, he deliberately committed various rebellious behaviors to get your attention, but how do you do it?”

“The world of the two of you can’t accommodate extra children, but the child was born by you, and he has no right to choose whether he wants to be born different or not,” 

Grandpa Xu said solemnly, “No child is extra, only irresponsible parents. That’s what’s hateful.”

“Dad, these irrelevant things are all my fault,” Yuan Yasen said hastily, “Don’t blame her.”

“I know I can’t blame her alone, but she is my daughter, and I can only confidently educate her. As for you…” Grandpa Xu lowered his eyelids and was silent momentarily, “I have no requirements for you two. What kind of attitude did you use to treat your two children 20 years ago, and what kind of attitude do you use now? They have grown up and don’t need their irresponsible parents to tell them what to do.”

Hearing his father-in-law say that he was useless, he felt ashamed and embarrassed, but facing his father-in-law’s eyes that saw through the world, he couldn’t defend himself.

“Dad.” Xu Ya said with red eyes, “I love my two children.”

Grandpa Xu looked at his daughter in front of him. She had been in the greenhouse all her life, always bearing the kindness others gave her, but she hadn’t learned how to be nice to others. After a long time, Grandpa Xu sighed, “You can live a good life with Yasen.”

(The Greenhouse Grandpa Xu means here. I think the same with the sentence. A flower in a greenhouse’ is typically used to describe a spoiled child with protective parents.)

Xu Ya looked at Grandpa Xu anxiously.

“Today, I’ll be the old man who sells their age, the annoying old man. Don’t get involved in Xiao Yuan’s relationship anymore.” When Grandpa Xu said this, he looked at Yuan Yasen, “If you still recognize me as a father, Just remember what I said today. Parents don’t need to take exams, and children can’t choose their own origins, so enough is enough.”

Xu Ya looked at Yuan Yasen with a pale face. Yuan Yasen held Xu Ya’s hand and nodded gently.

Admitting he is a father who doesn’t like his offspring, he feels as if he has been stripped naked and extremely ashamed.

After the birthday party was over, Yan Xi and Yuan Yi helped Song Hai, who was slightly drunk, into the car, finally ending the excitement.

Some people talk more than usual after drinking. Song Hai is such a person.

He patted Yuan Yi on the shoulder and said with emotion: “To be honest, at first, I really didn’t want our Yan Yan to be with you.”

“Why?” Yuan Yi never imagined that he would be disgusted by his future father-in-law. He is handsome, wealthy, and well-connected. What’s wrong?

“Maybe it’s because you’re too imposing?” Song Hai wasn’t too drunk yet, so he knew how to find a better way to speak, “I’m afraid you won’t get along well with my daughter, and you are the kind of person who will hit someone if you have a conflict. But thinking that my daughter knows self-defense, I feel relieved. Facts have proved that judging people by their appearance is wrong, you are a practical and steady good boy, and my Yan Yan is with you. I can rest assured.”

Yuan Yi: Is it really not because Yan Xiaoxi knows self-defense?

“Dad.” Seeing Yuan Yi’s confused face, Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing and said to Song Hai, “You’re drunk, take a good rest at night.”

“I’m clear-headed.” Song Hai rubbed his temples, “I promised your mother to take good care of you and make you happy. If you find an unreliable man under my nose, I will have no face to go down to see your mother after a hundred years.”

Yan Xi fell silent. She didn’t expect her father to have such deep affection for her mother. In her memory, her parents negotiated the divorce amicably at that time. 

After she and her mother moved to Haishi, her father would come to Haishi to see her several times a year. Sometimes even when the school held parent-teacher meetings, he would fly overnight to catch up with her. Coming back at that same time, almost no classmates in the class believed that her family was divorced.

After the two divorced, neither of them found another partner. They would meet several times a year, but they no longer lived together.

Perhaps just as her mother said, two people who love each other are not necessarily suitable for living together. Seeing all the bad habits of the other party and enduring all the behaviors of the other party that are contrary to one’s own habits are the biggest challenges in married life.

She doesn’t understand her parents’ choice of marriage, and she has no right to speculate about it. However, seeing her father mention her mother again after being drunk, she still can’t help being moved.

“Dad, my happiness lies in myself, not what others give me.” Yan Xi smiled, “Don’t worry, I will have a good life, and I won’t let myself be wronged.”

“Your mother has the same temper.” Song Hai muttered in a low voice, leaning against the back of the chair, already a little delirious.

Yuan Yi secretly glanced at Yan Xi. Yan Xi blinked at him and smiled. Seeing this smile, Yuan Yi thought in his mind, Yan Xiaoxi’s smile is so pretty.

When the car drove outside Song’s villa, Yan Xi and Yuan Yi exhausted their strength to help Song Hai onto the bed.

Yan Xi gave Song Hai slippers, and Yuan Yi served tea and water beside him. The two left the room after they settled Song Hai down.

“Did you drink today?” Yan Xi could smell the faint smell of alcohol on Yuan Yi’s body.

“Have a drink or two with uncle, not much.” Yuan Yi lowered his head and smelled himself but he didn’t smell anything.

“Next time my dad asks you to drink with him, don’t agree.” Yan Xi entered the kitchen and poured a glass of water for Yuan Yi, “You have a bad stomach. Drinking hurts your stomach.”

“No, it’s just two glasses of wine. Uncle will think I’m not manly if I don’t drink.” Yuan Yi drank half of the water in one breath, “It’s a small matter.”

“A small matter?” Yan Xi raised her eyebrows, “Is it a small matter?”

Being stared at by Yan Xi with a little guilty conscience, Yuan Yi’s voice slowly became lower, “I’ll just stop drinking next time.”

A good man should not quarrel with a woman. If he wins, he loses; if he loses, he loses.

“Hmm.” Satisfied with Yuan Yi’s attitude of correcting his mistakes, Yan Xi nodded and turned on the TV but didn’t watch much. She knew she was doing this episode about parents’ education, and Yuan Yi would definitely see it. She doesn’t know what Yuan Yi will think about this matter.

“Yuan Xiaoer, I plan to do an episode about the relationship between parents and children recently.” Yan Xi observed Yuan Yi’s face carefully, “It will involve content about parents doting on children, sexual assault, cold violence, etc. The director thinks this will cause a lot of controversy and may have a negative impact on me, but I want to do something for these children…”

“It doesn’t matter. You can do whatever you want. I have cooperation with several TV stations. You don’t have to worry about not having a job to do.” Yuan Yi is very straightforward, “I think this kind of content is very meaningful. If you are worried about negative news, the big deal is to spend money to hire the navy to control the field for you. I have a public relations team under my hands, and they are very experienced in dealing with online emergencies.”

Unexpectedly, he was talking about his worries. Yan Xi was stunned for a moment, then suddenly laughed: “Yuan Xiaoer, why are you so cute.”

“I think you should praise me more for being domineering. What does that have to do with being cute?” Forget it. It’s not easy to dislike his girlfriend’s improper words. Yuan Yi stretched out his hand and tapped Yan Xi’s forehead lightly, “I will support you in whatever you want to do. Others say I am your backing, so why don’t you use it?”

“Isn’t this temporarily unusable?” Yan Xi put her arms around his neck and rubbed against his body, “You have to work hard to make my backing higher and higher and more stable.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let others think you are blind to find a man like me.”

“Hmm…” Yan Xi smiled and kissed him on the chin, “Then I should also work hard so that other people don’t think that you are blind to find a woman like me.”

“The one who can talk like that is blind.” Yuan Yi sneered, “Although your breasts are a little smaller and your mouth is sharper, you are still pretty good in other aspects.”

“Are you sure? Are you praising me?” Yan Xi grabbed the flesh on both sides of Yuan Yi’s cheeks with a smile on her face, “Come on, I’ll give you a chance to reorganize your language.”

“I mean, my girlfriend is the best in the world. I must work hard for my girlfriend, make more money, and become a hard-working and qualified big backing.” No one else is in the room, and he is not afraid of shame if he looks soft. He is a man, and he has endured it.

“Good boy,” Yan Xi let go of her hand and found that Yuan Yi’s cheeks were a bit red from being pinched by her, and then stretched out her hand to rub it lightly, “Next time you sneer like this, I’ll pinch your ears, you know?”

Yuan Yi: “You are a woman. You have the final say!”

Good men, good men do not fight with women.

After the two laughed and quarreled, Yan Xi brought up the business: “The mobile game you developed is going to be launched next Tuesday?”

Yuan Yi nodded: “I’ll prepare an internal number for you. You can download it to your phone to play with when you have time.”

“Okay.” Yan Xi thought of her friends on Weibo and felt that she could bring these friends to do online promotion, “When the game is officially launched, I will bring a few Weibo celebrities who have a good reputation on Weibo to help you spread the word.”

Only then did Yuan Yi remember that his girlfriend was a great host and a well-known online comics artist.

Inexplicably feel a little proud.

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