Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #44

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Chapter 44

Everyone thought that Shi Zhi was joking, but then they saw her actually operate it.

Shi Xiaozhi’s class is starting!

Shi Zhi told everyone that they first needed equipment if they wanted to engage in a Baichuan account. At least you have a mobile phone. Otherwise, you won’t be able to watch anything. Basically, you can watch live broadcasts and have everything, which is very good and free of charge.

Everyone wants to see her. Why must they go to the scene and take photos and videos?

Isn’t it fragrant enough?

Ever since he joined the black fan group, Shi Zhi also knows what it means to be a master among the people. Everyone in the group takes photos and cuts videos. They are all excellent, no less than the paid employees on the team. As for the white paper cp fans, the combat effectiveness is even stronger. Now the white paper cp clips are still continuously outputting high-quality products every day, and they will get a notice on the homepage of Station B every time.

Shi Zhi continued to talk to everyone while looking for bloggers and owners who had edited or photographed her in the impression.

“I’m actually like that too, with two eyes, one nose, and one mouth…” So just look at the photos, and don’t spend money chasing the scene.

Shi Zhi noticed that some people who came to support her last time seemed young. When she went to the airport before, she saw a very young one, and she might not have gone to high school yet.

Gardenia: ???

Looking at the face on the screen, they suddenly doubted her adjective, this flourishing beauty, modeled face called two eyes, one nose, and one mouth?

Shi Zhi had given them Amway several places where they could look at beautiful photos.

There was a burst of exclamation from the former black fan group and the current fan group.

“Boss Baichuan, hurry up and watch. Zhi Zhi adores you in the live broadcast, saying that the pictures you edited are beautiful!”

Baichuan is the group name of a member of the group, and the photo editing is excellent. Before that, as a black fan, he was the technical combat power in the group. Now he has become Gardenia, and his editing skill is even better than when he was a black fan. Beautiful pictures are flying all over the sky.

He couldn’t control himself for a long time and could finally cultivate beautiful women openly.

Needless to say, he also saw it because he was also watching the live broadcast.

“God, I’m so excited. Today I can edit a hundred more!”

He never thought that he would be seen by Shi Zhi. He was instantly full of motivation. He could do it again!

Shi Zhi not only found an account for viewing pictures and videos for everyone but also has tutorials for websites that pay to watch videos.

Copyright awareness must be in place, and free watching must be done under reasonable circumstances.

“The video site has an official Weibo account and often draws prizes. You can get free VIP and sign in every day. As long as you sign in, you can also get the number of days the members watch…”

If you are too lazy to get it, and it is relatively non-standard, you can get the coupon when there is an event, which will be much cheaper.


After Shi Zhi finished talking, she sipped water after a burst of interoperability. She held a thermos and asked everyone: Have you learned it?

Then she saw—

“How does Princess Shi Zhi even know how many days of membership can be redeemed by signing up and logging in? Is this something Her Royal Highness the Princess should know? Damn it, I will go to Her Royal Highness to krypton gold now!”

It’s so pitiful, so pitiful. What kind of peerless pity is this? Should the honorable Princess Shi Zhi understand this?

Someone else said, “I got it… I placed an order for five boxes of drinks and re-downloaded the game I had deleted before. I have been a member of the video site for two years at the original price. Zhi Zhi must work hard and shoot more so that I can get better. Not wasting my two-year membership. Hehe.”

More people are, “I’m sorry, I’m not short of money. I just want to spend money.”

I understand the truth, but I just don’t listen.

Shi Zhi, “…” Princess or something, she is really playing with children, why does everyone call her that.

She even saw someone write [Jiayou Junior High School Treasure], shouting, “No, we are rebellious!”

Shi Zhi: If it’s true that the child is going to junior high school… then the mother is a bit late in rebelling.

Everyone else is. I, XX, refuse to watch for nothing, only following the scene, supporting every event, and buying various peripherals are true fans.

When she arrived, she was here for fear that everyone would spend money on her.

She shouted: I, Shi Zhi, please watch me for nothing, thank you.

Even the tutorials came out with good intentions, but Gardenia didn’t listen at all.

Someone even shouted about where Shi Zhi Manager had gone.

The assistant who had been watching the live broadcast room raised his head, “Brother Quan, Gardenia is calling you.”

Brother Quan cried with a sad face, “Stop shouting. Everyone is gone.”

He also believed in Shi Zhi’s evil. The outline he listed was useless. It was completely contrary to it.

But Brother Quan cheered up.

“Why are they calling me?”

The assistant laughed so hard that everyone trembled, “They want you to turn off the mic for Sister Shi.”

Gardenia is rich and powerful, very rebellious. She doesn’t want to listen to free-watch tutorials. They just want to spend money and want the team members to shut Shi Zhi’s mouth. She is so honest. It’s not good.

Brother Quan: Alright, he’s excited. He’s alive again.

He had wanted to shut Shi Zhi off for a long time, but because all the fans in the live broadcast room were Shi Zhi’s fans, he kept it secret.

Unexpectedly! Gardenia actually wants to turn off her mic.

Shi Zhi also saw the bullet screen where everyone called her to shut off the microphone, and now her mind was full of question marks.

What’s the matter, are you unhappy if I don’t let you spend money?

Shi Zhi started a live broadcast, teaching fans to watch herself for free, and became a hot search.

Netizens are dying of laughter. Why is Shi Zhi still like this? How can someone show fans how to watch for nothing, and the person who will be watching is still herself?

But they were also attracted by Shi Zhi’s remarks.

It’s the endorsement of drinks and games. Shi Zhi is serious about the facts. Drinks are delicious, but drinking too much is bad for your teeth. The games have not yet been played, but the people around her play them.

It unexpectedly aroused everyone’s curiosity.

Drinks want to drink, games want to try!

The sales of beverages have increased, and the game has also been well publicized. 

The two fathers of the sponsors are pleased.

This undoubtedly made Brother Quan a little relieved. He feared Shi Zhi would be too honest and frighten the sponsor’s father.

You don’t have to trust advertisers, but you can trust Sister Shi, which has already been deeply rooted in the people’s hearts.

Shi Zhi is a very honest woman.

When the game endorsed by Shi Zhi first found her, it was purely the son of the game boss who saw her.

The nasty thoughts ended because of Shi Zhi waving a big sword. Unexpectedly, Shi Zhi suddenly had fans, and there were still a large number of fans who wanted to spend money but had nowhere to release their enthusiasm.

Gardenia has a very rich and powerful attitude. They just want to pamper Princess Zhi Zhi and buy a drink! Magazine to buy!

It doesn’t matter if you can’t finish the drink, you can give it to your relatives and friends; buy more magazines… Oh, they didn’t believe it. The white paper cp fans have already snatched up all the magazines, so when will there be new magazines?

Knock the bowl.

Everyone has watched the variety shows that Shi Zhi has been on before. Although 

“Brothers and Sisters Rush Forward” does not have many scenes of Shi Zhi playing, the exclusive version of Shi Zhi’s small black house has also been released, including Shi Zhi’s interview remarks.

A second ago, everyone was moved by Shi Zhi’s remark about not breaking other people’s fairy tales. Later, people met Shi Zhi’s fate together, and she gave these kids a study package. Is she letting people call her the devil?

Even Duoqi, who was recording a variety show with a baby, was forced to arrange it.

Duoqi is a popular kid in “Super North Nose.” He is cute and has contributed to several famous scenes with Shi Zhi. Now the number of Weibo fans is no less than that of a little star. His parents posted a screenshot of Shi Zhi contacting them to send a study package. Duoqi in the photo――

Fake smile.

Gardenia’s current filter is about 18 meters thick, and even this can be very serious.

The devil? This is not a devil, Shi Zhi. To let the future country hope, the flowers and bones of the motherland have learned well, is it called a devil?

How expensive are tutoring materials these days!

The assistants of Shi Zhi’s team felt terrific when they saw Gardenia’s (Zhi Zhi Hua) remarks.

Sure enough, is the fan following the Lord?

That’s what Sister Shi explained at the time.

The game endorsed by Shi Zhi also took advantage of the wind and started to promote it.

The coordinating staff who had contact with Shi Zhi especially found Shi Zhi and asked Shi Zhi to promote it on Weibo.

If Shi Zhi’s Weibo promotion or something was dispensable before, it didn’t help much. They just took a fancy to Shi Zhi’s appearance. She didn’t have many fans on Weibo, so it would be better to buy a hot search. But now it’s different. Shi Zhi’s fans have already searched for her name and naturally took a fancy to this huge market.

Shi Zhi was easy to talk about in this regard. Initially, she took the money and enjoyed the filming, so she posted on Weibo and reposted the official video and photos.

Two sets of photos with very different styles.

One person has a fairy air, her delicate eyebrows and eyes seem to be covered with ice and snow, and she is so beautiful that she does not look like a real person. The pavilion and the flowing water behind her that before was made from green cloth look so real after being refined. Shi Zhi looking up at you as if wanting to say something but also so shy are breathtaking.

Netizen:! I’m gone. This looks better than the NPC in the game. It’s too exaggerated, I knew that Shi Zhi was beautiful before, but I didn’t expect it to be so good.

Gardenia: Ahhhh!

Today they are emotionless machines.

At this time, the game company released tidbits of Shi Zhi playing big swords on the scene.

Just look at the gorgeous, fairy-like, and enchanting woman. She didn’t show any signs of collapse in the casual video, but she was holding a big knife that didn’t match her image at all.

The kind played by the meat shield in the game.

A second ago, I was an LSP netizen. Now I just want to ask the game company and Shi Zhi: Is there anything wrong?

(lsp in chinese “老色坯“ is a word for describing the people focusing only on the sexy side of something. It’s kind of a joking word in the Bilibili you can use when you see somebody staring at the girls and he seems to imagine some dirty scenes. It’s not a very strong word, so everybody just uses it to steer at himself or somebody else.)

Why would she play big swords on the spot!

As expected of Shi Zhi, strange things always happen to her.

There are a million bits and pieces of a funny scene.

No matter what, this promotion was done. After all, the contrast is huge.

Gardenia laughed privately but pretended not to see it on the bright side. Various big guys started endorsing photos of the game, and genuine official videos began to be processed and created.

As long as they are fast, only beauty will be left for Princess Shi Zhi, and the sand sculptures act will not be able to catch up with her name!

When Brother Quan found Shi Zhi, she opened letters from fans there.

The Shi Zhi Global Fan Support Club has already contacted Brother Quan. Brother Quan and the others know how important fans are, and the Fan Support Club can also get Shi Zhi’s itinerary and work arrangements.

When the assistant gave Shi Zhi dozens of letters, she didn’t expect to find a new world after opening them.

Shi Zhi doesn’t know the other person’s name, age, appearance, or where he lives, but she (he) seems very familiar with her and communicates through letters, telling her how much she loves her and mixing it with her daily life. Shi Zhi can feel their passion.

Shi Zhi felt that the responsibility on her shoulders was heavier, and her mood was a bit complicated, so she told Brother Quan.

“The reply letter may not come back.”

Brother Quan couldn’t laugh or cry, “I’m sure it won’t be able to come back. You still plan to reply?” This has to go back to the Year of the Monkey (it took time too long to reply to it all).

The artist’s schedule is so busy there are not many letters that can be read, and it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care about fans’ letters or because she is so that she can not squeeze in the rest time.

Shi Zhi: “But what can I give them in return?” she thought deeply.

Communication between people should be mutual. What can she do?

Brother Quan: “I know this!”

“Take a variety show.”

It happened to be a question, and he came to talk to Shi Zhi about this matter.

Shi Zhi: “…”

When Shi Zhi was not yet a fan, she was favored by various variety shows because of her personality, and she did not disappoint every show. After all, she was a woman who could turn that place into her own special show, even if she entered a small dark room.

There are too many invitations for this variety show.

Good scripts are not easy to find, but good variety shows can still be found.

Brother Quan chose a few variety shows for Shi Zhi, and there were more or less some with bad intentions, and he had already given up this kind of treatment.

He directly found three invitations for Shi Zhi that he thought were pretty good and let Shi Zhi choose by herself.

There is a love observation program, which invites Shi Zhi to be a guest in the observation room; there is also a pet variety show, which shows the daily life of pets and their owners; the last one is a tourism-oriented promotion of culture and cities.

Shi Zhi flipped through the planning of the love observation program and asked, “Why do they want to invite me to be an observer?”

Brother Quan thought for a while and tentatively said, “Probably because you have been a mentor?”

Shi Zhi: “The one who please start your performance?”

Love show, want her to shout, “Please start your show?”

Brother Quan: “…”

Originally, when this show came to him, he didn’t think it was strange, but when Shi Zhi said this, he felt it was inappropriate.

Although everyone falls in love with the show, it can’t be said that it is 100% acting. Still, most of them just use the script, and exceptionally few couples can be successful.

Brother Quan continued his efforts, “What about pet variety shows?”

“I think their inspiration for inviting you is that you can take care of children very well. It’s probably okay to bring a pet. Do you have any pets at home?”

Shi Zhi showed good cooking skills in “Our Village” before, and Brother Quan arranged for Shi Zhi to take a baby variety show. And now Brother Quan said that Shi Zhi was good when caring for the children, and there was no problem with pets.

After thinking for a while, Shi Zhi shook her head first and asked, “Do you think fish are pets?”


What’s the matter? She always grabs it and braises it.

Certainly not.

In the end, there was only one tourism variety show left.

Shi Zhi had an impression of this, “Are they planning to collect the team from “Our Village?”

Brother Quan flipped through the chat records with the other side, “It really is. How do you know.”

The friend group knows.

After “Our Village” removed Xiong Baojie, everyone got along well. Hence, this variety show wants to gather as many people as possible.

Shi Zhi saw Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi discussing this matter yesterday, and everyone asked her in the group if she wanted to participate.

It’s definitely better to be with friends you know than to be alone.

She didn’t agree to come immediately and returned to the small group again, asking everyone if they wanted to participate.

Ning Jiachi has already been confirmed. He wants to participate. He has owed favors before, and being on the show can be regarded as repaying favors.

Host Tian Hong will also participate.

Bai Wu was still filming and asked Shi Zhi after a while.

“I haven’t made up my mind yet, I’m hesitating, but the scene in hand is about to wrap up. If I have time, does Zhi Zhi want to participate?”

If Shi Zhi participates, then they can also take care of each other.

Although it seems usually the case, she is the one being looked after.

Wu Luo didn’t know yet and said that if he had time, he must get together with everyone.

Shi Zhi touched Wu Luo’s head from the air.

She already knew the general situation and said to Brother Quan.

“That’s it.”

The third variety show.

The third variety show is called “Super Challenge,” the guest list was released a week later.

The variety show “Our Village” produced four people, Bai Wu, Shi Zhi, Ning Jiachi, and Tian Hong.

There is no way for Wu Luo to come over. There is still a game, and the team arranged closed training for him.

Shi Zhi comforted Wu Luo: Train well! Win glory for the country!

After all, the main job is more important.

Not only is Gardenia happy, but “Our Village” fans feel that the New Year is coming. They haven’t waited until the second season, but look what they waited for?

The five-person team has four people, which is already great.

Especially Bai Wu, Shizhi, and Ning Jiachi.

Both Shi Zhi and these two had interesting things happen, the two were chefs’ ecstasy, and the third was triple happiness!

“Super Challenge” was in another city, and she had to take a plane. When Zhi arrived at the airport, she heard someone calling her name.

“Princess Shi Zhi, look here.”

“Zhi Zhi!”

Dozens of people were waiting for Shi Zhi over there, with unconcealable excitement on their faces.

The assistant was also excited and whispered to Shi Zhi, “It’s a fan!”

It’s a fan!

They finally have a fan meet-up. Before, they were besieged by black fans, and they didn’t even have a pick-up or drop-off.

Shi Zhi:

Didn’t she already say just let them go watch her for nothing?

Shi Zhi walked over there, Gardenia didn’t expect Shi Zhi to come over, but now seeing her getting closer, her face turned red.

“It’s not that…”

As soon as Shi Zhi spoke, everyone said in unison, “Rebellion.”

Why, asking is rebellion.

Shi Zhi: “…”

Someone explained, “Actually, it didn’t cost much. Everyone is very close to here.” In fact, some people were far away and wanted to pick up and drop off Shi Zhi at the airport, but remembering what Shi Zhi said before, they didn’t come.

This made Shi Zhi’s expression soften. Otherwise, these dozens of rebellious people would put her under a lot of pressure.

Shi Zhi also noticed that everyone was holding things in their hands.

“The thermos cup!”

They explained to Shi Zhi in unison.

If you are a true fan, you must get the same style, Shi Zhi Mug, stainless steel with white bottom and gray edge. It is worth having.

Shi Zhi has no objection to this point, the thermos cup is indeed an excellent invention, and she also noticed the girl standing in the front row holding the camera.

“I remember you.” The little black fan who got into the car by mistake.

These words made Xia An’an immediately accept the gaze of her companions.

Why did Shi Zhi remember her?

Xia An’an: This is really difficult to explain. Can she say that when she was still a black fan, she chatted with Shi Zhi about her dirty stuff?!

Xia An’an told Shi Zhi, “It’s already turned black to pink.”

She has changed. She is not the black fan she was before!

Xia An’an immediately fell into the ecstasy of being remembered by Shi Zhi. She was so embarrassed at that time that she wanted to dig into the ground. Still, she didn’t expect that this was also the way to be remembered by a celebrity she likes?

Of course, it’s best not to try this method lightly, it’s too frustrating, and if it’s changed to someone else, you will probably be beaten to death.

In addition to holding thermos cups in their hands to support Shi Zhi, everyone also prepared gifts.

Shi Zhi didn’t accept any of them.

“Only accept letters.” Emphasized.

Forget about expensive gifts. She has money, so she can buy it herself.

“Sister Shi, go to Weibo to flip the flop when you have time!” She still knows what makes a flop or something. Just reply to fan messages.

After Shi Zhi waved her hand to bid farewell to Gardenia, she asked the team staff, “Are they going back after this?”

Everyone still stood there without leaving, with contented faces on their faces.

The staff gave a positive answer.

If not?

They just came here to see Sister Shi. But Sister Shi has been chatting with everyone for a long time.

“She is so pretty.”

“Doesn’t make sense how pretty she is!”

Gardenia, who came to drop off the plane, was posted on Weibo while discussing in a rush.

This is the end of the day. They were already planning to leave but were stopped by someone unexpectedly.

Someone recognized that it was the staff next to Shi Zhi.

When everyone was holding milk tea and various snacks in large and small bags, they hadn’t reacted yet.

What’s wrong? Is there such a treatment for coming to pick up the plane? Is it the other way around?

Usually, every fan gives things to the artists. Why did Shi Zhi not only not accept the gifts but also give them things?!

Shi Zhi opened the letter in the lounge, read it very seriously, and her fans were sincere.

Then she took out her phone.

“Sister Shi, do you want to flop?”

While looking at Weibo, Shi Zhi replied, “Yes.”

Assistant: I don’t know which lucky Gardenia it is.

The assistant leaned over to take a look and then: ???

The song “Wish You Peace” was given to this Gardenia.

Netizens discovered Shi Zhi’s Weibo gave a dozen likes to an account with less than 100 followers.

Everyone’s first reaction is: Has her account been hacked?

But that account looks like a Shi Zhi fan.

The Weibo blogger who received Shi Zhi’s likes came out.

“God, my hands are trembling. Zhi Zhi actually gave me so many likes… I really haven’t seen Zhi Zhi. I haven’t had a chance yet! If Zhi Zhi’s account didn’t hack, please help me to see these points Like. Is it because of this?”

As an exhausted senior who was tortured by her studies, she left a message under Shi Zhi’s comments last night.

“As much as Shi Zhi likes me, I will memorize as many textbooks from beginning to end!”

She just said hi casually. Isn’t it normal to say hi? When she woke up, she saw several likes from Shi Zhi.

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