The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 56. (1/2)

“Have a safe trip!”

Cheng Yan shook hands with Fu Chen and watched the members of the Thunder squad get into the car. Cheng Rui stood beside him. His handsome face remained as cold and expressionless as ever.

Bai Tian Tian looked at them, said goodbye, and got in the car.

The team changed their casual clothes in the base city and wore dark uniforms. All of them are slender and handsome.

Liang Zhiyu glanced at Cheng Rui, turned around, and got into the car, followed closely by Shen Mingxuan, with a languid expression on his feminine and handsome face, as if he hadn’t woken up, and got into the car yawning.

Xiao Yang was wearing a black baseball cap, and the handsome face hidden under the cap couldn’t see the expression.

Fu Chen was the last one to get into the car. He stood in front of the car door for a few seconds and turned to look at Cheng Rui. Bai Qing Qing didn’t come to see the team off. Is she still angry?

“Captain, it’s time to go.” Shen Mingxuan’s voice came from the driver’s seat.

Fu Chen pursed his lips, lifted his foot to get into the car, and the car door closed slowly as if he was separated from the base into another world.

With a cool and beast-like appearance, the modified car drove into the tunnel under the watchful eyes of the two Cheng family brothers and left the Yaoyang base, slowly turning into a small black spot.

Cheng Yan patted Cheng Rui on the shoulder and said, “Go back.”

Cheng Rui clenched his fists and returned with him to the base’s high-rise building. There are still many things waiting for them to do.

There are no other living things in the barren and open field, the long highway running through the middle, the undulating mountains and forests, the endless silence, except for the occasional blackbirds flying over carrion.

The modified car was driving extremely fast on the wilderness highway. Shen Mingxuan was driving, and Fu Chen was sitting beside him. The two of them were silent.

Xiao Yang was lying on the sofa to catch up on sleep, Liang Zhiyu was tinkering with electronic products in his hand, and Bai Tian Tian was studying with a recipe book in her hand. Since the incident happened last time, she understood her current situation.

Talk less, do more, try to reduce your sense of existence, and don’t cause trouble to the team.

She was bitter in her heart, afraid of being abandoned by the team, and realized what it was like for Bai Qing Qing, who had no superpowers, to be in the team.

Since she has been following the Thunder team, she has lived smoothly after the end of the world. She was well-protected and hardly suffered any harm. She saw too little of the dark side and always wanted to save others.

She was locked in the room and watched the video for a day. It was not a movie but a video of actual fighting, brutal, bloody, and disgusting. Every scene made people spit out.

She collapsed, cried, and begged for mercy…then Shen Mingxuan came to rescue her from that room.

After witnessing all kinds of disgusting and cruel phenomena, she finally understood that the world had undergone extreme changes, and she was able to live well only because she was lucky.

She still owes Qing Qing an apology and regrets not being able to ask Qing Qing for forgiveness. She doesn’t know if she can come back alive.

It is very quiet in the modified car. Everyone is doing their own things. It is no longer as lively as before.

In the past, when Bai Qing Qing was in the car, she would occasionally play some small music, play games, or chat with everyone.

The car didn’t stop, and Fu Chen was driving in the afternoon. Shen Mingxuan didn’t want to see Bai Tian Tian’s aggrieved face and was afraid of being affected, so he leaned against the co-pilot to sleep.

The day passed quickly, and the setting sun dyed the skyline red like blood. Liang Zhiyu saw the beautiful and cruel evening scene and suddenly thought of Bai Qing Qing.

She still has an unfinished painting and said she would give him the painting.

“There is still rice in the rice cooker.” Liang Zhiyu called Xiao Yang, who was going upstairs.

Everyone gathered together for dinner, and it was too quiet. Xiao Yang, who usually eats a lot, quickly finished a bowl of rice and went upstairs.

“I’m full.” The boy’s figure disappeared before everyone’s eyes.

Liang Zhiyu smiled lightly: “Captain Fu, it seems that kid is still angry, blaming you for not bringing Qing Qing with us.”

Shen Mingxuan raised his brows slightly. He mentioned Bai Qing Qing this time. Maybe he did want to intentionally hurt the captain’s heart. Fu Chen, Bai Qing Qing’s elder brother, should be the saddest person for not taking her along.

Fu Chen’s face was gloomy, and he gave him a hard look, “You can’t stop your mouth with food?”

Liang Zhiyu: “I’m just telling the truth.”

Xiao Yang’s face has been dark since he left Yaoyang Base, from a handsome and sunny little milk dog to a resentful dog.

Fu Chen got up and opened the curtains to get out of the car. Shen Mingxuan followed and handed cigarettes: “Captain, let’s smoke together?”

He took the cigarette, lowered his eyebrows and eyes slightly, put it in front of the tip of his nose, sniffed it lightly without lighting it with a lighter, played with the cigarette between his slender fingers, and got out of the car.

The modified car has enough space. Xiao Yang asked for a small independent room and only put a bed and a table. The space is narrow.

After he entered the room, he put his head on the partition door and listened to the movement. After ensuring no one was going upstairs, he squatted in front of the window and stretched out his hand to pull out the big box under the bed.

With a snap, the lock of the big box was unlocked.

The person curled up in the box appeared in front of his eyes. The girl in a white dress was cute and weak, not used to the sudden light, her eyes were half-closed, and physiological tears flowed down her right eye.

This scene is so eerie and poignant that it satisfies people’s lust.

“Qing Qing.” Xiao Yang touched her tender face with his knuckles and wiped away her tears.

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