One Can’t Judge by Appearance #76

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Chapter 76

“Boss.” The assistant hurriedly knocked on the door of Song Hai’s office with a delicate expression, “There are a few luxury cars parked outside our company.”

“No matter how good the luxury car is, it’s not ours. Why are you so excited?” Song Hai has lived alone for the past few years and doesn’t pay much attention to birthdays. Although it is his birthday today, he doesn’t have the idea of a big banquet. He just booked a place in the restaurant he often goes to and plans to take his daughter to dinner.

The assistant smiled wryly: “I originally thought so too, but the team members said they were arranged by Mr. Yuan Yi to pick you up for the birthday party.”

“Come to pick me up?” Song Hai was stunned for a moment and then realized, “Is this trying to please me?”

The assistant thought to himself he had seen many people fawning over wealthy mothers-in-law or wealthy father-in-law, and it was the first time he had seen a rich man fawning over an ordinary father-in-law. The boss’s daughter is really a goddess, and she can’t eat people like Yuan Yi to death.

“Let’s go out and have a look.” Song Hai was a little curious about how exaggerated the luxury motorcade could shock his assistant.

Eight luxury cars worth seven or eight figures were parked outside the gate of Song Hai Company. Flowers and diamonds were used to piece together a beautiful Chinese character for a birthday on the front of the first car. On the heads of the remaining cars, flowers were all used to build cranes that spread their wings and wanted to fly. Suddenly, it looked like a wedding car.

The drivers’ coats were all embroidered with the words “Shoubi Nanshan (happy birthday),” they stood neatly by the door, full of momentum.

The employees of the company have never seen this kind of posture before. Many people took out their mobile phones and took pictures in the windows. This mode of pleasing the future father-in-law has never been seen before.

After Song Hai walked out of the gate, he was also stunned by the formation, and it took him a long time to recover.

“Uncle Song,” a young man in a suit walked up to Song Hai, “I’m Yuan Yi and Yan Xi’s friend Zhang Wang. You can call me Xiao Zhang. Yuan Yi arranged a birthday banquet for you at the hotel. It is an honor to us for you to participate.”

Before Zhang Wang ran errands for Yuan Yi, he had already learned about Mr. Song’s past. Now that he saw a real person, he found that this Mr. Song Hai was true as rumored, so fat that people felt very close.

“Hello, Mr. Zhang.” Song Hai shook hands with Zhang Wang, “How can Mr. Yuan spent so much money?”

“You’re being polite.” Zhang Wang knew that his friend’s move was a bit unreliable. However, as a brother, he still had to help say good things at critical times, “Yuan Yi didn’t get along with his parents very much when he was young. If there is anything he can’t do, please forgive him, Uncle Song. His respect for you is sincere.”

Thinking of some things his daughter mentioned to him, Song Hai would not do anything that would embarrass his daughter’s boyfriend, so he said with a smile: “This kid, Yuan Yi, is just too polite.”

Hearing what Song Hai said, Zhang Wang breathed a sigh of relief. He turned around and opened the door for Song Hai: “Please, uncle, get in the car.”

“Thank you.” Song Hai smiled politely at Zhang Wang and sat in this global limited-edition luxury car against the curious eyes of the entire company’s employees.

After the luxury motorcade left, the company staff couldn’t restrain their gossip and started a lively discussion.

“Have you ever seen the boss’s daughter? This is too amazing to have the rich president congratulate our boss’s birthday with so much heart. How much do you have to like the boss’s daughter to be willing to do this?”

“I haven’t seen it in real life, but I’ve seen it on TV. My parents and grandparents are all her fans. They watch her shows on TV every day. Even the reruns can be watched with enthusiasm. The host who can make the elderly like it so much must be extraordinary.”

“She is not very beautiful either. How can she fascinate a wealthy president like this?”

“Look at how sour your tone is. She looks pretty, and the show she hosts is also good. It’s with the fact that so many people like her.”

“The boss’s daughter is definitely not ugly, but I hate that such a good thing didn’t happen to her. Eyelids are shallow, so what else can they say besides her appearance?”

The assistant heard several staff members arguing, went to the office door, and knocked: “Work hard, don’t gossip during working hours.”

When the staff saw the boss’s assistant approaching, they didn’t dare to talk nonsense anymore, especially the one who said bad things about Yan Xiw. They were so frightened that they dared not even raise their heads. The assistant glanced around the office, turned, and left without saying anything more.

Several employees in this office secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, passers-by had already taken photos and posted them on the Internet.

Passer-by passing by: I saw a luxury caravan on the road now. I thought it was a rich man getting married, but I didn’t expect it to be a caravan for birthday celebrations. Today’s local tyrants really know how to play, and other mortals and I can only look up to [picture]

This netizen posted a few pictures, the happy birthday characters tied with flowers and diamonds on the front of the car, and the lifelike flower cranes are very conspicuous, not to mention the limited edition luxury cars, which are enough to stimulate many people to hate the rich.

When Weibo attracted many netizens to watch, someone posted on Weibo that the boyfriend of the boss’s daughter, in order to please their boss, arranged a luxury motorcade to pick up the boss for the birthday party today. The boss’s daughter is really a winner in life.

The netizen, who was bored, tried to pick out the place where the netizen worked and then checked the legal person of the company. It turned out to be Song Hai. Everyone didn’t know that Song Hai was Yan Xi’s father at first. It wasn’t until the staff of this company broke the news that most netizens knew that this kind of blinding way of congratulating a birthday was actually a means for Yuan Ershao to please his girlfriend’s father.

Netizen 1: I don’t know why, but I somehow feel that this second young master is a little cute.

Netizen 2: Even if everyone in the world opposes me being with you, I still have to stick to my own will and please your father, which makes his girlfriend’s father’s heart a little bit moved.

Netizen 3: If this is not love, then is there true love in the world?

Netizen 4: Some netizens secretly imagined that Yan Xi tried her best to hug the thigh of the Yuan’s second young master. The current situation is obvious that the second young master Yuan is trying his best to please Yan Xi’s family. Who can’t do without whom? Those with eyes can see it.

Netizen 5: Although I am a black fan of Yan Xi, today’s revelation made me have to admit that the second young master of the Yuan family is hanging on the white lotus tree of Yan Xi. This gesture of pleasing the future father-in-law is too familiar. When my brother wooed my sister-in-law and her parents, he was exactly the same as the Yuan’s second young master, except my brother was not as rich as the Yuan’s second young master.

Song Hai, sitting in a luxury limited-edition car, didn’t know he was already popular on the Internet. He glanced at the young man sitting next to him and didn’t know what to say. Being courted by his daughter’s boyfriend in this way, he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry or be relieved, but no matter what, at least it could be seen that Yuan Yi valued his daughter. Otherwise, he would not have tried his best to please him.

“Which hotel are we going to now?”

“Royal Garden Hotel.”

Song Hai immediately understood that this was the hotel that Xu’s family had inherited for a hundred years. Now, it has been handed down to Yuan Yi. He has spent money on the Royal Garden Hotel. The accommodation and banquets in this hotel are very particular, and the service attitude is also excellent. It is the kind of place where people spend their money happily and willingly. The Xu family is willing to give such a good hotel to his grandson Yuan Yi. Some of the reports are true. For example, Yuan Yi is very popular with the old man of the Xu family.

“Yuan Yi originally planned to come to pick Uncle up in person, but Dahe hasn’t finished work yet, so he went to the TV station.” Zhang Wang is clear that for those who value their children, being good to them is more favorable to him than being good to him, “For this birthday party, Yuan Yi has invited many friends from the business field. Of course, distinguished guests who usually have contacts with you are also invited.”

Zhang Wang took out a stack of invitation lists: “Please take a look. Is there anything missing?”

Song Hai took the list and glanced at it. The list was very detailed and included everyone.

“The birthday banquet was prepared by Yuan Yi and Dahe together. Yuan Yi made a small change in the way of welcoming you.” Zhang Wang knew that Yan Xi had long planned to celebrate Song Hai’s birthday, but it was absolutely not in the original plan. Luxurious and high-profile, he doesn’t know if Yuan Xiaoer will be scolded by Dahe after today.

Only then did Song Hai know that his daughter was not involved in the matter of sending a luxury convoy to pick him up. To put it bluntly, half of her looks like him and half like her mother. How could it be possible to do such a high-profile thing?

Turning his head to look at the luxury convoy following this car, Song Hai tried his best to make his expression look calm, but it’s quite interesting to be so high-profile occasionally.

“I know he has good intentions, so I won’t blame him.” Song Hai nodded and said, “I just don’t know if our family’s Yan Yan is used to this way.”

Zhang Wang: He also wants to know this question.

“Audience friends, today’s “Noon News” is here. Thank you all, and welcome to watch it at the same time tomorrow.” Yan Xi said this unsatisfactory conclusion, turned off the microphone on her body and waited for the camera to stop shooting before getting up and beating her waist, “Everyone has worked hard.”

“Thank you, Teacher Yan.” The colleagues said with a smile, “I know you have something to do today, so we won’t delay you, go out now.”

Yan Xi thanked everyone with a smile and came out after changing her host uniform, and another colleague joked with her. Everyone in the station seemed to know that her father was celebrating his birthday today. Sister Chen is not a talkative person. Is it unreasonable for everyone to know that she wants to ask for leave to go back to celebrate her father’s birthday?

Within five minutes of turning on the phone, Yuan Yi called. Knowing that Yuan Yi was already waiting for her downstairs, she hurried into the elevator.

She wonders if she and Zhao Wantong are destined for evil. They always meet unexpectedly in the elevator. Recently, Zhao Wantong hosted the show with her seniors, and the audience’s evaluation was not good. Almost everyone thought Zhao Wantong would be redundant after joining the show, so the station was considering revoking Zhao Wantong’s training plan.

As a hostess who was also trained by the station, Yan Xi is much luckier than Zhao Wantong. Although many viewers felt that she was not suitable to join Shen Xingyan’s show at the beginning, the audience gradually accepted her after a few episodes of the program. Even the station valued her more and more. In another year or two, she will be able to take the lead in the station.

The makeup on Zhao Wantong’s face was a bit heavy, but the tiredness in her eyes couldn’t be concealed by her makeup. When she saw Yan Xi enter the elevator, she didn’t say any sarcasm. She moved to the corner, not wanting to stand too close to Yan Xi. She thought Yan Xi would take the opportunity to make trouble and mock her with a few words. Still, the other party didn’t say a word until the elevator door opened again, which made Zhao Wantong feel better.

At first, she felt Yan Xi got everything by relying on her family background and her boyfriend’s connection. Still, the audience’s evaluation would tell the truth. Yan Xi hosted the show with her seniors, and her adaptability was indeed better than hers.

Walking out of the gate of the TV station, Zhao Wantong saw that Yan Xi was chatting and laughing with her wealthy boyfriend. The wealthy boyfriend, who made many marketing accounts on the Internet, hated and feared him and smiled like an ordinary man in front of Yan Xi. Men are no different.

She stroked her loose long hair and took a deep breath. Yan Xi, who was two years behind her in the TV station, was recognized by the audience, and so could she!

“My dad, have you arranged for someone to pick him up?” Yan Xi fastened her seat belt and said to Yuan Yi, “I don’t know if my dad will like my arrangement.”

“Uncle likes you so much, even if you just make him a bowl of gruel, he will be happy, let alone you specially arrange a birthday party for him. “Yuan Yi has already woken up from the emotion of” wanting to be high-profile” at this moment, so he is a little guilty, “I have made some icing on the cake in your plan. You don’t blame me, do you?”

Yan Xi smiled: “You also want to make my dad happy? How could I blame you?”

Yuan Yi breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good.”

Half an hour later, Yan Xi looked at the colorful flowers at the gate of the Royal Garden Hotel, the servers standing in two rows, and the hot air balloon with the birthday blessing banner. She was almost stunned. After opening her mouth for a long time, she turned her head to look at Yuan Yi beside her: “Is it really okay for you to do this?”

She didn’t want Yuan Yi to be pushed to the headlines by the media again in the near future because the well-known hotel with a century-old heritage closed down due to poor management.

Yuan Yi also felt that this method seemed exaggerated. Still, he believed that after today, no one would think that he didn’t value Yan Xi: “It’s rare for uncle to hold a birthday banquet, so it’s better to be grand.”

Yan Xi wanted to say that this was too exaggerated and grand, but when she saw the flattering smile on Yuan Yi’s face, her words changed: “Well, it’s pretty good. My dad hasn’t held a serious birthday in these years. It’s not too much to be a little more grand this year.”

“With me in the future, no matter what style of birthday party uncle likes, I will arrange it.” Hearing that Yan Xi did not dislike his arrangement, Yuan Yi’s waist straightened a lot, and he took Yan Xi’s hand, “Come on, let’s go in.”

The red carpet was covered with flower petals. Yan Xi would bet that the servers standing on both sides of the red carpet looked at her as if they were looking at a beauty disaster.

Walking into the banquet hall, Yan Xi saw the band in the corner on the left and the rosy-faced father sitting at the main table, smiling so much that she couldn’t see his eye.

As a woman, Yan Xi still judges Song Hai’s emotions. For example, at this moment, Yan Xi can be sure that her father is very happy.

Considering it carefully, Yuan Yi’s arrangement today is very appropriate. Dad, who usually likes to wear big bling watches and big gold rings, probably likes this flamboyant local style in his bones.

“Yuan Xiaoer, thank you.” Yan Xi turned her head and grinned at Yuan Yi, “My dad is very happy.”

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