Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 46 (1/2)

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Chapter 46 (1/2)

I first met Gu Changzhou in the summer more than 20 years ago.

At that time, Lu Qiming had already purchased real estate and a store in Argentina and planned to open it in autumn.

One month before the opening, people from the company came to him. They said a very lucrative task was urgently needed, and it could be completed in at least ten days.

And the task is effortless. You only need to transport a batch of goods from country A to country B.

However, due to the special nature of the goods, they must not be discovered by people. They cannot be transported by air, so they must disguise and transport themselves by car.

Lu Qiming has taken over a lot of such jobs, and the goods he transported are either antiques or priceless jewels, so he is no stranger to it.

He thought to himself that being idle is not good, so it is better to earn more pension money before opening the store, so he agreed to accept it.

In addition, due to his rich experience, he also served as a mercenary leader.

Arriving at the destination with four companions, Lu Qiming found that the situation was slightly different.

A group of people is already waiting there, arranged by the employer to be transported with them.

He was a little puzzled, but he took the money to work and went on the road with them without thinking too much.

Mercenaries are required to be physically strong, so most of them are white and black, and Asians are relatively rare.

He has long been used to being different, but among those people, he saw a young Asian man.

It was the fledgling Gu Changzhou.

At that time, Gu Changzhou’s pregnant girlfriend was about to be taken away by his family due to poor economic conditions.

He wanted to make quick money, but he had nowhere to go. He didn’t know who introduced him to this business.

He is only in his early twenties, has good kung fu, and knows a lot about guns and ammunition.

But after retiring, he has been working as a security guard. The most dangerous job is guarding the gate of an underground casino, so he is completely dumbfounded.

Seeing compatriots in a foreign country can easily make people feel a sense of intimacy.

Especially when Lu Qiming got acquainted with him, he learned that he was just like himself in the past. He came out to work because of a lack of money, so he felt very sympathetic to him, giving advice and taking care of him everywhere.

There is a habit among the mercenaries – because they are doing dangerous and not very visible things, everyone is reluctant to reveal their real identities, and they use code names to call each other.

Lu Qiming is A63, and Gu Changzhou is D45.

There were several obstacles during the delivery, but they all passed smoothly.

When he was about to arrive at the destination to complete the task, something unexpected happened suddenly.

Lu Qiming’s team was wiped out, he was imprisoned in a secret laboratory for more than 20 years, and he hated that seemingly innocent compatriot to this day.

That morning, a group of people was resting at the hotel when suddenly, a transnational policeman asked to check their vehicle.

Lu Qiming has encountered this situation many times, and he knows that things are hidden and cannot be found through inspection, so he is ready to let them investigate without worry.

At that moment, the other team’s captain made a request, hoping that they would leave first with the goods and that their own people would stay behind to fill them up.

Lu Qiming is twenty-seven years old and has been in the industry for five years, so he is no longer a naive young man.

Not believing their kindness, he declined the offer and insisted on getting checked.

The other party left, and not long after, Gu Changzhou came and repeatedly assured him that there was absolutely no dissent.

Lu Qiming still remembers what he said to persuade him.

“When I finish this task and get the money, I will have the courage to propose to my girlfriend when I go back. She will almost give birth by then. This is the first time I will be a father in my life. The task must go right. If the police Check it out and it’s all over. I will go to jail, everyone will go to jail, and her parents will look down on me all their lives. Brother, please do me a favor and let him recognize you as a godfather after the child is born, please?.”

Because of his parents, Lu Qiming was very pessimistic about marriage.

His occupation is special and unsuitable for marriage, so he plans to live a single life.

A person is lonely, after all, and his parents have less and less contact with him.

He had planned to adopt a child as soon as life settled down.

But if you already have a godson or goddaughter, so that he can justifiably make a phone call when he is lonely, chat about study or homework, and have a reason to go to the mall to buy gifts during New Year and holidays, then even adopt a child no need.

 Thinking of this, plus the other party’s attitude, is almost believable.

Lu Qiming agreed and took his own people to deliver the goods first and let them deal with the police.

Unexpectedly, they were ambushed on the road after driving for less than two hours.

The firepower is extremely fierce, and they cannot resist it with their own hands.

Lu Qiming was shot, lying on the ground, unable to move, watching those people dismantle the car seat, and dig out the goods they risked their lives to transport thousands of miles from underneath – a few penicillin that could not be more ordinary.

“We were fooled!”

Those people said.

When he heard this sentence, he realized he had been tricked.

The rear cargo is never in the car but in the hands of another team.

These people were just thrown out as bait.

Use their lives to draw fire and make the real escort escape.

Lu Qiming was not angry. He was too stupid to be cheated by others at such a young age. He should accept the bet and admit defeat.

But he couldn’t forgive Gu Changzhou.

Wouldn’t he feel uneasy if he used his soon-to-be-born child to deceive others?

When he held his newborn child, would he think someone died because of his happiness?

Lu Qiming was ready to wait for death, but what he didn’t expect was that when those people came to repair the gun, they found that he was in good physical condition, had no relatives, no reason, and no identity, so he was very suitable to be sent to the laboratory as a test product.

He was knocked out and sent to the car. He felt lucky before he was unconscious.

He thought that he would have a chance to escape as long as he was alive, so he looked for someone to settle the account.

It wasn’t until he got to the laboratory that he realized it was so much worse than he had imagined, and he couldn’t even think of leaving it with his own strength.

He didn’t even have a chance to get out of bed. He was tied to the operating table almost all day long, forced to accept various unknown drug injections and research.

Drugs made him dizzy all day, and some operations required laparotomy or craniotomy.

Lu Qiming had never felt so helpless before.

He sometimes suspects that he is no longer a human being but an animal to be slaughtered.

Day after day of captivity made him extremely weak, and the injected drugs made his cells more vigorous than before. He feels like a half-dead monster.

In those painful days, he forgot his name and his life experience.

The only thing that he can clearly remember is Gu Changzhou’s hypocritical face.

He wants to go out alive and kill that white-eyed wolf.

The experiment lasted for more than ten years and finally ended in failure.

Five years before the zombie outbreak, Lu Qiming was frozen together with other experimental objects, waiting to be destroyed.

But for some reason, the destruction work has never been carried out, and the laboratory has become semi-abandoned.

The end of the world is coming, the power supply system is damaged, the refrigeration equipment automatically restarts, and Lu Qiming wakes up.

He dragged his weak body out of that hell, but what he saw was not the city in his memory but an overwhelming number of ugly and hungry walking corpses like hyenas.

Jiang Miao Miao opened her mouth in shock after hearing what he said.

“You, are you telling the truth? Didn’t you read the plot somewhere? Woohoo, don’t lie to me.”

Lu Qiming smiled helplessly.

“If possible, I would very much like it to be fake.”

He wanted to be like an ordinary man, busy running around to support his family, the work may be tough, and he didn’t make much money.

But at least when I get home, I can watch TV happily with my wife and children in my arms.

By Jiang Miaomiao’s side, he briefly experienced that kind of happiness, which was as nostalgic as he had imagined.

It’s just that he is an unlucky person, before and now.

After finally being able to step into a normal life, fate always makes things difficult for him. It takes away the happiness within reach of him.

Jiang Miao Miao was brooding about one thing.

“Since you were twenty-seven years ago more than twenty years ago, aren’t you almost fifty? You’re almost fifty?!”

Lu Qiming calculated with his increasingly rigid mind, “It should be forty-eight.”

Jiang Miao Miao: “…I rely on it!”

No wonder he doesn’t know how to play Kings of Glory. No wonder he doesn’t know Song Xiaobao.

This is an old man!

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? You are so old.”

Lu Qiming’s heart ached as if someone had stabbed him, and he tried to explain.

“I look young; those drugs are anti-aging and maintain cell vitality.”

The drugs tortured him very painfully, but the effect was indeed miraculous. Not only did the scars on his body disappear quickly, but his appearance hardly changed.

“An old man? I actually slept with an older man who was almost fifty? My God!”

Jiang Miao Miao was confused, Lu Qiming’s face turned blue and then pale, and he coughed.

She was shocked, but she still cared about him, and immediately poured water on him and patted his back.

“Feel better now?”

Lu Qiming coughed until his eyes stared, and he couldn’t help smiling bitterly. He really looked like an old man.

The heating in the room was fully turned on, and he coughed so badly that he broke out in a sweat after a while.

Afraid that he would feel uncomfortable, Jiang Miao Miao took a change of clothes from the bag and wanted to help him change.

He was too heavy, and his skin was easily broken, so she carefully changed his clothes.

She hasn’t changed his clothes yet, and she is already exhausted.

Lu Qiming lowered his eyes and said, “If you can’t accept it, you can leave. This place is very close to the base, and they will come to pick you up.”

Jiang Miao Miao raised her head and gave him a blank look.

“Did the virus get into your head? Start talking nonsense.”

“… Didn’t you dislike me just now?”

“What’s wrong with the dislike? I also love eating a lot of meat, but I didn’t eat it.”

Lu Qiming glanced at Jiang Meimu, still feeling uneasy.

“If you are afraid and want to leave, I won’t blame you.”

Jiang Miao Miao was putting on his trousers. Hearing this, she took a deep breath, got up, and sat next to him.

“I’m not afraid of you, and I have a secret. I never thought of telling others, but since you’ve confessed to me, I’ll tell you too.”

He asked suspiciously, “What secret?”

“I am……”

The word wearing a novel was swirling around in her mouth, and she suddenly couldn’t bear to say it.

If you know that you are just a character in a book, no matter who you are, you will probably have some doubts about life.

They are so vivid, especially Lu Qiming. Even in real life, Jiang Miao Miao seldom meets such a vivid person as him.

It’s a world.

It is a real world, even if it only exists in the book.

Jiang Miao Miao thought of a better reason because she was worried that there would be surveillance in the room, so she leaned close to his ear and said in a volume that only the two of them could hear:

“I am a reborn person.”


“I lived until the end of the last days, and suddenly I was reborn before the zombies appeared, so I prepared in advance and stored many supplies.”

She paused and said seriously: “You don’t have to worry that I’m afraid of you or mind your experience because I’m also a person who came back from the dead.”

Lu Qiming looked at her for a while, then shook his head.

“Don’t lie to me.”

“…I didn’t lie to you. It’s true.”

“Impossible.” He had a look of disbelief, “How can it be? Someone like you can definitely experience great storms.”

Now she is stronger and dares to fight zombies one-on-one.

But he can remember her appearance clearly when they first met.

The state of turning on the gas to commit suicide at the slightest sign of trouble is clearly a little girl who has lived a good life for a long time, the kind who has never suffered.

Jiang Miao Miao was speechless, got up, and left.

“It’s up to you, believe it or not.”


She turned back, “Do you trust me?”

Lu Qiming: “At least help me put on my pants.”

There is a good chance that there are surveillance cameras installed in this room. Otherwise, Gu Changzhou would not be so relieved to keep them.

Although he doesn’t care about being watched by others, it is still hard to accept that the person he hates the most is looking at his most secret place at this moment.

Jiang Miao Miao returned to the sofa, helped him put on his trousers, and checked the time.

“It’s already night. Are you hungry?”

Lu Qiming’s digestion was also affected, the food he ate on the plane in the afternoon was still stuck in his throat, and he didn’t feel hungry.

But looking at Jiang Miao Miao, he didn’t want her to worry, so he nodded.

The latter handed him a biscuit, “You fill your stomach first, and I will go to the kitchen to see what there is to eat.”

She finished and walked towards the kitchen.

Holding the biscuit, Lu Qiming had no appetite, caught a glimpse of Jiang Meimu, and wanted it to help.

The smell on his body was very dangerous, Jiang Meimu didn’t dare to approach him, but he was reluctant to part with that biscuit.

After weighing for a long time, it came over with its tail between its legs.

Lu Qiming stretched out his hand with difficulty. It grabbed it and ran away, hiding far away in the corner to eat.

Jiang Miao Miao came out quickly, holding two big bags in her arms, her face full of surprise.

“It’s great! There are a lot of military rations in the kitchen. We can eat for a long time!”

 Lu Qiming cheered up and agreed with a smile: “Really? That’s great.”

“The staple food includes chicken fried rice, beef fried rice, fried noodles, and lean meat porridge. What would you like to eat?”

He touched his stomach, which was swollen like a big rock, and said, “Let’s have porridge.”

Jiang Miao Miao returned to the kitchen to work, and it didn’t take long before she came out with a bowl of hot porridge and fed him with a small spoon.

The portion of porridge was not too much, but Lu Qiming couldn’t swallow half of it, so he waved his hand to let her eat by herself.

She opened a package of chicken fried rice, which smelled very good, but tasted tasteless.

She doesn’t know if it’s unpalatable or because she is in a bad mood.

There is hot water in the bathroom, and being able to take a hot shower in such a place is obviously a luxury not to be missed.

So after eating, Jiang Miao Miao helped Lu Qiming to the bathroom, let him sit on the toilet, and wanted to help him undress.

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