Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #43

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Chapter 43

Shi Zhi’s team: ?

Shi Zhi: ?

The assistant pulled Shi Zhi and muttered in a low voice, “No way. Are the black fans so crazy now?”

“You’re still pretending to be a fucking fan, and you still pretend to be like this!” 

Even if the banners are ready, if they don’t really know these black fans, they might take it seriously.

As we all know, Shi Zhi has no fans, only black fans. Before that, black fans were once so strong that they formed a school of their own.

The assistant said to the black fans, “You don’t know, but we remember you.” And told the itinerary several times, and they followed.

The black fans also admitted that they followed and blacked fans of Shi Zhi, but…that was all in the past.

“Now we have changed our minds and become human again!”

So, please trust them.

Team: Believe you, a ghost!

“I believe.”

This was said by Shi Zhi.

She could tell that this group of people was not lying.

Shi Zhi thanked the police and also apologized. It was all a misunderstanding.

The police saw no real conflict, which was a good thing after all, so they left after a few words of education.

Only Shi Zhi and her team were left behind with her anti-fans.

The people in the team are really anxious. Brother Quan is not here today. Why did Sister Shi suddenly let them go like this?

A man who was the lead black fan felt warm in his heart. He never expected that it was Shi Zhi, who was blacked out by them before, speaking for them.

“Zhi Zhi (Gardenia)…” The mouth was too sticky to hear.

The expressions of the people in the team are subtle as if they are constipated.

Is it evil, xin? It’s still Gardenia. It’s too similar!

(In Chinese culture, xin is the root of physical and mental life. It is the seat of all emotions and embodies the inherent goodness of human nature and wisdom. Xin helps to guide the individual’s way of life and attitude and can lead one to deep contentment.)

Shi Zhi looked at the group of people, and after Shi Zhi said that she believed, everyone thought she would say something to dig into their heart and lungs, but Shi Zhi just said it.

“You use the wrong idiom.”

Is that how you use it to change your mind and become a new person?


The black fans were momentarily dumbfounded.

Teacher Shi is really strict. What kind of strange focus is this.

But that doesn’t stop them from liking her!

When they hated Shi Zhi before, they felt bad about everything she did, but now they like Shi Zhi. Even if they were educated seriously, she is adorable.

Shi Zhi wants to continue to give endorsements to beverage brands. She was delayed for a while just because of this unexpected incident. Now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, she still has to return. During the return process, the group of people followed closely.

“Zhi Zhi, we spontaneously organized to support you after watching “Brothers and Sisters Rush Forward”. You are not someone without fans. We are all your fans…”

Shi Zhi remembered the variety show “Brothers and Sisters Rush Forward”. She thought it would take some time to broadcast, but she didn’t expect it to be broadcast now.

The people in the team vaguely sensed that there might be something hidden in the variety show after hearing this meaning and planned to search for it later.

People in their twenties have been following Shi Zhi through the whole event. Shi Zhi originally wanted them to go back. She didn’t have this need, but they didn’t leave.

He is well-trained, holding a support banner in his hand, and his eyes shine when he looks at Shi Zhi.

All kinds of support slogans emerge endlessly. It is definitely true love.

The staff of Shi Zhi’s team: Damn, are you serious?!

When Shi Zhi was doing activities on stage, the team members couldn’t wait to search for relevant content under the stage. Then they saw Shi Zhi was tied with the keywords [Tears behind Iron Window] [Disney Demolition Owner] [No fans].

Especially the latter, the popularity is constantly rising.

The team is at a loss. Who can tell them what is going on?

The “Brothers and Sisters Rush Forward” episode was indeed broadcast in advance.

The variety shows that Shi Zhi had appeared on before were quite interesting, so when the program group promoted it on Weibo, not only other artist fans were waiting to watch the show, but many passers-by and netizens were also waiting.

Don’t they know what jokes Uncle Zhi will throw out today?

Then they saw that Shi Zhi was thrown into the small black room by the audience fans at the beginning of the game, and she sat at the bottom of the small black room directly. In the end, every time Shi Zhi lost the team, she no longer needed the voting session. She took the initiative to go to the little black room.

Skillfully makes people feel distressed.

When Shi Zhi was imprisoned in the small black room, everyone thought it hilarious. 

Still, after Shi Zhi was imprisoned one after another, doubts began to appear in the chat room.

“What’s the situation? Why is Shi Zhi only two votes out of a hundred audience members? Isn’t that unreasonable? Is Shi Zhi’s popularity so low?”

“I was also shocked. How could Annie have so many votes…”

“And Annie has made too many mistakes. If it’s not intentional, it’s just a bit stupid.”

In the show, Shi Zhi made relatively few mistakes, but Anne was the complete opposite. She made frequent mistakes, half due to Shi Zhi being sent to the small black room.

Immediately got a rebuttal from Annie fans.

“Annie Lu’s popularity has always been very good, and the drama has just exploded. Thank you for your attention to our beauties. Please support her a lot.”

“Apologize to everyone for Annie. Annie fans remember quality, don’t quarrel with everyone… Nini is cute and stupid, she caused trouble for Teacher Shi Zhi, but she definitely didn’t mean it~.”

Annie’s fans are very good at it. It can be seen that there is a professional team to manage them. When they leave a message, they don’t forget to promote Annie’s drama. 

In addition, Shi Zhi has a leisurely demeanor in the small black room. Annie, on the screen, also apologizes from time to time. She sticks out her tongue when she makes a mistake the first time, and her cute appearance makes her look harmless to humans and animals.

It can be regarded as temporarily suppressing everyone’s sudden fire.

Although many people are muttering in their hearts, isn’t “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance” more explosive than Annie’s so-called hit drama?

Shi Zhi stayed in the small dark room most of the time. According to common sense, she didn’t have many shots, but her performance in the small dark room was eye-catching!

Holding on to the iron window, she cued herself to tears behind bars and even sang the song, “Holding steamed buns in my hand, there is not a drop of oil in the dish.”

Audience: ???

Sister, can you take a look at your face? Does your sand sculpture behavior seem contrary to your face?

Later, Shi Zhi also pulled down the iron window, making people dream again of the scene where Shi Zhi demolished the secret room with bare hands.

But the most exciting thing is the two children who broke in by accident. Everyone played fairy tales together. Princess Shi Zhi was born, and the program team collectively became witches.

What a miserable word.

Magic Fairy Castle, Qing Qing Grassland… Shi Zhi had a great time talking with the children. It was fascinating. Obviously, this is not the main venue, but Shi Zhi abruptly opened up this place as another main venue. Even compared to that, the audience thinks that the fairy tale world here is more interesting.

“Absolutely, I saw everyone playing, but I actually want to fast forward?”

“I’m already fast-forwarding… Why is the little black room so funny? Do more, do more!”

The chat room also started to play the meme of where you are from, and everyone is a dramatist.

The director of “Brothers and Sisters Rush Forward” probably also thought that the little black room was very interesting, so he cut it apart. The children discussed redeeming Shi Zhi, and the little boy even clamored to escape from the prison. In the end, Shi Zhi removed the iron window and staged the dismantling of the Disney princess. The audience really didn’t care about the bloody competition there.

“Shi Zhi, look into my eyes and talk. Tell me, is this magic?”

This is clearly a physical attack!

“I don’t know why. It’s obviously hilarious, but when Shi Zhi jumped out, I was slightly moved… Shi Zhi is so gentle.”

The girl walked out of the fairy tale world, returned to the real world, and asked Shi Zhi why she was always in the small dark room. Shi Zhi said in a flat tone that she lost in the game. Not many people voted for her, and they didn’t like her.

Surprised and unbelievably, the girl said she wanted to be Shi Zhi’s fan.

There was a moment of silence in the chat room, and they were suddenly attacked.

They also broke away from the funny scene just now.

As surprised as the girl, why didn’t anyone become a fan of Princess Shi Zhi?

Going back to the unbelievable feeling of watching the voting at the beginning, you must know that although the scene of the little black room is lovely. The interaction between Uncle Shi and the children is entertaining. Still, she was voted in with a very low number of votes.

If it weren’t for Shi Zhi’s comic temperament, there wouldn’t be many scenes in this episode, right?

Shi Zhi’s tone was very flat, without any intention of being miserable. Still, the more everyone thought about it, the more uncomfortable they became.

With this kind of thought in mind, when they went back and watched Shi Zhi being thrown flowers and the scene of being alone in the small dark room, they felt more and more pitiful for her.

“I did a search right now, and you know what I found. Shi Zhi doesn’t have a fan club. It was closed a few years ago.”

“There are quite a lot of people in the black fan support club.”

“During the period when Shi Zhi was attacked by black fans, I, a bystander, would be frightened if I casually brushed it up. Now it seems that those are all fake. The quality of the filming is not good. It is also for the treatment of the grandma who adopted her. She didn’t steal or rob, and she didn’t do anything wrong…”

As a Shi Zhi who has good looks, works, debuted at a young age, is frequently searched, and has almost become the source of everyone’s happiness, how can she not have any serious fans???

It’s shocking.

This is what everyone realized after this episode.

A blogger who watched the variety show edited this video and added a lot of emotion.

“If it wasn’t for this show, I wouldn’t have realized that Shi Zhi had no fans. Out of a hundred viewers, only two voted for Shi Zhi. I want to ask the program group where you got the audience. Is Annie so popular?”

“No, anyway, many people around me don’t know who Annie is… Leaving aside the fact that Annie voted too high, why is Sister Shi so Buddhist? I’m not saying that Shi Zhi is not good. I like her kind of Buddha. She was able to fight for consumers and Lu Zeming, and when it was her turn to be put in the small black room, she didn’t even complain.”

“Forget it. I want to ask who will set up Shi Zhi’s fan club. Add me. I’m her fan.”

The blogger was complaining about herself, but she didn’t expect this comment to explode with so many likes and reposts.

“If the Shi Zhi fan support club opens, tell me and add me.”

“And me, raise your hand!”

“Who said that Shi Zhi has no fans? I am a fan, a loose fan. Come here uninvited. I have already liked Shi Zhi since “Our Village”.”

“I’m also a fan. White paper cp and Gardenia are both on the same page. I want to join the group too!”

All the comments below are adding me.

Who said Princess Shi Zhi has no fans?!

They are Princess Shi Zhi’s fans. Give Princess Shi Zhi a face!

Today we are all gardenia flowers (Zhi Zhi Hua).

With everyone’s eager anticipation, the Shi Zhi fan support club reopened, and both Weibo and groups started to operate.

The core management members didn’t leave in the first place. It was just that many followers in the group were removed, and they were afraid of being attacked by black fans, so they changed their names.

They initially thought that this group would never recruit people again in this life. Still, they didn’t expect to see the light of day again, and they were too busy due to the large number of applicants.

At the same time, [Shi Zhi Silly] also rushed into the hot search.

In “Super North Nose”, Duoqi held back many things and was misunderstood by adults, but netizens thought about it. Isn’t Shi Zhi the same?

She doesn’t clarify, and doesn’t argue for herself.

Shi Zhi also said that Duoqi was stupid, but in fact, she was also a bit silly.

Within the company.

“What the hell? These fans were all found by Annie, right?”

After the event, everyone gathered together to watch “Brothers and Sisters Rush Forward”. Whenever they saw that Shi Zhi had only two votes, everyone couldn’t help but curse.

Sister Shi is too pitiful.

Brother Quan also finally knew why Shi Zhi said, “Melon seeds are delicious”, after recording the show.

Emotionally speaking, she ate sunflower seeds in the small black room for a long time?

Brother Quan asked Shi Zhi, who was playing with her mobile phone, “Why didn’t you tell me…”

But he retracted the conversation in time. He could imagine Shi Zhi’s tone and then replied, what did she say?

“The audience is indeed abnormal…”

Brother Quan could also tell that Annie might want to step on Shi Zhi.

Probably because she was afraid that Shi Zhi would be too eye-catching under the camera, but it was true that when Shi Zhi and Annie were standing together, it was Shi Zhi who attracted attention at the first sight.

“They probably regretted it to death. They didn’t expect to send us so many fans!”

Brother Quan: How long has it been since they felt fans? This is the happiness of the fans!

The team jumped up and down again, like the sound of melon fields in the moonlight.

Now the team members finally know why those people appeared at the event. It turned out that they all watched the show to support Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi, the client, was the calmest one, but she also expressed surprise, “Huh?”

Team member: Are you finally scared by the rapid increase in the number of fans?

Then they heard Shi Zhi say disapprovingly, “They always say I’m poor.”

She is not poor at all. She is rich.

Stupid and poor, she hardly knew herself.

After the show was broadcast, Shi Zhi’s Weibo fans also grew at an astonishing rate, and there were many comments below.

The newly appointed Gardenias flower (Zhi Zhi Hua) greatly loved Shi Zhi and Shi Zhi’s background was revealed again.

The media said that Shi Zhi was so poor that she gnawed sugar sticks on the street, and the media still could justify it. This news was definitely false, but everyone had the same fantasy.

Shi Zhi alone has already seen something. She is so proficient at fishing because she was too poor when she was a child, so she could only survive by fishing.

Shi Zhi: ??? 

Although Shi Zhi doesn’t plan to invest a penny in acting, she is not poor, so it’s better not to let everyone misunderstand. In Shi Zhi’s view, it is easy to clarify this quietly.

Shi Zhi went straight to the almighty butler and asked the butler to match her with a set of designer clothes.

It can’t be a high-end brand that everyone can’t recognise. It’s better to be a luxury brand that is widely popular and can be recognised at a glance.

The butler also did an excellent job matching Shi Zhi with an elegant fragrance, luxurious and not vulgar.

Shi Zhi just put it on and walked around outside.

Since she was found eating barbecue and sugarcane on the street before, Shi Zhi thought a reporter would take pictures.

It was indeed photographed.

However, the comments were a bit different from Shi Zhi’s imagination… To be precise, they were very different.

“Did Zhi Zhi specifically see that we left a message asking her to wear this set of designer clothes? The clothes seem to be from Grandma Xiang, the shoes are Prada, and the bag is LV…”

Fans picked up every detail item in Shi Zhi’s body, and she also directly saw that Shi Zhi paid attention to the message.

Shi Zhi nodded off-screen, feeling that everyone’s eyes were sometimes very vicious.

Then, her gaze stayed on the next sentence.

A fan said, “In order not to make us feel sorry for her, Zhi Zhi even borrowed this outfit… woo woo woo, I love her even more!”

Followed by many likes, I fell in love with her and wanted to spend money on her. 

Shi Zhi: “…”

Say who borrowed it, say her?

But it’s not easy for Shi Zhi to clarify this time. She can already predict that if she really clarifies that she bought this set, she will probably have to spend more time on the trending searches with her name next to “silly”.

Shi Zhi finally decided to go to the black fan group to look, and now everyone on Weibo has a strange filter for her.

Those little black fans are still working hard to pick up her black material every day, and every time Zhi Zhi clicks in, she can’t help feeling that everyone is working too hard.

Shi Zhi has perfectly integrated into the black fans, this time she clicked into the group and saw that the group was not very active, so Shi Zhi posted their daily slogan——

A new day for black fans of Shi Zhi has begun.

So, let’s chat.

Everyone did it like this before, no problem.

But today, the group leader jumped out.

“I’m sorry, let me tell you that this group is about to disband. I won’t pretend anymore. I’ve already become a fan. I will join the Gardenia Flowers (Zhi Zhi Hua) protection project and become a gardenia…or the group doesn’t need to be disbanded. Who knows? If you want to be the group leader, tell me.”

Everyone is a quality black fan, not the kind of brainless haters. At that time, he became Shi Zhi’s black fan because he had a lot of “black material”. Now it seems that those so-called black materials are all fake. While watching variety shows and TV dramas during this period, the leader of the black fan group fell in love with Shi Zhi.

Why is Uncle Shi Zhi so attractive?

He couldn’t hold on anymore, and he didn’t say a word for a while until “Brothers and Sisters Rush Forward” and decided not to pretend.

A real man dares to become a fan!

He’s going to be a fan of Uncle Shi, he’s going to be a gardenia, he’s going to arrange noodles for Uncle Shi, he’s so important.

Shi Zhi: ???

Did she read it right?


Shi Zhi thought that the group leader would be strongly condemned by the group members. Everyone must be shocked, just like she didn’t expect it now, and the row after row of exclamation marks in the group explained the problem.

The group members were shocked. After all, the leader ran away.

However, there was no strong condemnation, but weak voices were issued one after another.

“Count me in. I didn’t dare say that I also became a fan.”

“Damn, it turns out that I’m not alone. I didn’t dare to make a sound when I became a fan. I could only like her quietly in my heart. I have feelings for the group members. I don’t want to leave the group. Now that the group owner has spoken out, I also stop pretending.”

Everyone said one by one that they would not pretend.

Originally they planned to withdraw from the group, but now it seems there is no need to withdraw. Only a few people need to withdraw by themselves.

The black fan group transformed into another gardenia base camp.

Shi Zhi, an active “black fan”, received special attention. Everyone turned from black fans to fans and didn’t treat black fans so cruelly. After all, they all developed in that direction. A few minutes ago, everyone was still a family.

So Shi Zhi was asked by them.

“Retire directly, or let us kick you out?”

Not cruel at all, really, just ruthless.

Shi Zhi: “…I think I can try to change?”

So Shi Zhi was not kicked out of the group, and everyone happily gave Shi Zhi an article, 100 Reasons to Like Shi Zhi, and tried their best to let this active black fan join their fan camp.

The black fan group before, when she first added, she called them a professional. There are all kinds of talents in it. They can edit and take pictures. Cut all kinds of her ugly moments and micro-expressions, and make the photos more ugly.

But now they have started to get busy editing beautiful moments for Shi Zhi.

A group member who has switched from a black fan to a fan: Sister Shi is beautiful every moment, 360 degrees without dead ends, the heartbeat constantly accelerates during the editing process, and she has sniped!

Compared with the hastily reorganized fan support club, the people in the black fan group are even more professional and well-trained, and it was only when the people were cleared that they became a little chaotic.

Shi Zhi ushered in a large number of Lu Zhuan fans and her black fans. Zhong Jiaxin also joined the Gardenia Flowers and even directly showed her fan attributes on Weibo.

Gardenia was in high spirits, and everyone was holding their breath, wanting to see more of Princess Shi Zhi and wanting to spend money for Princess Shi Zhi.

The microblogs of several staff members have received countless private messages.

Facing such large enthusiastic fans, Brother Quan calmed down for two days before regaining his thinking.


This is an excellent opportunity to solidify.

Immediately arrange a live broadcast for Shi Zhi, let Shi Zhi interact with Gardenia directly through the live broadcast, thank the fans, and promote the endorsement the way.

As soon as the news of Shi Zhi’s live broadcast came out, Gardenia was eagerly waiting and getting ready!

Brother Quan attached great importance to this live broadcast and even specially made an outline for Shi Zhi, and Shi Zhi went through it in general.

The first step is to thank the fans, and the second is to talk about the endorsement brand in detail and call on everyone to spend money…no to support it.

Brother Quan: “Have you finished reading it?”

Shi Zhi was confident: “It’s Done.” She threw the paper aside.

When it was the agreed time for the live broadcast, the number of online users soared rapidly. It soon reached one million, even causing the live broadcast room to be stuck at one point.

Brother Quan was a little afraid that Shi Zhi could not remember the process, but Shi Zhi did a good job and was very calm. She thanked the fans first.

In the live chat: You are welcome. We are late!

Shi Zhi also introduced two products that she endorsed, one is drinks, and the other is games.

Brother Quan nodded, very satisfied. Now it’s time for a detailed introduction. Let everyone support.


Shi Zhi told the live broadcast room, “I chose the drink. It’s delicious…”

The voice changed.

“However, no matter how good the drink is, you can’t drink too much. It’s easy to get tooth decay. Toothache is not a disease, but it can kill you. Brush your teeth in time after drinking the drink.”

“The game to tell the truth…”

Gardenia was still waiting for the Shi Zhi-style praise game but heard her muttering after a while.

“I haven’t played yet, and I don’t know what’s going on.”

Gardenia: So real?

Shi Zhi really doesn’t look like a gamer.

Shi Zhi continued, “The staff around me said it was enjoyable. It’s fine for adults to relax after work. Minors should not be addicted to online games. They can’t play for more than 1.5 hours…”

Straightforward advice.

Brother Quan: “…”

Are you sure you are the spokesperson?!

Shi Zhi didn’t boast about her endorsement products in a fancy way and asked everyone to support them, but explained in a down-to-earth way the drinks are delicious, but you can’t drink too much, you have to brush your teeth; the endorsement game is not played yet, the staff say it’s fun, but don’t play it too much and delay business.

Brother Quan really wants to shut Shi Zhi off.

Shi Zhi changed into a more comfortable position and continued to chat with everyone. 

She told everyone, “Don’t go on the scene with me. It will cost money…”

Someone posted in a live chat, “But what if I want to see you?”

Shi Zhi turned her face to the other side, “Just look at the photos and videos… Do you know about Baichuan?” Her voice was slightly lowered because Shi Zhi had already seen Brother Quan’s loveless expression.

Baichuan account, will it be for nothing? Do they still want her to teach them?

Shi Zhi:  It seems that they really need it.

She shook her head. It’s a little hard to explain, then she waved her hand, “I’ll give a tutorial.”

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