One Can’t Judge by Appearance #74

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Chapter 74

“Grandpa, what are you talking about?” Yuan Yi was feeling both funny and helpless, “Can I do that kind of thing?”

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore,” Grandpa Xu got up, patted his shoulder, and sighed, “Seeing you settle down and fall in love with a girl, I feel at ease. You brought someone here today. Because she has already been identified?”

Yuan Yi was a little embarrassed but still nodded in front of Grandpa Xu.

“Just settle it,” Mr Xu smiled gratifiedly. “You have been reluctant to get close to girls these years. I am worried and dare not ask more questions. Sometimes I even think, if you can have more dogs by your side, I can also be more at ease.”

Yuan Yi knows that his grandfather has been feeling guilty all these years because of his daughter’s actions, but Yuan Yi doesn’t care about it. Parents and children also have some fates, some of which are deep, so parents are loving and filial to their children. Some are emotionally indifferent and maintain superficial relationships. Some are also these evil relationships, where parents love their children, but the children are not filial.

The world is so big, and there are many ways to live. There is no need to pin all our feelings on our parents. This is what Yuan Yi figured out when he was eighteen years old. Nine years later, the longing and anticipation of youth and ignorance have long been like stagnant water in a deep pool, without any ripples anymore.

“I’ve lived a long time, not to mention my sharp eyes, but I’ve met a lot of people.” Grandpa Xu took out a file folder from a carved wooden drawer, “Xiao Yan is a good girl, you have such a temper and are still with her. It’s your luck.”

Yuan Yi smiled and did not refute Grandpa Xu’s words.

“When you are young, people always look at your wealth, background, and status. When you are old, people look at your character. A young girl willing to accompany a Grandpa in traditional ways must have good character.” Grandpa Xu put the folder in Yuan Yi’s hand, “This is a company ownership transfer letter. I originally planned to give it to your mother, but your mother’s personality can’t manage a company well. Now that annoying Yuan Yasen doesn’t give you equity, so Grandpa gives it to you. We don’t care about his crap.”

“Grandpa, I can’t accept this.” Yuan Yi didn’t open the folder, “You have given me a lot of things over the years, and I already have a lot of assets under my name, so why should you do this?”

“I know what you’re worried about,” Grandpa Xu smiled, “Your uncle and aunt don’t have any objections. Your parents are fools. Grandpa is still awake. Your father stripped you of your high-level management status and made you lose face. It’s for you to earn back your face. If the couple is not satisfied, they have the ability to come to me and say it.”

Grandpa Xu is a typical Grandpa Xiong who dotes on his grandchildren. Yesterday, he learned that his son-in-law removed his baby grandson from Changfeng Management. He called and scolded Yuan Yasen for nearly an hour until Yuan Yasen promised that he would prepare a birthday gift for his baby grandson. He hung up the phone.

(Xiong’s literal meaning is “bear”, So Grandpa Xiong is like a protective mama bear that we always hear)

Yuan Yi opened the file, only to find out that his grandfather had transferred a luxury hotel under his name to him. This hotel has been passed down for hundreds of years and is very famous in the imperial capital. It is almost representative of status and elegance. Unexpectedly, his grandfather gave this hotel to him.

“Originally, I planned to wait for you to get married before giving it to you. I didn’t expect you to have the ability to chase Xiao Yan into your hands.” Grandpa Xu’s eyes burned brightly, “You have to protect your girlfriend well, don’t let others pry the corner of the wall.” Grandpa Xu said, “Remember to send me the photo you just took.”

Yuan Yi was only half moved. This is really his grandfather. In his heart, is Yan Xiaoxi more important, or him?

Downstairs, Yan Xi and the others were a little bored, so they went to the leisure room to gather around a table and started playing mahjong.

Zhang Wang put a double shot at the beginning, feeling that he was sitting in the wrong position. Hence, he had to change positions with Xu Qiaosheng but still lost three consecutive games. Xu Xiang played cards with three juniors and saw that the three of them were in a mess, patronizing to watch their jokes, played the wrong cards several times.

Yan Xi seldom plays mahjong and doesn’t know how to count cards or play psychological games at the poker table. Still, she is lucky and has played two rounds by herself.

“Dahe, you took away all my good luck today?” Zhang Wang looked at his messed-up cards, “What kind of stinky cards are these?”

“As the saying goes, the casino is frustrated in love,” Yan Xi touched a card Zhang Wang wanted and said with a smile, “You are too proud in love, so you don’t have enough luck in the casino.”

“Isn’t it up to me to talk about you?” Zhang Wang was disgusted, “You and Yuan Xiaoer, we are tired of what both of you have become. He posts on Weibo in the middle of the night to show your love, and he has to post photos to his circle of friends at midnight to abuse single dogs.”

“Because we saved all the luck of falling in love and kept it for this time.” Yan Xi didn’t blush when she was ridiculed by Zhang Wang, “The girlfriend you changed can form two football teams. Who are you proud of?”

“Dahe is right,” Xu Qiaosheng answered, “You are the one who deserves the casino’s frustration.”

“Who is frustrated?”

“Brother Bo.”

Yuan Bo hurriedly walked in and took off the cashmere coat on his body. When he saw Yan Xi was there, he paused slightly, with a serious smile on his face, “Xiao Yan here?”

“Hello, big brother,” Yan Xi got up and greeted Yuan Bo.

“There is a temporary meeting at noon, so I am late. Where’s Xiaoer? Yuan Bo glanced around but did not see Yuan Yi’s figure.

“Xiaoer is talking to his grandfather upstairs,” Xu Xiang asked the aunty to bring out the food, “It’s already three o’clock in the afternoon. No matter how busy you are at work, you must take care of your health. You should eat your meal first.”

Yuan Bo ate very quickly. He finished eating in more than ten minutes. Xu Xiang called him over, “You accompany the three of them for a while, and I will watch TV.” The palace fighting TV drama she chased, the heroine was about to fight with the other female pair, and she didn’t know who was better.

“Brother Bo has such an IQ. I’m going to lose at the poker table so much that I have to take off my clothes,” Zhang Wang repeatedly screamed, “Brother Bo, you have to be merciful.”

“Don’t worry, I will try to win less.” Yuan Bo agreed smoothly, and then Xu Qiaosheng and Zhang Wang repeatedly screamed when they lost. Only Yan Xi was mercilessly released by Yuan Bo’s hands.

Yuan Bo didn’t care about Zhang Wang. Instead, he chatted with Yan Xi one after another. His words and deeds were very much like a father who wanted to treat his son’s girlfriend well but didn’t know where to start, so he tried to stay calm, But it still seemed a bit cramped.

Yan Xi even felt that if she hadn’t managed to continue the conversation, maybe this big brother Yuan would give her another bank card as a gift for the second meeting.

“Don’t take some comments on the Internet to heart. No matter whether Xiaoer has the management rights of Changfeng or not, he is my brother.” Yuan Bo paused for a moment, “With me, those speculations on the Internet will never appear.”

“It’s okay,” Yan Xi played the cards, her tone relaxed, “Our family’s property happens to be unattended, and I will be the chairman who does not take care of it. Yuan Xiaoer will be the executive president. He will have so many properties under his name later. It’s not easy for him to manage so many companies by himself. Let the eldest brother worry about Changfeng.”

“Dahe, are you planning to let Yuan Xiaoer get married in your family?” Zhang Wang told this joke, remembering that the serious and steady brother Yuan was still here. He wanted to slap himself. This kind of joke was made in front of Brother Yuan Bo. Is he courting death?

“In this era, it doesn’t matter whether you get married in or get married out, but to get married and start a family.” Yan Xi laughed, “As long as Yuan Xiaoer is happy.”

This doting and domineering tone and Brother Bo’s approving smile…

Zhang Wang played cards silently. Fortunately, they were all of their own. They knew how good Brother Bo was to Yuan Xiaoer. When unsuspecting people saw him, they might think that Brother Bo wanted his brother to marry out so that he could monopolize Yuan’s family business.

Under the warm hospitality of the Xu family, Yan Xi had dinner and received a lot of red envelopes before successfully leaving the gate of the Xu family. Before leaving, in order to make Grandpa Xu happy, Yan Xi promised to visit him often with Yuan Yi in the future and even added WeChat with Grandpa Xu. But until it got dark and they left, the Yuan family couple did not show up.

The old man’s WeChat name is “Youth Chasing the Wind,” his profile picture is a landscape photo. When Yan Xi was about to get home and recheck Moments, Grandpa’s WeChat avatar was replaced with a photo of her and him.

“My grandfather is really…” Seeing his Grandpa posting a photo of him and Yan Xi to Moments, Yuan Yi couldn’t laugh or cry, “A man who is almost ninety years old is so crazy about chasing a star.”

“Whether you are nineteen or ninety, you have the right to keep your own hobbies,” Yan Xi praised Grandpa Xu’s circle of friends moment, “Grandpa Xu has such a young mentality. It’s very good.”

“Grandpa likes you very much.” Yuan Yi put down his phone and smiled at Yan Xi, “I don’t think it will be long. Your position in his heart will surpass mine.”

“That’s very good. If you dare to bully me in the future, I will sue you.”

“Who dares to provoke you…” Yuan Yi muttered in a low voice, but he dared not let Yan Xi hear it.

After getting out of the car, when Yan Xi went home, Yuan Yi wanted to follow along but was stopped by Yan Xi.

“I think it’s better that you don’t go to see my dad right now.” Yan Xi patted Yuan Yi’s shoulder, “Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. You can come and revisit me.”

Yuan Yi: “Uncle, he won’t drive me away with a broom?”

“Not before, but I ran to find you in the middle of the night yesterday, so I can’t guarantee it.” Yan Xi stuffed Yuan Yi back into the car, “Hey, go back to sleep early.”

Yuan Yi, who was stuffed into the car: …

As soon as Yan Xi stepped into the gate, she saw Song Hai sitting on the sofa, and she smiled with a guilty conscience: “Dad, are you still awake?”

“Well,” Song Hai said calmly, “Sit down.”

Yan Xi obediently sat down in front of Song Hai.

“Did you have fun today?” Song Hai handed her a plate of peeled fruit.

“Very, very good. I miss you a little bit.” Yan Xi initially thought her father would criticize her or get angry. Still, she didn’t expect his attitude to be so calm. Instead, she felt a little uneasy. Could this be the calm before the storm?

“What do you think about me,” Song Hai touched his belly, “Your dad, I was young too. I used this kind of method to make my little lover happy. I also used it with your mother back then. You can do whatever you want. You know how you love your own person.”

Yan Xi laughed dryly, not knowing what to say.

“Come on, let me show you today’s financial headlines,” Song Hai handed Yan Xi his mobile phone with emotion, “When you were first born, I never thought that you could be full of storms when you fell in love.”

Yan Xi saw the headline in the financial section: “The second youngest of the Yuan family lost Changfeng’s equity but has to inherit the century-old hotel. All the ups and downs arose because of her.”

This reporter used to be in the entertainment section, right?

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