One Can’t Judge by Appearance #73

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Chapter 73

“Yiye Pingzhou?”

Everyone in the Xu family turned their heads to look at Grandpa Xu, who was excited, his eyes were shining, and his face was rosy. What’s his name?

“Hey, host Yan still remembers me?” Mr Xu greeted Yan Xi enthusiastically and drove away Xu Qiaosheng beside him, “Sit down quickly.”

“How can I not remember you? Didn’t we just talk on the phone at noon?” Yan Xi sat down next to Grandpa Xu, and in the blink of an eye, he stuffed her hand full of snacks.

“Grandpa, you stuffed Xiaoxi with so many things, she can’t eat it.” Yuan Yi walked over and took away the snacks that Yan Xi was holding in her hands. Grandpa Xu stopped him, “Take two photos of Host Yan and me.”

Resigned to his fate, Yuan Yi took out his phone and saw his Grandpa stretch out two fingers, making a gesture of scissors.

“Make me handsome.”

Silently turned on the beauty filter and took several nine-shots for his Grandpa and girlfriend.

After taking the photo, Yuan Yi handed the phone to him to choose a photo: “Grandpa, how did you know Xiaoxi?”

Grandpa Xu, who was picking photos, suddenly didn’t bother to choose photos but instead asked, “What’s your relationship with Host Yan?” 

Before, Host Yan said on the phone that she would meet her boyfriend, and he felt a little pity. Now that he saw his grandson bring Host Yan to him, Grandpa Xu still couldn’t believe it. His incomprehensible grandson turned out to be Host Yan’s boyfriend?

Could this child use money and status to force Host Yan?

Realizing that his grandfather looked at him in the wrong way, Yuan Yi immediately said: “Grandpa, Xiaoxi mentioned to me that she has a pen pal who is about 70 years old and hasn’t written to her for nearly half a month. Could it be that you are that pen pal?”

“I have been pen pals with Host Yan for a long time. What’s wrong?” Grandpa Xu raised his gray eyebrows, “Do you have any objections?”

“Grandpa, how dare I have any opinion on you.” Yuan Yi peeled a longan candy and fed it to Yan Xi’s mouth, “But I remember that you are eighty-nine this year, which is a bit different from seventy years old.”

“Oh,” Xu Qiaosheng looked shocked, “Grandpa, you actually lied to the little girl by falsely reporting your age.”

“How did you talk to your grandfather,” Uncle Xu glared at his son, turned his head and looked at his father dumbfounded, “Dad, you have been talking to…” He looked at Yan Xi and didn’t know what to call her. It was too polite to call Miss Yan, and he was afraid that the other party would think it was offensive to call her by name.

“You can just call me Xiao Yan.”

Uncle Xu sighed in relief: “Are you communicating with Xiao Yan?”

Grandpa Xu nodded: “It’s all your fault for not letting me go out. Fortunately, Host Yan still remembers me. Otherwise, I would never end it with you.”

“Dad, the doctor said your eyes and brain should not be too tired. I did it for you…” Seeing that his father was unhappy, Uncle Xu knew what he said next would only make him unhappy. He could only treat him as coaxing a child, “It’s okay for you to communicate with Xiao Yan, but how can you lie to her? Eighty-nine claims to be seventy, which is almost twenty years old.”

“Who, who said I was lying?!” Grandpa Xu felt a little guilty and didn’t dare to look at Yan Xi, “I’m young at heart, do you understand?”

“Is Grandpa Xu almost ninety?” Yan Xi was surprised, “I thought you were only sixty or seventy years old.”

“My face is young,” Grandpa Xu was relieved when he saw that Yan Xi didn’t care about it. “When I usually go out, I say I am ninety years old, and no one believes it.”

“I dare not believe it either.” Yan Xi coaxed Grandpa Xu to be happy with a few words. Somehow, the two talked about his intention to introduce a boyfriend to Yan Xi, which caused Yuan Yi to look sideways frequently.

Yan Xi always felt that Yuan Yi didn’t look much like his parents. Now that he saw Grandpa Xu, she realized that his eyebrows and nose bridge were very similar to Grandpa Xu’s, especially his guilty conscience and hard-spoken appearance. Seeing Grandpa Xu, she can think of Yuan Yi’s appearance in old age. Thinking of this, Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing.

“What are you doing sitting around? It’s almost two o’clock, so talk while eating.” Xu Xiang asked the aunt to start serving the dishes and greeted everyone sitting down with a smile. The family’s affectionate attitude towards Yan Xi gave Yan Xi the illusion that it was not the first time she had come to visit them.

Everyone sat around, and Yuan Yi introduced the identities of these people to Yan Xi. When Xu Xiang’s husband was introduced, this elegant man apologized to Yan Xi, saying his distant cousin was ignorant the last time.

“It’s that idiot who drove a Lamborghini drunk and was beaten up by me,” Yuan Yi whispered in Yan Xi’s ear, “After this incident, my uncle apologized to me once, but at that time, you and I were not familiar with it each other yet, so I didn’t mention it to you.”

Yan Xi finally understood what Yuan Yi’s Uncle was talking about. At that time, she had just met Yuan Yi. Then because of the collision of three luxury cars, she was posted on major entertainment news platforms, “Uncle, this has nothing to do with you. Besides, it’s been so long, I’ve long since forgotten.”

As the saying goes, if you are poor in a busy city, no one asks you, and if you are rich in the mountains, you have distant relatives. Relatives far away from each other may go out to cause trouble under the banner of relatives, and the parties may not know it.

Uncle smiled wryly. He married Xu Xiang, which can be regarded as high-profile. The relationship between the two of them is very good. Both parents are very open-minded people. On the contrary, some relatives of his family always think he is the Xu family’s son-in-law. The brother-in-law of the chairman of Changfeng Group. He should support all relatives. He can’t care about these. He is very clear about who is more important in life.

After the meal, the relatives of the Xu family began to give Yuan Yi birthday presents. Xu Xiang was more careful and specially prepared a gift for Yan Xi.

This gift was neither too expensive nor too casual. It was obviously carefully considered.

“Thank you, Aunt Xu.” Yan Xi accepted the gift.

“It’s fine if you like it.” Xu Xiang pulled Yan Xi to sit on the sofa, “People in our family don’t like formalities very much. If there is a place where the hospitality is not good, don’t overthink it.”

Yan Xi smiled. She turned her head to look at Yuan Yi, “No, it’s very good here, and there’s nothing to be offended by.”

“Xiao Yuan, go upstairs and talk to me,” Grandpa Xu stood up, picked up the crutches beside him, turned his head, and said to Yan Xi, “Xiao Yan, sit down at ease. What do you want to eat or drink? Ask Qiao Qiao to get it for you.”

“Okay.” Yan Xi smiled and nodded when she saw Xu Qiaosheng blinking at her secretly.

After greeting his idol, Grandpa Xu confidently held his grandson’s hand and went upstairs with him.

Xu Xiang glanced at the backs of the Grandpa and grandson and smiled helplessly: “His Grandpa likes Xiao Yuan very much. After Xiao Yuan’s accident, he lived with his Grandpa for a long time, so they have a very good relationship.”

“An accident?” Yan Xi heard the point of this sentence, “When he was a kid…what happened?” After she was with Yuan Yi, Yuan Yi rarely mentioned his family affairs. She only knew that he had a grandfather who was nearly 90 years old and an uncle and aunt who were good to him. Yuan Yi never mentioned anything else.

“Xiaoer, he didn’t mention this to you?” Xu Xiang straightened the hair on her cheek and sighed, “This is all old things. I didn’t want to mention it to you.”

But if she doesn’t mention it to her, how can she feel more sorry for Xiaoer? Xu Xiang felt that his nephew was not like himself at all. How could he not pretend to be pitiful or weak in front of the person he liked? What a great opportunity this was!

“My sister and my brother-in-law have a very good relationship. They had no plans to have a second child after they had their eldest. The second child was conceived by accident. My sister is not in good health. The doctor did not recommend that they abort the child. So they keep it.” 

When Xu Xiang brought up these old memories, she felt absurd and helpless, “We didn’t know that Xiaoer was born with dystocia and had to have a cesarean section. Who knew that she would bleed profusely and my sister almost died? My brother-in-law, a man in his thirties, squatted outside the delivery room and wept harshly without remembering his image.”

Yan Xi’s face was not moved because people’s hearts are inherently biased, and her heart is partial to Yuan Yi’s. She doesn’t care how good his parents are. She only knows that Yuan Yi’s parents are not good to Yuan Yi.

“Parents are too affectionate, and sometimes they ignore their children,” Xu Xiang showed shame on her face, “The young Xiaoer was abused by the nanny back then, and I, as an aunt, should also be responsible, if only I found out that there was something wrong with the nanny earlier.”

“Raising children is the responsibility of parents and has nothing to do with others, not to mention that Xiaoer doesn’t live with you.” The smile on Yan Xi’s face could no longer hold back, “At that time, Xiaoer suffered… a lot?”

Xu Xiang wanted to tell Yan Xi about the past and wanted her to care more about her nephew, but seeing the other’s face, Xu Xiang felt that she couldn’t go on. Maybe she was wrong, and it was better not to mention some things. It’s even more embarrassing to say it. She nodded slightly without speaking.

She felt a little uncomfortable in her heart as if she couldn’t get out of her breath. Yan Xi knew she shouldn’t say something in front of Xu Xiang, but she couldn’t help it: “Since they didn’t want a child, then they shouldn’t let the child’s mother be pregnant. No one wants to be an unexpected child, so why should they treat Yuan Xiaoer badly?”

Xu Xiang saw two emotions of grievance and anger on this girl’s face. She had a weak appearance, but it turned into a fire. If her sister and brother-in-law were present, the fire would burn on them.

Yan Xi drank half a glass of drink and suppressed the emotions in her heart: “I’m sorry, Aunt Xu, I’m in a bad mood.”

“I don’t blame you,” Xu Xiang forced a smile, “Don’t mention these adult events. Qiao Qiao, Ah Wang, you are familiar with Xiao Yan. Sit down and talk together.”

“Aunt Xiang, don’t keep calling me Ah Wang. It sounds like you are calling a dog.” Zhang Wang made Xu Xiang happy by making jokes and turned to look at Yan Xi and found that although she was smiling, there was no smile in her eyes. He was afraid she was still angry about Yuaner’s matter.

He sighed in his heart that Yuaner finally had the good fortune to meet a woman who truly loved him.

At this moment, in the study upstairs, Grandpa Xu and Yuan Yi, the grandfather and grandson, sat facing each other. Grandpa Xu looked very serious.

“How did you meet Xiao Yan?”

“It was because of my uncle’s distant cousin. We got acquainted because of the car accident.”

“Xiao Yuan, do you still remember what Grandpa told you?”

Yuan Yi was stunned: “Which sentence did you say?” From childhood to adulthood, his Grandpa said many things to him. How could he remember them all?

“A man is indomitable and can’t act like a villain, do you remember?”

Yuan Yi frowned. Something was not quite right.

“Tell me honestly, did Xiao Yan want to be with you voluntarily?”

Yuan Yi: ?

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