Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #42

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Chapter 42

Program group: ???

The male cameraman was even forced to ask, “…” Can I apply for a different character set?

He would rather be a dwarf.

The director didn’t expect Shi Zhi to admit she was a princess and then earnestly implemented the character design and accompanied the two children to talk about fairy things.

It was clear that a few minutes ago, she was still Uncle Shi slumped on the sofa.

Shi Zhi: Elegant, dignified jpg.

Today Shi Zhi did the styling. Her hair was permed and waved, and part was braided backward and decorated with flowers. The sun shone through the window on her side face. She looked gentle and timid, indeed kind of like a princess.

Shi Zhi first asked the two children.

“Can you tell me, what are the identities of the two of you?” Confirm the background of each other’s roles to communicate better.

The little girl insisted, “I am also a princess!”

Shi Zhi clasped her hands and said to the little girl, “Wow, what a coincidence, there are now two princesses.”

The tone was exaggerated, but the children still liked it, and the little girl was delighted.

The little boy hesitated for a long time but didn’t come up with it. Shi Zhi also understood that he was not ready yet, so she told him not to worry but to think slowly.

The two children are enthusiastic about Shi Zhi, especially the little girl. After knowing that Shi Zhi is a princess, her little face flushed, and she had a lot of questions to ask Shi Zhi.

Her eyes are bright.

“Princess, princess, where is your home?”

Shi Zhi paused. She really did not expect to be asked such a question.

The cameraman was curious. He wanted to see Shi Zhi’s answer.

Shi Zhi didn’t keep the two children waiting for too long. She said in a firm tone, “Magic Fairy Castle.”

Cameraman: ???

God damn Fairy Castle, did the Princess live in the Fairy Castle?!

After Shi Zhi answered, she asked the two children back.

Little girl, “A place far, far away.”

Shi Zhi nodded. There is nothing wrong with this. There are many fairy tales with beginnings, far, far away.

The little boy finally could answer this time and scrambled, “I live in Qing Qing Grassland!”

Cameraman: Tell me, are you beaming or lazy?

The three talked nonsense, but the characters were not broken, and all of them were in the fairy tale world.

While chatting happily, the staff brought Shi Zhi a dried fruit plate.

Shi Zhi said before that she wanted more variety. She just brought them over for her, cashew nuts, pistachio nuts, pine nuts… all of them are made, and melon seeds are also arranged in many flavors.

“Shi…Princess, I brought you the dried fruit you asked for.”

The staff delivered it quietly, and their voices were specially lowered, but they were still caught by the children.

The little boy pointed to the staff member who put the dried fruit plate and asked his doubts.

“Princess… Why did the witch ask you to eat?”

Although the director of the program group didn’t understand why Shi Zhi did this at first, he watched it with enthusiasm for a while, and he thought it was a novelty. He watched Shi Zhi talking nonsense with children and other guests chasing each other over there.

Suddenly, when the little boy opened his mouth, the director’s heart skipped a beat.

Is this going to be overturned?

It seems inappropriate to give the princess food. However, he belatedly remembered why he had to strengthen this character design. This is not within the scope of the planned shooting!

It didn’t roll over.

Because Shi Zhi was not in a hurry, she just glanced at the fruit plate, then smiled and said, “Because I plan to eat them up and let them let me go.”

“Do you want to help?”

The food in the program group is quite delicious. If the kids are here, let’s share some.

The two children said together: Yes!

Help the Princess eat and eat up the witch’s food.

Shi Zhi shared the dried fruit with the children. Everyone gnawed the melon seeds together through the window until they made a loud noise. The little girl even took out candy from her pocket and handed it to Shi Zhi, saying softly, “In exchange.”

Shi Zhi thanked her and took it, but she still had to give safety education to the two children.

“Don’t just accept food from strangers.”

She is no stranger. She is a princess.

“Shi Zhi is still in the little black room. Isn’t she really bored?”

Some of the resident guests were still thinking about Shi Zhi.

He also felt that Shi Zhi was too miserable, this competition system seemed aimed at her, and no guest had ever stayed in the small black room for so long.

The program director took a sip of water. He felt that everyone was still too young.

Will Shi Zhi be bored?

It’s almost like the teacher’s class has started here, eating and chatting with the two children, so happy!

Anyway, she was much happier than these competing guests and forcibly opened up a new world for herself.

Another resident guest was also thrown into a small black room by flowers during a round of games. He said to the rest of the people, “I’ll go and see Shi Zhi.” 

Condolences, at least there is someone who can squat together.

He had already imagined how desolate Shi Zhi was in the small dark room, but he didn’t expect that Shi Zhi was eating dried fruit while chatting with two strange children. Everyone called her a princess.

Male guest: ??? Did he go to the wrong place? Shi Zhi is the real Shi Zhi.

The staff stopped the male guest, briefly explained the background to him, and added quietly, “Quick, think of an identity for you too!”

Everyone is a person with a name and a surname. If you don’t want to be a witch, you must think for yourself.

They were puzzled initially, but now they look at it with gusto, probably due to Shi Zhi’s appearance. Her natural appearance abruptly made these “abnormal” become “normal.”

The three people behind bars looked at the male guest entering the door in unison.

The male guest was eager to get wise, “I am a tree!”

The two children asked and explained what was real. Children, do you have many question marks?

They have too many question marks.

The director couldn’t care less about watching the competition in full swing on the other side. His eyes were completely attracted by the fairy tale party in the little black room, not only him but also the rest of the program staff.

Just now, the staff member who stopped the male guest and introduced him to the background raised his forehead: This is not good for free play. It’s better to be witches together.

It was Shi Zhi who found a new identity for the male guest.


The male guest is older and is a senior.

The male guest felt the virtual fairy tale world at close range. He didn’t know how to do it at the beginning, but he gradually became addicted to playing it. He was still reluctant to let himself out of the small dark room.

How can it be fun outside here!

Shi Zhi didn’t even bother to go out this time and found a playmate.

The relationship between the children and Shi Zhi quickly warmed up, and they both liked this beautiful Princess who could tell stories.

“Princess, do you want to come out?”

The little boy spoke first.

Shi Zhi sighed and made a distressed expression, “But I can’t get out. I’m locked up.”

Shi Zhi again grabbed the iron railing to prove she was locked up.

Then the iron bars were removed again.

Shi Zhi: “…” Can this iron railing work?!

The program director: “…” Princess, do you have a problem? Other princesses are very weak. What do you mean by removing the iron railings?

If Shi Zhi thought about it, the program director didn’t doubt it. She could remove all the iron railings and climb out.

The director saw Shi Zhi install the iron railing as if nothing had happened.

The two children didn’t see it, so this paragraph hasn’t collapsed for the time being.

The little girl looked towards the door. There was indeed a staff member watching there. She thought for a while and suddenly said to Shi Zhi, “Wait for me.”

Then, as if a major decision had been made, the immature face walked towards the staff with small steps and serious expressions.

A dedicated cameraman follows the child, wanting to see what she will do.

The little girl raised her face with great effort. The adult is still too tall for her. In a childlike voice, she said to the gatekeeper, “Can I bribe you to let the 

Princess out… Thank you.”

As she said that, she turned all the pockets of her clothes out, and the candy inside and the dried fruit Shi Zhi gave her were all firmly grasped in her hands.

These are all for the witch.

The staff was completely confused by the little girl’s cuteness, and then they heard “bribery.”


The word needs to be corrected!

Although the little girl is adorable and even took out all the snacks just to get Shi Zhi out, it was heart-warming. It made people want to scream, but the staff refused coldly, crying in their hearts, saying sorry.

The program director heard the little boy say to Shi Zhi, “Shall I take you out of prison?”

You can only eat hard ones since you don’t want to eat soft ones!

Director: What prison escape! They all heard it.

Also, Shi Zhi, what are you doing? Stop your evil hands!

The director, who was in the monitoring room, stood up directly.

Shi Zhi couldn’t see the two children being sad, and they looked forward to her coming out. Now that they had reached this point, Shi Zhi decided to surprise them.

She removed all the iron railings on the window, the quality of which was not good, and she took it off twice with a little touch. Shi Zhi wanted to remove it faster, so she rolled up her sleeves, turned from the window, and jumped over.

“Jailbreak” succeeded!

It was a surprise for the two children, who were already cheering.

The little boy witnessed the miracle. He asked Shi Zhi, “How did you get out? How did you close the window…”

Shi Zhi blinked very mysteriously, “Because everyone wanted me to come out so much, so I got the magic temporarily.”

The director was not surprised, only frightened.

Everyone else is dumbfounded: It’s good that everyone else is a Disney princess on the run, but Shi Zhi is… a Disney demolition princess.

Also, it’s fine for the children to cheer, but your staff, why cheer!

The little girl asked Shi Zhi, “Can I hug you?”

Shi Zhi knelt down and opened her arms, “Of course, little princess, I’m extremely honored.”

The little girl was all soft and waxy. She hugged Shi Zhi and suddenly whispered in a sly and shy tone, “I seem to know that you are recording a variety show… Is the Princess’s sister a celebrity?”

We were still in the fairy tale together before, but now the little girl has come out of the fairy tale world by herself.

Shi Zhi looked surprised. She praised the girl.

“You’re so smart. You know how variety shows record and stars?”

The little girl’s face reddened, “I watched it with my mother.”

“Why does the princess keep going into the house…why the rest of the people don’t come in…”

She is still young, and her language organization ability is relatively weak, but Shi Zhi still puts it together.

Why has she been kept in a small dark room, not doing anything else?

Shi Zhi told her that her sister’s team lost the game, and not so many people voted for her sister.”

The little girl stared, “Why didn’t they throw flowers for the princess?” It was unacceptable and unimaginable.

When this question was asked, the people in the program team were actually a little embarrassed for Shi Zhi, but Shi Zhi answered calmly because they didn’t like her.

“The Princess is so nice… I’m a fan of yours!”

The little boy was afraid he would be left behind, so he jumped and shouted, “There is still me, there is still me.”

Shi Zhi accidentally won two small fans. She actually found it funny and curious.

“Why are you fans of me?”

The staff of the program group also pricked up their ears.

In unison, the little boy and girl said, “You look pretty.”

Because Shi Zhi is good-looking.

Simple and rude.

Shi Zhi: “…” Should I say that children’s aesthetics are not bad?

In fact, it’s not just good-looking. The little girl told Shi Zhi behind her fingers that she liked her because she was nice. She tells them stories and gives them delicious food.

The little boy and little girl have been here for so long because their parents are not far from here. They have already informed the parents of the children. Still, the program team will continue recording, and the parents of the children have something to do, so they pick up the child a little late.

The two children were still reluctant to part when they were about to be picked up.

The little boy waved his hand toward Shi Zhi and shouted, “I will definitely come back!”

Everyone almost fainted from laughter, and the cameraman finally knew the identity of this boy from Qingqing Grassland——

It’s not Happy Sheep or Lazy Sheep. It’s Big Big Wolf.

After the recording of the show, every guest had to be interviewed. When it was Shi Zhi’s turn, the director asked some routine questions and then specifically asked her.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, I saw you following the children’s words and acting like a princess when you were in the little black room…”

Shi Zhi nodded.

The director asked, “May I ask why you played like that with them? Because everyone’s first reaction might be a little childish.” Although it was finally brought in by Shi Zhi, it was entertaining.

Shi Zhi thought for a while and opened her mouth, but it wasn’t the direct answer that the director thought she would say. She told an experience.

“I went to an amusement park before, and there were many staff members dressed up as fairy tale characters. Everyone was thrilled, whether it was an adult or a child. I was also infected by the atmosphere in it. A couple took their children with them, and the father told the children that these were all fake.”

“The child cried on the spot.”

Couples spend money and time and take their children to the amusement park in person. 

They must still love their children, but on the day when the happiest place may become one of the children’s precious memories, they shatter the children’s dreams.

Shi Zhi, “Not everyone has the ability to create fairy tales, so try not to smash other people’s fairy tales.”

There is no magic in the world, but some people believe in it, so there is magic.

The editor and director were touched. They have grown up and gradually don’t believe in fairy tales. Still, they were addicted to fairy tales when they were young, and when an adult told them, “It’s all fake,” with disdain and malice, it was also true. 

In the end they made them confused and angry.

They didn’t expect Shi Zhi to be so gentle.

When Shi Zhi was being interviewed by the program team, a staff member rushed in and whispered a few words next to the director.

The editor-director laughed. This matter is still related to Shi Zhi, she said to Shi Zhi.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, it’s like this. The parents of the two children specifically told the program staff that the children asked their parents to pay attention to you and said that they want to be your big fans.”

Originally, when they heard the children say they would become Shi Zhi fans, they thought they were just mentioning it casually. After all, they were too young, so they didn’t expect that they actually planned to do it.

Director: “Actually, the children’s parents didn’t plan to ask for anything, but we figured it out. Can Teacher Shi Zhi give the children something…”

It can be regarded as a perfect end to this experience.

According to the idea of the program group, Shi Zhi can send a signed photo or a blessing…

Shi Zhi also generously nodded: “I have to give something.”

“Can you help me contact the children’s parents for a while?”

The staff member said yes but was curious: “You can give me the signed photo of Teacher Shi Zhi directly, and I will send it to them.”

Shi Zhi waved her hand, “It’s not a signed photo. I have to ask my assistant to match it.”

Staff member: ???

What, you still need an assistant to talk to.

Shi Zhi smiled, “A tutorial book from childhood to adulthood. Including the five or three questions from high school.”

Staff member: !!!

Are you a devil!

Why do you send a tutorial book to fans? The children are still so young and innocent.

They feel that the children may turn from fans to blacks in the years to come.

Shi Zhi thought for a while, then murmured to herself, “I have to send something for Duoqi.”

Duoqi is almost at the age of going to school, it is fate to meet each other, and there are other children, so Duoqi also needs to be arranged.

Staff discuss with each other.

“Who is Duoqi?”

Some people know, “It should be Shi Zhi’s baby-bringing variety show before, and the kid she brought up is Duoqi.”

“How do you feel?”

After the recording was over, Brother Quan asked after meeting Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi thought about it, “The melon seeds are quite delicious.” This time she had already asked for the brand before leaving.

Brother Quan: ???

What kind of answer is this? He has expected various answers, but there is no such answer.

Shi Zhi was already chatting with the assistant. The two children were arranged for exercises from childhood to adulthood, and Duoqi was also arranged. Children should study hard and make progress every day.

Duoqi didn’t know that his sister Shizhi was still thinking about him after participating in a variety show.

After Shi Zhi finished speaking to the assistant, “Duoqi should be very moved, right?”

The assistant nodded, “Maybe he was so moved that he cried.” It’s unclear whether the crying is due to the moving or sad factors.

After recording the show, Shi Zhi took a few days off and then went with the team to participate in the commercial drink campaign she had previously endorsed.

The drink advertisement shot by Shi Zhi has already been released. There are advertisements of Shi Zhi drinking soda with a thermos cup everywhere in the streets and lanes.

When the drink with Shi Zhi’s image on it was first launched, friends around her couldn’t wait to buy it and check-in, and they also sent photos of them with Shi Zhi’s drink.

Shi Zhi had only one thought about this——

Can they mature a little bit?

The endorsement drink event is outdoors, but there are a few places where Shi Zhi needs to show up. She just used to stand for a while. She used to get along with this family more happily, so the team staff was also very relaxed. Everyone is talking and laughing.

The talking and laughing ended abruptly because the team noticed that twenty or so people were approaching Shi Zhi aggressively.

The publicity of Shi Zhi’s team scolded, “Fuck, isn’t that our black fan!”

The last time Shi Zhi was chased by big guys in black, this time, they won’t be confused about the situation. Brother Quan, who took the lead, is no longer unfamiliar with this.

Shi Zhi’s fanatical black fans have surrounded Shi Zhi many times.

The assistant had told Shi Zhi before that other celebrities were picked up and dropped off by fans, but for them black fans picked them up and dropped them off. Of course, it was basically accompanied by cynicism and abuse.

In fact, the team members haven’t been besieged by black fans for a while. They almost forgot the embarrassing scene at that time. They thought they had given up. 

Why the hell are they making a comeback?

Protect our Shi Xiaozhi!

Basically, this concept has appeared in everyone’s mind.

That time when they were surrounded by big men in black, everyone behaved very laxly. 

Only one girl was promoted and raised because of her good performance. Many people were heartbroken because of the missed opportunity.

Now is their chance!

It doesn’t matter whether the salary is raised or not. The main thing is that Sister Shi is a good person.

Shi Zhi didn’t even react, she just vaguely heard someone from the team yelling black powder, and then her hand was grabbed.

Everyone hurriedly grabbed Shi Zhi, surrounded her, and ran toward the building.

Shi Zhi: ???

Because it was a small event this time, Shi Zhi didn’t bring many people with her, and the team members felt that they couldn’t beat them, so they had to run away quickly.

I hope the security at the scene can stop them for a while.

As soon as Shi Zhi and her team ran away, the black fans behind them broke through the dazed security guards and chased them frantically.

Still yelling, “Don’t run!”

The people from Shi Zhi’s team moved faster while grabbing Shi Zhi, “Fuck, we caught up this time.”

Too arrogant, too arrogant!

Even the passers-by couldn’t stand it, and Shi Zhi didn’t do anything harmful. Why are the black fans so arrogant in broad daylight?

Not good.

Someone called the police.

Ten minutes later, the scene was divided into three parties: Shi Zhi, black fans, and the police.

The policeman looked at both sides and asked, “What’s going on?”

The familiar black fan cautiously raised his hands.

He can explain.

“We are their people, their people.”

The members of Shi Zhi’s team almost laughed. What kind of black fans are pretending to be their own people!

The one who was chasing them acted like a madman, but now he is cowardly?

Facing distrustful eyes, the black fans became anxious, “We are really your own people!”


With these words, the team members became vigilant. Someone took off their clothes and planned to block Shi Zhi from sulfuric acid. Then they saw the black fans taking out the support banners in unison and began to sway from side to side.

“Shi Zhi Shi Zhi, the sweetheart of the universe!”

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