One Can’t Judge by Appearance #71

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Chapter 71

Seeing the men and women walking in, Yuan Yi wiped his mouth: “Sit down first. I’ll go upstairs to wash my face and brush my teeth.”

Xu Ya found that there was an empty bowl on the table, and she frowned. The child lives alone outside, and her living habits have deteriorated. But today is the child’s birthday, and she didn’t say anything disappointing.

“It’s okay. Our own family doesn’t pay attention to these.” Xu Ya walked around in the living room. This is the first time she has come to the house where her second son lives alone. “The decoration is not bad, but the house still lacks some family vibe.”

Smiling casually, Yuan Yi walked back to the sofa and sat down: “Mom, did you and Dad come to visit my house.”

“No,” Xu Ya smiled, “Your birthday is today, and I am preparing a gift with your dad.” She took two keys from her bag, “I remember you used to like this car brand very much.”

“Thank you.” Yuan Yi accepted the car keys with neither surprise nor joy. He couldn’t tell his parents that he really liked this kind of car when he was eighteen, but now nine years have passed.

Seeing Yuan Yi accept the gift, Xu Ya breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, turned around, and pulled Yuan Yasen, motioning him to speak.

“Your mother and I don’t have many children, and Changfeng will be left to you and your brothers in the future,” Yuan Yasen is not good at talking softly to children. His tone sounds hard: “As long as you break up with that host, you can return to Changfeng management any time.”

“Dad, my brother manages Changfeng very well, so I don’t have to join the fun.” Yuan Yi played with the car keys in his hand, “As for my relationship…” Yuan Yi paused slightly, “Now I pay attention to the freedom of marriage, the freedom of love, and the rights given to me by the law. I want to respect the law.”

Yuan Yasen couldn’t understand this son. He was rebellious and unmotivated when he was young. Still, he finally changed his ways and returned to the right, but he didn’t develop in the direction he wanted. Before Yuan Yi was born, it was an accident in his life plan. Up to now, their father and son relationship is still like people from two worlds.

“Is that host that good?”

“As good as my mother is in your heart, she is as good in my heart.” Yuan Yi sat on the sofa with his legs crossed, “I believe you can understand me in this mood.”

Yuan Yasen’s face changed a few times, and he took a deep breath: Your girlfriend, I have investigated. She is from a single-parent family. She had a boyfriend in college before. As a member of the Yuan family, what kind of girl do you want? Why is it her?”

“Dad,” the smile on Yuan Yi’s face disappeared, and he said mockingly, “What about a single-parent family? As long as the parents love their children, it doesn’t matter if they are single parents. Even two parents are not much better if parents treat their children as a burden.”

“Xiaoer, are you still resenting those things back then?” Xu Ya’s complexion was pale, and the face of this well-maintained woman showed panic.

“You think too much.” Yuan Yi smiled and shook his head, “I will change my clothes, so you sit down for a while.”

Without expectations, how can there be demands and resentment?

Just as the car drove Yan Xi out of the villa, she remembered that she had forgotten to give Yuan Yi the birthday present she had prepared for him. She checked the time and called Chen Pei, saying she was going to the TV station late, and turned the car around.

Holding the gift box, Yan Xi saw the main door open and stepped up the stairs: “Yuan Xiaoer, I forgot to give you something.”

 Stepping into the room, seeing the middle-aged man and woman sitting on the sofa, Yan Xi slowed down, and the smile on her face faded a little: “Hello, uncle and aunt.”

“Hello.” Xu Ya nodded toward Yan Xi. After Yuan Yasen said, “Um,” he didn’t speak, and the atmosphere became awkward. Xu Ya glanced upstairs, then smiled at Yan Xi, “Miss Yan, please sit down.”

“No need,” Yan Xi rejected Xu Ya’s invitation, “I have to rush to work. Just hand over the things to Yuan Xiaoer and leave.”

“Miss Yan, is this how you usually enter other men’s homes?” Yuan Yasen said bluntly, “Isn’t this inappropriate?”

“Uncle Yuan,” Yan Xi didn’t get angry because of what Yuan Yasen meant but asked with a sweet smile, “You must really dislike Yuan Xiaoer, right?”

Yuan Yasen was taken aback, not understanding why Yan Xi had such a reaction.

“As a parent, if you love your child, even if you are dissatisfied with his lover, you won’t behave so bluntly,” Yan Xi raised her eyebrows. “This will make it seem that you are particularly difficult to get along with or even unreasonable.”

Yuan Yasen lowered his face: “Is this how your family taught you to treat your elders?”

“Uncle Yuan, don’t you make irresponsible remarks to the daughter who has been raised by someone else’s family?” Yan Xi smiled like a flower, “Although I am Yuan Yi’s girlfriend, I am not obliged to bear your anger and accusations. Tutoring is really important. Otherwise, it will be ugly if it doesn’t make sense.”

“Miss Yan, my husband is quick-mouthed for a while, please don’t mind,” Xu Ya was afraid that Yuan Yasen would get angry and make things impossible to end in the end, but instead let her son get farther and farther away from them, “We are just worried that you will not get along well with the Yuan Xiaoer, so we asked more questions, and there was no malice.”

“It’s okay,” Yan Xi lowered her eyes and smiled. “I don’t take this kind of thing to heart. My father often tells me that anger for no reason does not make things better.”

“Miss Yan, I don’t want to argue,” Yuan Yasen said with a sullen face, “I’m not satisfied with you, and the Yuan family will not recognize you as a daughter-in-law.”

“It doesn’t matter. After all, your true love is Auntie. It doesn’t matter whether you are satisfied with me as long as Yuan Xiaoer admits me.” Yan Xi smiled tolerantly, “I can only ask you to take care of the rest.”

“You insist on staying with my son. Is it for his money or his status?” Yuan Yasen sneered disdainfully, “For these, you don’t even want a face?”

“In your eyes, how bad is Yuan Xiaoer that you feel that I am not with him for the sake of him but for other things?” Yan Xi glanced at Yuan Yasen, “I feel very sorry that I didn’t let you guess my intentions.”

“No matter how eloquent you are, you can’t change my decision.” Yuan Yasen didn’t expect that this woman named Yan Xi would dare to talk back to him, “As long as I’m here, you will never enter Yuan’s house.”

“That’s good too,” Yan Xi nodded understandingly, “Then let Yuan Xiaoer enter our house. Our family will not dislike him.”

Yuan Yasen was stunned momentarily before he understood that Yan Xi’s words meant letting his son marry her family.


“Okay,” Yuan Yi came down from upstairs and walked to Yan Xi’s side, “When will you let me come in with you?”

Yan Xi: Why join in the fun?

“Yuan Yi!” Seeing that Yuan Yasen was angry, Xu Ya hurriedly supported Yuan Yasen’s arm, “Don’t make your father angry. Apologize to him quickly.”

“Oh,” Yuan Yi said without insisting, “I’m sorry.”

Obviously, his attitude is very cooperative, but there is no apology in these three words as if he just said these three words casually to cope. This kind of casual apology is more infuriating than not saying sorry.

If Yan Xi can’t see that Yuan Yi has a bad relationship with his father, then she is a fool.

“Didn’t you go to work?” Yuan Yi was worried that his parents had said too much to Yan Xi, and he was relieved to see that her expression was normal, “Why are you back again?”

Yan Xi turned his head and glanced at Yuan’s parents, who didn’t look good, dragged Yuan Yi to the kitchen, and handed him the gift box, “Here, it’s for you.”

Yuan Yi opened the box, and inside lay a stunning men’s watch, suitable for wearing on formal occasions.

She took the watch out of the box and put it in Yuan Yi’s hand: “I forgot to give you this last night.”

“Wearing this means that you are mine, every minute and every second.” Yan Xi let go of her hand, admiring her aesthetics very much, “It matches you very well.”

“I like it very much,” Yuan Yi rubbed his thumb lightly on the dial a few times, “I won’t take it off in the future, you…”

Are you willing to be with me for the rest of your life?

“You can take me to work,” Yan Xi said with a smile, “I originally wanted you to sleep a little longer.” She didn’t make it through, but Yuan Yi understood what she meant.


Yan Xi felt like an evil villain or a vixen in a TV series, provoking the relationship between her boyfriend and his parents, making their already precarious family relationship even more fragmented.

Seeing her son help Yan Xi open the door and then take her hand out of the living room door, Xu Ya was stunned for a moment before saying: “Yasen, let’s go back.”

“I don’t know what kind of evil he has suffered, so many noble ladies, but he looks down on them. He is so fascinated by such a woman that he can even say the words of marriage.” Yuan Yasen retorted, “I think he is crazy. “

After a long silence, Xu Ya stared blankly at the empty room and asked, “Yasen, did we do something wrong?”

“Don’t think too much,” Yuan Yasen put his arms around her shoulders, “The child is not sensible, and I will accompany you.”

Xu Ya forced a smile and followed Yuan Yasen out the door in a trance.

When the car arrived downstairs at the TV station, Yuan Yi watched Yan Xi hesitate to speak and finally kissed her on the forehead: “I’ll pick you up at noon.”

Yan Xi glanced at him and nodded.

“Xiao Yan,” Chen Pei saw Yan Xi coming and happily pulled her into her office, “You are finally here. Quickly check the ratings of “Those Things Around Us” last week.” Saying that she handed her the viewing print sheet on the table.

“Recently, an online platform has been preparing to purchase the broadcast rights of our program. The main station means that Channel 8’s “Those Things Around Us” broadcast time needs to be revised, and the content broadcast every day is one day later than that of the satellite station.” When Chen Pei said this, she glanced at Yan Xi’s face, “But the above is still discussing this matter with Director Jin. What do you think?”

Yan Xi shook her head slowly: “This show was originally created by Channel 8, and it was also with the support of Channel 8 TV viewers that it gained a little bit of popularity. There are not many viewers on the channel. Even if it is broadcast two hours before the satellite station every day, it will not affect the satellite station’s ratings too much. Sister Chen, I don’t think it’s appropriate to do this.”

Chen Pei frowned. The young girl was still a little emotional.

However, this show depends on Yan Xi to become popular, so everyone must still accept her opinion.

At this moment, an old loyal fan of Channel 8’s “Those Things Around Us” already knew about the possibility of this program being changed and delayed. He was so angry that he didn’t even eat breakfast.

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