One Can’t Judge by Appearance #70

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Chapter 70

The second young master of the Yuan family fell in love with the host of the Imperial TV station, thinking that the elders in the family disagreed, and was finally removed from the management of Changfeng. There was a big commotion before, although public opinion was suppressed later. Most of the netizens were concerned about this matter and their impressions.

Many people will occasionally go to watch some entertainers and wealthy families gossip to pass the leisure time after work and study. After this incident broke out and was suppressed, although netizens dare not discuss it blatantly, they can still continue gossip by using alternative words to describe the protagonist’s identity. 

Some sentimental netizens still regret that the lovers may be separated because of the disagreement of the elders in the family. Unexpectedly, Yuan’s second young master’s Weibo certification changed from “Changfeng Department Manager” to “Hengtai Company Chairman.” There was no news of the two breaking up.

At this time, netizens also found out that the Hengtai Company, which has been developing well in recent years, is owned by the second young master of Yuan’s family. Many people still have small games developed by Hengtai installed on their mobile phones. Some netizens joked that he had played Hengtai’s mobile game six years ago, and Yuan Yi should have been in his early twenties. Hence, a genius is a genius destined to be looked up to.

The number of Weibo posts by Yuan Yi is not many. The number of people on his follow list can be counted on ten fingers, but this does not dispel the curiosity of most netizens about wealthy families.

So when it was past 12:30 in the middle of the night, and the night owls were surfing the Internet with their mobile phones, Yuan Yi posted a sudden show of affection on Weibo, which exploded countless single dogs.

The clasped hands, the cake used as the background, and the warm candlelight all seem to announce one thing to the netizens. The Yuan’s second young master is serious about this relationship. He would rather be kicked out of Changfeng and not inherit the Yuan family property than not be with the woman he chooses.

This is a bowl of golden dog food with high nutritional value, sweet and sour. 

Countless sleepless single dogs gritted their teeth with envy while forwarding this Weibo to their homepage.

I can’t let myself eat this dog food alone.

So this Weibo show of affection quickly became popular.

Yuan Yi only wanted to show his love. Still, he didn’t care whether the netizens would feel uncomfortable after seeing this Weibo. He shared the birthday cake with Yan Xi. Since the cake is a high-calorie food, Yuan Yi’s stomach is not so good. He was forced by Yan Xi to not let sleep immediately. She had to let him digest for half an hour.

The TV programs after twelve o’clock were not very good. Yan Xi hugged the pillow and yawned against Yuan Yi.

The down jacket on her body has been taken off, and the thin sweater is stuck to Yuan Yi’s pajamas. Yuan Yi can even feel the body temperature under her clothes.

“Sleepy?” Yuan Yi stretched out his hand to support her shoulder.

“No…” Yan Xi shook her head, then yawned twice, “Just talk to me.”

Yuan Yi:

Yan Xi’s body slid down, and she lay on Yuan Yi’s lap. Her long hair fell down on Yuan Yi’s calf, and the ends of her hair made his legs itch, and his heart began to itch.

“What do you want to talk about?” Yuan Yi put his arms around her waist, pushing the hair around her face back.

“Just tell me the story of your high school days.” Yan Xi put her hands on his thighs, “Tell me, we were in the same school then. Is it possible that we passed but didn’t know each other?”

Yuan Yi slightly stopped his hand from playing with her hair and then said nonchalantly: “I don’t know. I didn’t care much about the students in the lower grades at that time.”

“That’s right, if you can start running your own company during college, you must be a top student in high school,” Yan Xi regretted, “If I don’t transfer schools, maybe we will have a chance to meet earlier.”

Yuan Yi thought about it carefully and felt that it was not bad for Yan Xi to transfer to another school at that time.

“When I first transferred to Haishi, I could understand the local dialect but couldn’t speak it. Fortunately, my classmates all spoke Mandarin. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with everyone normally.” Yan Xi babbled about the trivial things in Haishi, but Yuan Yi could hear Yan Xi’s warmth about her mother.

“The thing I regret the most is not being able to spend more time with my mother after entering university.” Yan Xi smiled and didn’t want to bring up those regrets in her heart on Yuan Yi’s birthday, which would make them sad, “Let’s not mention my past with no big ups and downs. Tell me, how dare you start a company while still in school?”

“Because I’m rich,” Yuan Yi said, “my grandfather left me a lot of money, and he was afraid that I would not be able to run the business, so before he passed away, he established a foundation for me to guarantee my future. I will never die of poverty in my life.”

Yan Xi: This reason is unexpectedly convincing.

“I was very interested in games for a while, but…” Yuan Yi’s tone paused slightly, 

“Later when I was idle in college, I developed a small game by myself. I felt that the purchase price of the copyright developed by others was too low, so I decided to start a small company by myself. I was lucky at the time, the download volume of this game was unexpectedly high, and the company became famous.”

“At that time, I was just planning to join in the fun and find something to kill time, but I didn’t expect to make money.” Yuan Yi’s tone was very relaxed as if he just bent down to pick up a pile of money without any effort, “With the fame of this small game, my company grew bigger and bigger, and later I invested in some other projects, and I made a little bit of money.”

Yan Xi felt that it would be better if she didn’t ask how much “a little bit” was, as it would definitely hurt her self-esteem.

Yuan Yi talked to Yan Xi about some small things in the business field, Yan Xi fell asleep in a daze after listening to it, and Yuan Yi’s voice became her best lullaby.

Seeing Yan Xi leaning against him and falling asleep, Yuan Yi sighed and laughed: “She said she couldn’t sleep.”

Sleeping like a pig, even if he took her away, she would never know.

Resigned to his fate, he bent down and picked her up. Yuan Yi took a deep breath. He didn’t feel it before, but now he realized that Yan Xiaoxi looked very thin, but she was quite weighty to hold.

Carrying her into the guest room, Yuan Yi stared at Yan Xi’s face with some embarrassment. He heard that a woman’s makeup would hurt their skin if she didn’t remove her makeup. Did he ask her to wake up and wash her face, or did he just let her fall asleep like this?

After thinking for a while, he went to the bathroom and twisted a towel to wipe Yan Xi’s face. Then he discovered to his horror, that the area around Yan Xi’s eyes became darker and darker. The eye circles were comparable to pandas.

Hearing Yan Xi humming twice but still not waking up, Yuan Yi secretly heaved a sigh of relief. If Yan Xiaoxi knew that he made her face like this, he would probably… be scolded?

Inexplicably guilty, Yuan Yi lowered his head and found that a small patch was also black on the towel. He tiptoed out of the room and turned around to see Aunt Li standing in the corridor, smiling at him.

“Aunt Li, what are you doing if you don’t sleep in the middle of the night?” He hid the towel behind his back so that no one would know that he would wash the face of a sleeping woman.

“As I get older, I feel lighter. When I heard noises outside, I came out to have a look,” Aunt Li said with a smile, “I seem to have heard Miss Yan’s voice just now.”

“Well, she knows that today is my birthday, so she came to celebrate with me.” Seeing that Aunt Li didn’t find out that he was washing a woman’s face, Yuan Yi became more at ease, “I tell her not to come, don’t come, she just won’t listen, she has to drive over. It’s too cold on such a cold day.”

“Miss Yan has you in her heart and misses you, so she braved the cold wind to celebrate your birthday.” Aunt Li smiled more kindly, “Such a nice girl, Second Young Master. You have to treat her well.”

“Don’t worry. Who told her to like me so much. She will hide and cry secretly if I don’t treat her better.” The corners of Yuan Yi’s raised mouth couldn’t be suppressed, “A man can’t make his woman cry, I understand.”

“Second Young Master, it’s good that you understand.” Aunt Li smiled and nodded, “Then I’m going to bed, and you should go to bed early too.”

Yuan Yi took the towel and went back to his room. After searching on his mobile phone, he found out that after a woman puts on makeup, she can’t clean her face with water and needs a makeup remover.

It takes a lot of time to put on makeup, and it’s troublesome to remove it. Being a woman…is not easy.

Using shopping software to search for nearby stores, Yuan Yi bought a bottle of makeup remover and facial cleanser at the highest price, as well as water and lotion. For the first time, he knew there were so many brands of makeup removers and various types.

How do women remember all kinds of brands and buy related products for various parts?

When Yan Xi fell into a drowsy sleep, she felt a warm towel wipe her face. Still, she was so sleepy her eyes struggled to open a slit, and her vague consciousness told her that the person around her was Yuan Yi. She closed her eyes in reassurance.

“I’ll wipe your face, and you continue to sleep.”

Wash…wash your face?

Yan Xi turned over and turned her face to the outside of the bed. The towel temperature was neither hot nor cold, and the movements were gentle. Yan Xi felt that the other party was not washing her face but was doing a facial massage, and she quickly fell asleep heartlessly.

The next morning, Yan Xi got up from the bed and suddenly remembered that she seemed to have forgotten to remove her makeup before falling asleep last night. She hurriedly jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to take a look. The makeup on her face was taken off in all directions. Although it was not as clean as she usually did, at least it was better than not washing at all.

Yuan Yi seemed to have said to help her wash her face last night?

Then she saw makeup remover and facial cleanser on the vanity table, neither of which she usually used.

Bowing her head, she took out the facial cleanser she put here last time from the drawer, washed her face seriously, changed her clothes, and went downstairs, directly into the kitchen.

“Miss Yan, you got up so early?” Aunt Li was a little surprised when she saw Yan Xi enter the kitchen. Last night, the young couple seemed to sleep quite late.

“Morning, Aunt Li,” Yan Xi rolled up her sleeves, “I want to make a bowl of noodles for Yuan Yi. Will it disturb you?”

“Don’t disturb, don’t disturb. You can use the kitchen anyway.” Aunt Li was out of the kitchen cheerfully.

When Yuan Yi didn’t sleep well, he didn’t like others to disturb him very much. Still, when he saw that the person knocking on the door was Yan Xi, his anger disappeared immediately, “Wait for me. I’ll go change my clothes.”

“Don’t change it,” Yan Xi grabbed him, “The noodles won’t taste good after a long time.”

Yuan Yi, who was wearing slippers and pajamas, was dragged downstairs by Yan Xi and then pushed down on the dining chair. In front of him was a bowl of steaming noodles.

“I’m not very good at making handmade noodles. I used to buy ready-made noodles and cook them directly. It’s a pity you don’t have long noodles here, so I can only make one for you.” Yan Xi blushed, patted Yuan Yi’s head, and said, “Happy birthday, long life, and good health.”

In Yuan Yi’s opinion, this bowl of noodles is a bit ugly. Although it is indeed a long one, it is different in thickness. It only occupies less than a quarter of the area in the soup, and most of the area in the bowl is supported by two shelled cooked eggs.

“Eat quickly, don’t just stare.” Yan Xi sat across from him, resting her chin on her hands, “It’s a bit poor in appearance, but the taste should still be quite good.”

Picking up the chopsticks, Yuan Yi ate the long, ugly noodle with good wishes into his mouth, then swallowed the two-shelled eggs with a mouthful of soup and a mouthful of eggs.

Seeing him finish eating, Yan Xi smiled and said: “Go to sleep again. I’ll go to work…”

Yuan Yi, who had been eating noodles in silence all of a sudden, got up, went around the table, walked in front of her, and hugged her into his arms.

“Yan Xiaoxi.” Yuan Yi’s voice was a little hoarse, “The noodles are delicious.”

He had accumulated more than 20 years of good luck, probably to meet her.

“If you like it, I will make it for you next year,” Yan Xi added, “Next time, I will try to make it more beautiful.”

Yuan Yi let go of her, looked into her shining eyes, and kissed her forehead lightly.

“Thank you.”

Thank you for having me so that my birthday is full of surprises.

“You are so stupid. What do you say to thank you.” Yan Xi clung to his neck and kissed him on tiptoe, “Take a break at home for a while. After the “Noon News” is over, I will come back to accompany you.”

Yuan Yi: “I’ll come to pick you up when the time comes.”

“Okay,” Yan Xi glanced at the time, “I’m about to be late. Go to the TV station first.”

Asking the driver to take Yan Xi to work, Yuan Yi took out his phone and took a photo of the empty bowl.

Wechat group of friends and dog friends.

Yuan Yi: Xiaoxi made me a bowl of Love and Longevity Noodles. It tastes good, but I forgot to take a photo before eating.

Yuan Yi: [Picture posted: photo of the empty bowl.]

Zhang Wang: …


Qiaosheng: Brother Yi, it seems that we don’t have to celebrate your birthday with you today. [Bye-Bye]

Yuan Yi: My treat later.

As Yuan Yi put down his phone, he heard Aunt Li’s voice outside the door.

“Sir, madam?”

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