One Can’t Judge by Appearance #68

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Chapter 68

As he got closer to the airport, Yuan Yi’s sitting posture became more and more serious. His straight back was almost as stiff as a stone statue. To relieve his nervousness, Yan Xi had no choice but to find topics to distract him.

“Why did you think of getting someone to bring me lunch at noon today?” With Yuan Yi’s behavior, if he really comes across something delicious, he should choose to take her to eat with him next time instead of asking the driver to drive so far to give her a box of lunch. He is not the kind of person who does things regardless of the influence. The TV station has a lot of topics, and the behavior of giving food and flowers is a show of affection in the eyes of people with good relationships. In the eyes of some other people, she is afraid it will become Showing off the love, passing it around. Some people will inevitably make irresponsible remarks.

Although Yuan Xiaoer has an awkward mouth, he has his own way of doing things in his bones.

“I just thought you might like to eat it,” Yuan Yi didn’t expect Yan Xi to think of it, “There’s no reason.”

“Is there really no reason?” Yan Xi looked at Yuan Yi until he looked uncomfortable, then smiled and said: “I thought you were worried about me, afraid that others would think that I had lost your favor, so you send lunch and flowers, let people see.”

“I’m not a woman, so I don’t want to think about these things.” Yuan Yi lowered his head to see Yan Xi still looking at him, pulled a suit jacket, and said sullenly, “You women are really troublesome, and you like to think about anything when you have nothing to do.”

Yan Xi laughed out loud, turned her head, and looked out the window, “The airport is coming soon.”

Yuan Yi saw the building of the Imperial Capital Airport from a distance, and his cheeks tensed even more.

“Old Song, it’s hard to go back to China and go out for a drink later in the evening?” A certain boss of the inspection team patted Song Hai on the shoulder, “I’ve been out for a long time, and I dream about domestic food at night and the so-called Chinese dishes outside. But it’s not as good as when I fry it at home.”

“Old Wang, you still cook by yourself at home?” Another boss jokes, “I really can’t see it, so you still hide it.”

“Go, go. I can cook, but it doesn’t mean I must cook at home.”

Several men boasted to each other about their status in the family, saying that their wives dare not say anything, and after joking for a long time, seeing that Song Hai didn’t speak, they asked curiously, “Old Song, let’s go relax together tonight.”

“You guys go. My daughter is coming to pick me up, my kid. She is so reluctant to see her father for so many days.” Song Hai smiled helplessly, “I just have such a daughter. How can I be willing to make her sad.”

“The daughter of the old Song family is still filial, the old man who has been abroad for less than a month. She will come to pick him up eagerly.” The boss, surnamed Wang, is envious and jealous, “The daughter is still caring, unlike my brat, every day no peace of mind.”

On the topic of these successful people turned to their children, and the game of complaining about their children was started. Song Hai had no opinion but was secretly proud that his good daughter could kill everything instantly.

However, after he left the airport and saw the man beside his daughter, this kind of proud mood suddenly turned into a punctured balloon and disappeared without a trace.

“Dad,” Yan Xi saw Song Hai come out, stretched out her hand, and waved at him, “I’m here.”

Song Hai glanced across his daughter and fell on the young man standing beside her. He knows this man, the thigh he hugged not long ago, Yuan’s Second Young Master, Hengtai’s boss, Yuan Yi.

Even though his daughter was standing side by side with this man and didn’t behave too intimately, Song Hai noticed something was wrong just by taking a look.

Yuan Yi has plans for his daughter.

Turning around to bid farewell to the colleagues and leaders of the inspection team, everyone saw that Song Hai had not lied, and that his daughter had indeed come to pick him up, so everyone joked a little. They didn’t force him to have dinner and drink.

After walking a few steps, one of the bosses said, “Do you think the young man next to Mr. Song’s daughter looks familiar?”

“It seems familiar.” Mr. Wang looked back several times, squinted his eyes, and said, “That seems to be the second child of the Yuan family.”

“Which Yuan family?”

“Which Yuan family still exists in our imperial capital?”

Only then did the bosses come to their senses and curse secretly in their hearts. Lao Song, a fox, unexpectedly boarded the big ship of the Yuan family without making a sound. No wonder he was able to win the cooperation project with Hengtai some time ago.

“Dad,” Yan Xi took Song Hai’s arm, “Yuan Yi and I booked a banquet at the hotel, and I’ll wash the dust off you.”

(Washing dust: It means to ‘welcome’ someone who has taken a long way here. Since there is a long way on the road, there might be dust on the clothes, and you must be tired. So it’s not about eating. Eating is just a way to express welcome.)

Song Hai smiled and looked at Yuan Yi: “Boss Yuan is too polite. How can I make you spend money? I’m a big boss and don’t pay attention to those scenes. It’s better to go home and finish the noodles after eating out.”

“That’s fine.” Yan Xi bent down, took the suitcase from Song Hai’s hand, and stuffed it into Yuan Yi’s hand, “I’ll go back and make it for you.”

“We, father and daughter, eat noodles, don’t feel wronged and make Mr. Yuan suffer with us.” Song Hai wanted to grab his suitcase back, “Mr. Yuan, please go back.”

“Just let him carry it.” Yan Xi grabbed Song Hai’s arm and shook it, “He is young and strong.”

Yuan Yi nodded: “Uncle, I am not a picky eater.”

Song Hai: Actually, I don’t care if you are picky or not.

The three of them sat in the back seat when getting in the car. Yan Xi sat in the middle, and Song Hai and Yuan Yi sat on both sides. There was an indescribable seriousness between the two men.

Yan Xi didn’t care about them and drank a box of yogurt from the small refrigerator. The lunch dish was a bit salty.

Seeing his daughter’s familiarity with this car, Song Hai felt like the river had burst its dam. It was complicated and unspeakable. Countless thoughts ran through his mind, but seeing his daughter’s relaxed appearance, he didn’t say anything embarrassing after all.

Yuan Yi has never thought about pleasing his elders since he was a child, and today, for the first time, he can’t say a word about all the things he had thought about before he came here.

“Uncle,” Yuan Yi said in the quiet car, “Is the investigation outside going well?”

Song Hai was silent for two seconds before answering: “It’s not bad. There is much room for cooperation in some industries. Still, some conditions are not yet mature, and everyone worries about risks. I’m in my early fifties and want to keep the family business steady and save Yan Yan’s family fortune. I won’t try this kind of risky investment.”

Song Hai is very aware of his own abilities. He has never been an aggressive person. It is not shameful to admit that he is conservative: “The future belongs to young people. My vision can no longer keep up with the times. Going abroad for the first time can only be said to go out to gain insights.”

Yuan Yi found that Song Hai and his father were completely opposite. When his father was young, he acted very recklessly. Although Changfeng is now in charge of his elder brother, his father is still often dissatisfied with the decisions made by his elder brother. Later, the eldest brother got angry, the father and son broke out in a big conflict, and the situation improved significantly.

But his father’s desire to control is not much better.

“Uncle started from scratch and created such a big company. Many people can’t catch up with you.” Yuan Yi complimented Song Hai, “You are too humble.”

“Going back a few generations, who didn’t start from scratch,” Song Hai laughed. “It’s nothing special to start a business. A family like your Yuan family that has been passed down for hundreds of years is truly remarkable. Nouveau riche like us, with your Yuan family, there is no comparison.”

After Yan Xi finished a bottle of yogurt, she began to break open the chocolate and eat it as if she couldn’t understand the conversation between the two men.

“It’s all thanks to our ancestors.” Yuan Yi put the empty yogurt bottle into the trash bag next to him, took out a handkerchief, handed it to Yan Xi, and continued talking to Song Hai, “Hengtai is my own property, and I manage the company myself. Only then did I realize that starting a business is not easy? But relying on myself is more confident than relying on food at home.”

A smile finally appeared on Song Hai’s face: “This is right. Relying on yourself is the real ability, and you can also be your own master.”

Although he doesn’t have many dealings with wealthy families, he understands the pride in their bones, so seeing his daughter has a relationship with Yuan Yi, he first thinks about whether his daughter will be wronged. The son of a colleague in the industry married an actress and returned home. The actress seemed to be married to a rich man, but she was not liked by her husband’s parents, and her life was not very good.

Although their family is rich, it differs greatly from Yuan Yi’s family. If Yuan Yi can’t make the decision, even if his daughter can marry into the family, life will not be too happy. But this Yuan Yi is a young man with ideas, better than those rich second generations who rely on their parents for food and drink and can’t control everything.

The car drove into the Song family’s villa, and when he got out of the car, Yan Xi finally knew precisely how much Yuan Yi had bought.

The rear compartment was full of presents. Those who didn’t know thought their family planned to open a supermarket.

“I don’t know what Uncle likes, so I bought some meeting gifts. I hope Uncle won’t dislike it.” Yuan Yi and the driver took out large and small gift boxes from the rear compartment and placed them all over the floor.

This reminded Song Hai of himself when he met his father-in-law and mother-in-law. At that time, he didn’t have much money in his pocket. Still, he was worried that his father and mother-in-law would be dissatisfied with him, so he bought all the things on the market that pleased his elders.

More than 20 years later, the person who was anxious back then has changed from him to a brat who pursues his daughter.

He doesn’t care about this pile of gifts, but he does care about this prudent intention.

Only when a man cares about a woman will he rack his brains to please the woman’s elders? Because of love, I am afraid that the elders will not like it, and because of fear, I am uneasy.

“Come on, what are you doing buying so many things?” Song Hai saw that there were too many things, and Yuan Yi and the driver couldn’t finish carrying them. He bent over and walked to the front with a few large boxes, “Come in.”

Yan Xi saw that Yuan Yi’s hands were full of things, and he couldn’t even walk, so she sneaked two steps behind and wanted to help him carry them.

“No, a man can’t let a woman make such a small thing.” Yuan Yi didn’t ask Yan Xi to help him, “You’re still wearing high heels. Walk well.”

Yan Xi looked at him with a half-smile. His words would probably be more convincing if his face wasn’t so red and the veins weren’t popping out.

But Yan Xi didn’t insist that if she was helping Yuan Yi too much at this moment, her father would be upset later.

The four entered the door, Yan Xi invited the driver to stay for dinner, but the driver hurriedly left after refusing. If he still stays now, he probably wants to lose his job.

Dad, sit with Yuan Xiaoer for a while, and I’ll cook noodles.” Yan Xi’s cooking skills are average, but her noodle cooking skills are not bad.

“Uncle, I’ll help.” Yuan Yi handed the remote control to Song Hai, got up, and followed Yan Xi into the kitchen.

Song Hai looked at his back and turned on the TV, but his attention drifted to the kitchen door.

“What are you doing here?” Yan Xi laughed when she saw Yuan Yi coming in, “You know how to cook?”

“No,” Yuan Yi turned his head with a blushing face, “I’m an adult man. I can’t let you do things alone. Watch TV by myself.”

Amused by his words, Yan Xi stuffed him with a handful of shallots and a few cloves of garlic: “Then you help me sort this out.”

Taking over the shallots that were still stained with dirt, Yuan Yi saw that Yan Xi lowered her head to wash the pot, secretly took out his mobile phone, and began to search the Internet, how to deal with the shallots and garlic used to make noodles.

Thanks to the almighty network, Yuan’s second young master, who can’t tell the difference between grains, knows how to deal with these things.

“Speaking of which, don’t the old men pay attention to the fact that men can’t cook?” Yan Xi wiped the water from her hands and turned on the fire to boil the water. “You adult man, what kind of man are you in the kitchen?”

“What kind of a man is that?” Yuan Yi was embarrassed by Yan Xi’s puncture, “What era is it? Of course, the conditions of a man have to be updated.”


“Oh, what?” Yuan Yi felt a little offended.

“I know,” Yan Xi turned her head and smiled brightly at him, “You are a good man in the new era.”

Yuan Yi snorted: “It’s good to know if a man as good as me is chasing you, you don’t want to look at other men anymore.” Especially the hypocrisy of Song Chao.

Yan Xi laughed softly, seeing Yuan Yi squatting clumsily beside the trash can, peeling garlic. He was around 1.8 meters tall, curled up there was cute.

Before the water boiled, Yan Xi began to wash vegetables and meat. While chopping vegetables, Yuan Yi saw the silver knife in Yan Xi’s hand flying up and down, not even daring to breathe for fear that she accidentally cut off her white and tender fingers.

Her fingers are so thin and tender. Will they disappear with a knife?

Seeing that Yan Xi had finally finished cutting the meat and vegetables, Yuan Yi breathed a sigh of relief and continued peeling the garlic with his head down. He wasted a lot of time on a few cloves of garlic and onions, but they were cleaned very well, and even the small black spots on the heads of the garlic cloves were pinched off by him.

“It’s so clean.” Yan Xi took the onion and garlic and praised Yuan Yi.

Yuan Yi snorted softly: “What’s so difficult about such a trivial matter.”

Yan Xi cut the shallots whose leaves had been chopped off in half and nodded with a smile, “Yeah.”

After frying two dishes, the water boiled, and Yan Xi began to cook. Seeing that she is proficient in her movements and seems to have done it countless times.

After the noodles came out of the pot, Yuan Yi saw that she was going to bring the noodles, so he hurriedly said, “Don’t move. I’ll do it.”

After speaking, he was about to reach out to hold the bowl, and the moment he touched the bowl, his index finger was burned red.

“Hey!” Yan Xi took his hand under the faucet and rinsed it with cold water. After seeing that his fingers were only slightly red, she was relieved, lowered her head, and blew on his index finger, “Put on heat-resistant gloves. Bring it on again.”

Yuan Yi, who failed in front of his girlfriend, was a little depressed at first, but seeing Yan Xi worried about him, he suddenly felt it was worth it to burn his hand twice.

Hearing the commotion in the kitchen, Song Hai, who was about to come in to take a look, walked to the door and did not go in.

He wiped his face and sat back on the sofa with some acceptance of his fate.

Noodles, don’t let it go for too long. It will be sticky!

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