The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 53. (1/2)

The carnival night of the prison thugs was chaotic. The prison was established less than half a year ago, and all kinds of criminals with supernatural powers were imprisoned.

How to manage this group of criminals? Everyone has supernatural powers. As long as someone is not aware of them, someone will escape from prison.

What if the criminal in the doomsday base relies on supernatural powers to kill and commit crimes everywhere?

Human civilization needs progress, and criminals need to be sanctioned, so the large base has researched the shackles that suppress supernatural powers, a shackle made of special stones, which can suppress supernatural powers once worn on the neck or hands and feet.

The leader of the Yaoyang base was originally the Ye family. As a high-level leader of the base, Ye Haijun had already prepared before saving his sister. He sneaked into the prison with the key to unlock the restraint shackles, opened the prison door, released the criminals, and rescued Ye Jiahui.

He arrested Bai Tian Tian not to threaten the prison officer to save her sister but so that after Ye Jiahui was rescued, the two could successfully leave Yaoyang Base with the help of hostages.

To enter and exit Yaoyang Base, they must go through many checkpoints. Otherwise, let alone leave prison, the two siblings may be caught by the group of high-level superpowers when they leave prison.

If he hadn’t escaped quickly last time, as long as he was noticed by a psychic, supernatural being, he would have been caught out.

It will take time for the superhuman soldiers at the base to rush to the army. There are not many soldiers standing guard in the prison at present. The superhuman criminals have already started rioting and decided to rush out directly.

Ye Haijun and Ye Jiahui also wanted to take advantage of the chaos to escape from the prison.

“Get out! Kill them,” the criminal yelled.

Ye Haijun saw that his sister was strangling Bai Qing Qing’s neck tightly, and the girl was breathless in her hands, his face darkened, and he reminded her: “Don’t kill her first. She is still useful.”

He knew that Ye Jiahui wanted to kill Bai Qing Qing immediately, but the two of them hadn’t left Yaoyang Base yet, so they needed to save the lives of the two girls.

Ye Jiahui sneered and glanced at her useless brother. It was like she didn’t know his virtues. The man had such dirty thoughts in his bones. He just wanted to play with the two girls after he left.

Of course, she would not kill Bai Qing Qing quickly, and humiliating Bai Qing Qing is also what she has to do. Her whole body is filled with hatred, and she must torture Bai Qing Qing severely before killing her before she is reconciled.

The supernatural soldiers and the thug criminals had already clashed. There were explosions, roars, and gunshots in the prison. Some thugs saw the juicy girl in their hands and rushed over to snatch her.

“Get out,” Ye Jiahui yelled coldly. Two sharp steel sticks flew from nowhere and shot through the criminal heart.

The criminal around realized that she was not easy to mess with, and they all avoided fighting with her. The Ye sibling passed through the cloisters, and they were still a wall away from breaking out.

Outside the prison, Xiao Yang slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the car without taking out the key. Liang Zhiyu and Shen Mingxuan also got out of the car in a hurry.

They heard the chaotic voices in the prison and rushed to the command platform under the guidance of the soldiers with sullen faces.

Cheng Yan stared at the monitor gloomily, and when he saw them coming, his expression didn’t improve much.

“You guys, come and see” He stretched out his hand and pointed to the zoomed-in surveillance. The soldiers who suppressed the criminals were mixed together. The blackness was full of human heads. It was difficult to see the faces in the smoke, but you only need to look carefully to find out the problem.

The three of them stood in front of the monitoring panel and saw two moving dots in the chaotic crowd. To be precise, two weak girls were held hostage by two people.

The abductees seem to be the two sisters of the Bai family.

“Qing Qing”

“Bai Tian Tian”

Xiao Yang and Shen Mingxuan spoke at the same time. Their expressions were horrid.

It turned out that the missing Bai Qing Qing was kidnapped. Bai Tian Tian was supposed to rest in the villa, and how she was kidnapped. No one could take her away unless she left the villa alone.

The two siblings are each holding a hostage, and it is more challenging to take them down than go to heaven. You can’t ignore the lives of the two girls and forcefully capture the Ye family, brothers and sisters.

Cheng Yan knew how important the two little girls were to the team, and his face was so solemn because of this.

Ye Haijun’s invisibility ability is a big problem, and Ye Jiahui’s third-level object control ability is also difficult to deal with. The damage she erupted last time was massive, and they couldn’t be released from the base.

Cheng Yan looked at Liang Zhiyu beside him and asked,” Mr. Liang, what can you do.”

The violence/chaos in the prison will not be suppressed for a while. If this continues, we can only watch the brothers and sisters of the Ye family leave. Once the two are released, Bai Qing Qing and Bai Tian Tian will also be in danger.

Cheng Rui and Fu Chen are not here for the time being and don’t know when they will return.

Liang Zhiyu’s eyes under the lens looked dark, and his face was no longer as gentle as usual, covered with a thin layer of ice cold.

The problems they are facing now are too difficult to solve at all.

The time retrospective ability he possesses cannot be manipulated at will. It can only go back a few minutes, and every time he uses it, he consumes a lot of energy from his body and becomes very weak.

Through the monitoring, they can see that Bai Tian Tian in Ye Haijun’s hand is crying, terrified and pitiful. At the same time, Bai Qing Qing next to her is pale, and her eyes are slightly closed, not knowing whether she is alive or dead.

Xiao Yang was so anxious that he said, “I’ll save Qing Qing first””

What else can he think of? It’s important to save her first. Even if he tries his best, he will rescue Qing Qing.

Shen Mingxuan had the same thought as him. No matter what happened, now that Bai Tian Tian and Bai Qing Qing are kidnapped, they should be rescued first.

Cheng Yan couldn’t stop them. He looked at Liang Zhiyu, who was staring at the monitor with cold eyes. He was the wise strategist in the team, and he must have a way to solve this crisis situation. “Open the prison gate,” Liang Zhiyu said.

ChengYan’ss face darkened, and he said, “Open the gate, and the criminals will all run out, which is even more difficult to control.”

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