Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #41

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Chapter 41

Part 1

After Shi Zhi posted on Moments, she received many souvenirs.

Bai Wu’s hometown is a coastal city. She sent her dried seafood, dried squid, dried shrimp, and dried fish filets, which are delicious and easy to store; Ning Jiachi sending her sausage, and Go Genius Wu Luo is cheese.

He went abroad to compete, and he brought it back and also brought it to the other guests who participated in “Our Village”.

Shi Zhi was satisfied with counting the souvenirs. He felt that she gained a lot this time after knowing the content posted by Shi Zhi’s Moments, combined with Shi Zhi’s performance…

He felt that Shi Zhi was like the one who blackmailed people.

Of course, Brother Quan didn’t dare to say.

This turmoil is over. Brother Quan even received a contact from the TV station where “Youth My Type” is on air, which means that they didn’t intend to target Shi Zhi. They want to apologize in person.

Brother Quan thought it was nonsense, “They still want to pretend to be innocent, and they don’t want to target you. Isn’t it because they fired it up?”

“But I didn’t expect them to want to apologize to you. Why?”

After all, no matter what, Shi Zhi is an artist, and they are a TV station. Logically speaking, they are unlikely to bow their heads to artists.

Brother Quan didn’t figure it out at all.

Shi Zhi thought for a while and said, “Probably because they are afraid of losing money.”

The butler said they have the best legal team, which is really good. Although the compensation is not as good as the one who brought the goods, it is still very considerable.

Brother Quan: “Huh?”

He still doesn’t know that Shi Zhi sued the TV station.

Shi Zhi: “It’s nothing… Are we going to film the game endorsement this afternoon?”

In fact, she changed the subject rather bluntly. It was a bit troublesome to explain, but Brother Quan didn’t go into it at all. He has already devoted himself to work again. In the afternoon, he really wants to make a game endorsement. Brother Quan said it was a beautiful one.

“Let them take more beautiful photos for you this time, so we can post on Weibo later.” Brother Quan was still considering posting on Weibo, and Shi Zhi was closed for a while.

Because the game characters are created by computers, their faces are perfectly pinched, and their bodies are so good that they are too good to be true. It is usually not so appropriate to be played by real people. Even good-looking artists still need more flavors compared with computer characters.

It would be even more disastrous for a more delicate female star if it were a small game. Round-faced female celebrities have endorsed the game before and are still playing the role of the world’s number-one beauty. The title that was sprayed by the game fans didn’t recognize it.

But in Shi Zhi’s place, these things don’t exist.

Many people privately said that she was a modeling face, so when she put on a costume copied from the game, she was dressed in a light blue and white ancient costume with bells on her ankles and wrists. Her excellent figure was also perfectly displayed because the clothes were copied from the game one to one.

It looks fairy and enchanting.

The members of Shi Zhi’s team turned into screaming chickens again.

Ma’am, it’s so pretty!

What kind of peerless beauty is this?

The male staff member who had played this game quietly beeped, “Why do I think that Miss Shi’s outfit looks better than the characters in the game?”

Female publicity staff: “Don’t think, it’s for sure!”

The game staff was also full of praise for Shi Zhi. They really invited the right one.

Shi Zhi first took a few groups of photos according to their instructions. The blower was turned on at the scene, blowing directly at Shi Zhi. The long hair and sleeves of the props were blown away by the wind as if she could directly fly up in the next second.

Following the director’s guidance, she turned her head and looked back, presenting her exquisite face to the camera.

This set of photos is pretty cool.

The next group is Shi Zhi sitting in front of the green screen, half lying on her side, holding a jade wine bottle in her hand, pursing her lips and smiling; the green screen will be made into special effects later, probably like a small pavilion with flowing water.

This one is more feminine.

The director kept applauding Shi Zhi for fitting the characters in appearance and having a high degree of cooperation.

Shi Zhi thought silently: Money, money, money.

This time Shi Zhi raised the price. The price of the game endorsement is really good.

Although Shi Zhi is not short of money, the money she earns is quite fragrant. The main reason is that she is not tired. She wears nice clothes and takes pictures.

If she does such a set of artistic photos by herself, it will cost a lot, and now she is still making money back.


When Shi Zhi thought so, she was full of energy.

“Why can’t I find the prop sword?”

The shooting progressed smoothly, but when it was time to shoot the shot with the prop sword, the staff in charge of props could not find it, muttered a few times, and hurried out to look for it.

Later, there will be a scene of holding props. The director asked Shi Zhi if she could sword dance, and Shi Zhi said she could.

The staff ran out, and it happened to be the time between filming. Shi Zhi vaguely remembered that she had seen it before, and she did find two nearby.

“Is it this one?”

Shi Zhi was still trying to figure it out when picking it up.

The people on their team are not sure either.

Brother Quan looked at it for a moment and said, “It doesn’t look like a sword, but it looks a bit like a knife…” It looks like a mixture of a knife and a sword.

“Also, isn’t this thing too big?”

It doesn’t fit Shi Zhi’s image.

The male staff member of the team who played the game before felt familiar with this prop but couldn’t name it for a while. Which character is using it?

Over there, Shi Zhi had already brandished the “sword” in her hand, waving it in a dignified manner, with great force.

The director who made this film was also unsure whether the character Shi Zhi used such a “sword”, and his intuition told him something was wrong.

Members of Shi Zhi’s team: They also feel that…

Then the game staff responsible for the props ran in, shouting, “I found it!”

She got stuck momentarily because she looked at the woman waving the “sword” over there.

What she is holding in her hand is the sword worn by the character of Zheng’er Bajing, light blue, inlaid with precious stones, very delicate.

And the thing in Shi Zhi’s hand was three or four times bigger than this.

“I remember. Isn’t this the weapon used by the meat shield in the game!” The male staff member, thinking hard at this time, finally remembered, and he slapped his thigh fiercely.

It is a knife adapted from the game design!

Every game has a role setting similar to a meat shield, and this game is no exception. The meat shields in it are all muscular men, and there are no women. In addition to the shield, there is also an iconic weapon, which is the double knife that Shi Ji is using.

It’s this thing that Miss Shi is waving.

She is a weak and beautiful figure with a fairy air, but she is wielding a giant sword that only a human shield can wield.


In this moment of silence, a group of people is approaching the studio.

“Guo Shao, Shi Zhi is filming inside…”

The person in charge led the way, followed by a young man.

The person known as Guo Shao is indeed the young master, and the game that Shi Zhi is endorsing now belongs to his family. Shi Zhi’s ability to win this endorsement is actually due to his contribution.

Not for anything else but because he thinks Shi Zhi looks good and fits his aesthetics.

Guo Shao came here today; if he had no other ideas, that would be impossible. 

According to his vision, he first hooked up with Shi Zhi and then asked her for dinner.

According to the information, it is said that Shi Zhi is poor, and her family is not in a good position, so if he really can’t charm her, he will use his banknote ability.

With all the ideas, Guo Shao will feast his eyes on the shooting scene.


he saw Shi Zhi wearing a fairy dress and wielding a big knife. Someone next to him called Shi Zhi and introduced to Shi Zhi that this was the boss’s son who endorsed the game. Shi Zhi pointed the knife at him and took it away.

Guo Shao: ???

Was it the air that Shi Zhi swung with the sword?

No! It was his dirty thoughts that were cut off.

Guo Shao felt that his whole body was messed up in the wind. His gaze didn’t fall in the direction of the curve but looked at Shi Zhi’s biceps uncontrollably.

He had some impression this knife was specially made for the role of the meat shield. To have a sense of power, the real knife is quite heavy.

When Shi Zhi heard the introduction to the young man, she felt she had to step up and say a few words to be polite, so she walked over.

“Hi, I’m Shi Zhi.”

Guo Shao opened his mouth and said, “Sister Shi, which gym do you work out in?” This strength is enormous.

He was also subconsciously called Shi Zhi sister.

Shi Zhi’s impression of these game endorsements before was——

If it’s a brother, come and kill me.

And she did interpret a different style, probably——

Get ready. I’m going to kill you.

The roles are reversed in an instant.

The son of the owner of the game company, he was always very polite and measured during the filming process, even with a little bit of restraint in his sense of proportion.

Part 2

For nothing else, he was afraid of being cut.

Facing that face that is not inferior at all, even in reality, and looks much better than the video photo, he can’t think of anything else, so he respectfully sends Shi Zhi away.

Shi Zhi’s filming was quite enjoyable, and Brother Quan was thinking once Shi Zhi’s endorsement came out, he wondered if she could win more fans from passers-by.

Fans don’t think about it for the time being, just passer-by fans.

Brother Quan also picked up a variety show for Shi Zhi. He could be regarded as discovering it. He didn’t know when Shi Zhi unlocked the skill of variety shows. It’s not that she hadn’t been on variety shows before, but she didn’t have such a rare personality as she is now. There is such high popularity.

Since everyone wants to watch it, it must be arranged. Now people in the circle fear being idle and must be fully arranged.

Shi Zhi’s announcements are relatively rare.

The variety show is outstanding, and the recording is easy and topical. If it is fast, it can be recorded in a day; if it is slow, it can be recorded in half a month or a month.

“I carefully selected it for you. This time the recording was in this city. The ratings of this program itself are not low… There should be no problem.”

Brother Quan made a summary of the variety shows or programs recorded by Shi Zhi before.

Variety shows that have just been produced may not know the depth of the water, and it is prone to a disorderly arrangement of the program group; the possibility of shady scenes in talent shows is very high.

This show is always okay, right?

It’s the kind of competition with a little bit of competition, with the location near the city. Still, not too tiring, and everyone plays games together.

Shi Zhi glanced at Brother Quan.

Why didn’t she believe Brother Quan’s word?

Shi Zhi’s new variety show is “Sisters and Brothers Rush Forward”. It is indeed a relatively popular show. It has been running for several seasons. There are a few permanent guests. Many of the permanent guests were initially outside the third-rate stars because this show rushed to the first and second rates.

“Sisters and Brothers Rush Forward” announced the guest lineup in advance. In addition to Shi Zhi, there is another idol drama Xiao Hua and two male guests.

Netizens are pretty excited about Shi Zhi joining the new episode of “Sisters and Brothers Rush Forward”.

“Is Uncle Shi going to come out of the rivers and lakes again?”

“Hhh, I don’t know if Master Shi can act impulsively.”

“Sometimes Uncle Shi variety shows are very interesting. Recently, the variety shows have been so boring. I want to watch Shi Zhi’s variety show. When will it be broadcast? Knock on the bowl.”

(knock on the bowl; anxiously wait for something to occur)

Looking forward to it.

Shi Zhi arrived at the recording site with her thermos cup in hand. Brother Quan was about to give up taking care of Shi Zhi’s thermos cup. In Shi Zhi’s opinion, he shouldn’t have taken care of it.

What happened to the thermos?

Compared with bottled water, she likes to drink something warm.

As soon as Shi Zhi, who was holding a thermos cup, appeared, the cameraman couldn’t help but point the camera at the thermos cup.

Shi Zhi, “…”

“What is Ms. Shi Zhi soaking in the thermos cup today?” the cameraman asked with a smile.

Is it still honeysuckle and chrysanthemum?

Shi Zhi was puzzled, so he had to inquire about it.

But Shi Zhi still answered him with a good temper, “It’s roses.” Dried roses.

Today is the beauty bureau.

The cameraman was satisfied with getting the material he wanted, probably because the Shi Zhi was recently hot searched. She made a decision with the program group, and she was angry that the program group was involved in shady scenes. She confronted the family who cheated money and created a witty tacting splitting the debt. The cameraman once thought that Shi Zhi might have a bad temper.

Now it seems… Teacher Shi Zhi’s temper is not bad.

“Shi Zhi.”

“Shi Zhi is here.”

The residents of “Sisters and Brothers Rush Forward” greeted Shi Zhi one after another, and everyone was polite and friendly.

Shi Zhi also greeted everyone. Although she couldn’t recognize them clearly, fortunately, she knew everyone’s names in front of them.

“Sister Shi Zhi, I like your TV series very much.”

Since Shi Zhi came to the show, she has heard many people say that she likes the TV series she just finished filming, and she is wondering if they really like it or are being polite. Anyway, they need to find something to talk about.

But she still replied to the round-faced girl who came over, “Thank you.”

She vaguely remembered that the other party was also a guest like her and seemed to have filmed a lot of idol dramas.

Seeing that Shi Zhi didn’t respond much to her, the round-faced girl paused and said, “Sister Shi Zhi, don’t you remember my name?”

She had reached the point, but Shi Zhi really didn’t remember. There were too many people who reported their names just now.

“My name is Anne.”

Shi Zhi suddenly realized, “Oh, Annie, I remember.” Not really.

Annie, “…”

Still smiling sweetly, she took a deep breath and said to Shi Zhi, “I grew up watching your work.”

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the surrounding guests were a little subtle.

In fact, when Annie took the initiative to find Shi Zhi, as a veteran in the entertainment industry, they already vaguely sensed something was wrong.

This is talking about Shi Zhi… old?

The most taboo thing among female stars is age; it was their first contact with Annie. They didn’t expect this sweet-looking actress to be quite aggressive.

Of course, because more things are worse than fewer things, they didn’t go forward to persuade them, pretending they didn’t hear it, but they all pricked up their ears, wanting to hear Shi Zhi’s answer.

Shi Zhi looked at Annie’s face, a little surprised.

“Are you underage?”

Anne: ???

The smile on her face could hardly be maintained.

Of course, she is an adult, already twenty. According to her actual age, she must be one year older.

When Shi Zhi heard Annie stammering that she was an adult, she used a clear tone.

“I just said, you don’t look that young.”

Wu Luo looked like an underage child at first glance, while Annie in front of her was cute, but she had the face of a mature woman.

If she is really underage, she looks a little anxious.

Initially, she made her debut early, but if she had grown up watching her plays since she was a child, she would really have to be a minor.

A group of people with ears pricked up are trying to hold back their laughter.

The key is that Shi Zhi said in a very serious tone. She didn’t seem to be angry. She was just having a serious discussion.

Annie’s face was ugly: she couldn’t laugh.

The guests arrived, and after a brief exchange of greetings, the recording officially began.

“Sisters and Brothers Rush Forward” contains many small games, which are helpful for a battle of intelligence and sports.

Uncle Shi Zhi’s name is deeply rooted in the people’s hearts, so the uncle naturally has bad legs and feet.

But it was immediately refuted.

The reason for the rebuttal is that the star sports meeting.

Three firsts, isn’t that enough to prove that Shi Zhi is a strong man?

‘It’s just that netizens couldn’t imagine that Shi Zhi had nothing to do with sports because she died directly in terms of puzzle games.

Shi Zhi and Annie were assigned to a group. According to the arrangement of the program group, the two teams will have a PK match. The losing team will be punished. Through the voting of fans on-site, the members with low popularity will be locked in a small black room.

There are said to be one hundred enthusiastic spectators at the scene.

Shi Zhi heard many people calling Annie’s name.

She is still very popular.

Annie didn’t interact much with Shi Zhi, and Shi Zhi also focused on facing the game. 

After all, this is a matter for the whole team, and it’s better to win as much as possible.

Then lose.

Shi Zhi: “…”

Her teammates are so good.

The host regretfully announced that the Shi Zhi team had failed this round, and the teammates accepted the audience’s flower throwing together.

One flower represents one vote, and the more votes you cast, the more you can “survive”. The one who gets the least flowers has to go to the small black room for 20 minutes.

Annie got the most flowers, and a hundred people got half of them. Shi Zhi was different. She got two flowers.

“Shi Zhi…”

When the guests together saw Shi Zhi, they felt that this disparity was unbearable for most people.

Shi Zhi was calm, “Where is the little black room?”

Take her away.

The small black room is a separate room, and the program team also has windows with iron bars, making it look like they are in prison.

But after entering, Shi Zhi found that the conditions inside were quite good, with air conditioners, sofas, and melon seeds.

After confirming that the melon seeds were edible, Shi Zhi sat on the sofa and started nibbling.

After 20 minutes had passed, Shi Zhi was rereleased, and the game was played again. Still, she was soon thrown into the small black room again amidst the flowers the audience threw.

Shi Zhi was so hard-hitting, and the rest of the guests were in the running water. No matter what other guests entered the small black room, Shi Zhi would stay in it anyway.

The lowest popularity in the audience.

At the back, Shi Zhi was already used to it.

“Do you still need to vote? Let’s go?”

She told the cameraman following her she was heading towards the small black room.

Shi Zhi: She badly played games with her teammates, so she was locked up.

It was very comfortable to stay in the small black room. Still, there was no mobile phone, only a camera, and a videographer. Only sometimes guests came in to accompany her, and she was not allowed to play with her mobile phone. Shi Zhi gradually began to feel bored.

She told the camera, “I think there can be a TV here.”

Director: Should we have a refrigerator and a computer?

Shi Zhi began to circle around the house, observing the surroundings. She finally grabbed the iron railing with her hands and said to the cameraman.

“I thought of a song.”

Cameraman: “What song?”

Shi Zhi: “Tears behind bars.”

The cameraman almost couldn’t even hold the camera steady. Shit, isn’t it? It’s too appropriate, but Shi Zhi, you are a female star. Can you stop being so down-to-earth?

She really looks like a prisoner now.

Shi Zhi’s actions told the camera no. She had already grabbed the iron railing on the window and sang.

“Holding the steamed cornbread in my hand, there is not a drop of oil in the dish.” The voice was full of emotion.

Cameraman: Really help me, don’t make him laugh. This machine is very expensive, and don’t bully him for not understanding. This song is not like crying behind bars!

Shi Zhi: She doesn’t know how to sing “Tear Behind the Bar”. She wants to be happy anyway.

In the next second, Shi Zhi broke off an iron pole of the iron railing.

Cameraman: ???

Director: ???

Shi Zhi: “…”

Shi Zhi didn’t expect this to happen. She really wanted to ask a question. Now the props of the program group are so careless, and the quality of each one could be better.

She pretended to be nonchalant and reinstalled the iron rod that had been torn off.

Shi Zhi didn’t dare to touch the props this time and returned to sitting on the sofa, trying to talk to the cameraman.


The cameraman refused to communicate with Shi Zhi.

He was afraid that Shi Zhi would come up with the set of “How old are you, whether you are married, whether you will have a second child”, then he would definitely lose his mind on the spot.

He even made an excuse, “I’m deaf. I can’t hear.”

Shi Zhi: Really, she doesn’t believe it.

After a while, she found the cameraman again.

The cameraman also wanted to move out of the previous set of rhetoric.

Shi Zhi picked up the plate and said, “Wait a minute, the melon seeds are not enough. Can you serve some more?”

She squatted in it too long and had already eaten the melon seeds.

Shi Zhi thought for a while and added, “It would be even better if there were some other foods.”

Although melon seeds are delicious, if you overeat, you will start to feel tired. You can add other dried fruits, such as peanuts, pistachios, and pine nuts, which are all good choices.


Cameraman: You wish you would treat this as a snack shop.

But the program team still added it for Shi Zhi.

When Shi Zhi was planning whether to sleep or not, a childish voice sounded from outside the iron railing.

“How are you staying there?”

It was two children, a boy, and a girl, about the age of kindergarten, looking into the room.

The program group did not arrange them, and they slipped in without clearing the scene properly.

Shi Zhi walked over and communicated with them through the iron railing, “Sister is locked up.”

The girl had braids and a bow on her head. She looked adorable, she asked tentatively.

“Are you a princess locked up by bad guys?”

She reads fairy tales where the princess is locked in the castle.

The director of the program group observed the contestants on each screen through the machine in the exclusive room. The competition in the main scene was fierce, but he still noticed Shi Zhi’s place.

“How did someone come in?”

The director said, “There are not enough people there.” Basically, the staff was busy working around the main venue, and Shi Zhi’s small black room was on the side.

Director: “Take the kid away in a while.” Then he heard the princess’s words and smiled.

“It’s really a child.” They still believe in fairy tales.

Shi Zhi saw the girl’s innocent face. With longing curiosity, she didn’t answer immediately but asked instead, “Then do you think sister is a princess?”

The girl insisted, “Yes!”

So Shi Zhi nodded, “Yes, I am.” She said she was. If she believed she was, then she could be.

Cameraman: ???

Weren’t you a devil before? Why do you still have two faces?

The director of the program group said, “Hey, Shi Zhi is a princess, so what are they?

Cameramen also have the same doubts.

Shi Zhi glanced at him: Are you stupid? Will you use the method of elimination?

The princess is locked up by the bad guys.

“I’m a princess, so you must be witches.” We all know that the villains in fairy tales are witches.

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