One Can’t Judge by Appearance #67

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Chapter 67

Yuan Yi turned his head and glanced at Yan Xi but didn’t reply to Zhang Wang’s text message and stuffed his phone into his pocket.

Sensing that Yuan Yi was looking at her, Yan Xi turned her head and grinned at him.

Seeing her smirking, Yuan Yi’s hands were a little itchy, and he stretched out his hands to pinch her face and pulled her to the sides, “Why do you laugh so silly?”

“I’m such a wise girl. You actually call me stupid?” Yan Xi patted Yuan Yi’s hand away and muttered, “Fortunately, my face is pure and natural. Otherwise, I would definitely be disfigured if you pinched me as you did.”

“Who has plastic surgery to make you look like you? That’s too hard to think about.” Yuan Yi saw her cheeks were a bit red and began to regret that he had a stronger hand. Obviously, he used little strength. Why did she blush like this?

Gently rubbing her face with his fingertips, “Does it hurt?”

“Try.” Yan Xi pulled Yuan Yi’s face with her hand and then let go of her hand in disappointment, “You are too thick-skinned. I can’t pitch it.”

“That’s the wrong place for you to pitch.” Yuan Yi lowered his head, put his face in front of Yan Xi, and stretched out his cheek, “Are you stupid, don’t know where to pitch?”

“Who is stupid?” Yan Xi didn’t pitch his face but pinched his ears and said with a smile, “Who are you calling stupid?”

“Let go, let go,” Yuan Yi grabbed Yan Xi’s hand and said angrily, “A man’s ears can’t be touched.”

The driver in front tactfully raised the baffle in the car, not going to watch the scene where the Boss’s ear was pinched by his girlfriend’s. Boss Yuan is quite serious about business affairs, but when it comes to love, he is no different from a young man.

For a man, when his ears are pinched by their woman, the roots of his ears become soft.

The two laughed and quarreled for a while, and finally, Yan Xi wiped the lipstick on Yuan Yi’s suit jacket. She wiped the lipstick mark with a tissue and said with a dry smile, “Then what? You have been so busy at work recently. Don’t you have to rush over?”

“No matter how busy I am, I will come to accompany you.” Yuan Yi pretended not to notice her small gestures, “Why am I still pursuing you? Only received a deposit and did not receive the rest of the payment?”

“The rest of the final payment…” Yan Xi raised her eyebrows, “It depends on your performance.”

Yuan Yi glanced at the raised baffle, hugged her into his arms, and kissed her hard: “Yan Xiaoxi, you should be glad that the man you met was me.”

A man who is so teased by a woman he likes and who is not determined enough has long been transformed into a beast.

“If it weren’t you, I wouldn’t care.” Yan Xi sat up straight and licked her red lips, “You said, right?”

Yuan Yi hugged her into his arms again and hugged her tightly: “I really fell for your evil spirit.”

Leaning obediently in Yuan Yi’s arms, Yan Xi heard his strong and rapid heartbeat. Does this heartbeat speed exceed the regular beat?

“Yuan Xiaoer, if you don’t tell me something, I won’t ask,” Yan Xi changed to a more comfortable posture and leaned on Yuan Yi’s chest. “I don’t know much about the management of the company. But if you encounter trouble, you can tell me. I can’t do anything else. At least I can give you a loving hug.”

“Love’s hug?” Yuan Yi laughed, looked at the woman in his arms, lowered his head, and kissed her gently on the top of her hair, “It’s better to give a loving kiss.”

“Yuan Xiaoer, you have learned badly from Zhang Wang.” Yan Xi raised her head from Yuan Yi’s arms, reached out to wrap her arms around his neck, and touched his lips, “Come on, now tell me, what happened with your family?”

Although those revelations on the Internet were quickly suppressed, in the past two days, there were quite a few people watching her as a joke behind her back, which shows that the news was still spread.

“Didn’t I tell you last time? It’s nothing serious.” Yuan Yi lowered his head to meet Yan Xi’s eyes. Don’t underestimate your man. If my father doesn’t give it to me, he can only give it to my brother and let him.”

The wealthy brothers from other people’s families may have already fought for the family property. Yuan Yi and his brother seem to have a good relationship. Judging from his tone, he doesn’t care about the Yuan family’s property. When Yan Xi saw that she could see it, her heart’s worries suddenly disappeared, “It’s good for you to think so.”

“Someone must be gossiping behind your back recently,” Yuan Yi is not a person who doesn’t get a clue. If no one took the opportunity to watch Yan Xiaoxi’s behavior about the recent events, it would be a rare thing, “Don’t listen to other people’s nonsense. I, Yuan Yi, is not short of money but lacks a woman. If someone speaks badly, you don’t have to bear it, clean it up when you need to, and scold them when they need to be scolded.”

“Lack of a woman?” Yan Xi pulled the buttons on his shirt, “You came to pursue me because of the lack of a woman??”

“No, no, no,” Yuan Yi immediately changed his words, “I lack you in the five elements. I can be healthy and prosperous, and everything goes well with you.”

“Good boy,” Yan Xi let go of her button-pulling hand and said with a smile, “I think so too.”

Yuan Yi: …

It’s getting increasingly shameless, and he doesn’t know who is used to it.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you something. I met Your mother in the jewelry store.” Yan Xi said, “Because I haven’t met her formally, I didn’t take the initiative to say hello to her.”

“It’s right not to say hello,” Yuan Yi’s expression was indescribable, “My mother is not evil, but she is a bit of a princess, and ordinary people can’t stand her.”

“Nonsense,” Yan Xi laughed, “Don’t let people hear you talking like that.”

“That’s why I didn’t tell anyone.” Yuan Yi rubbed her head, “You don’t have to worry about these things. Handling family relations is what a man should do. You are my future wife. How can I let you be wronged.”

“You want me to be your wife now?” Yan Xi poked his stomach with a smile, “It’s a good idea.”

 “It’s a problem if you don’t want to,” Yuan Yi raised his chin, “I’m not a person who makes fun of feelings.”

“You are better than Zhang Wang at this point,” Yan Xi said, “He is good at everything, but he is too casual in terms of feelings.”

“Well, I won’t learn from him.” Yuan Yi nodded, “I’m not a casual person.”

“Isn’t it a human being to be casual?”

“Yan Xiaoxi, can you be more serious when talking about love?”

“Hee hee, no.”

Yan Xi stayed at Yuan Yi’s house for one night, got up in the morning, opened the closet, and found that besides the clothes she changed two days ago, there were many other styles of women’s clothing. She picked one she liked and put it on, and the size fits her very well.

“Second Young Master,” Aunt Li saw Yan Xi coming down from upstairs, smiled, and said to Yuan Yi, who was sitting on the sofa, “Miss Yan has come down.”

Yuan Yi shook the newspaper that had not been turned over in his hand, glanced at Yan Xi, who was walking towards him, and said calmly, “Are you up? Let’s have breakfast.”

Yan Xiaoxi looks really good in this suit. It seems that the designer didn’t lie to him.

“Good morning.” Yan Xi walked to Yuan Yi’s side, “The clothes are beautiful. I like them very much, thank you.”

“It’s fine if you like it.” Yuan Yi wanted to say, he didn’t prepare it for her specially, it was just convenient, but looking at Yan Xi’s smiling face, he couldn’t say such face-saving words. Initially, it was specially prepared for her.

Aunt Li smiled and glanced at the two of them, then turned and went into the kitchen.

She has worked in Yuan’s family for so many years, watching the second young master, who is in his early teen years, grow up little by little, seeing him go astray, watching his quarrel with his parents, and then gradually become stable and mature. Still, in terms of feelings, he has always been no news.

Now that she finally saw him meet someone he was in love with, she was delighted in her heart. She wished that the second young master could marry Miss Yan tomorrow and the two of them would live peacefully and sweetly.

Sent to the TV station by Yuan Yi, Yan Xi met a few people she knew as soon as she entered the gate. After greeting each other, one of them said, “The one who sent you to work just now was the second young master Yuan, right?”

Yan Xi smiled and didn’t deny it. When the elevator door opened, and everyone entered the elevator, Yan Xi helped a few people press the floor.

Seeing that Yan Xi didn’t show off this matter, everyone was curious and embarrassed to speak up. A few days ago, someone said that the second young master Yuan would definitely dump Yan Xi. Still, she didn’t expect them to have a good relationship; he even sent her in person.

Do rich people like this still lack a car? It’s just that the relationship is good. You and I are reluctant to part.

After Yan Xi exited the elevator and the elevator door closed, colleague A said, “Actually, I think Teacher Yan is pretty good. It’s not unreasonable for the second young master to like her so much.”

“Who knows what those wealthy parents think,” colleague B said casually, “probably because they think that Teacher Yan’s job is not good and she wants to show her face outside or that she doesn’t come from a family they approve of. In the end, whether they will have a good result can’t be predicted. The attitude of Yuan’s parents depends on what the second young master Yuan thinks?”

“How do you say that?” Colleague A was curious, “For the sake of Teacher Yan, the second young master didn’t even want his family property. Isn’t this true love?”

“It’s nothing to give up for a while. I’m afraid that he will regret it in the future. At that time, Teacher Yan will be a thorn in his side, a thorn in his flesh.” Colleague B said in a sympathetic tone, “Reality is much crueler than romance novels. I hope that Teacher Yan will not meet this kind of thing.”

Colleague A fell silent.

After the noon news was broadcast, Yan Xi walked out of the studio and saw a few colleagues around her looking at her with smiles.

“What’s your expression?” Yan Xi was already so hungry that her chest was pressed against her back, and she took out her phone and prepared to order food for herself.

“What else to order? Someone has already come for the love lunch.” Chen Pei pointed to the person standing at the door.

Yan Xi raised her head, looked towards the door, and recognized this man as one of Yuan Yi’s drivers, holding a lunch box and flowers.

Seeing Yan Xi, the driver smiled: “Miss Yan, this is the lunch Mr. Yuan asked me to bring you.”

“Thank you.” Yan Xi took the flowers and the lunch box.

“Mr. Yuan had lunch with a client, and found that the food tasted good, so he packed a portion and asked me to deliver it.” The driver said a few nice words about his Boss, “Eat it slowly, and I will go back to the hotel to pick up the boss.”

“Excuse me, thank you.”

Yan Xi turned her head and found several pairs of eyes staring at her.

“I remember someone said, don’t like others to send flowers?”

“Lunch with love.”

“When I go to other places to eat, if there is something delicious, I will send one to my love. My teeth are so sweet that they grow tooth decay.”

“Dog abuse, dog abuse, a single dog has no human rights.”

Yan Xi squeezed away a group of watching colleagues, put flowers on her desk, turned around, saw two watching colleagues standing at the office door, and suddenly laughed, “You guys are so boring.”

“It’s not boring to watch the scene of showing love at all,” Xiao Yang said with a grin while pawing at the door frame, “How much food did Mr. Yuan pack for you in such a big thermos box?”

This is a six-layer insulated lunch box. Yan Xi opened the lid, and there was white and soft rice on the top and various stir-fried and steamed vegetables on the bottom. The bottom layer was filled with soup. Gives off a strong fragrance.

“Smelling this fragrance, I feel that the food in the cafeteria of our TV station is all pig food.” Xiao Yang and a few colleagues didn’t want to torture themselves, so they closed the door for Yan Xi.

“When a man eats delicious food, he can think of his girlfriend. This must be true love to do it.” Xiao Yang remembered his ex-boyfriend, who was a person who had never left food. Every time the two of them went out on a date, as long as something delicious was on the table, he just buried his head and kept eating. It’s not that she lacks that stutter, but sometimes that stutter makes her see how much weight she has in the other person’s heart.

“People outside say that Teacher Yan will definitely be dumped.” The makeup artist snorted, “It’s pure nonsense.”

“That’s right.” Zhao Peng crossed his legs and said, “I’m an old man. I can tell whether a man likes a woman or not. Mr. Yuan, you mentioned, must have deep feelings for Xiaoyan.”

Before, he thought that that man might be interested in Yan Xi, but Yan Xi kept saying that the two were friends, so he just minded his own business.

As he said long ago, a man treats a woman like that and treats her as a friend. Who are you bluffing? They are all men. No one knows who.

“Brother Zhao, come here. Tell us when the two of them will get married.” Xiao Yang took a glass of water for Zhao Peng with a paper cup, “Come, drink some water, and tell us about it.”

“Well…” Zhao Peng sipped water, “I don’t know.”

“Cut!” Everyone dispersed in all directions, ignoring Zhao Peng.

Zhao Peng smiled and didn’t care about the attitude of his colleagues. He looked up at the door of the office. He didn’t ask Yan Xi this kind of question. The relationship between these two people, although Yuan Yi is more powerful and his family background is better than Yan Xi, it may be Yan Xi who dominates.

Using status to measure who is strong and who is weak in a relationship is unreasonable.

Yuan Yi walked out of the hotel with his partner, he didn’t like to go to other entertainment venues, and the partners he was familiar with also knew his habits, so after the meal, they said goodbye to each other and left.

Assistant Meng looked at the cars going away and said to Yuan Yi, “There’s an old fox inside, a lot of nonsense. None of them were honest.”

After some people knew that the Boss was removed from his position in Changfeng, their attitudes became slightly subtle. Fortunately, the Boss has already established a fixed cooperation team in the past few years.

But even if there is not much loss in assets, the attitude of some people is disgusting enough. Those people don’t go to win the Oscar gold medal not because they can’t act but because they don’t have a photogenic face. Otherwise, they would have won glory for the national entertainment industry.

“Tsk,” Yuan Yi put his hand in his trouser pocket, and his elite temperament suddenly turned into a yuppie smell. “Being angry with these people, why don’t you think about the mobile game press conference next Tuesday.”

“Boss, the Internet is already hot now, and many netizens are curious when this game will be officially released for public beta.” Assistant Meng was also a little worried. The Boss of this mobile game spent a lot of money. If the response is not good, then the time and money of more than a year can be regarded as throwing it into the water and watching it.

“Yeah.” Yuan Yi has a mature planning team in his hands, so when it comes to publicity, he is never worried.

What he’s worried about now…is how to gain favorability in front of his girlfriend’s father.

In nearly twenty-seven years of life, he had never been so timid.

As he was thinking, the phone rang, and the caller ID was “Yan Xiaoxi.”

After answering the phone, Yuan Yi was stunned.

Seeing the Boss’s pale face and stiff limbs, Assistant Meng asked cautiously, “Boss, what’s wrong with you?”

Did investment fail?

Stocks plummeting?

Is he going to lose his job?

“It’s okay,” Yuan Yi turned his head and said, “You go back to work at the office. I have something urgent to do.”

Seeing that the Boss was in such a hurry, Assistant Meng became even more worried: “Boss, no matter what happens, don’t be in a hurry. If you are in a hurry, things will easily go wrong. Keep calm and take your time.”

“My girlfriend asked me to accompany her to the airport to pick up her father. Do you think I’m in a hurry?” Yuan Yi took a few steps on the spot, “Wait a minute, don’t rush to the company. You can drive now to buy something suitable for the elderly. I will go to the TV station to pick her up.”

“Wait!” Yuan Yi called to Assistant Meng, who was about to leave, “You drive to the TV station to pick up someone, and it would be more sincere for me to buy the meeting gift.”

Seeing the Boss spinning around in a panic, Assistant Meng couldn’t help but ask, “Boss, did Ms. Yan tell you when Boss Song will arrive at the airport?”

“It’s past five o’clock in the afternoon.”

Assistant Meng glanced at his watch. It was only two o’clock in the afternoon.

“Then isn’t it right for you to buy a meeting gift now and then pick up Miss Yan?”

“No, what if I’m late?” Yuan Yi immediately denied, “It’s the first time I met my future father-in-law, so I can’t be late.”

Assistant Meng: This girlfriend just caught up with him, but he called her father his future father-in-law. In a few days, will the Boss call Ms. Yan’s Dad together?

“Boss, you are very reasonable.”

Yan Xi got off work early, and when she got downstairs, she found that the people who picked her up were not Yuan Yi and his driver but Assistant Meng. She was a little strange: “Assistant Meng, where is your boss?”

“Miss Yan, the boss is going to buy a meeting gift for Mr. Song, and he asked me to pick you up.”

Yan Xi laughed but said nothing in front of Assistant Meng.

When the two saw Yuan Yi, Yan Xi found that his clothes differed from what he wore when he went out in the morning.

“Have you changed your clothes?” Yan Xi exited the car and walked to Yuan Yi’s side, “You’re so handsome!”

“The imagist theory said that when you wear a suit, people will feel that you are more reliable and stable, and it is just right for elders.” Yuan Yi pulled the tight tie and pulled Yan Xi into another car.

When the two hands were clasped together, Yan Xi realized that Yuan Yi’s palm was as cold as water.

Looking at his whole body sitting tense and upright, Yan Xi’s heart suddenly softened into cotton candy.

He is nervous.

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