One Can’t Judge by Appearance #66

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Chapter 66

“This is a good project, as you said!” Song Chao slapped the suspended construction documents on the table, “Who is in charge of the survey work? Could it be that they haven’t discovered such a large ancient tomb under the ground?”

The people at the bottom dare not speak out. They invested a lot of resources in the early stage of this project. Now they suddenly dug up an ancient tomb. It is said that the quality of the burial is still very high. Those archaeologists gather here and don’t know how much they will spend here. It was probably a long time.

Song Chao invested in this project behind the back of his family. After he returned to China, he only had an equal position in the family business, and his grandfather’s attitude towards the younger generation was not much different. He was obviously better than other cousins, but in the eyes of the rest of the family, he was just the son of a mistress.

Song Shi eats, drinks, and has fun all the time. Song Shi never goes home at night. He learns from other people to raise his boyish face. He makes a fool of himself and makes a scandal in the newspaper. This embarrasses the Song family a lot, but just because they have a mother from a famous family, they are always superior to others.

In the eyes of these people, background is more important than ability. He has had excellent grades since childhood and has won numerous awards, but he is not worthy of a junior high school student.

He thought that after the success of this project, he would be able to feel proud in the Song family, but he didn’t expect that a princely tomb would be dug out from the ground. It was two or three thousand years ago, and no one had discovered it for so many years. Why did it meet him?

At that bidding meeting, the Yuan family did not participate in the bidding. Although Hengtai participated in the bidding meeting under Yuan Yi’s name, he lost to his client. Yuan Yi may have gotten some news long ago.

But where did Yuan Yi get the news? And the professional surveyors he invited didn’t find any of this?

The phone rang, and Song Chao asked everyone in the room to go out before pressing the call button, and Song Ci’s idle voice came over.

“Cousin, I heard that the project invested by your friend has dug up a prince’s tomb?” Laughter came from the phone, “Your friend has made great contributions to the national archaeological cause. Fortunately, the tomb robbers didn’t find it. 

Otherwise, I don’t know how many cultural relics will be lost, right?”

“Since when did the eldest brother care about the country’s history and culture?” 

Song Chao squeezed his phone, but there was still a smile in his calm tone, “As long as it is beneficial to the country, sacrificing some personal interests is nothing.”

“Actually, I think so, too,” Song Ci said with a smile. “To be a human being is to be open-minded. Some people are born with cheap lives, so don’t think that good things will happen. Not everyone has the ability of the second child of the Yuan family, even if they lose their heirs. With qualifications, he can still have a career and a beauty.”

Song Chao remained silent.

“Look at me. I like to talk nonsense whenever I encounter happy things. This problem needs to be corrected,” Song Ci laughed louder, “I won’t bother you with your work. Take your time.”

“It’s okay. It’s easy to forget when people are happy. The eldest brother will be like this. It’s not surprising to act like a kid.” Song Chao hung up the phone, stared blankly at the call log for a long time, and slammed the phone on the wall.

“President Song,” the assistant came in through the door, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Song Chao smiled while pushing his glasses, “Thank you for your hard work.”

The assistant blushed and shook her head: “No, it’s not hard.”

“Then…can you close the door for me?” Song Chao’s smile remained unchanged.

“Okay, okay.” The assistant closed the door and gently stroked her chest. Mr. Song’s smile was so charming.

After Yan Xi and Shen Xingyan co-hosted “The Opposite Side,” some people felt that Shen Xingyan didn’t need another host, and some thought Yan Xi’s hosting skills were not bad. Their chemistry is also graceful in front of the camera, not annoying.

But no matter what, quite a few voices were questioning the arrangement of the program director. Some people even thought Yan Xi was relying on the backstage to force Shen Xingyan to bring her to host together. Shen Xingyan has hosted for so many years and has countless fans. The more fans think about it, the more they feel that Shen Xingyan has been wronged. They leave messages on Yan Xi’s Weibo, asking her to get out of the “Opposite” program group. Shen Xingyan is enough for “Opposite.” No need for extra vases.

The TV station has long expected that new hosts will welcome criticism when they join popular programs, so they have not been affected by online comments on their training plan for a new generation of hosts.

Chen Pei and the others were initially worried that Yan Xi would be unable to bear the bad words on the Internet. However, they knew they were overthinking after seeing that she was still in the mood to buy succulents to put on the desk.

“Ms. Yan, why don’t you change it to a small potted plant? It’s too pitiful for these succulents to fall into your hands,” a colleague advised, “I think prickly pears are pretty good.”

Is this the first person to persuade her to give up raising succulents?

Yan Xi looked at the newly bought succulent in her hand and said with a bitter face: 

“Can’t you wish me success this time?”

“I heard ‘The Wolf is Coming’ when I was three years old. This story is excellent.”

Yan Xi: “So?”

“So I can’t tell a lie.”

After being beaten by her colleagues, Yan Xi put her bag on her back and said, “I was hurt by you. I am going to find comfort.”

“Show off your kindness and love,” Xiao Yang curled her lips, “Our single dog can bear it.”

“Apart from love, is there anything else in your mind?” Yan Xi poked Xiao Yang’s forehead, “Sister, I’m going shopping today, buy, buy, buy.”

It will be her dad’s birthday in a few days, and her dad will be back tomorrow, so it’s just right for her to pick out gifts now.

After waiting for the elevator for a while, the elevator door opened, and Yan Xi saw Zhao Wantong standing in the elevator.

“Who did I think it was? It was the second young lady of the Yuan family.” Zhao Wantong folded her arms around her chest and raised the corners of her eyes. You delete negative comments?”

Yan Xi walked into the elevator and closed the elevator door, “Miss Zhao, what kind of era is this? Why do you still regard women as accessories to men? As the saying goes, criticism makes people improve. If I can stand rewards, I can also stand criticism.”

“Since you don’t want to be a man’s vassal, don’t rely on a man to get in the position,” Zhao Wantong was disgusted by Yan Xi’s hypocritical appearance, “You speak the truth better than anyone else. If you are shameless, no one can catch up.”

“I didn’t buy a navy to discredit anyone, and I didn’t speak ill of my competitors behind their backs,” Yan Xi smiled, “I’m not as good as Miss Zhao in this regard.”

Zhao Wantong’s complexion changed slightly. Before, she looked for the navy on the Internet to deliberately discredit Yan Xi. Did Yan Xi know? There is no evidence of this kind of thing as long as she doesn’t admit it.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

“It doesn’t matter whether you understand or not,” Yan Xi curled his lips, “If I really want to bully others with my boyfriend’s background, the first one who will be unlucky maybe Ms. Zhao.”

“Are you threatening me?” Zhao Wantong raised her voice.

Yan Xi raised her eyebrows with a smile: “Miss Zhao, you think too much.”

“You, don’t you think that I don’t know that your boyfriend has lost the right to inherit the Yuan family because of you,” Zhao Wantong said with confidence, “A rich man, do you really think he will give up his family business for you? Don’t dream!”

“Thank you, Ms. Zhao, for your concern,” Yan Xi smiled like a flower, “Dreams are everyone’s right, and I will tell you when I wake up from the dream.”

The elevator door opened. Yan Xi stepped out first, turned around, and waved at Zhao Wantong: “Bye-bye, Sister Zhao, you are really a good person, always considerate of me.”

Zhao Wantong: Take your good person card!

Staring at Yan Xi’s back, Zhao Wantong felt that she was more angry than being scolded at the moment.

Yan Xi visited several stores, picked up the men’s watch he had ordered two weeks ago, and went to the jewelry store to choose a men’s tie clip.

“Sorry, ma’am, the tie clip you chose is no longer in stock. If you need it, we will send it over as soon as possible.” The shopping guide smiled, “Why don’t you take a look again. Is there any other style you like?”

Yan Xi flipped through the brochure. Her father liked things with lots of diamonds and sparkles, although they didn’t fit her aesthetics, as long as her father was happy.

“What about this one?” Yan Xi pointed to a specific type of tie clip. The design of this tie clip is average. The only feature is that the diamond is big enough and shiny.

“We have this one. Just wait a moment. I’ll send it to you to check right away.”

Yan Xi was about to thank the shopping guide when she raised her head. She met the woman who came out of the VIP room.

Xu Ya didn’t expect that today. She just came out with her sister to look at jewelry, and she met the girlfriend who would make her son give up his property inheritance. 

She paused, not wanting outsiders to see the joke, and nodded reservedly to Yan Xi.

Yan Xi sat straight and nodded back but did not stand up from the sofa.

“Ma’am, here is the tie clip you picked. Take a look.” The shopping guide put the velvet box containing the tie clip in front of Yan Xi, put on white gloves, and took out the tie clip.

Among other things, the real thing is as shiny as the promotional picture.

Xu Ya frowned slightly. The taste of this nouveau riche…

“Sister,” Xu Xiang seemed to have not seen Yan Xi, “Let’s go. We should go home. If we are late when we return, brother-in-law will keep calling again.”

“I’m in my fifties, and you still make fun of me for this,” Xu Ya said with a smile, walked out of the shop with Xu Xiang, and said after getting in the car, “Xiaoer is getting more and more uncontrollable now. If he has an idea, he won’t listen to what his father says. Although that girl named Yan Xi is nice…” She is not good at speaking harsh words, so she had to shut her mouth.

Xu Xiang glanced out of the car door and saw Yuan Yi getting out of the car. She changed her sitting position just enough to block Xu Ya’s sight, “Sister, as the saying goes, children and grandchildren have their own blessings. As parents, we must also learn to respect our children’s opinions. There may be some words that I say may not sound good, but I am Xiaoer’s aunt, so I still have to say something fair to him. “

Xu Ya saw that her younger sister hesitated to speak and said with a smile: “Is there anything we cannot say between us sisters?”

“As parents, you didn’t pay enough attention to Xiaoer when he was young. Now that he’s almost twenty-seven, you’re pointing fingers at his relationship instead. Isn’t that justifiable?” Xu Xiang saw Xu Ya’s face pale. Looks good, sighed, “You don’t know that Dad’s favorite show is “Those Things Around Us” hosted by her. He wrote to her a few months ago and received this girl’s reply. He was happy for several days. 

If the old man knows that Xiaoer’s girlfriend is the host he likes, and you and brother-in-law don’t like her, you say this…”

Xu Ya didn’t dare believe it: “Father wrote a letter to the host himself. He is already ninety years old. Don’t you stop him?”

“Old and young, the old man has a childish character now. Who can stop him?” Xu Xiang patted Xu Ya’s hand, “The old man said that a host who can seriously reply to the old man’s letters must be very kind.”

Xu Ya opened her mouth, wanting to say that she didn’t think Yan Xi was bad, but just…

She feels that Yan Xi is not suitable for her son.

“Yan Xiaoxi, are you picking a tie clip or a diamond?” Yuan Yi entered the shop and saw the tie clip Yan Xi had paid for: “I don’t have the face to wear this kind of thing.”

“It’s not for you. Why are you afraid of losing face?” Yan Xi took the shopping invoice and put it in the bag, ready to go out.

Yuan Yi’s expression changed drastically. He caught up with Yan Xi and asked, “You actually want to give such an expensive gift to other men?”

“Who told me that money is just a number and tens of thousands of red envelopes are not money?” Yan Xi raised her eyebrows, “Why is it so expensive now?”


In this instant, Yuan Yi thought of the perfect answer: “No matter how much money I earn for you, it is just a number, but you usually work so hard, thinking you have earned all this money through wind and rain. Even if it only costs one dollar, I feel it is precious.”

“Who did you learn this mouth to be so sweet?” Yan Xi reached out and pulled Yuan Yi’s face, “The skin is getting thicker and thicker.”

Love improves one’s EQ, love words thicken one’s skin, and everything is God’s will.

Yuan Yi held Yan Xi’s hand, pinching his face, looked around, and found that the shopping guide was secretly smiling. He immediately blushed: “You, you should be more reserved. We are outside.”

“Oh, then let go of my hand.”

“Why did I let go of your hand?”

“Outside, be reserved.”

Yuan Yi held Yan Xi’s hand tightly: “Who said you should be reserved? Why are you talking about being reserved when you’re in love?!”

Yan Xi: …

“Then tell me, which man did you give this tie clip to?” Yuan Yi led Yan Xi out of the store, looked around quickly, and when he lowered his head to kiss Yan Xi’s forehead, he found it was not far away. A little kid was staring at him, so he had to straighten his bent head and then look at the little kid again.

The little boy burst into tears immediately. His parents coaxed the child into a daze, not understanding why he cried out of nowhere.

Yuan Yi: …

Yan Xi didn’t know that Yuan Yi used his eyes to bully the crying child. Seeing him silent, she thought he was upset, so she said, “Okay, I won’t tease you, it will be my dad’s birthday in a few days, and this is for my dad. Bought him a birthday present.”

“Uncle’s birthday is coming?” Yuan Yi immediately turned around, dragging Yan Xi to the jewelry store.

“Yes, why go back again?”

“Of course, it is to buy birthday presents for the old man to please him.”

Standing behind, Yan Xi watched Yuan Yi tell the shopping guide that he wanted to buy a watch with big enough diamonds and sparkles and couldn’t help laughing out loud. 

Usually, when it comes to dressing, a man who always pays attention to elegance and extravagance would make such an “upstart” request, which makes people feel unexpectedly cute.

After buying a watch worth seven figures, Yuan Yi turned his head and criticized Yan Xi: “Uncle is celebrating his birthday. Why didn’t you tell me earlier, so I can prepare earlier.”

“Because you haven’t pursued me at that time. Why did I tell you what to do.” Yan Xi raised her eyebrows, “Deliberately asking you for a gift?”

“Why do I miss you so much? It’s so boring to ask people for gifts on purpose.” Yuan Yi coughed dryly, trying to sound as calm as possible, “Uncle won’t be returning home until tomorrow. Why don’t you go to sleep with me tonight? Aunt Li specially told me. 

She boiled beauty soup. If you don’t go, she will be very disappointed.”

“Only Aunt Li wants me to go?” Yan Xi looked at him with a smile.

“And I want you to go too, okay!” Yuan Yi said with a blushing face, “You women really don’t understand the truth of seeing through but not telling through?”

“I don’t understand.” Yan Xi continued to smile.

“Get in the car,” Yuan Yi pulled Yan Xi into the car, fastened her seat belt, and turned to the driver, “Go straight home.”

The phone in his pocket beeped for a message. Yuan Yi took it out and took a look.

[Zhang Wang: Xiaoer, how do you plan to celebrate your birthday the day after tomorrow? Does Dahe have any surprises for you?]

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