One Can’t Judge by Appearance #65

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Chapter 65

Yan Xi turned on her phone, and the first hot news she saw was that someone broke the news that Yuan Yi had been removed from Changfeng’s management position after falling out with the family because they were dissatisfied with his girlfriend.

The person who broke the news not only posted the chat records between him and Changfeng’s internal staff but also posted some screenshots from the live video of the original confession event to prove the authenticity of his news.

“Xiaoyan, this… can’t be true, right?” Xiao Yang looked at Yan Xi worriedly and didn’t know how to comfort Yan Xi. A wealthy family like the Yuan family must have a good eye for choosing a daughter-in-law. She doesn’t know if Mr Yuan can handle the pressure at home. Xiao Yang felt a little uncomfortable thinking of a pair of lovers being separated due to family reasons. What’s wrong with Xiao Yan, Yuan Yi’s parents are so evil they can’t hope for better.

“It’s okay,” Yan Xi said to Xiao Yang after reading the revelation, “It’s all nonsense on the Internet.”

“Well, well, it’s your first time hosting a show with Ms Shen tonight, don’t be affected by external factors.” Xiao Yang saw that Yan Xi’s expression was normal, thought it was a rumor spread on the Internet, and put her heart back.

After Xiao Yang left, the smile on Yan Xi’s face disappeared. With Yuan Yi’s usual uncompromising attitude on the Internet, there are still people who dare to expose such rumors, which can only prove one thing: that this matter is true. But for ordinary people, this kind of power change of a wealthy family has little to do with them. Even if the news is revealed, it shouldn’t have such a high degree of attention.

She has met Yuan Bo, and this big brother is very kind to Yuan Yi. Although this incident is beneficial to him, he doesn’t seem like a person who uses such methods. 

As for the Yuan Yi parents, even if they were really dissatisfied with her daughter-in-law, they would definitely not want to make this kind of incident public. As the saying goes, family ugliness should not be publicized, and this kind of incident is not worth showing off for the Yuan family.

So, is it Yuan Yi’s commercial competitor or someone who has a problem with the Yuan family?

After thinking hard, to no avail, she glanced at the time, put on her work card, picked up the snacks she had prepared, and walked out of the office.

“Teacher Yan, come on, don’t be nervous.” A colleague saw her coming out and knew that she was going upstairs to host a show with Teacher Shen Xingyan and said with a smile, “Give us Channel 8 a face.”


“Teacher Yan, stand up!”

Well, this colleague must be from Sichuan.

“Xiao Yan, don’t be nervous, go!”

She was recording programs with her seniors to gain some popularity with the audience, not to go to the battlefield.

However, seeing the encouraging smiles of her colleagues, the tension in her heart dissipated a lot. After thanking her colleagues, she walked into the elevator with high spirits.

The show that Yan Xi wants to host with Shen Xingyan is a conversation type. The interviewees are celebrities from all walks of life. The requirements for the host are very high. Shen Xingyan has been the host of this program for nearly eight years, and the national recognition is very high. As long as the “Opposite” is mentioned, everyone will think of Shen Xingyan.

When she went backstage to the “Opposite” program group, Shen Xingyan hadn’t arrived yet. Still, most of the other behind-the-scenes staff were already in place. Although Shen Xingyan hasn’t arrived yet, she has already called them in advance to take good care of the new host, so everyone is very polite to Yan Xi.

After Yan Xi distributed the snacks she brought to everyone, she began to change clothes and makeup. Before the makeup was finished, Shen Xingyan came in.

“Teacher Shen,” Yan Xi wanted to get up from the chair to greet Shen Xingyan, but Shen Xingyan smiled and said, “Sit down.”

Taking a few glances at Yan Xi in the mirror, Shen Xingyan nodded and said, “You have good makeup effects, and you will look good under the camera. Qiqi, give Xiao Yan a stylish hairstyle later. It will definitely be very eye-catching.”

“Don’t worry, Ms Shen, we will make Ms Yan look good and let her compare you.” The hairstylist named Qiqi agreed with a smile.

The entire program team was watching Shen Xingyan’s actions, and seeing that Shen Xingyan was so kind to Yan Xi, they were even more polite to Yan Xi.

Yan Xi noticed that Shen Xingyan took great care of her and felt a little weird. She had little interaction with Shen Xingyan. Even if Shen Xingyan had some appreciation for her, she wouldn’t be so affectionate to her.

After the two put on their makeup, Shen Xingyan said to Yan Xi, who was still reading the script: “The script is just a main interview process, but sometimes the guests answer questions and don’t act according to our expectations, so for us as hosts, On-the-spot adaptability is very important. I have watched the programs you host, and your hosting skills can be regarded as outstanding among young people, but you still lack on-scene experience.”

Yan Xi put down the script and listened to what Shen Xingyan said.

“Talk shows are different from other types of shows. You can host the show so that the audience falls asleep. You can make them prefer to get through the commercials every minute and every second rather than miss half a minute of the content.” Shen Xingyan smiled. Laughing, closing the script, “In my opinion, you are still too soft-hearted and unwilling to ask some questions that could increase the topic.”

Yan Xi smiled and didn’t refute Shen Xingyan’s words, but she didn’t necessarily agree too much.

“But I just admire you for that.” With a slight smile, Shen Xingyan suddenly changed the subject, “Ratings, topics, and attention are important, but as a media person, you must maintain your integrity and conscience. “

Yan Xi’s eyes turned into crescents, and she looked like an obedient junior with no offensive power.

If she hadn’t seen Yan Xi choking power at the elevator door, Shen Xingyan would have been tricked by her. Calm, knowing when to speak and when to keep silent, this is a principled and intelligent young woman.

“Okay, don’t stress, I’ll take you on stage, don’t just keep silent just because you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing,” Shen Xingyan patted her on the shoulder, “If a host doesn’t even dare to speak up on stage, that was the biggest failure.”

“Thank you, Teacher Shen.”

“You’re welcome. You can call me Sister Shen in the future. It will make me look younger.”

“Sister Shen, you are very young.” Yan Xi looked up at Shen Xingyan. Shen Xingyan has an oval face and is not a beautiful type, but she has a quick mind and good communication skills. She is very popular with the audience. In front of such a woman, age is almost sacrilegious to describe her as beautiful or not.

Some women’s elegance is enough to make people forget their appearance and age. Even if she is eighty years old, she is still a beauty in the eyes of everyone.

“You can really talk. I’m thirty-six or seven, a round older than you.” Shen Xingyan quickly pinches Yan Xi’s face, “I like this tender little face.”

Yan Xi silently covered her face. She was not serious again.

She took Yan Xi to greet the guests, and after chatting for a few lively moments, the show officially started recording.

Yan Xi knew she was a newcomer, so she didn’t steal the talk on the show. When Shen Xingyan threw a line at her, she just caught it and didn’t steal the show. Halfway through the show’s recording, Shen Xingyan went offstage during the break to touch up her makeup. Her assistant said, “Ms Shen, you take good care of the newcomers.”

Fortunately, this newcomer could catch the dialogue stems thrown by Ms Shen. Otherwise, it would have been a waste of Ms Shen’s efforts.

Shen Xingyan smiled and whispered to the assistant: “Don’t say such things in the future. This girl is pretty good. I like it.” She turned her head to look at the other side. Yan Xi was taking a photo with several audience members. After taking the photo, go back to the stage and sit with the guests so as not to embarrass the guests too much.

The program was recorded for two or three hours, and when it ended, it was already past nine o’clock at night. Yan Xi thanked everyone in the program group and left in a hurry with her bag without even taking off her makeup.

Shen Xingyan smiled and said to the director: “Looking at Xiao Yan like this, I can guess that someone must be waiting for her downstairs.”

The editor and director echoed with a smile: “Men and women in the period of passionate love are all like this.”

Shen Xingyan smiled and said nothing else.

Yan Xi walked out of the elevator, saw Yuan Yi waiting outside the elevator door, reached out to grab his hand, and was chilled: “Are you stupid? Why are you standing here? Why don’t you wait for me in the car?”

“I’m afraid your eyesight is bad, and you won’t be able to find my car,” Yuan Yi tied the scarf on her arm around her neck, “Let’s go.”

“Are you going to tie a scarf for me, or are you trying to strangle me with the scarf?” Yan Xi pulled the scarf, speechless at this straight man’s way of tying the scarf in circles, and rearranged her look, “You have been busy working for the past two days?”

Sometimes when the two of them were chatting on WeChat, there would be no reply from Yuan Yi, and sometimes it would take half an hour to reply. She only thought he was busy before, but after reading the hot news today, she realized why he was so busy.

“It’s a little busy, but it’s okay. It will be fine after this period,” Yuan Yi didn’t really want to talk about work, “You haven’t had dinner yet. I’ll take you to eat.”

Looking at the darkness under Yuan Yi’s eyes, Yan Xi rubbed the back of his cold hands and said, “No need, I’ve eaten in the afternoon. You should go back and rest earlier.”

“Sleep less won’t lose meat,” Yuan Yi couldn’t help but pull her into the car and help Yan Xi fasten her seat belt, “Tell me, what do you want to eat?”

“Then how about a bowl of… homemade noodles?” Yan Xi coughed dryly, “Ask Aunt Li to make a bowl of noodles for me and ask the driver to take me back after I finish eating.”

“Yan Dahe, I look like someone who can’t afford dinner?” Yuan Yi squinted at her for a long while, “Have you seen the news on the Internet?”

Yan Xi initially didn’t want to mention this matter, fearing that it would affect Yuan Yi’s mood, but when she saw that he brought it up, she had to admit: “I saw a little bit.”

Amused by her appearance, Yuan Yi clicked his tongue: “Don’t worry, even if I lose Yuan’s family shares, it won’t matter. You don’t have to overthink.”

Seeing his indifferent appearance, Yan Xi swallowed her words of comfort: “Is it because of me…”

“What does it have to do with you?” Yuan Yi looked at Yan Xi inexplicably, “Do you also believe those rumors on the Internet?”

Yan Xi: …

“The old man has long disliked me. He doesn’t want to share the shares in his hands. He used to share some with me because my grandparents were still alive. Now he wants to take them back. I’m too lazy to make a fuss with him for this little thing.” Yuan Yi thought that Yan Xi was worried that he had no money to spend, “Don’t worry, I still have more money.”

“You…” Yan Xi’s expression was a little subtle, “Are you your parents’ biological child?””

“If I am not their, can it still be delivered by charging the phone bill?” Yuan Yi pulled out two pieces of chocolate and handed them to Yan Xi, “First, eat something to fill your stomach.”

Yan Xi took the chocolate, looking at Yuan Yi’s calm appearance. She felt a little distressed. How low is the requirement for his parents? It is to be so calm when encountering this kind of thing.

In the end, Yan Xi followed Yuan Yi back home. Aunt Li was sitting on the sofa watching TV. She heard that Yan Xi hadn’t eaten dinner. While talking about Yuan Yi’s inconsiderateness, she went to the kitchen to make a bowl of noodles for Yan Xi.

“It’s so late, don’t go back tonight,” Yuan Yi sat beside her, “You live at home alone. I still have to worry about it.”

“You won’t let me go back, so where do I live?”

“O-Of course, you live in a guest room.” Yuan Yi blushed a little, “Otherwise, where do you want to live?”

“I didn’t think about anything,” Yan Xi said innocently, “Where did you think?”

Yuan Yi: …

That night, Yuan Yi decently lay in the master bedroom, knocked on the door to wake Yan Xi up the next morning, and left her to Aunt Li care. He was very gentlemanly.

If it weren’t for his eager and gentle eyes looking at her, Yan Xi would really doubt her own charm. He tried his best to keep her overnight, but it was really just a simple overnight stay.

Yuan Xiaoer is the most innocent boy among the men she has ever met.

After sending Yan Xi to the TV station the next day, Yuan Yi rushed to the company. As soon as he entered the office, Assistant Meng came in with a few documents: “Boss, several companies are planning to divest the project.”

“Well,” Yuan Yi took the document, “They are worried that I will lose Yuan’s family’s support. Is there any risk in the project? I understand their thoughts. Business is about making money with harmony, so let them go.”

“Also, the two companies that withdrew their capital have private connections with Song Chao.” Assistant Meng said in a low voice, “Boss, you said that the project that Song Chao got before, may we have got the wrong information, as if the land over there found nothing wrong.”

That project has been going on for a while, and no cultural relics have been seen underground, and it is going smoothly.

“What’s the rush? Is there any problem? It doesn’t matter to us now.” Yuan Yi’s mood was not affected in the slightest, “How is our mobile game doing?”

“It has been completed and can be officially put into the market after testing.”

“Then start the publicity,” Yuan Yi pondered for a moment, “The key point is the online publicity.”

This game is aimed at people who often surf the Internet. They have a certain spending power and a strong ability to receive information from the Internet. As long as they are interested in playing games, they are confident in making a bloody breakthrough in the mobile game market.

“Boss, is this too risky?”

“I trust my own vision.” Yuan Yi glanced at the well-growing succulent potted plants on the table and slowly poured some water into it, “The person who broke the news on the Internet yesterday that I was deprived of my inheritance rights, was from Song Chao?”

Assistant Meng nodded.

“What do you think Song Chao learned abroad?” Yuan Yi put down his water glass and looked at Assistant Meng, “He doesn’t have an investment vision, but this kind of small means emerges endlessly.”

“I heard that the Song family has many daughters and grandchildren.” Assistant Meng suppressed a smile, “Mr Song’s mother is said to be the mistress.”

“No wonder he also wants to be a mistress,” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows, “So it’s because of his family background.”

Assistant Meng: Why doesn’t that sound right?

A few days later, the first snowfall of the year fell in the imperial capital, and just as everyone was welcoming the arrival of the winter snow, another piece of good news broke out.

A large ancient tomb hidden deep in the ground was discovered in Xicheng. According to the identification of archaeologists, it may be the tomb of a certain prince two or three thousand years ago, which has great archaeological value.

In order to protect these cultural treasures, all the ongoing projects here must be suspended.

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