The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 52. (2/2)

She sat there alone, leaving Cheng Rui alone. What was going on in her head? Whether she was sad or angry, how could her brother abandon her?

Fu Chen stared at the swing for a few seconds, suffocating.

“Captain Fu.” Cheng Rui’s voice was cold: “She sat here for about two hours, then left the park towards the south gate. There is a problem with the surveillance at the south gate; she was not photographed.”

With gloomy eyes, Fu Chen turned around and punched Cheng Rui.

Cheng Rui was tall and strong, but he staggered a few steps from Fu Chen’s punch and almost fell, which shows how hard the punch was.

Fu Chen’s voice was grim: “You promised me you would protect her well.”

Cheng Rui wiped the bleeding corner of his mouth, remained silent for half a second, and said, “It’s my fault, Captain Fu. Find Qing Qing first, and punish me later.”

Fu Chen also knew that now was not the time for interrogation, so he searched mentally and could faintly feel the breath left by Bai Qingqing, which was very faint. She stayed in the park for a long time in the afternoon and then left the park.

Where did she go?

Fu Chen regretted not coaxing her anymore and told her that it was because going to the city of death was too dangerous and that he didn’t want to take her with him.

If he can come back alive, he will definitely come to pick her up.

The temperature at night was more than ten degrees different from that in the daytime, and Bai Qing Qing only went out in a skirt in the afternoon. Fu Chen was glad that she had the space ability, so she was able to take clothes from space and put them on to keep warm.

Qing Qing, wait, brother, I will definitely find you.

The prison was surrounded by soldiers and supernatural beings, and the atmosphere within a few hundred meters was extremely tense. The soldiers guarding the prison and the supernatural beings who rushed overlooked the surrounded group of people.

Human desires are endless, the complexity of human nature is far beyond imagination, supernatural powers have increased the crime rate, and most of the prisoners in prisons are supernatural beings who have committed serious crimes.

The Yaoyang Survivor Base Prison is huge, and hundreds of criminals with supernatural powers are detained. They are divided into more than a dozen districts. Criminals from two sections were released tonight, causing a huge riot/chaos.

Several superhuman soldiers died at the scene, and the criminals were surrounded. They haven’t broken through the perimeter of the prison yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

These people with supernatural powers hoped to escape and acted frantically against the suppression.

The Ye brothers and sisters hid in the crowd of supernatural beings and criminals, observing the movements of the soldiers and looking for opportunities to escape.

Ye Haijun held Bai Tian Tian, and his younger sister he rescued seemed to have the missing Bai Qing Qing, and both of them were caught by them as hostages.

The noises of fighting, cursing, and roaring are mixed together, just like the riot/chaos in prison in a movie, and the people who watch it are terrified.

Tears flowed from Bai Tian Tian’s eyes, and she complained timidly: “Bastard! You lied to me! You said that you would let me go if you rescued your sister. You don’t mean anything!”

Ye Haijun had a scar on his face. He sneered, and his voice was cold: “We haven’t left the prison yet. When we leave the base, I will release you.”

These words were also deceiving her. How could he let Bai Tian Tian and Bai Qing Qing go? When he successfully left the Yaoyang base, he tortured them severely before killing them.

His invisibility ability is almost unbeatable. He hid near Cheng’s villa for several days without being noticed. He successfully sneaked in and caught Bai Tian Tian, using her soft heart to deceive her.

– His father died, his younger sister was arrested, and he himself was hunted down by the Cheng family. His life was worse than that of a stray dog. He just wanted to leave the base with his younger sister and survive.

– He will let her go as long as she is willing to help him rescue his sister.

Bai Tian Tian was dubious. He sincerely said that he would not hurt her back. He just wanted to save his sister and leave, so she believed his nonsense.

How could there be such a pure and kind woman in the world? She was ridiculously stupid. She didn’t need to be hijacked by him. She was willing to leave the villa to help him, even though God was helping him. When they met Bai Qing Qing, who came back after leaving the villa, there was one more hostage.

Seeing the violence/chaos in prison, Bai Tian Tian struggled and cried in fear: “I don’t believe it, your sister said she was going to kill Qing Qing! You let us go!”

“Shut up!” Ye Jiahui slapped her, causing her face to become red and swollen. “If you keep yelling, I’ll kill you now!”

Ye Haijun’s face was ugly, and he said: “Don’t slap her in the face. How can she play if you break her.”

e Jiahui snorted coldly, tightened the hand pinching Bai Qing Qing’s neck, her face twisted ferociously: “Bitch! I didn’t expect you to fall into my hands in the end!”

Bai Qing Qing had difficulty breathing and had a splitting headache due to a lack of oxygen.

She didn’t expect Bai Tian Tian’s Mary Sue heart to break out again, and she felt sympathy for the villains who wanted to hurt her like last time.

Not only is Bai Tian Tian naive, but she is also too naive, thinking she can easily change others.

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