Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #39

Chapter 39

Seeing that Shi Zhi hung up the phone, Brother Quan asked her, “Who is it?”

“A Scummer?”

He faintly heard a little bit.

Shi Zhi affirmed, “Yes.”

“If you don’t practice ordinary work well, you have to cheat money. But the scammers even don’t work hard at all, It’s not as good as my little black fan.”

How hard are her black fans following her to the scene, watching all her variety shows and TV series, accurate to every frame and little action, compared with them? 

Is this telecom scam still interesting compared to theirs?

If you want tens of millions, you dare to dream.

Brother Quan:

The point is to work hard or not?

Brother Quan sighed, “Telecom fraud is really shameful…” His cousin and her mother were cheated of a lot of money, which was the hard-earned money of the older generation. Not to mention the older generation, it is not easy for young people to be cheated.

Shi Zhi agrees with this point of view.

“It’s okay to lie to feelings, but not to lie to money.” She shouted.

Brother Quan: ???

Did you fucking fall into the money trap? Is this what a female star can say?

After Shi Zhi hung up the fraudulent call, there came a second time. Shi Zhi swiped her finger smartly, hung up, and blocked it.

She stared at the phone screen, hoping that the next scam call would speak better Mandarin, and if the voice could be better, that would be even better.

If Brother Quan knew what Shi Zhi was thinking, he would probably be speechless. You think you are a virtual boyfriend (female) friend, and you still have requirements for voices!

Neither of them took this matter seriously, but a piece of news spread on the Internet the next day.

[A certain well-known female star, who recently had a hit drama, was adopted by an older woman. After becoming famous, she ignored the older woman and her relatives. She spent a lot of time alone, while her elderly brother had to rely on part-time jobs to earn money.]

As soon as the news came out, it received widespread attention.

A well-known female star, who has hit dramas, was adopted.

Everyone is thinking about who this person is, and they don’t know what the female explosion star will look like, so they haven’t locked in this female star.

The little assistant of Shi Zhi’s team saw this incident but was filled with righteous indignation.

“I don’t know which star it is, but it’s so excessive!”

Shi Zhi also roughly glanced at the news.

“Where is it too much?”

The assistant’s eyes widened, “Sister Shi, isn’t that too much?”

She always thought sister Shi was the embodiment of justice, but sister Shi didn’t think it was too much?

So the assistant also became unsure.

Shi Zhi lamented that the assistant was still too young. Holding her mobile phone, she told the assistant, “First of all, how can you prove that this female star disregards the elderly and her relatives and spends her days and nights… Isn’t this what the brother himself said.”

“What he says is what he says, so if he says he is the richest man, can he really become the richest man?”

Impossible because the richest man is her, hehe.

Shi Zhi, “Secondly, if there is no such thing as an old man, everyone is an adult, even if the female star is really having a good time, what does it have to do with this elderly brother?”

“Just because he’s old, he’s justified because he’s old, isn’t it just selling the old to the old? It’s not easy for young people now, bald, anxious, insomnia, and have to pay back the money…”

When Shi Zhi said something, the little assistant nodded, like a chicken pecking at rice.

She has all these common problems.

But she still vaguely felt that something was wrong.

“The main thing is…I think the female star must be richer than this brother. Then just give this brother whatever he wants. Isn’t it okay? He is still working part-time.”

In fact, this is also the thinking of some Chinese people. Shi Zhi saw many people criticizing this currently unknown female star in the comment area for not giving this working brother a little money.

Shi Zhi: “He is a wage earner, and female celebrities are also wage earners. Everyone is a wage earner. Who is better than the other?”

Good morning workers! Come on, workers!

And this one looks like an extortion of money. Privately, it is estimated that there is no less money.

The assistant was completely convinced this time.

The PR staff is clearer than the assistant. She has been in the circle for a long time. The brother of this female star only went to the media after watching the female star blow up a drama and was disgusted.

Female PR: “I don’t know which female star is so unlucky.” Such a family was spread out.

Shi Zhi responded twice. She focused on this breaking news and clicked her tongue.

“This revelation…”

The female PR suddenly became a little nervous, “What’s the matter, do you know her Miss Shi?”

Are you still an acquaintance?

Shi Zhi: “No, I was just reading this revelation and felt that it wasn’t written enough to attract attention.”

“It should be written like this, shocking… I will pick up from a certain female star, and add later, whether it is the distortion of human nature or the loss of morality.”

Female PR: Yes, that’s right.

The old UC staff: if sister Shi is not a female star, she can go to the editorial department to report there. She is definitely an excellent employee.

(Idk what UC stands for, but the only thing I can find is that Unified Communications (UC) is an umbrella term for the integration of multiple enterprise communication tools — such as voice calling, video conferencing, instant messaging (IM), presence, content sharing, etc.)

But soon, the female PR knew who the unlucky female star was.

It wasn’t the female celebrity that Shi Zhi knew, but their sister Shi.

Shi Zhi.

This news adopts the usual method of breaking news, first without naming names, saying some ambiguous words on the Internet, and then when the whole network is curious about this female star, the person who broke the news comes out and goes on the show.

A posture that is bound to hammer Shi Zhi to death.

The person who broke the news was the TV station where Shi Zhi had previously recorded “Youth My Type”.

In the program, all three members of the family gathered together. The person who broke the news said that he was Shi Zhi’s elder brother, but he was actually quite old. Even his son was studying in college and was not much younger than Shi Zhi. The person who broke the news probably knew that He had an accent and his Mandarin was not good, so he asked his son to help relay it.

“Shi Zhi is an orphan. My mother picked her up when she was very young. My mother worked hard to bring her up. We also take good care of her. We usually leave everything delicious for her.”

“My mother died, died of illness, Shi Zhi had already become a big star at that time, and she hadn’t even seen Shi Zhi…”

“I’m already in my fifties, and I’m still working and farming. I think it’s not too much to ask Shi Zhi for some money. She can’t become popular by herself. Regardless of us, we raised her anyway.”

The host asked him, have you guys not contacted Shi Zhi? Why did she ignore you?

“I couldn’t find her, she blocked me by calling.”

He asked the host again.

“I heard that Shi Zhi’s TV series is now popular again, can she earn a lot of money, do you know her salary?”

Forcibly interrupted by the host.

In the end, it was his son facing the camera.

“Auntie, you can’t be so ruthless. No matter our family, Dad is not in good health, and he still misses you all the time. If you see this show, can you contact us as soon as possible? We all need you.”

Need your money.

As soon as the program aired, there was an uproar on the Internet.

The information content is too great!

Unexpectedly, the female star was actually Shi Zhi.

First of all, Shi Zhi was adopted?

Due to Shi Zhi’s appearance and temperament, everyone preconceived that she should at least come from a middle-class family. It never occurred to her that Shi Zhi was an orphan or an orphan adopted by a family with poor conditions.

Next, let’s talk about the video.

Someone expressed doubts.

“Let me state that I’m not a fan of Shi Zhi, but I just watched the video, and I think this family’s actions are not right. They asked Shi Zhi for money but failed, and then engaged in moral kidnapping?”

The TV station has actually checked the script with the whistleblower. Still, their family’s idea of asking for money is too strong. Three sentences cannot be separated from one money, saying it is for the reunion. However, in fact, the ultimate goal is still asking for money.

People watching this video feel weird and very uncomfortable.

“The faces of that family don’t look like any good people. I think that so-called Brother Shi Zhi is so fierce. Does he have a relationship with Shi Zhi? It doesn’t look like that. If you have a good relationship, you will be on this kind of program… Isn’t that what you want? Kill Shi Zhi?”

Everyone knows Shi Zhi’s situation.

She had too much gossip before and abruptly changed from a popular artist to a funny person. In fact, it only took two or three years.

During this period of time, Shi Zhi’s whole person seemed to have been completely reborn. The titles of frequent searchers, Sister Shi and Uncle Shi Zhi, were known to many people. Even the new drama became popular at this time, such a situation.

One must wonder, is this so-called elder brother who appeared out of nowhere looking forward to Shi Zhi?

But it was quickly refuted.

“What’s the matter, Shi Zhi can be ungrateful, so no one will say it?”

“This is a moral kidnapping. I didn’t hear people say that Shi Zhi was brought up. Can’t you contact Shi Zhi? Shi Zhi is a star and makes so much money. Shouldn’t it be given to her brother?”

“She lives at ease, let her nephew part-time job support Shi Zhi’s brother, Shi Zhi quickly came out to give a statement!”

“Look at the picture above. Why do I think Brother Shi Zhi looks quite honest and innocent? This is driving people into a hurry, and the dog jumps the wall in a hurry.”

Zhi’s cell phone has exploded. People she knows and doesn’t know are all looking for her, including a black fan group and work group, and there are constant messages.

Everyone is discussing this matter.

The person involved, Shi Zhi, was automatically filling in the plot in her mind.

Initially, she was the missing daughter of the richest man, so she must not have dragged herself since she was a child. She was adopted by a kind grandmother.

The grandma’s son and daughter-in-law are very shameful. They yell at Grandma three times and make Grandma do heavy work. After Grandma’s hands and feet are not good, the two are driven to a small broken room and depend on each other. Although life is tough, it is also warm.

The original body was beautiful, was scouted by scouts, and was up-to-date on-trend. She was admitted to the film academy and could finally be filial to the elderly. 

However, the elderly fell ill, which was still a serious illness that cost money.

That is to say, from then on, the original body began to take films non-stop, regardless of the quality, as long as she earned more. After more than two years of delay, the original body ran out of money, and the grandma still passed away. The original body accompanied the grandma to the end. On the last journey, she had no son or grandson by her side, only the original body.

Seeing the momentum was wrong, her son ran away early for fear of asking them for money.

Shi Zhi remembered that when she first came to this world, she only had two yuan and five dollars in her mobile phone. After all, she was a celebrity but lived in a cheap rental house. It was her grandma who died not long ago.

Shi Zhi picked up her phone to watch the video again. The more she watched, the more ironic she felt, as if they were very kind to her. After all, even they give up their grandma.

Before, he was called her name directly, and the grandma’s grandson never called her aunt, but now it was his aunt who he called. He asked her for money when the original body was just getting popular.

Hard, hard, fist hard!

Shi Zhi contacted Brother Quan, who had already called her a few times, but Shi Zhi was busy receiving messages at that time and hadn’t returned him yet.

“Meet and talk.”

It’s more straightforward to talk about it when we meet.

Going to the company is no longer suitable. Many paparazzi are surrounded there, so everyone chooses the staff’s home, which is more convenient.

Part 2

Shi Zhi briefly told Brother Quan the ins and outs of the whole matter, and Brother Quan and the team members were all filled with righteous indignation.

This is so shameless!

Even his own sick mother can leave behind,

Brother Quan sighed: “I only knew that you spent a lot of money before, and told me that you needed money urgently and asked me to take more plays, but you didn’t tell me that it was to save someone.”

The manager couldn’t persuade Shi Zhi, the original body was very persistent at that time, and Brother Quan finally knew why.

Why is she still short of money like a desperate person, doing anything, even to make money? It turns out that she is to continue the life of the grandma who raised her.

“Have you left any evidence there?”

Shi Zhi handed a transparent plastic bag to Brother Quan, “Look.”

Inside is the expense list for each chemotherapy treatment. The original body saved all of it in memory of grandma. Shi Zhi also collected it well then, so it is convenient to clarify now.

Seeing the things in hand, Brother Quan knew she had a great chance of winning. After all, unfilial piety was the most important point of attacking them over there.

Is it not filial to spend millions of dollars?

“We recorded “Youth My Type” and offended the TV station. At that time, I thought they would have to retaliate. I didn’t expect a few bastards to hold back until now.”

A few powerless rascals wouldn’t make such a big fuss about Shi Zhi’s unfilial piety. It was with the help of the TV station that Shi Zhi had offended before.

Brother Quan was somewhat concerned about the relationship between those three people and Shi Zhi, so he asked Shi Zhi, “What are you going to do, save them some face, give them some money?”

After clarification, do you want to send them some money?

But Brother Quan always felt these people might be in a bottomless pit.

After hearing Brother Quan’s words, Shi Zhi was extremely surprised, “Give them money?”

Ask her to give them money. What a joke.

“I have to get them to give me money.” Said very seriously.

Shi Zhi has already made a plan, “I don’t need you to help me clarify, I will come directly by myself, and I want to be on the show.”

She has to be on the show if they are on the show, too.

Shi Zhi didn’t even think about handling it in a low-key manner. She wanted to fight them to the end!

Brother Quan’s brain was wide open, “…you don’t plan to smash the three of them to death with a discus on the show, do you?” Then you have to go to jail.

Shi Zhi glanced at him, “Why, I’m a civilized person.”

Civilized persons are followed by a sentence.

“Fuck it.”

Brother Quan: “…” This is too civilized.

Brother Quan thought that Shi Zhi wanted to contact the TV station, but Shi Zhi waved her hand to express her refusal.

Such good traffic, how can it be cheaper than that shameless TV station?

Shi Zhi told Brother Quan that she would take care of this matter, and when everyone dispersed and began to make intense preparations, she found the butler.

“Miss, do you need me to do anything?”

The butler provides 24-hour online service and is always on the road.

Although Shi Zhi didn’t let him help her in the entertainment industry, he has been paying attention to Shi Zhi, and every movement is clear.

The butler knew about Shi Zhi’s experience when he recognized her back, and now looking at Shi Zhi, there is still pain and love in his eyes.

Miss, I am wrong.

Shi Zhi excitedly said, “It would be better if we have a relationship, or a cooperative TV station, or an investment program.”

The pain and affection in the butler’s eyes instantly subsided: “Very well, it seems that the eldest lady has not been affected.

Of course, there is. The industry under the name of the richest man is very wide.

The butler quickly finalized the appropriate TV station and program according to what Shi Zhi said.

Shi Zhi expressed her thoughts, “I plan to confront those three people directly on the show, and the traffic will definitely be huge at that time, which can boost the ratings of the well-connected TV stations. You can also increase the placement of our product advertisements.”

Such a good opportunity can be realized through traffic, and it makes no sense if she doesn’t bring her own products!

The butler looked delighted.

“Miss, you are indeed exactly the same as master, you have perfectly inherited your keen sense of smell and attachment to money!” What kind of business genius is this?

Shi Zhi: “…”

The butler became interested for a while and told Shi Zhi a story.

“Do you know what the master was like before he became rich?”

Shi Zhi is still very curious about this. A generation of bigwigs started from scratch, so how did he show his keen sense of smell and persistence in money before he made a fortune?

The steward said in an admiring tone, “It’s a long story, it was winter… The master accidentally fell down with a dime in his hand, but even though he fell, he still held the dime firmly in his hand. Dime coins!”

Shi Zhi:

He was very persistent.

The butler insisted on offering incense again, “Master, you have successors, you can rest in peace!”

Shi Zhi persuaded the butler, “Let him rest too, he won’t be able to rest in peace after nagging for three days.”

She suspected for a while that the butler was actually an acting school graduate, and it was hard to find a match for a good actor.

Shi Zhi got all the TV stations and programs to be on, and Brother Quan also released a statement to the outside world.

Shi Zhi will appear on the “True Words” program on Yuzu Channel and sincerely invites a family of three to have a face-to-face conversation with Shi Zhi.

Netizens’ first reaction was——

So exciting?!

Initially, they thought that Shi Zhi would come out with a lawyer’s letter or write a long article to clarify. Still, they didn’t expect that Shi Zhi would also be on the show.

No matter whether they were on Shi Zhi’s side or on the other side, they never expected such a development.

The TV station that is hostile to Shi Zhi, the person in charge of the TV station, which is now helping a family of three, is almost pissed off.

Because they realized that it was a massive amount of traffic and advertising expenses, they didn’t expect Shi Zhi would go on the show to clarify, so she turned around and chose Yuzu Channel.

Their hearts were bleeding, and there was nothing they could do. They could only say that Shi Zhi was a ruthless woman.

And Shi Zhi was still very relaxed, joking with the team members.

“Is it my turn to start acting this time?”

“I didn’t expect the “Youth My Type” to be quite useful.”

Shi Zhi has seen too many performances in “Youth My Type.” Everyone is a speaker.

The TV station over there is probably going to be even more pissed off when they hear it.

Shi Zhi’s team has planned from various details what makeup and clothes Shi Zhi will wear that day.

The makeup artist turned to Shi Zhi’s face, “Why don’t you paint a more haggard makeup, which can increase the audience’s impression points.”

Shi Zhi looked at this not-so-white face in the mirror and shook her head.

“No, I want to be beautiful and moving.”

To look good, today is her show time.

Shi Zhi also wore a red dress that day. Her whole body was gorgeous, it didn’t look like she was going to clarify, but rather like a female entrepreneur walking the red carpet, she was only a second away from tailoring it.

Shi Zhi: In fact, it is almost the same. After all, it is estimated that many of its products can be sold.

“True Word” turned on the green light for Shi Zhi this time. Yuzu channel didn’t expect such a good thing to happen to them. Shi Zhi didn’t have any other requests. 

She just said that she wanted to start a live broadcast.

No editing is needed. Just speak the truth.

Yuzu Channel naturally responded to Shi Zhi, who can be called a half-financial father in sending traffic like this, and thought there would be some request. Wasn’t it just to start a live broadcast?


So on that day, the live broadcast room was crowded with a lot of people, which caused a freeze at one point.

Someone asserted: “Shi Zhi must be dressed very plain today, pretending to be pitiful and sympathetic.”

Then they saw Shi Zhi coming in a hurry, even more grand than her walking the red carpet. After all, Shi Zhi wore a down jacket when walking the red carpet.


A family of three also arrived at the scene, and the show started to sell out before it even started.

Repeatedly talking about Shi Zhi’s ungratefulness, inability to enjoy the same blessings and sufferings, and how good they are to Shi Zhi.

As a result, many people were attracted to their talk, and Shi Zhi’s ungratefulness was written all over the barrage.

Shi Zhi didn’t say much all the time, but suddenly she continued, “It was snowing on grandma’s 80th birthday, you are so brave to buy the birthday cake in snow. It’s delicious.” In a nostalgic tone.

The grandma’s son was taken aback when he heard this. He had already forgotten about the 80th birthday, but this was also a good word for him.

So he nodded, “I moved bricks all day long to buy that cake, and the wind was so cold, did the family give you most of the cake at that time?”

Does his wife and son also agree?

Grandson of the grandma, “I let my aunt eat it. I want to eat but my parents and my grandma beat me.”

The barrage was swiping.

“Then this family is really kind to Shi Zhi, Shi Zhi is a bit of a white-eyed wolf.”

Shi Zhi patted the table, “Grandma 80th birthday, you didn’t even buy a cake.”

Grandma’s son: “Huh?”

Stuck and unable to connect.

Grandma’s grandson is still a young man at any rate, and his mind is active, “I… I remember Dad buying it, my dad’s hands are frozen!”

Anyway, you have to insist, or you will be dismantled.

Shi Zhi shook her head, “Grandma’s birthday is summer, and that day was a great heat.” She stared straight at the three of them.

The scene was a little quiet, and the studio was also a little quiet.

The family couldn’t even remember grandma’s birthday, but they said in words that they were very kind to her.

In the part of the completed memory, the grandma had her 80th birthday that day, and none of her relatives who were related to her came to visit her. She cooked longevity noodles for grandma and said she was very happy.

The three of them were dismantled on the spot and stayed where they were.

In the end, it has already started to spoil. Anyway, if you want money, you have to give it.

Shi Zhi’s tone changed, with a smile on her face, “You guys said it too, we’re all one family, so don’t make it so stiff.”

The woman sitting on the ground stopped making trouble. She wailed there, but she didn’t shed a tear.

The wind direction in the studio has turned.

“Isn’t it? Is there still a big reunion here?”

“I now conclude that there is a problem with those three people. How can they not even know whether his mother’s birthday is winter or summer?”

“Come on, Shi Zhi really wants to give them money?”

“What else can she do if she doesn’t give it, haven’t you seen a bunch of virgins before?”

Shi Zhi took out a large pile of expense slips and walked toward them. Her expression was restrained, but the audience could see the joy that couldn’t be concealed, and the corners of her mouth fluctuated up and down.

She even held the hand of the grandma’s son.

“It can be regarded as finding you!”

Grandma’s son: ??? What’s going on?

Shi Zhi: “I thought you were going to hide from me until how long, that time when grandma got sick and you all ran away. Now it’s grandma’s medical expenses… have to share it equally first?”

“After all, there are blessings and hardships.”

Excited heart and trembling hands. Someone came to share the bill. Why do they think that all the good things in the world are taken up by her?

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