One Can’t Judge by Appearance #62

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Chapter 62

Yan Xi and Yuan Yi changed their riding clothes and sat down with Yuan Bo in the pavilion.

The two brothers are not good at talking about their parents, and now that Yan Xi has been added, the atmosphere among the three is almost awkward. Holding the teacup, Yan Xi looked at Yuan Yi to the left and Yuan Bo to the right, bowing her head as if she was serious about tasting the tea.

If the enemy does not move, she will not move; if they do not speak, she will never speak.

“Miss Yan is more beautiful than in the camera.” Yuan Bo is a very serious man. Although he wants to make himself gentler, he has been in the top position for a long time, so the so-called gentleness is limited. If a timid girl Sees this kind of man’s parents, they would definitely think Yuan Bo is expressing dissatisfaction with her.

“Big Brother, you’re being polite,” Yan Xi smiled and continued the harsh compliment, “The camera tends to make people fat, so the face in the camera will be a little bigger than the real person.”

Yuan Yi secretly looked at Yan Xi. She followed him and called him big brother.

“So that’s the case,” Yuan Bo nodded and paused for a moment, “I’ve watched the show you hosted, and the content in it is very exciting, and it has more connotations than ordinary variety shows.”

“I didn’t expect that big brother would also watch the show I host.” Yan Xi was slightly surprised, “It’s all thanks to the entire program group, but I was lucky enough to be the host and get most of the credit.”

“When Xiaoer was at home, he played your program every day.” Yuan Bo didn’t understand why Yuan Xiaoer watched local TV programs every day. Still, now he understood that what Yuan Xiaoer watched was not the program but the host of the program, “Someone in my family stays in front of the TV every day. Even if I don’t like watching TV, I know what’s on TV.”

Yuan Bo said these words to let Yan Xi know how much his younger brother likes and values her, and he doesn’t even want to miss her show. But he didn’t know that his younger brother, who wanted to save face and suffer, had never admitted this matter.

Yuan Yi’s hand holding the teacup trembled, wishing he could cover his brother’s mouth with the teacup, who watches TV every day. He is not so bored.

“Oh…” Yan Xi smiled at Yuan Yi, “He never told me about it.”

“He has been like this since he was a child. He never tells others what he does, and he is too awkward to say what he wants.” Yuan Bo is still working hard to help his younger brother gain favorability. “If there is something wrong with him, you don’t hold back in your heart, just deal with him.”

Yan Xi: …

According to the routine, shouldn’t it be the big brother of the prominent wealthy family who is polite to her on the surface, mocks her inside, and then says some disgusting things like tolerance and rules? Why did he just let her clean him up?

Did Yuan Xiaoer charge the phone bill, and was he still the one who gave it as a gift after charging 50.

“He’s pretty good,” Yan Xi smiled, “He’s kind-hearted and considerate, he’s upright and responsible, he’s the best man besides my dad.”

Yuan Yi, who was sitting next to him, spilled most of the tea in his hand, took out his handkerchief, and lowered his head to wipe the tea on his trouser legs. His face turned red like a monkey’s ass. So he has such a deep impression in Yan Xiao Xi’s heart?

Yuan Bo glanced at his worthless younger brother and couldn’t help laughing. As a real brother, how can you be unhappy when you hear others praise your brother? Originally seeing how his younger brother was fascinated with Yan Xi, he was still worried about the unequal relationship between the two. Still, seeing how Yan Xi defended his younger brother, he couldn’t find any faults.

It’s the appearance of these two people…

Going out is like his brother forcing other girls to be with him.

“It’s a rare meeting today. I’ll treat you tonight. What do you two like to eat?” Seeing that Yuan Yi was still blushing, Yuan Bo had no choice but to adopt the attitude of the man’s elder and invite Yan Xi to dinner to avoid embarrassing him in front of his girlfriend.

“I can do it,” Yan Xi smiled without showing her teeth and looked at Yuan Yi tenderly, “Yuan Xiaoer, what do you eat?”

Yuan Yi inexplicably felt a little awkward. This woman suddenly became so gentle he felt uncomfortable all over and even felt a chill in the shadow on his back.

When it was time for dinner, although there were only three of them, Yuan Bo still ordered a table full of dishes, “I don’t know Miss Yan’s taste, so I ordered two dishes of each flavor.”

“Thank you big brother, you can just call me Dahe or Xiao Yan, you don’t have to be so polite,” Yan Xi thanked Yuan Bo, “It’s too polite to call Ms. Yan.”

“Dahe?” Yuan Bo laughed, “This name is quite interesting.”

“My friend gave me the nickname.” Yan Xi switched the places of Huainan cuisine in front of her and Shu cuisine in front of Yuan Yi, “It’s more friendly to call me Dahe.”

Yuan Bo noticed her movements, nodded with a smile, and said, “Then I will call you Dahe from now on.”

The younger brother’s future wife is, of course, one of his own.

During the dinner, the two talked about some literature and current affairs and had a very pleasant chat. Taking advantage of the gap between Yan Xi going to the bathroom, Yuan Bo said to Yuan Yi: “Miss Yan is a very good woman. How did you chase her with such an awkward personality?”

“No matter how good it is, she’s still my girlfriend.” Yuan Yi took a sip of his juice, “I’m chasing after her, I use my personal charm to make her fall in love.”

“Then Miss Yan’s vision must exceed the level of a normal person in order to see your essence through your appearance,” Yuan Bo felt that Yuan Yi would be unlucky one day sooner or later, “With a girlfriend, you can live a good life, at home… You don’t have to think too much.”

“I don’t have to think about other people,” Yuan Yi lowered his eyelids, his tone calm and indifferent, “Brother, don’t you often live outside yourself?”

Yuan Bo frowned slightly. He wanted to speak, but when he heard Someone open the door from outside, his words changed: “Okay, you and Dahe are doing well together, so I can rest assured.”

Yan Xi opened the door and came in, walked up to Yuan Yi, and sat down: “What are you talking about? It’s such a happy chat.”

Yuan Yi: …

How did she know that he had a good chat?

“It’s nothing, just now I told Xiaoer that you are so outstanding, how did he pursue you.” Yuan Bo betrayed his younger brother without any pressure.

“Yuan Xiaoer, why did you tell Big Brother?” Yan Xi lightly bumped Yuan Yi’s waist with her elbow with a smile, looking very curious.

Yuan Yi’s expression changed slightly. Big Brother wouldn’t tell Yan Xi what he just said, would he?

What kind of personal charm, he didn’t even dare to confess.

“I, I didn’t say anything. You came back.” Yuan Yi grabbed her arm and pressed her on the chair. Never heard that a man’s waist can’t be touched casually?

Yuan Bo looked at Yuan Yi with a smile that was not a smile. What he said before was so shameless. Why is he now cowardly, “Then you talk slowly now. I’m quite interested.”

Yuan Yi couldn’t help but glare at him. Is this really his big brother? He is a person in his thirties. Why is he still so boring? But he was very unwilling to admit that he and Yan Xi were a fake couple.

Even if it’s fake, even if it’s to deceive himself, it’s better than letting himself expose the illusion.

“Just send flowers.”

“Well, I don’t know where he got the idea to send different flowers every day.” Yan Xi added beside him.

Yuan Yi: …

Forget it. She probably didn’t want people to find out they were a fake couple, so telling a white lie was okay.

“The other thing is to go eat delicious food together.”

“I’ve gained a few pounds recently, and it’s all his fault.”

The pretense was so real, Yuan Yi thought. He almost thought it was real.

“There is also shopping, watching movies and so on.”

“He is very good. Every time he goes to the street, he takes the initiative to help me carry my bags and things. He is considerate and gentle.”

Yuan Yi: …

He understood that this woman was not lying. She was describing the plot of a love story on the spot. He is a dignified industry elite, the president of Hengtai Company. Will he carry bags for women?

How can this be!

But…he turned his head to look at Yan Xi. If she is willing to be his real girlfriend, it doesn’t hurt if he condescends occasionally.

“I didn’t expect him to have such a considerate side.” After listening to Yan Xi’s narration, Yuan Bo gave his younger brother a high look. He sacrificed many principles to chase his girlfriend, so it’s no wonder he could catch her.

A man who can be so cruel to himself in the face of love is destined to be a whipped husband.

Knowing that the couple’s relationship was very stable, Yuan Bo felt relieved and finished the dinner in a good mood. Before leaving, he gave Yan Xi a card.

“Brother, I can’t accept this…”

“According to the rules, when a girl meets a man’s relatives for the first time, she always needs to receive a red envelope.” Yuan Bo said with a smile, “There is not much money in this card, it’s just a small meeting gift, you can take it for tea.”

“Brother give, just take it,” Yuan Yi stuffed the card into Yan Xi’s hand and stopped at Yan Xi’s waist smoothly, “Brother, thank you.”

“Thank you, big brother.” Yan Xi thanked obediently, her cheeks flushed slightly.

Looking at the well-behaved future sister-in-law, Yuan Bo, was very pleased, but when he looked at his younger brother, he felt hesitant again. He can’t watch it. This is simply the live version of the evil young man and the weak, beautiful girl. If he is not his own brother, he really can’t say that they are true love against his conscience.

Out of sight, out of mind, Yuan Bo decisively bid farewell to the two.

For other things, let his brother worry about it.

After Yuan Bo left, Yuan Yi reluctantly let go of Yan Xi’s waist, “My brother has no other intentions, just…”

He just worried that his younger brother didn’t know how to fall in love and would be single for the rest of his life.

“I understand.” Yan Xi took his hand and dragged him out, “He cares about you, he is a very good brother.”

“Yeah, when I failed the exams, he was the one who went to school to meet the teacher.” Yuan Yi obediently pulled Yan Xi away, “He probably plays the role of a father in my life.”

Parents are alive, but a brother who is seven or eight years older plays the role of father. Is the family relationship in the Yuan family so complicated? She recalled the scenes at Mrs. Yuan’s birthday dinner. The relationship between Mr. Yuan and his wife should be very good. Why has she never heard Yuan Yi mention them?

“Failed?” Yan Xi didn’t ask Yuan Yi about his parents but looked back at him curiously, “Your grades are so poor?”

“Occasionally, occasionally,” how could he admit that his grades were not good at this time, “I am a student of Imperial University, can I get in if I have poor grades?”

“That’s right, I didn’t pass chemistry.” Yan Xi checked Yuan Yi’s resume on the Internet. He is indeed a graduate student of Imperial University. It is said that he started his own business in college, and he has won some programming awards on behalf of the school. She doesn’t know much about this aspect but knows that this award is very powerful.

Yuan Yi didn’t speak. He didn’t dare to let Yan Xi know that not only did he not study hard in high school, but his dressing style didn’t conform to the mainstream.

Playing cool and handsome is cool for a while, but when you grow up, you regret it.

Before, he didn’t think anything was wrong with this youthful and ignorant past. Now that he has Someone he likes, he realizes it is best not to have any black history. He thinks he is perfect in Yan Xi’s eyes, not just Someone who wears strange clothes and skips high school students.

While walking to the parking lot, Yan Xi suddenly stopped as she looked at Yuan Yi, who was letting her lead him around like a good baby. Yuan Yi looked at her suspiciously, “What’s wrong?”

Yan Xi shook the hands they held together: “You are still a three-year-old baby, do you want me to hold you all the time?”

Yuan Yi wanted to pull out his hand, but he took Yan Xi’s hand back halfway through: “You have held me for so long. For the sake of fairness, I will hold yours too.”

Shameless, he must be shameless.

“Okay.” Yan Xi smiled and let Yuan Yi lead her. Yuan Yi didn’t let go of her hand until he got into the car.

“No more?”

Yuan Yi: …

He felt as if the woman was teasing him.

The car drove to the villa where Yan Xi lived. Yuan Yi found the house pitch black and couldn’t help frowning: “You live alone?”

“My dad went abroad with the inspection team, and he won’t come back until a few days later.” Yan Xi took out the meeting gold card that Yuan Bo gave her, “I’ll return this to you.”

“My brother gave it to you, you just accept it, what else can it do for me?”.

“Mr. Yuan didn’t give this card to me, but to your girlfriend. I won’t accept it,” Yan Xi put the card into Yuan Yi’s hand, opened the car door, and walked out, “I’m going back to sleep. Good night. “

Yuan Yi squeezed the gold card in his hand, hesitated for a moment, and chased after her: “Yan Xiaoxi!”

“What’s the matter?” Yan Xi didn’t walk fast. Seeing Yuan Yi chasing after her, she smiled and turned to look at him, “What’s the matter?”

“This,” Yuan Yi grabbed Yan Xi’s hand and stuffed the gold card back, “I don’t want to give it to anyone else.”

Looking down at the card in her hand, Yan Xi still smiled, “Why?”

“There is no other girlfriend,” Yuan Yi was a little nervous, but he looked at Yan Xi with firm eyes, “Only you.”

“But I just…”

“Fake ones can also be real,” Yuan Yi’s voice trembled, “Okay. Okay?”

Yan Xi smiled and didn’t speak. She picked up the bank card and took a closer look. Under the streetlamp, this card exuded the charming light of rich gold.

For the first time, Yuan Yi knew what it was like to feel like a year in a second.

“I have temporarily accepted this card.”

Yuan Yi burst into ecstasy.


Yuan Yi held his breath, his eyes trembled, and his legs felt weak.

“Isn’t it bad to pretend to be true?”

“W-Where is it bad?”

“I don’t feel good,” Yan Xi played with the gold card in her hand, “Emotions are something that you need to pay attention to. Try the methods of pursuing girls, and you may feel it soon.”

Yuan Yi: …

“You just want me to pursue you painstakingly, right?”

“Yes,” Yan Xi asked with a smile, “You don’t want to?”

Yuan Yi: “Willing, willing.”

He is a big man. Let her order.

It’s okay to pamper your own woman. Just cling to her.

“Come on then,” Yan Xi waved to him, “Come on, bow your head.”

Yuan Yi lowered his head.

The lips are soft and a little warm.

He stared blankly at the woman in front of him and turned into a sculpture.

“For your deposit.”

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