Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 36 (1/2)

Chapter 36 (1/2)

Jiang Miao Miao has long coveted the private swimming pool in the suite.

The swimming pool area is not very large, about twenty square meters. It’s located on a fully enclosed balcony, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that are so transparent that there is no sense on three sides.

The pool is made of sky-blue tiles. When the sun is shining, swimming in it is like swimming in the sky.

Due to the good sanitary environment in the suite, even though no one has taken care of it for half a year, the water in the pool is still crystal clear, like a huge sapphire.

Jiang Miao Miao had long wanted to swim two laps or take a bath, but she couldn’t bear it.

Such a beautiful swimming pool, if it is dirty, there will be no more. If it is not used, at least it can be pleasing to the eye.

But after hanging out in the room for several days, the two decided to indulge again and go swimming in the pool.

Lu Qiming brought a bottle of coconut juice and two wine glasses and put them on the small table by the pool.

Jiang Miao Miao took a sip of coconut juice, lay on the edge of the swimming pool, looked at the vast city scenery, and let out a comfortable sigh.

If only every day could be as leisurely as it is now.

The water in the pool fluctuated, and Lu Qiming swam behind her and kissed the back of her neck.

Jiang Miao Miao touched his backhand to make sure he had no plans to do it again and continued to lie on her stomach in peace.

Lu Qiming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Are you digging eggs? Just touch it and let it go.”

She shrugged.

“What can I do? Who told you to be a rascal without wearing pants all day, worrying that one day you will be bitten off by the meat as a ham sausage.”

“It’s you who bit off the pain.”

Jiang Miao Miao sneered, “I feel bad? I lit firecrackers to celebrate.”

“Is it?”

Lu Qiming smirked and imitated her voice last night.

“What did you say at night? It’s so comfortable, a little faster… You obviously like it like this, are you sure you are willing?”

He is no match for eloquence and no match for thick skin.

Jiang Miaomiao was so angry that there was nothing she could do. She was about to turn around and bite him, looking at his naked body in the pool, but she couldn’t say anything.

There are so many scars on Lu Qiming’s body.

The most eye-catching thing is the long strip on the leg, which is still extremely hideous after several months of taking care.

There is one on his stomach, several pieces on the chest, a slightly lighter one on the back, arms, back of hands, palms… there is no good flesh except for the face.

On the other hand, although she has also been injured, they are all very minor.

After the scab falls off, there is no sense of existence. She has to look closely to see the slight difference from the surrounding skin color.

In the original text novel, the heroine and hero, including many supporting roles, are all like Lu Qiming.

He suffered many injuries in the fight with the zombies, and even if he survived to the end, he still had old wounds that could not heal.

The reason why she was still alive and healthy half a year after the zombie outbreak was entirely because Lu Qiming helped her block most of the dangers.

The mood suddenly became depressed, and the root of the nose was also sour.

She loosened her clenched fist, touched the scar on his chest, and leaned gently on his shoulder.

“Lu Qiming, can we stay alive?”

“Of course.”

Lu Qiming patted her head with a firm light shining in his eyes.


Water splashes.

The two turned their heads and found that Jiang Meimu had also jumped into the swimming pool.

Lu Qiming said: “Stupid dog get out!”

“Wow woof!”

Jiang Meimu cursed back, moved its limbs nimbly, avoided his hand, and swam towards Jiang Miao Miao.

The originally calm swimming pool was stirred into a pot of porridge.

(In other words, a pot of porridge means a complete mess or a situation that has become chaotic, a hot mess.)

The next day, the two decided to end this short vacation on a whim, walked out of the suite they had been tired of for many days, and started working.

Lu Qiming searched around and found the carrion that fell from the zombie on the fire escape, and he was sure that the zombie climbed up from there.

They are going to seal the corridor. They probably won’t go out soon, but they must carefully consider which seal to use.

It has to be the materials at hand and be able to stop the zombies.

The two of them searched in the building for a long time, trying to find some materials such as cement bricks and build the corridor directly.

It’s a pity that they didn’t find it after searching for a while. In the end, Lu Qiming’s attention fell on the endless chairs on the office floor.

Since you can’t start with hardness, start with technology.

Zombies have great strength and high agility, but their IQs are average, especially since it doesn’t know how to do manual work.

In the past, wherever it wanted to enter, it used its head to smash through the doors and windows and rushed to come in directly. They didn’t even know how to use the doorknobs, and it was probably impossible to move tables and chairs.

They found many offices and collected nearly a thousand chairs. From the 15th floor to the 20th floor, the fire exit on the entire five floors is stacked with chairs. The gap in the middle is so small that even a cat can’t climb over it.

The legs of the chair are facing out. If the zombies want to rush in by brute force, the chair’s metal legs will directly poke a hole in its body.

Lu Qiming also removed a few shelves, supported the last layer of chairs, and stuck both sides firmly into the wall.

In this way, let alone zombies, even elephants, it is not easy to break into the supermarket.

After doing this, Jiang Miao Miao was still a little worried.

“Many windows in the supermarket are broken, what if zombies crawl in from outside?”

Lu Qiming said: “Which floor are we on now?”

“The twentieth floor.”

“The zombie was also a human being before he died, not Spider-Man. Although they have become stronger now, there must be a limit. Even if you hire a rock climber, it is not easy for him to climb twenty floors with his bare hands, the same is true for zombies.”

Jiang Miao Miao was thoughtful.

Then he said:

“But for safety reasons, we still sealed the broken windows. In addition, starting today, I will patrol around the window every three hours to see if there are zombies climbing. If there is, we should prepare in advance.”

“Okay, then let’s seal the windows now.”

Jiang Miao Miao pointed to a pile of dismantled shelves beside her, “Are you still using these materials?”

Lu Qiming nodded, picked up the chainsaw, and prepared to cut them to a suitable length.

Who knows that after the chainsaw” crunched” a few times, it stopped turning.

The two leaned over to study the machine and came to a frustrating result-the chainsaw was out of power.

This is their most effective weapon against zombies, and there is no place to charge it now.

Could it be that from now on, when facing zombies,

Can it only be empty-handed? Or get a mop?

The chainsaw didn’t work, and the windows still had to be sealed.

Lu Qiming found a small hacksaw and laboriously cut it.

As a result, work efficiency was greatly reduced. Even though Jiang Miao Miao did her best to help, it took them two full days to process the materials.

After that, the installation took another two or three days. Fortunately, no zombies appeared during the period, so it was safe for the time being.

Sometimes Jiang Miao Miao couldn’t help, so she stood by the window and looked down, overlooking the buildings and roads.

Occasionally, several zombies can be seen passing by in a flash, very fast. Still, the number is much lower than before the flood, and their existence cannot be found without a careful search.

Abandoned cities have become hunting grounds. They are hunters, but that doesn’t mean they are prey waiting to die.

After finishing the work, the two decided to find new weapons.

There are no suitable ones in the supermarket, and there are still fifty or sixty floors above that have not been explored.

So one morning, after breakfast, the two left Jiang Meimu in the safe presidential suite, took water, and set off with biscuits for lunch.

The hotel’s upper floor is still an office area, occupying the 30th and 40th floors, and the things in the office have been the same for a long time.

Computers, printers, office desks, and chairs… are essential items that the original owner spent a lot of money on, but they are of no use to them.

Occasionally, they can find a Swiss Army knife or gadgets like lighters. However, it’s a pity that it’s still not practical to deal with zombies.

They need ones with strong lethality, and it is best to explode the heads of zombies as soon as they are taken out so as not to be injured in the fight.

It took a day to search all ten floors. The two of them didn’t dare to rest, so they speeded up and searched for five days in one go.

Starting from the 70th floor, they no longer see an office but some high-end restaurants and private residences.

They found a lot of torches for cooking in restaurants. The temperature is much higher than that of ordinary lighters, and it is also durable. They are good treasures.

Lu Qiming filled two big bags and then concentrated on searching the private residence.

Most of these residences are large flats with thousands of square meters, and high-end smart door locks are installed on the doors.

After the power is cut off, the door will be locked automatically, and the door can only be opened by entering the password to activate the backup battery.

Jiang Miao Miao stood in front of a door and tried the password for several minutes, but none were correct.

Lu Qiming took out a Swiss Army knife from his waist, handed her the bag in his hand, and told her to back off.

She stepped aside, hugged the bag, and watched him insert the knife into the door lock, and the seemingly tight and seamless lock was forcefully opened by him.

He gritted his teeth and inserted them halfway in again. She didn’t know if he had cut off the wire or some kind of mechanism. With a click, the door opened.

She was dumbfounded.

“Who did you learn the technique from? Teach me.”

Fortunately, when he locked her in the room before, she broke her hand and did not pry it open.

Lu Qiming put away the knife, put it back in his pocket, and smiled with the corner of his mouth hooked.

“Technology? All I need is violence.”

…well, great strength.

The two walked into the house one after the other.

Since the outbreak of the end of the world, Jiang Miao Miao has been searching for supplies everywhere and has been amazed by the decoration of rich people’s homes countless times.

This house looks at first.

Nothing special, very common European interior style. The sofa curtains are all hand-embroidered, and the floor can’t wait to be covered with pure gold.

But when she pushed open a door, she couldn’t bear to come out anymore.

The wardrobe was bigger than the living room in her house before!

The huge wardrobe on one wall is full of beautiful clothes, and the other is full of high heels.

The angle of the floor-to-ceiling mirror is just right, making people tall and white as if they have their own beauty.

What a delicate fairy is the original owner who lives here?

Seeing that she hadn’t come out for a long time, Lu Qiming walked over to look and found that she was fascinatedly touching a pair of shoes.

“You don’t want to live here, do you?”

Of course, Jiang Miao Miao wanted to. Still, it was almost 60 floors away from the supermarket, and one day was enough to go back and forth, and she had to break her leg to climb the stairs.

Eating is obviously more important than dressing.

She reluctantly put the shoes back in place. When she was about to leave, she found a beautiful crystal embedded in the wall and touched it curiously.


There was a noise from the wall. She hurried to Lu Qiming’s side and asked vigilantly:

“Did you hear that? Are there zombies hiding here?”

Lu Qiming stared seriously at the place where the sound came out. A few seconds later, the shoe cabinet was completely turned over, revealing the dark red cabinet door hidden at the back.

He walked to the side, opened the cabinet door, and there were four guns neatly arranged inside.

A mini pistol small enough to stash in a pocket.

A normal-sized pistol gun.

The two rifles looked slightly different, but she couldn’t tell the difference.

In addition, there are many accessories, silencers, binoculars, bullets, and so on.

Jiang Miao Miao: “…”

Did God know that she hadn’t seen a movie for a long time, so specially opened her eyes?

Lu Qiming was not too surprised. He took down a rifle, loaded the bullet, and fired a shot at the mirror.


The bullet shattered the mirror in an instant.

Jiang Miao Miao was unprepared, and her body shook violently.

Lu Qiming asked quickly.

“Scared you?”

She shook her head, and he calmed down and counted the bullets.

“50 rounds of pistol bullets and 100 rounds of rifle bullets, we won’t have to worry about encountering zombies in the next few months.”

Jiang Miao Miao couldn’t figure it out.

“Why is there such a thing in the wardrobe?”

Could it be that the original owner is not a little fairy but a dark, bloodthirsty, violent Barbie?

Lu Qiming handed her a business card.

“I found this in the study when you were drooling over your shoes.”

She looked down and saw that it said – Gu Changzhou, Chairman of Changzhou Security Company.

Gu Changzhou… sounds familiar.

Eh, Isn’t this the second male lead in the novel? She actually came to his house!

Gu Changzhou was originally a veteran, working as a personal bodyguard for celebrities and business leaders.

Because of his smartness, he started his business early, and the scale of the security company under his name is second to none in China.

When the zombies broke out, he tactfully organized an escort team to protect many bosses and their families from retreating to the base. He obtained the first batch of resources after the end of the world and has a high status in the base.

There is also cooperation with the government.

The heroine met him through a rescue mission. He fell in love with her at first sight and always wanted to take her under his command, but unfortunately, she wasn’t interested.

Since this is his home, it is not uncommon to have guns. After all, he is one of the few people in the country who can legally own a gun.

As for why there is a wardrobe for women in his house…

According to the novel description, Gu Changzhou is already in his forties. His first love girlfriend got pregnant unexpectedly when he was twenty years old and a fledgling.

Because of his average family background, his girlfriend’s parents did not agree to their marriage. When the child was born, her parents gave it to Gu Changzhou and took their daughter away. Since then, the two have never seen each other again.

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