Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #33

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Chapter 33

Part 1

There is a saying about youth pain——


In exchange for life.

Shi Zhi is now. Do you have long legs?

Given by special effects.

Thanks to the various apps now, there are special effects for all kinds of sand sculptures, only you can’t think of it, and there is nothing you can’t see.

(sand sculpture; neologism, Internet slang, humorous or offensive.)

Facing the photos of the legs under Shi Zhi’s neck, the cameraman with the braids was completely dumbfounded. No matter how good his photography skills were, he couldn’t take such a photo. This is already against the sky.

What’s more, his own level is just like that.

Shi Zhi continued, “My assistant can still take pictures with longer legs, do you still want to see? Well, the special effects are only turned on to 70% now, and it can be 100%.”

The little braided photographer completely collapsed: Can this be the same!

Scattered laughter has appeared next to him, and everyone knows the reason. The little braided photographer has little background, and his interpersonal relationship is not very good. Many people don’t like him taking advantage of female models, but they don’t want to offend people.

Unexpectedly, Shi Zhi would come up with such a trick.

The braided photographer, “Mrs. Shi Zhi, I…”

Shi Zhi stretched out her hand and interrupted.

“No need to quibble.”

To sum up, “Not only are you morally corrupt and rubbish, but your professionalism and professional level are also rubbish.”

The woman in the red dress looked at him with a mocking expression on her high heels.

Even the sky-defying long legs can’t be photographed, so ashamed to mention professionalism.

Rubbish! Rubbish! Rubbish!

The knife is deadly, and the braided photographer is now full of thoughts… he is a piece of garbage.

The little braided photographer originally wanted to ask if Shi Zhi was making things difficult for him. Still, he didn’t need to open his mouth to ask, isn’t it already obvious?

“Teacher Shi Zhi, we’re going to continue filming.”

Not far away, the chief photographer called Shi Zhi weakly. He was frightened by Shi Zhi’s operation and even lowered his voice involuntarily.

Shi Zhi nodded over there, “Okay.”

The shooting still has to be filmed. You can’t waste other people’s normal working hours. Shi Zhi also beckoned to the model, who had just been harassed by the photographer in the scene and asked her to come to her side.

She can take care of others.

But in fact, even if Shi Zhi didn’t take care of her, the braided photographer was not in the mood to make an idea to harass the model for the time being. This blow made him ashamed and annoyed, and they didn’t know where he had slipped away.

The clothes were dirty, and he had to change clothes after lying on the dirty ground for a long time.

The lead photographer was worried that Shi Zhi would not cooperate after Shi Zhi made things difficult for other photographers. Still, Shi Zhi seemed to be a different person. Although he didn’t say her attitude was very positive, she did as he was told. She didn’t mean to embarrass him, which made the chief photographer heave a sigh of relief.

Because the two artists cooperated, except for the previous scene, the filming went smoothly.

They walked out of the shooting location, and Bai Wu was also angry at the photographer’s act of taking advantage.

“Use the guise of filming, shameless.”

Because her uncle was her manager and her family conditions were good, she hadn’t encountered many disgusting things along the way. Still, she had seen and heard of them more or less, and she was angry and helpless at the same time.

“Hey, sister Shi, she seems to be waiting for you over there.”

Shi Zhi followed the assistant’s voice and looked up.

It’s a female model who gets assaulted by a braided photographer.

She had already removed her makeup, squatting at the door and wearing a down jacket. She looked even smaller. Maybe she hadn’t graduated from college, but now she found Shi Zhi and her team. She stood up and, with a little hesitation, called Shi Zhi.

“Teacher Shi Zhi…”

She has something to say to Shi Zhi.

Bai Wu felt that it was inconvenient for her to stay here, so she said goodbye to Shi Zhi and told her she had other plans.

Brother Quan actually didn’t want Shi Zhi to pass. He looked at the model vigilantly, mainly because he feared that Shi Zhi would be entangled. There are many examples of people who kindly helped but were entangled in the end.

He pulled Shi Zhi once and whispered, “Don’t…”

Shi Zhi comforted Brother Quan with his eyes, “Don’t worry, they are all women, I won’t do anything to her.”

Brother Quan, “…”??? Is this what I’m worried about?

Shi Zhi had already walked in front of the female model, “Do you have anything to do with me?”

The female model has yet to graduate and is in her senior year majoring in fashion. It’s hard for her to find a job in this major, so she needs to come out early to make plans.

It wasn’t the first time she was harassed by the little braided photographer, but she never thought that someone would help her, and that person was Shi Zhi.

The female model still remembered how eye-catching and flamboyant Shi Zhi was. Although…the woman in front of her now looks like an uncle for no reason, it does not hinder her glorious image in her heart.

Shaking her head, “No.”

“I want to thank Teacher Shi Zhi.”

“And this is a gift…”

The female model was a little embarrassed but quickly handed the things to Shi Zhi with a sincere tone, “It’s a specialty from my hometown, and it doesn’t have much money.”

Shi Zhi bowed her head. It was a bag of miscellaneous grain cakes. The bag was solid.

The female model was actually afraid that Shi Zhi would not accept it. After all, it was really worthless, but Shi Zhi did not refuse. She thanked her and put the multigrain cake in her Hermes bag, completely unaware of the sense of disobedience.

“Do you still need my help?” Shi Zhi asked after thinking about it.

“No need,” she added.

“If you like to eat it, tell me later…”

But in the end, her voice dropped. How could Shi Zhi ask for multigrain cakes? She doesn’t want people to mistake her for wanting to have a relationship with Shi Zhi.

She waved goodbye to Shi Zhi. She was already very happy that Shi Zhi was willing to accept her gift.

When Shi Zhi packed the multigrain cakes, everyone got into the van, feeling quite emotional.

Assistant: “She’s quite caring.”

“Brother Quan, you think too badly of people.”

Brother Quan: “It’s not that I think she is bad, t there are many bad people outside.”

“But this little girl is pretty good. Shi Zhi Don’t eat multigrain cakes. After all, they have unknown origins. I don’t know if eating them will cause problems…”

Brother Quan was sitting in the co-pilot and said this to Shi Zhi in the back seat.

Shi Zhi’s voice sounded: “No problem.”

Brother Quan: ???

Looking back, Shi Zhi was holding a multigrain cake that was bigger than her face and was gnawing there, and she had already chewed a large piece.

Shi Zhi swallowed the multigrain cake in her mouth and commented on the food.

“Delicious and quite fragrant.”

“It will be even better if you add some green onions and some sauce.”

It’s really good, chewy and sweet.

Brother Quan was full of question marks and didn’t know what to say to Shi Zhi. He thought that Shi Zhi had just accepted the miscellaneous grain cake because of her face and didn’t want to disappoint the other party. He didn’t expect that Shi Zhi really planned to eat it. No wonder She has been silent since getting in the car!

It’s not that there is no movement. After all, the mouth is occupied by the multigrain cake.

She’s not afraid that someone will add some ingredients to it. Shouldn’t it be said that Shi Zhi’s heart is big?

Also, what the hell is adding scallions? Brother Quan can’t imagine the appearance of a female artist eating pancakes with green onions being photographed.

Shi Zhi was talking over there: “Do you want to try it? It’s really good.”

Brother Quan waved his hand to say no, he was not hungry, the rest of the team had already been interested in the multigrain pancakes, and after hearing Shi Zhi say it was delicious, they wanted to try it even more, just waiting for Shi Zhi to say something.

As soon as Shi Zhi opened her mouth, they couldn’t wait to express their desire.

Brother Quan is too lazy to preach to Shi Zhi. There is no need to do that today because he knows talking is useless.

During this period, she has changed a lot as an artist, and she seems lazy, but she is very persistent in some places.

“But that model probably won’t be able to get along in the future.”

Shi Zhi stopped eating the multigrain cake, “Why?”

“Why else? I know that little brat. He has no skills, but he has some connections in the photography circle. It’s not easy for him to trick you, but she’s a small model with no background…”

Brother Quan didn’t finish his words, but Shi Zhi had already understood.

The whole small model with no background is simple.

So even in front of so many people, even though the model was very reluctant, she was still holding back.

Brother Quan changed the topic to another place, “Fuck, I almost forgot, he is not good at punishing you, but he can post a post to blackmail you, I have to pay attention to the rumors on the Internet in advance, and the reviews have finally gotten better recently, You can no longer be blamed for no reason.”

Shi Zhi looked at the multigrain cake in her hand and said, “Who says there is no background.”

Brother Quan didn’t hear clearly, “Huh?”

Shi Zhi shook her head, saying it was nothing.

But she was thinking since she had already mixed her hands in this matter. There is no reason to let it go.

Who said that model has no background.

She is her background.

Shi Zhi went directly to the butler and asked the butler.

“Who is the richest person in this town?” The butler told her who was the richest person in this town.

The butler didn’t care about Shi Zhi’s description. He had a smile on his face and was very cooperative.

“It’s you, miss.”

Shi Zhi: Spread her hands, and feel relieved.

This sentence is so beautiful. She even wants to record it and say it every day to prevent depression.

Shi Zhi told the butler, “There is someone who offended me.”

At that moment, the butler’s face changed from a kind old man to a certain godfather, “Who is it?”

“Miss, do you want him to disappear?”

Shi Zhi: ???

“It’s not for him to disappear. We are good citizens who know the law and abide by the law.”

Shi Zhi briefly explained the general situation to the butler, and it was also convenient for the butler to do things.

The butler knew that no one had caused harm to Shi Zhi, so he returned to a kind old man again, but he also said that he would definitely arrange it properly.

Disappearing people is not just the disappearance of the body.

Shi Zhi was still very relieved, so she handed over all this matter to the butler.

“Shi Zhi, pretend to be a mud horse!”

“If you still want to be a good person, but it’s hard for you to protect yourself.”

“I won’t give you any color, look, you really treat yourself like an onion.”

The braided photographer was swearing and typing fast on the keyboard.

Just like Brother Quan thought, This man is a person who must retaliate. He was too angry to lose face in front of his colleagues. He held a grudge against Shi Zhi and couldn’t retaliate against Shi Zhi in reality. He naturally thought of the Internet.

He has already written the post. Anyway, the theme is Shi Zhi’s suppression of poor social animal photographers.

Using the tone of others, he shaped himself into a reserved and professional social animal photographer. He inexplicably began to be bullied by the arrogant and domineering star Shi Zhi, who made things difficult for him and let him lie on the cold ground to take pictures of her.

There are real ones and some fake ones. Anyway, he just added fuel and vinegar to make Shi Zhi ugly without mentioning what he had done.

“You think this lord is easy to provoke?”

“Shi Zhi, you’re done, hurry up and don’t mess with me!”

The little braided photographer admired the lengthy essay he had written and was extremely satisfied. He had already imagined the scene where Shi Zhi was scolded and became a trending topic.

Click the send button with a chic action.

Part 2



“Fuck, what’s going on, you’re kidding me!”

He didn’t make a backup at all. After confirming that the post he sent had really disappeared, he wrote it again with great heartache and cursing.

Although he felt that he would not fail again this time, he still made a backup.

Then it disappeared again.

To be precise, as soon as his posts are sent out, they will instantly disappear. Not only the posts, but the little braid thinks that the post-bar will be against him again and then moves to other platforms.

Weibo, forums…

No matter where, as long as the word “Shi Zhi” is involved, all the news will disappear without a trace in an instant.

He seemed to be blocked by the world.

“…Did he hit a ghost?”

The little braid was exhausted and murmured.

Then at night, his neck suddenly felt cold, which made him shiver in fright.

He couldn’t get Shi Zhi, the little braid didn’t know how to explain this situation. The next day, his eyes were full of dark circles.

Didn’t sleep all night.

He couldn’t do Shi Zhi but could do something to the small models. When the little braided photographer was going to find relatives to block the small models from the entire photography circle, he received a call from relatives.

“Uncle, I’m looking for you.”

“That small model in the costume show department doesn’t know what’s good and what’s wrong, so let her stop doing it in the future.”

The relative is not his serious uncle but a cousin. Still, he is also related by blood and has been taking him with him.

 But now the other party tells him.

 “The magazine said, you don’t have to do this job.”


The little braided photographer wanted to block the small model from the circle, but Shi Zhi asked the butler to block him. Not only the magazine where he worked before, but all the photography circles refused him to join.

The butler expanded his scope again. Apart from the photography circle, he couldn’t find other jobs.

Posts can’t be posted, and Weibo is deleted seconds after posting. Naturally, it is not a supernatural event but a money-making ability.

If you have money, you can do whatever you want and shut him down.

For the butler, this is the first time that the eldest lady, who is able to go home and inherit the family property, has made a fortune in the entertainment industry by virtue of her talent, using her family connections, and it’s not for her own sake.

Anyway, blocking the little braid photographer is something that can be done easily, so let him do that to the young lady.

“Are you going home?”

The model was packing her luggage in the dormitory, and the roommate asked with a head out from the upper bunk.


“Stop being a model?”

Faced with her roommate’s question, she put away her bitterness and pretended to be relaxed, “I found a job at home. I can go to a private school as a middle school teacher. I will go to an internship first. I don’t have a teacher qualification certificate. Being a teacher is very good. Relatively safe…”

In their senior year, only a few people stayed in school, and all went out for internships.

“But you enjoy doing it.”

The roommate said casually, almost making her fail to control her emotions.

Yes, she loves it and always wants to be a model, not a teacher.

But what can she do? She offended someone with a background, and no one will use her in the future.

The model would not think that Shi Zhi was meddling in helping her. She was very grateful to Shi Zhi. Shi Zhi gave her a hand when she was in a difficult situation.

Because Shi Zhi doesn’t have to.

Her mobile phone rang when she packed her luggage and was about to leave the dormitory.

It’s the little sisters who often shoot together.

“Baby, why don’t you come here? Did you forget that you still have work today?”


The model went to shoot the magazine in a daze and received a few invitations later. She was not blocked or made things difficult as expected. Everything went smoothly, and she was even appreciated by the editor-in-chief of a certain magazine.

Behind this situation, she still couldn’t help inquiring about the little braided photographer and learned that he had disappeared.

Who is helping her?

The woman in the red dress immediately appeared in the model’s mind.

“What’s this?”

Shi Zhi looked at the things in front of her, puzzled.

Brother Quan, “Rope, shuttlecock, sandbag…”

Shi Zhi, “…”

Of course, she knew, after thinking about it, she praised Brother Quan, “You are so childlike.”

Even though he is old and young, he still has a childlike innocence.

“Are you going to jump rope now?”

Shi Zhi asked Brother Quan, she was still very interested, and it had been a long time since she saw anyone jumping rope.

“If you skip rope, I’ll move the chair so that it doesn’t hit me.”

Facing her slumped on the rocking chair, she acted like she had nothing to do with him. She was just watching the fun, Brother Quan lost his smile, and he told Shi Zhi.

“It’s not that I want to jump rope, but you want to jump rope.”

Shi Zhi: No, she skips rope.

Brother Quan, “You really don’t want to jump?”

“Do not jump.”

Brother Quan, “Don’t force me, if you really don’t want to jump… I’ll kneel down and kowtow to beg you!”

Shi Zhi: ???

Brother Quan has a look on his face, she didn’t expect that, did she?

The man has gold under his knees, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t care as long as the goal is achieved.

Shi Zhi, “…do you have cakes?”

If it was someone else, Shi Zhi would tell him to just kneel, but Brother Quan is not young, and she still knows him. Shi Zhi is afraid of him losing his life.

So Shi Zhi jumped a few times symbolically while Brother Quan recorded it with his mobile phone.

Scenes like this have happened many times recently. Brother Quan is often recording something with his mobile phone next to her. He is also waiting for Shi Zhi to ask him out of curiosity so that he can turn his back on the customer.

Oh, Shi Zhi didn’t ask.

Shi Zhi is still wearing costumes, short skirts, and twin ponytails. Today, her skin seems to glow in the sun, and she looks so good when she jumps on the rope.

Brother Quan said silently in his heart: Shi Xiaozhi, Shi Xiaozhi!

Yes, isn’t this the Shi Xiaozhi he wants to create!

But Shi Zhi only jumped a few times, and soon she was attracted by the other props.

Point to the box.

“Is this a spinning top?”

“It’s fun.”

Brother Quan borrowed these props from others, they were all in a mess, and he didn’t know there was a spinning top in them.

Then Shi Zhi stopped skipping rope, while he looked at her twin ponytails, and she was spinning a spinning top there with great interest.


The recording hands trembled slightly, which made him feel very uncomfortable from time to time.

How can a young girl spin a spinning top? Hey!

Brother Quan comforted himself. Fortunately, there is a lot of material now which can be edited. He will definitely take the concept of Shi Xiaozhi into the people’s hearts.

Even if she is a little older and still plays girly characters, Shi Zhi is only in her twenties. Can’t fucking girly be too much?

Brother Quan failed when Brother Quan introduced the concept of Xiaozhi in the star sports meeting.

In the end, everyone only remembered Shi Zhi’s one-piece swim dress, discus, Tai Chi, and that thermos bottle that was a hot search…

Brother Quan still didn’t give up.

The red and white rose duo cover shot by Shi Zhi and Bai Wu is already on the market. Both of them are beauties with their own characteristics. A face is too delicate to describe.

They took many photos that day. Finally, the magazine chose a photo of Bai Wu sitting on a chair and Shi Zhi leaning against the edge of the chair. With long wavy hair, leaning on the chair and looking down at Bai Wu.

Bai Wu itself is rather petite, so the whole person seems wrapped in Shi Zhi’s arms, and Shi Zhi’s graceful body curves are also fully displayed.

It is beautiful and charming, with a bit of sassy.

The whole picture is extremely tense, and the fashion value is full.

It is unimaginable that she was still wearing a silk scarf before Shi Zhi took this photo. She posed as an aunt on a trip and asked her assistant to stretch her legs to the sky with special effects.

Shi Zhi and Bai Wu’s cp white paper has been in countless pits since they accidentally hugged each other. Various bigwigs have also contributed countless amazing editing.

But still not enough!

Why are the two beauties closed for business? They made a sound of wanting to eat candy.

Shi Zhi and Bai Wu wanted to rely on something other than this to get a bonus. Although this cooperation was only static, Bai Zhi rushed forward without hesitation.

The sales volume is astonishing. Everyone buys more than five copies. Anyway, it is not expensive. Putting it at home can purify the eyes and is also very good as a gift.

Knock it, knock it. Red and white roses are the best match!

The white paper’s combat effectiveness was beyond the magazine’s expectations. The sales were not only driven by the white paper because the photos were so good that ordinary people would be attracted.

Brother Quan also recorded a video of Shi Zhi when she was shooting a magazine. It has already been approved by the magazine. After the magazine is released, these materials can be used. In addition, there are also Shi Zhi’s appearances in TV dramas. Director Shi Tao is even more talkative.

But let’s promote it vigorously. It will be even better if we can promote the drama.

Brother Quan has been patting and recording to send a vlog to Shi Zhi.

Vlog is very popular in the circle now. It can show the daily life of celebrities, is more down-to-earth, and brings the sense of distance closer so that people can understand the artist’s state in private or at work.

Brother Quan released an edited version of the vlog on his official account.

Among them is Shi Zhi, who is jumping rope with double ponytails. Shi Zhi is wearing a red dress and taking pictures seriously, constantly adjusting her movements with the photographer’s voice. Shi Zhi is laughing with the extras…

Editing is another magic trick. Although Shi Zhi only jumped the rope a few times, it didn’t matter. He can still cut it out.

Coupled with cheerful girly music and soft filters, as soon as this vlog is released, quick comments are below.

“Ahhhhhh, there are billions of cutenesses.”

“Two ponytails are taller. Does Shi Zhi know how to skip rope in private? She’s so cute. I want to pinch her little cheek.”

“It’s so sweet to laugh, I can, I want to rush!”

Brother Quan showed a satisfied smile. This time, Shi Xiaozhi’s concept will definitely be deeply rooted in the people’s hearts.

Brother Quan didn’t take care of the vlog for the time being. After waiting for a long time, it will slowly ferment. If the effect is good, he can spend money to buy some sailors to see if he can check out the trending searches or something.

Then in the afternoon, someone from the team suddenly stopped Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi, you’re on the trending list.”

Shi Zhi: Huh?

She didn’t react much, but Brother Quan was surprised and delighted.

“Is that the vlog I posted?” I didn’t expect it to be so successful. He didn’t even buy a sailor; it has already developed so promisingly.

Assistant, “No.”

“… It’s Uncle Shi Zhi, it’s on the hot search.”

Brother Quan: ???

What kind of uncle, what kind of uncle, it was obviously Xiaozhi when she was a girl.

But Brother Quan had to accept the reality. Between Shi Xiaozhi and Uncle Shi, the latter got extra points again.

In the trending photo, Shi Zhi is watching others play Go with her hands behind her back in the group of uncles.

Netizen: Go, go, go!

Halfway through the rush, seeing this photo, I knelt down.

The passion has completely dissipated. I’m sorry, I can’t move.

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