One Can’t Judge by Appearance #48

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Chapter 48

The diners at the next table may not be used to knives, and when the knives and forks collide with the plate, they make some harsh noises.

Song Chao lightly rubbed the wine glass in his hand, and the cold and smooth touch on it made the emotion that rose in his heart quickly disappear without a trace: “Oh?” His voice is lazy and hoarse, so people can’t hear that he has too many emotions.

Seeing his reaction, Yan Xi felt even more sure that the other party didn’t like her at all. If you really like someone, you can’t help paying more attention when you hear anything related to her. Gentleness and consideration can be pretended, but sincerity cannot be faked.

She didn’t quite understand Song Chao’s intentions, and her attitude toward Song Chao was not polite. Even if the other party wanted to play around, they probably wouldn’t be interested in facing her alienated attitude. Why bother? 

Wei Xiaoman used to say that she didn’t understand men, and she scoffed, but now it seems that she really doesn’t understand men.

Men always like to say how complicated women are, but in fact, they are too.

People’s hearts are like the sea, regardless of gender.

Song Chao carefully observed the woman in front of him. She had fair skin, willow eyebrows and almond eyes, a straight nose, ruddy, and a small mouth. Her facial features were put together, making her look a little pitiful and innocent. Her hair was trimmed stylishly and not exaggerated, making her face even smaller. His hands are white and slender, with cleanly manicured nails. Although it looks like she hasn’t had a manicure done, it has been coated with nail polish. These are a pair of extremely well-maintained hands.

She is a little beautiful, like a little white flower, but there are too many beauties around him, and Yan Xi’s appearance is not enough to mesmerize him.

He didn’t understand why Yuan Yi fell in love with such a woman who was not exceptional. Still, thinking of Yuan Yi’s habits of words and deeds back then, Song Chao felt that he could fall in love with such a woman. Maybe it was because she was pitiful and easy to bully.

Isn’t this kind of woman, who looks easy to bully at first sight, suitable for someone like Yuan Yi?

“I didn’t expect that the love letter would not delivered to Ms. Yan.” Song Chao smiled disappointedly. “All these years, I always thought that you didn’t like me, so you rejected my confession. I didn’t expect it to be a misunderstanding.”

“Wait,” Yan Xi heard that Song Chao wanted to discuss feelings again. She interrupted Song Chao impolitely, “Mr. Song, even if the love letter was delivered to me back then, I would reject you.”

“Oh?” Song Chao smiled, full of demeanor, “I am so unattractive to Miss Yan?”

“No,” Yan Xi shook her head, “I just didn’t plan to fall in love early, I was only fifteen years old nine years ago, and I was underage.”


He thought Yan Xi would find an elegant and gentle way to reject him, but he didn’t expect her to say such a thing. This feeling was like he entered a restaurant with high-end decoration, but in the end, it sold roast lamb and stinky tofu, which was so absurd that he couldn’t react.

“Miss Song is more interesting than I imagined.” Song Chao smiled, “You make me even more reluctant to give up the pursuit.”

“I understand,” Yan Xi wiped the corners of her mouth, “but in this life, there are always some things you can’t ask for just because it’s interesting. Mr. Song might as well try this feeling, it can be regarded as a new understanding of life.”

Song Chao smiled noncommittally. His posture seemed to accommodate an unreasonable child. Yan Xi thought this man’s words and demeanor were almost in line with all the ideals of a perfect man in her heart if the other party didn’t mention her father and half-forced her to come to dinner.

Rather than saying that Song Chao’s behavior is graceful, it is better to say that in his eyes. She is only worthy of him to use this method to deal with.

“I heard that Uncle Song has recently done a charity in the impoverished mountainous area and was praised by the relevant department?” Song Chao looked at Yan Xi tenderly, “A friend I know appreciates Uncle Song’s benevolence very much. He has a big project to develop in Xicheng District, if Uncle Song is interested, he can also participate together.”

This project is very famous. Yan Xi heard Song Hai mention it. It is said that some time ago, many big companies participated in the bidding. Even the company under the Yuan family also submitted bids. Still, in the end, it was a second-rate company that won the bid. At that time, her father also said there must be someone behind this second-rate company. Otherwise, she would not have the guts to undertake such a large engineering project.

Now that Song Chao mentioned it, she had a bold guess, could it be… Song Chao is the real supporter behind the scenes.

This project is a piece of fat, and many people want to hug their thighs and drink soup. Song Chao is now casually bringing this matter up. It can be seen that everything is under his control, so he has the confidence to say such a thing.

This sugar-coated cannonball is very touching, but who knows if there is shit or poison behind the sugar coating?

“This project is too powerful. Our family is just a small business, so I’m afraid we don’t have the ability to participate in this kind of project.” Yan Xi smiled, “Thank you, Mr. Song, for your kindness.”

“Miss Yan doesn’t manage the company, so how do you know that your father’s company doesn’t have this ability, why don’t you go back and ask your father?” Song Chao didn’t believe that there would be any businessman who would not be tempted by such a big interest.

“No need, my father only has me as a daughter, and he respects my decision.” Yan Xi rested her chin on the one hand and said in a soft voice. “Mr. Song, although I don’t understand why you insist on approaching me, but the dignified son of the Song family, obviously if you don’t like a woman, why pretend to be tempted, isn’t that wronging yourself?”

This sentence was not unpleasant, but it made Song Chao change his face. He sneered and said, “Miss Yan, sometimes a woman who is too smart is not very popular with men.”

“Then I can only apologize to my male partner.” Yan Xi smiled half-smile, looking at Song Chao with mocking eyes, “After all, I will never learn to be an idiot in my life. Mr. Song should stay away from unpleasant women like me.”

Smartness is contagious, and she doesn’t want to pass it on to others.

“Miss Yan is so full of words, is it because of Yuan Yi’s backing?” Song Chao leaned back in his chair and looked at Yan Xi with a bit of contempt in his eyes, “Let’s not talk about whether Yuan Yi can protect you forever, Based on Yuan Yi’s ability, can he protect you?”

Yan Xi’s face sank, “Mr. Song must rarely look in the mirror at home.”

“What’s the meaning?”

“The face is so big, don’t you think there is a way to cut it off?”

Hearing this, Song Chao smiled instead of being angry: “Do you think you can be the Mrs of the Yuan family by hugging Yuan Yi’s thigh? Unfortunately, you don’t know that Yuan Yi has an older brother who is many times better than him, and his parents also don’t value him. It is impossible for the Yuan family to fall into his hands in the future.”

“Who will hand over the Yuan family’s property, and what does it have to do with me?” Yan Xi was amused by Song Chao. “First of all, I have no intention of being the Mrs of the Yuan family, and secondly, I don’t think Yuan Yi is worse than anyone else. So what if he isn’t the future master of the Yuan family. Who can be sure he won’t create a world by himself in the future?”

“I have seen many people with hard mouths, and Miss Yan is one of them.” Song Chao lowered his eyelids and tilted his body slightly, looking very arrogant, “But those with hard mouths often don’t end well.””

“Then I hope to be an accident in your life.” Yan Xi stood up and handed a card to the waiter, “Pay the bill.”

She turned her head to look at Song Chao: “Mr. Song, speaking ill about the friend of the object you pursue in front of her, is the most stupid thing for a man to do. I hope you don’t make this mistake again next time you pursue other girls.”

“Friend,” Song Chao looked at her mockingly, “Yuan Yi admits that you are his friend?”

“There is a saying on the Internet that is very good. Many things in the world can be summed up in just two sentences,” Yan Xi raised his chin slightly, “It’s none of your business and none of my business. I hope Mr. Song can also understand this truth.”

Song Chao’s face sank.

Yan Xi stopped looking at him, turned around, and left with her high heels on.

Song Chao looked at the meat on the dinner plate, squeezed the knife and fork fiercely, returned to his normal expression after a while, straightened his bow tie, got up, and left the restaurant.

The person sitting next to the potted plants, the manager, lowered his voice and said to the artist he brought: “Fortunately, we didn’t make a sound just now. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing to be discovered. The person who left just now seems to be Mr. Song?”

“Mr. Song is said to have gained a firm foothold in the top management of the Song family in less than half a year after returning to China. The cousins at home are set off by him like a dog’s tail. I didn’t expect that there would be women who would not give him face. This little sister is amazing.”

“You should go back and look at your face in the mirror. Where is the confidence to call someone a little sister?” Xu Qiaosheng pulled the brim of his hat and pulled the vegetable salad into the bowl in disgust. “He is a good fart!”

The manager remembered that he was the cousin of the two brothers from the Yuan family. His smile was a little awkward: “That’s right, he is still worse than the eldest master Yuan.”

Xu Qiaosheng clicked his tongue and played with the phone on the table, “Even he is far behind my second cousin.”

The manager didn’t know how to start a conversation. He only knew that Yuan’s family had two brothers and that Director Yuan had gradually stopped managing the company’s affairs. Although he still had the name of the big boss, in fact, the company was basically controlled by Yuan Bo.

There is very little news about the second son of the Yuan family. He only vaguely heard that he invested in a movie last year. After it was released last month, it raked in 1.8 billion at the box office, making him a lot of money.

“The Yuan second master does have a very good vision in investment.”

Now the entertainment industry seems to be prosperous, but in fact, a lot of people are losing money. The Yuan’s second master, an outsider, can take a fancy to this drama in so many investments, which shows his investment vision.

“That’s true.” Compared to Yuan Bo, Xu Qiaosheng has a better relationship with Yuan Yi, so he doesn’t like to hear bad things about Yuan Yi. He made a quick decision to come here for dinner today. He never expected to meet Song Chao and Yan Xi on a date.

In his heart, Yan Xi is almost equal to his second cousin, and his second cousin is with other men. If he says that he has no idea, it is a lie.

When Song Chao said something too far, he almost couldn’t help standing up and making trouble for Song Chao, but when he heard the second cousin’s girl rebutting Song Chao cleanly, he shrank back again.

He almost couldn’t hold back his laughter when he heard the second cousin taunting Song Chao’s big face that needed to be cut. The second cousin’s mouth is terrible. If he was Song Chao, he would be pissed to death.

On the balcony of the study, Yuan Yi was sitting on the rocking chair he had just made and listening to music when the phone on the table suddenly lit up. It was Xu Qiaosheng who sent him a message.

Qiao Sheng: Brother Yi, I accidentally recorded the audio just now. You must be interested.

Yuan: Not interested, don’t listen.

Qiao Sheng: It’s related to the second cousin. You don’t listen?

Yuan: How did you secretly record her talking?

Qiaosheng: Is this the point?

Yuan: Yes.


Qiao Sheng: Forget it. You will know it by yourself.

Yuan Yi looked at the audio from Xu Qiaosheng, hesitated for a long time, and turned on the audio.

“Sorry, I didn’t receive your love letter back then.”

As soon as the audio was turned on, he heard Yan Xi’s voice, which was a little low. He turned the volume of the phone to the maximum, but he could barely hear what was said inside.

The word “love letter” makes Yuan Yi’s heart feel heavy. Who is Yan Xiaoxi dating? How could she mention a love letter?

When Song Chao’s voice came from the phone, he was stunned for a moment, got up a little irritatedly, turned off the record player in the study, and then sat back on the rocking chair. It was very quiet on the balcony and also very quiet in this spacious villa. He could finally hear all the voices in the audio clearly and even imagine Yan Xi’s expression when he said every word.

“The face is so big, don’t you think there is a way to cut it?”

Hearing this, he couldn’t help laughing out loud. This woman always has a sharp mouth, which can make someone vomit blood.

“His parents don’t value him, and it’s impossible for the Yuan family to fall into his hands.”

“I don’t think Yuan Yi is worse than anyone else. It doesn’t matter if he is not the master of the Yuan family. Who can be sure that he won’t create a world by himself in the future?”

He stretched out his hand to pause the audio and pulled the progress bar forward. Do it repeatedly.

“I don’t think Yuan Yi is worse than anyone else. So what if he isn’t the future master of the Yuan family. Who can be sure that he won’t create a world by himself in the future?”

“I don’t think Yuan Yi is worse than anyone else. So what if he isn’t the future owner of the Yuan family. Who can be sure that he won’t create a world by himself in the future?”

Yan Xi returned home, lay on the bed comfortably after washing, and took out her mobile phone to browse Moments. The first one was posted by Yuan Yi.

Yuan Xiaoer: Insomnia.

The accompanying picture turned out to be the little hedgehog, one of the main supporting roles in her “Little Monster.”

Seeing other people’s insomnia, Yan Xi actually had the pleasure of gloating, so she couldn’t help reaching out and silently giving Yuan Xiaoer a thumbs up.

It’s not her fault. It’s just that her hands don’t listen to orders.

“I’m so hungry.” Yan Xi recalled that she didn’t eat much tonight and felt a little regretful. She spent the money on this meal, isn’t it a bit of a loss? Woke up and went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of noodles for herself, including vegetables, eggs, ham, and shiitake mushrooms. Thinking of this time, many people must be hungry. Yan Xi adjusted the phone camera to food mode, took a few photos, and sent them to her Host Weibo account. It was also posted to Moments, by the way.

Seeing all kinds of hunger wailing in Moments and Weibo, Yan Xi ate very happily.

When eating a late-night snack, sending pictures to stimulate hungry people in the belly will give people the illusion that the food is extra delicious.

Xu Qiaosheng, who was trying to control his weight, saw this Moments message late at night and felt his entire stomach was deflated. It was just an ordinary bowl of noodles, and the fried eggs looked delicious. Why did he want to eat it so much?

Why is the second cousin’s sister-in-law such a terrible human being who posts pictures of food when she disagrees with someone?

Although He was indignant in his heart, he only dared to give a thumbs-up with his fingers and didn’t even dare complain.

Scroll down. Brother Yi has insomnia?

It’s almost eleven o’clock, and he has insomnia?

He tremblingly left a sentence below.

Qiao Sheng: Brother Yi, your account has been hacked?

Reply to Qiaosheng: No.

Judging by the tone of this reply, it doesn’t look like a hacked account.

Yan Xi brushed Xu Qiaosheng’s message to Yuan Yi, and almost laughed out loud but remembered that Song Hai upstairs had fallen asleep. She hurriedly held back her smile and replied to Xu Qiaosheng.

Dahe, I’m Xiaoxi replied Qiaosheng: Hahaha, why is insomnia hacking?

Qiaosheng replied to Dahe, I am Xiaoxi: The main reason is that Brother Yi seldom posts on Moments, so I am a little surprised.

Xu Qiaosheng was speechless when he saw this comment. Did he want to tell his future second cousin that Brother Yi rarely had the habit of not being able to sleep until eleven o’clock?

But thinking that brother Yi had already said in front of his second cousin that he didn’t have the habit of going to bed before eleven o’clock. What else could his cousin say? He couldn’t expose his lie.

Lying with his mouth open, his cousin was very tired of maintaining the lie. No wonder some black fans say that his acting skills are not good. He has used all his acting skills here. How can he still have the energy to film well?

After Yan Xi finished eating noodles, she was going to play for another half an hour before lying down and going to sleep. Who knew that when she opened her usual chat apps, she saw Wei Xiaoman send her a message through private typing in the group chat.

Wei Xiaoman: Dahe, are you there? I want to chat with you. Can we meet when you have time?

Yan Xi calmly closed the chat box.

She’s not the heroine of a TV drama. She’s been cuckolded and then acts like a summoned beast. When people say they want to meet, she obediently goes to see them.

That’s eating and holding on blindly.

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