Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #32

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Chapter 32

Part 1

It didn’t take long to watch “Full Impact”; netizens knew why Shi Zhi was so popular, and the guests who participated under the comments checked in one after another.

It’s not because she’s good-looking and can hook up. On the contrary, Shi Zhi’s gender is ignored by many people in the show, and there is only one line in their minds——

She is too strong!

In the secret room with a belt and three, the props that suddenly popped up not only scared the guests, but also the less courageous audience.

Shi Zhi, however, pointed and complained, “Director, doesn’t it make sense for the zombie to come out of the interstellar background secret room?”

Ruthless demolition.

Then the frightened audience was instantly brought out of the play.

“I was so scared that I wanted to scream just now, thank you sister Shi for saving my dog’s life, now I’m hiccupping from laughing, it’s really unreasonable to have zombies in the interstellar background, what happened to the director.”

“Sister Shi, if you can talk, talk more. At night, I curl up in bed and watch the show by myself. Now the scary atmosphere has subsided, so I’m happy.”

Director: “You are the only one who has a mouth, and you are the only one who can speak!”

The white bone claws that suddenly appeared from the ground were simply anti-human. If it was the turn of other artists, they would definitely scream.

When the other group of four came to this section, someone was tripped by the bone claws, and even their shoes were thrown out, but when it changed to Shi Zhi.

She stepped on it expressionlessly, and the prop shattered to the ground. Shi Zhi belatedly asked her if she had stepped on something.

Shi Zhi’s existence wiped out all the horror elements, and the dignity of the prop group was seriously challenged.

Not only in the secret room but also in the horror box. After leaving the secret room, Shi Zhi also performed very well and even got the idea of props, cooking a seafood feast for eight people.

Netizens concluded: Sister Shi doesn’t care if you’re scary or not, as long as you can eat it.

The octopus and sea cucumber in the horror box in the first second still played with the guests’ mentality. Still, in the next second, they became the little pitiful things in Shi Zhi’s knife.

The bullet screens are all XX fans thanking Shi Zhi for their hospitality, and those doubts about Shi Zhi have been completely drowned out in these bullet screens.

Audiences are all capable of thinking, and they can see who is doing well.

The audience fans who rushed over from “Our Village” were also very excited to see this scene. Sister Shi deserves to be Sister Shi.

The lunch of the program group did not satisfy the guests. After a lot of tossing, no matter whether it was a simple meal or a big meal, it was disappointing. Gradually, voices of dissatisfaction appeared in the barrage.

But the real dissatisfaction still belongs to the spiritual station in the afternoon.

The staff grinning asked about the artist’s previous exes, digging out their emotional experiences, reading the comments attacking them on the Internet to the artist, and even asking the artist to read it out by themself.

The faces of the guests changed one by one, and some people’s eyes were red with tears rolling in them.

Now netizens can’t see that the program group is making things difficult for others.

Some people watched it enthusiastically and thought it was exciting, but more people still thought it was not good.

“Isn’t it a bit too much, why do you want to read the comments of black fans?”

“It’s really too much. Everyone’s expressions are so forced. Let me substitute myself. If it was me, I would really cry on the spot.”

The artist fans who were made things difficult by the program group were even angry. Our brother (sister) was embarrassed, angry and distressed. Is this show poisonous?

It’s Shi Zhi’s turn in the part of the spiritual station.

Shi Zhi stood up.

Because Shi Zhi’s performance before was too eye-catching, many fans of the artist accepted her love and even worried for Shi Zhi.

“Shi Zhi has the most black fans, and the worst scolding on the Internet. I used to enter her chat occasionally, and I was disgusted by the dirty words in it. I don’t know if she can hold on.”

Shi Zhi, can you hold on?

On the screen, a woman in overalls holds a cup of tea in her hand with a relaxed look.

When the staff said Shi Zhi was a vase, she thanked the person sincerely.

When the staff told Shi Zhi that the show she acted in was bad and the staff couldn’t stand it after watching more than twenty episodes, Shi Zhi asked why you have to watch more than twenty episodes.

The barrage program group’s show has been silent before, but this time there are many of them, hahaha.

Netizen: Yes! Why do you have to watch more than 20 episodes if it’s not good? Sister Shi is right!

Calling Shi Zhi a sister is not for nothing.

The staff made things difficult in front of Shi Zhi. The staff made the guests look bad, but now it was Shi Zhi who made the staff look bad, and suddenly the roles were reversed.

That’s right.

Shi Zhi is famous for her beauty. There are no dead angles at 360 degrees, and the modeled face is not a joke. If you look at it from another vase level, this must be the TOP level.

At the same time, Shi Zhi leaned forward slightly.

Brush out all on the barrage――

[Please note that this is not an exercise. The anti-killing time begins.]

The netizen just saw the unknown situation here. What kind of killing is it?

But soon, they figured it out.

 Holding the teacup, Shi Zhi smiled and opened her mouth.

“Why just talk about me? Let’s talk about you too.”

“How old is this year, do you have a girlfriend, are you married, do you have children, do you want to have a second child, and you bought a house?.”

! ! !

Critical strike.

Obviously, Shi Zhi on the screen still looked like a beautiful female star. Still, everyone, like the staff, instantly became formal, as if they were facing relatives at home during the New Year.

How old are you, do you have a girlfriend, are you married, have a house…

Stop scolding, stop scolding, master, stop scolding.

Killing and punishing the heart.

Shi Zhi is the devil of the eight classics, right?

When facing the real devil, the fake devil’s staff are like a plate of loose sand, and they will be scattered without the wind blowing.

However, netizens removed the sense of substitution. They went to see the staff who were crying with snot and tears, and they were really happy.

“The cried so pitifully, but I’m sorry, I’m laughing so loudly now.”

“If the staff hadn’t broken my sister’s mentality, I might have sympathized. Now I just want to say——Shi Zhi, you did a great job!”

Could it be that the so-called wicked have their own grind?

Netizens also quickly added that they did not mean that Shi Zhi was wicked.

It can be said that the desire to survive is very high. After all, Shi Zhi hammered the sandwich machine as a warning! Now there is another one added. Shi Zhi whispered a warning in your ear.

No house, car, savings… just ask if you are afraid.

The hot searches instantly took up several positions as soon as the program was broadcast.

[Full impact] [Shi Zhi Ning Jiachi] [Shi Zhi Erha] [Wig piece] [Shi Zhi Dragging Home with Mouth]…

The hot search on “Full Impact” is scolded. The show wants to be popular and then tricks the guests. The secret room is okay, but the spiritual station behind it is really annoying.

The program team earned attention and was scolded. Facing the anger of the guests and fans, they couldn’t bear it at all, so they came out to apologize obediently and promised that they would improve in the future after this lesson.

After all, if there is no improvement, no guests will be willing to participate.

Shi Zhi is the most searched one on the Internet. After all, there is Shi Zhi in every famous scene.

Shi Zhi once again became a big player in emoji packs. The picture holding the door was undoubtedly made into rushing out. Three people grabbed Shi Zhi in the secret room. Some naughty netizens said that she had three children at a young age.

Assistant Shi Zhi saw that the hot search was scolding the show crew for being unscrupulous, so she turned to Shi Zhi and said, “Sister Shi, you have suffered.”

Makeup artist: “Sister Shi, you have suffered.”

When Brother Quan heard this, he really wanted to yell loudly: You group of dog lickers, can you flatter her a little more moderately.

Did Shi Zhi suffer? Why did he feel that the show crew suffered?

The program “Full Impact” is indeed overdone, but when it comes to anyone who suffers hardships, Shi Zhi seems to be out of the picture.

She made the staff cry.

Generally speaking, Brother Quan was quite happy. Shi Zhi’s topic came up, and it was still positive. He was eager to try again and wanted to deepen everyone’s impression of Xiao Shi Zhi.

Rushing out of the door or something can also become another explanation, full of vitality and youth.

When Brother Quan was thinking about how to deepen Shi Zhi’s concept, Zhong Jiaxin, who was on the same crew as Shi Zhi, also approached Shi Zhi.

She was in the same state as her assistant. She criticized the program group for not being human. She had already protested under the program group in a small comment, which meant that Shi Zhi was suffering.

What she said was sincere. She had completely become Shi Zhi’s fan girl.

After Zhong Jiaxin left, Shi Zhi’s team still felt a little overwhelmed, and there was always a sense of space-time confusion.

They discussed, “Isn’t Zhong Jiaxin Tang Yunling’s friend?”

“Zhong Jiaxin also posted Weibo in a large size, praising Sister Shi on it.”

Take a deep breath.

If Zhong Jiaxin didn’t use the weibo to praise Shizhi, then they would think that Zhong Jiaxin had other intentions, but she used that to praise Shizhi.


Everyone came to the conclusion that Zhong Jiaxin was overwhelmed by Sister Shi’s charm, and had turned to the light and rebelled.

Wonderful! The enemy’s friend has betrayed, and it is worth the drums!

Shi Zhi didn’t feel suffering, she was really having fun, but since everyone said she was suffering, Shi Zhi also decided to go along with everyone.

Yes, she suffered.

The face is not red, and the heart is not beating.

When someone came to her, Shi Zhi also replied subconsciously.

Yes, she suffered.

Then Shi Zhi found out that a male singer participated in the show together.

Male singer: ???

“Sister Shi, what are you talking about?”

Shi Zhi, “It’s nothing.” It was the other party who suffered. She still remembered the fancy tenor voice of the frightened male singer, and she didn’t know how his voice was doing now.

After the recording was over, the male singer added contact information to Shi Zhi. In fact, not only male singers but also many people added Shi Zhi even more, the popular old Tian Wang.

Shi Zhi was a little curious. She knew that male singers would not seek her out for no reason. After all, they are not that good yet.

Shi Zhi: “Do you have anything to do with me?”

The male singer also went straight to the topic, “There is something, Sister Shi, your hair growth recipe…”

After the broadcast of “Full Impact”, many people were laughed off by the wigs of the male singer, and they had to feel emotional when he used them. It was too difficult.

Baldness has become one of the most important problems that plague young people. Is it okay to be bald despite being beautiful and young?

Everyone expressed sympathy for the male singer, and some paid attention to what Shi Zhi said at the time. She said that she would give a prescription to the male singer.

So did you really give it, or just say it casually? Someone has already gone to the male singer’s Weibo to verify it.

“It must be fake, it feels like hey.”

The male singer replied to this comment.

“She really gave me the prescription, it’s very useful!”

After he finished posting the comments, he didn’t finish it. He took a special photo. The contrast effect was obvious. In the photo, the part where the male singer was wearing a wig and bald now grew small fluff, like a springfield. The wheat that comes out is sharp and looks very gratifying.

It won’t be long before you get a good harvest with a large patch of hair.

Netizen: !!!

This effect is also great!

I want to call sister Shi Zhi, but I just want a prescription for hair growth.

It turned out that Shi Zhi not only really gave him a prescription for hair growth, but this prescription was really useful.

The male singer also posted a text on Weibo.

“Even the hair on my face has become thicker. I want to ask the almighty netizens… Do you know how to get rid of the hair?” The hair growth effect is good, and it’s not wrong to cause hair to develop, but the former makes people happy, and the latter is not happy.

The male singer was even afraid that if he continued, he would turn into a monkey.

Netizen: ??? What’s the matter with you?

Shi Zhi was also full of question marks when the hair on the male singer’s face became thicker, so she asked directly.

“What’s the matter with you?”

How can you make even fine hairs thicker when you get your hair done?

Shi Zhi’s prescription is safe and harmless and has no side effects.

The male singer just wanted to sigh, “Isn’t that just washing my hair, and sometimes I’m lazy and feel the foam is good, so I just wash my face…”

The prescription was right. It was his fault.

Shi Zhi, “…”

I see.

Facing the male singer’s request for help, Shi Zhi was helpless.

“Why don’t you go for medical beauty?” There should be laser hair removal or something.

She can only help here.

Male singer, “…um.”

He went to urgently contact the manager to find a reliable hospital and was in a hurry to get rid of the hair.

And when the male singer posted on Weibo, it can be regarded as showing a way for countless bald people in the circle. After wiping his face, even the fine hair on his face became thicker!

Shi Zhi had countless messages on WeChat at once, and everyone wanted to ask Shi Zhi for prescriptions. Even if they didn’t know Shi Zhi, they would go around and pass around people around Shi Zhi to ask her for prescriptions.

Part 2

Among them, there are many artists with a lot of speculation.

They have already begged to come to the door, and this time they will not pretend, “I can’t help it, they are all wigs, and they were bald a long time ago. Otherwise, it is a hair transplantation.”

“This is too amazing.”

“What are they talking about?” Tang Yunling was doing her hairstyle when she heard someone beside her discussing something in a low voice.

The stylist who made Tang Yunling’s hairstyle said, “The hair growth formula mentioned during the discussion is said to be useful…”

The stylist lowered his voice as he spoke, and his expression was a little embarrassed because he thought of the rumors between Shi Zhi and Tang Yunling.

As we all know, these two female stars are immortal, and this is not a secret in the circle.

The stylist didn’t know what Shi Zhi thought of Tang Yunling, but Tang Yunling definitely didn’t have any affection for Shi Zhi. He mentioned her name without seeing her. Did the smile on Tang Yunling’s face disappear?

The stylist diverted the conversation to another place, and he also wanted to find a bottle of mousse.

After the stylist left, Tang Yunling also turned on the phone and found a comparison of the male singer’s hair before and after.

She touched her hair, and three hairs appeared in her palm. She was so distressed that she vomited blood.

Make a sound that she wants to grow hair.

Tang Yunling wanted to grow her hair but couldn’t keep her face down. Even if she was killed, she would not go to Shi Zhi for a prescription for hair growth.

Shi Zhi had no idea that the other party still had such troubles. She was communicating with Bai Wu.

The white paper cp has become a big hit cp. The fans’ voices are extremely high, and the accidental product of red and white roses CP is indeed too good to be true, so some magazines follow the trend to find Bai Wu and Shi Zhi. They want to shoot a double magazine for two people.

The magazine is relatively well-known in China, and the cover quality is also high. When he received this invitation, Brother Quan released his “Good Day” again.

Shi Zhi didn’t respond in a hurry. She mainly wanted to hear Bai Wu’s thoughts.

“Do you want to take it?”

Bai Wu: “Think.”

Why not pick it up? Even for her, it is a rare resource, and she can get together with Shi Zhi again. It is still a joy to meet a good friend.

So Brother Quan saw Shi Zhi, who was still yelling to wait just now, turn her head after calling Bai Wu.

“Go ahead.”

Since Bai Wu wants to pick it up and thinks it’s appropriate, she’ll do it.

Brother Quan, “…”

Shi Zhi really didn’t want to eat any CP bonus at all.

The time required for magazine shooting is relatively short, and the time frame shooting is very smooth, and there is no need to even ask for leave. After focusing on her scenes, she can go straight to the magazine office on the appointed day.

Shi Zhi and her team went to the shooting location relatively early. Bai Wu was still in the car when they arrived. Shi Zhi used her mobile phone to send messages to Bai Wu while walking.

Shi Zhi: “I bought milk and bread for you.”

Bai Wu casually mentioned to Shi Zhi in the morning that she didn’t have time for breakfast.

Bai Wu was moved to the point of crying, “Wooo You’re so kind.”

Perhaps it was because they came too early that the rest of the people didn’t expect that when Shi Zhi and her team arrived at the entrance of the shooting location. They heard someone talking loudly inside.

A man with pigtails who looked like a photographer was chatting with the staff with his back to the door.

“Shi Zhi, I know her.”

“You guys are considered unlucky today, you actually met Shi Zhi.”

Someone wondered: “What’s wrong?”

“I really like Shi Zhi. It’s very interesting to watch her variety shows.”

The little braided photographer sneered: “Variety show?”

“Aren’t they all scripted? Didn’t you stay in the circle for too short a time to even believe this?”

“Shi Zhi is difficult to deal with. She thinks it’s easy to get out, and she likes to play big names…”

Suddenly, someone at the scene said bad things about Shi Zhi, and the members of Shi Zhi’s team got a little angry and cursed inwardly.

“Miss Shi.”

The assistant felt that Shi Zhi would definitely be in a bad mood when she heard this, but looking around, Shi Zhi’s expression was very calm.

Brother Quan knocked on the door frame, interrupting the little braided photographer’s high-spirited talk. Now, the people inside realized that Shi Zhi had arrived.

“Teacher Shi Zhi.”

“Teacher Shi Zhi…”

The little braided photographer was knocked out on the spot, his face was a bit embarrassed, and he also called out to Shi Zhi in a murmur. Still, Shi Zhi ignored him, and the rest of the staff trotted over to meet Shi Zhi.

Bai Wu also arrived at the scene after a while. First, she ate breakfast from Shi Zhi, and then the two started shooting the magazine cover.

To echo the red and white roses of the scenic spot, the two people’s clothes today are also red and white, but they are wearing cheongsams on the show. This time they are modern clothes.

Shi Zhi was wearing a textured long red dress, swaying. Bai Wu was wearing a fresh white dress, and her hands were on Shi Zhi’s shoulders. The two were constantly adjusting their movements according to the photographer’s arrangement.

They don’t know if Shi Zhi’s bad words were smashed or if it was originally arranged that the little braided photographer was not the main photographer. He was in charge of helping on the side.

The shooting went well, and during the intermission, the two ran aside and talked non-stop.

Bai Wu: “I saw that show you were on, you suffered.”

Shi Zhi nodded in agreement: “Yes.”

The voice of the two people communicating was very low. Still, Brother Quan was close and listened to these two sentences completely.

Brother Quan: “…” The artists he brings are really amazing.

Bai Wu also brought a gift to Shi Zhi, a new thermos cup. She had already given Shi Zhi one before, but she bought a new one as soon as she saw it.

Bai Wu chatted happily, but Shi Zhi’s attention was distracted. She frowned and looked not far away.

“Make a move, turn over there, why are your hands so stiff…”

“Come on, I’ll teach you, do this and this.”

Today, when Zhi and Bai Wu took a cover shoot, there were also a few models besides them and the staff. The magazine wanted to shoot another group portrait theme, like several couples of friends.

Now that there is a gap in the shooting, a newbie model doesn’t take a break because the photographer with pigtails is “teaching” her by the side.

The model is very afraid of this photographer. She has worked with him a few times, and each time he looked at her lewdly and made other unreasonable demands.

The photographer with the braids used the excuse of shooting to lay hands on her and put his hand on her arm. The model felt like she was entangled by a cold and disgusting snake. His eyes swept around viciously, and the model felt a little nauseous.

“You… are too close to me, I will put it on myself…”

The model couldn’t bear it anymore, so she mustered up the courage to escape from the other party’s hands.

The little braided photographer’s face darkened, and he said righteously, “What’s the matter with you, can you be a little bit professional, and you’re jumpy, I don’t think you can go far at all, you don’t even have professionalism, just go home.”

His hands are still glued to the model’s arms and face.

The model shrank her neck, but she didn’t dare to say anything anymore this time. Her professionalism was like a mountain crushing her. She just opened her eyes slightly, like a marionette.

Bear with it, bear with it.

She told herself that now in front of so many people, he didn’t dare to really do anything to her, just treat him as being bitten by a dog.

But the model was desperate. Why did he dare to do such a small trick in front of so many people?

“Here, you, take a picture of me.”

A voice sounded, which was no less than the sound of nature to the model.

Shi Zhi stood not far away, staring at the little braided photographer. The little braided photographer didn’t expect Shi Zhi to call him and was a little dizzy.

“Is it me, Teacher Shi Zhi?”

Shi Zhi was impatient: “It’s you, hurry up.”

The braided photographer didn’t dare to offend Shi Zhi, so he could only let go of the model and walk towards Shi Zhi. The model quickly ran to the side of the other model she knew.

Brother Quan actually noticed the photographer’s small movements. He felt very stinky and almost embarrassed by the face of the male group, but this was also very common. He thought for a while to find an excuse to support the model, but he didn’t expect Shi Zhi to stand up. Her movements were too fast, and Brother Quan couldn’t even stop her.

Shi Zhi said to the little braided photographer, “I have an inspiration, this place is good, just shoot it here for me, by the way, you must make your legs longer.”

The props in Shi Zhi’s hands are silk scarves, the background is messy, and the little braided photographer is confused. What is there to shoot here?

“Teacher Shi, why don’t we shoot in another place, it feels better over there and the light is more beautiful.”

Shi Zhi was already posing with the ribbon in an extremely dramatic manner, “No, I want to be here.”

Little braided photographer, “…” All right, as long as you are happy.

Cursing in his heart, he still wanted to take pictures of Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi emphasized: “You need to make your legs longer.”

“Why don’t you lower yourself? I saw other people taking pictures before, and they were lying on the ground and taking pictures from the bottom to the top, so as to lengthen their legs.”

The little braid glanced at the ground in front of him.

There is water and mud. Dirty is not acceptable.

There is an indoor swimming pool on their side. There is a lot of water beside the pool. When more people come and go, the ground will become dirty if you step on it. How can he get down?

Shi Zhi saw the reluctance and raised her eyebrows, “It’s not a big deal.”

“Can you have some professionalism, so you don’t want to?”

The model was still in shock, but when she suddenly heard Shi Zhi tell the little braided photographer about her professionalism, her heart warmed up.

Shi Zhi… is this helping her?

The little braided photographer had already noticed it and continued to curse in his heart. Shi Zhi was planning to stand out for others and meddle in other people’s business.

But with so many people looking at him, he can’t be branded as unprofessional.

So he forced a smile on his face, held on, and lay down on the muddy and dirty ground to take pictures of Shi Zhi, stretching his legs.

The clothes on his arms were soaked by the cold water, and there was a lot of sand on the ground, making him panic.

“Teacher Shi, it’s done.”

He took a few pictures and reminded her.

Shi Zhi: “I don’t think it’s good, let’s take a few more pictures.”


He took a few more pictures, “It’s really good.” He couldn’t take it anymore.

Shi Zhi, “I want to change my actions.” Wrapped the silk scarf around her head.

Little braid: !!!

Damn, it’s been years since he took pictures like this.

When Shi Zhi saw that the little pigtail was frozen there and looked at her with unfriendly eyes, she didn’t feel frightened, and she still had a smile on her face.

“Oh, I’m a difficult person to deal with, and I like to play tricks… Didn’t you know that before?”

Little Braid brand Shi Zhi liked this before, but now Shi Zhi said it completely.

Speak up in advance so that the other party has nowhere to go.

The little braid thinks that Shi Zhi must not dare to go too far. After all, she also needs to be famous and not let everyone see her bullying him.

Who knew that Shi Zhi made a summary for herself.

That’s right, that’s the kind of person she is, she admitted that it’s his bad luck to meet her.

Don’t hear about how difficult it is for her to come to him on the spot, how difficult she is.

Little braid: “…”

What else can he do? Just keep shooting.

Brother Quan and Shi Zhi’s team all wanted to laugh. Still, it wasn’t very pleasant to be arranged behind the scenes, and this man probably regretted saying those words.

The tossing photographer turned pale from the tossing, and Shi Zhi reluctantly said that she could watch the picture.

“Are my legs long?”

The photographer: “Mrs. Shi Zhi, your legs are very long…”

Shi Zhi looked at the photo, “It’s ugly, it’s not long at all, and my assistant’s photo with a mobile phone is better than yours.”

The photographer: ???

Teasing him.

“Teacher, why don’t you ask your assistant to take a picture of you.”

He still has a big temper and is already on the verge of collapse.

Shi Zhi glanced at the little pigtail, “Not convinced?”

Very good, she is not satisfied with everything.

Shi Zhi asked the assistant to bring her phone, but the assistant felt guilty, “Sister Shi, I…” No way.

Although she looked very cool and excited, if she was asked to take pictures, she would definitely collapse. How could she have the skill of a professional photographer? He was lying on the ground for a long time just now.

Shi Zhi adjusted the mode for the assistant, “Just squat down and take pictures.”

The assistant’s eyes widened and were instantly relieved after watching the phone screen, and the admiration for Shi Zhi gradually increased.

Miss Shi, what a wonderful woman.

The photographer was waiting for the photo session to be completed. The assistant squatted down to take a photo of Shi Zhi, which was really casual and then handed the phone to Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi expressed her satisfaction and showed the photographer that this was the real long leg.

Bai Wu was also curious and leaned over.

Then she almost fainted from laughter.

In the photo, Shi Zhi’s neck is full of legs, not an exaggerated description, but the truth.

She turned on special effects. Her legs are so long that they are not human.

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