The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 45. (1/2)

Xiao Yang looked at Cheng Rui, knowing that the other party was already blatantly trying to rob his change. His face was a little stiff: “Brother Rui, tell me where the hair dryer is, and I’ll get it.”

Cheng Rui’s handsome face was cold and challenging: “You don’t need to get it.”

Xiao Yang didn’t smile: “Let me get it, I have a good relationship with Qing Qing, I will help her blow hair.”

Cheng Rui said coldly, “It’s getting late, go to bed.”

Liang Zhiyu narrowed his fox eyes slightly as if watching a play.

Shen Mingxuan snorted coldly, thinking Xiao Yang and Cheng Rui were blind. They were being played around by that woman, Bai Qing Qing.

Originally, Bai Qing Qing just wanted to hook up with her brother and acted like a baby and asked her to blow-dry her hair. Unexpectedly, she suddenly came to Shura field and looked helplessly at the expressionless Fu Chen.

Xiao Yang knew that Bai Qingqing had been with Cheng Rui all the time when he disappeared. He felt super upset when he recalled all the warm moments when she gave Cheng Rui medicine and food. He liked Qing Qing first, and Cheng Rui wanted to Come and step in.

Brother Fu said that when he returned to the Aojing Prefecture Base, he would permit him to be with Qing Qing. He looked at Fu Chen with the intention of asking the captain to be in charge.

Cheng Yan was also observing everyone’s expressions. At first, he thought that Cheng Rui had brought Bai Qing Qing back. She was already Cheng Rui’s woman, but he didn’t expect that she was still a friend.

Xiao Yang is too young. Everything is written on his face. He likes Bai Qing Qing at first glance.

The two men pursued kindness at the same time, and the initiative was in Bai Qing Qing’s hands. The most important thing was to see how she chose.

Xiao Yang and Cheng Rui were still confronting each other. They stared at Bai Qing Qing and said, “Qing Qing, who do you want to blow your hair for?”

Bai Qing Qing really didn’t know how to choose. Both of them were the objects of her current strategy. No matter which choice she made, she decided by default.

Of course, she wants it all, but she can’t say it. Otherwise, it will roll over.

My lord brother, help!

Fu Chen seemed to perceive her distress for a while and said, “You all go to sleep. I’ll blow her hair.”

“Brother Fu.”


Xiao Yang and Cheng Rui looked at him with emotions in their eyes.

Fu Chen said calmly: “If you have anything to say, we will talk about it tomorrow.”

Xiao Yang glanced at Bai Qing Qing unwillingly, showing a pitiful expression like a little milk dog, and reluctantly left.

Cheng Rui was silent for a few seconds and walked back to the room with his long legs.

Liang Zhiyu smiled lightly: “Captain, your baby sister is really popular.”

Fu Chen looked at him coldly and said, “Are you bored too?”

Liang Zhiyu smiled slightly on his warm and jade-like face: “Fortunately, captain, you have to keep an eye on the baby, or she may be taken away at any time.”

Fu Chen snorted coldly and took Bai Qing Qing’s hand back to the room.

When he left, Shen Mingxuan sneered coldly and returned to the room, leaving only Cheng Yan and Liang Zhiyu outside.

Cheng Yan’s eyes flickered: “Miss Bai and Captain Fu don’t seem to be siblings?”

Liang Zhiyu’s expression was cold: “No, but they are more like brothers and sisters.”

Cheng Yan already understood a little in his heart, so he didn’t say anything more.

In the spacious bedroom, Bai Qing Qing was sitting on a stool, and Fu Chen was standing behind her, holding her wet hair.

“I can’t blow my hair.”

Bai Qing Qing lowered her eyes and said, “I originally wanted to ask my brother to help me blow it.”

Fu Chen was slightly stunned, and then his heart dissipated inexplicable emotions. She planned to come out to find him from the beginning. Not Xiao Yang nor Cheng Rui didn’t want anyone,

He held the girl’s long black, and smooth hair. She was born with seaweed-like black hair, twice the volume of many people, and the hair quality was also excellent. It felt like silk satin.

Fu Chen has been taken care of since he was born and has never served anyone. Since she was clingy and squeamish after losing her memory, she always acted like a baby and asked him for help. He gradually got used to taking care of her.

He didn’t know how to blow her hair at first, so he grabbed a few and blew them indiscriminately. Then she looked at him complacently with her messy hair and crystal tears in her eyes.

He couldn’t help her. He suppressed his impatience and slowly blew her well.

She is well-behaved, like a cute baby, sitting in front of him and letting him take care of her hair. He has been able to blow dry her hair skillfully and quickly many times.

A few minutes later, he had already blown her hair, “Okay.”

Bai Qing Qing dried her hair silently and turned her head to look at him, “Brother, you are so good, the Tony teachers in the city are not as good as you.”

Everyone likes to hear rainbow farts. Every time Fu Chen helps her with something, she will praise him vigorously, praise him up to the sky in various ways.

Fu Chen is used to all kinds of compliments from her, so he doesn’t feel much after hearing them. He wrapped up the hair dryer: “Put it away.”

Bai Qing Qing put the hair dryer into the space and took his hand: “Brother, don’t go, just talk to me.”

After she entered the Yaoyang Base, she hadn’t slept much. One was worried that something would happen to the mission object, and the other was a little worried that she couldn’t control Cheng Rui and forced her to stay with him.

After Fu Chen came back, she felt inexplicably relieved.

She still wants to stay with him for a while. Who will let her brother spoil her?

The two nestled on the sofa, and Bai Qingqing took out two mobile phones and said, “Brother, let’s play a game.”

Fu Chen is not interested in games, “You play by yourself.”

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