Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 32 (1/2)

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Chapter 32 (1/2)

Jiang Miaomiao sat by the window and watched the heavy rain for hours.

There was movement behind her, and she turned her head quickly.

“you’re awake?”

The sofa is very comfortable, and there is no need to worry about zombies. Lu Qiming had a rare good sleep, leaned on the back of the sofa, closed his eyes, and hummed lazily.

Jiang Miaomiao walked over.

“Are you hungry? I’m ready for dinner.”

There is no electricity here, so the flashlight’s power should be used sparingly. It is best to finish everything before dark.

Lu Qiming had no objection, so he dragged the tea table over and placed it in front of him as a dining table.

Jiang Miaomiao put the snacks on the table, and when he was about to take them, she suddenly said:

“You close your eyes.”

“Doing what?”

“Just keep it closed.”

Lu Qiming was suspicious, “You don’t want to take this opportunity to punch me, do you? I didn’t offend you today.”

Jiang Miaomiao retorted: “Yes, you look so worthy of a beating. It is a pity not to fight.”

He smiled happily and closed his eyes.

She took his big hand and put the razor on it.

Lu Qiming opened it and tried it, pleasantly surprised.

“Oh, it’s really good, it’s much easier to use than my old one.”

Jiang Miaomiao pursed her lips and asked, “Do you like it?”

“Of course I like it. Come on, I’ll give you a crew cut so that you don’t have to wash your hair in the future.”

As he said, he hooked her neck and wanted to put the razor on her head.

Jiang Miaomiao was frightened to death and pushed his arm desperately.

“Let me go… let me go…”


Lu Qiming screamed, looking at the tooth marks on his arm.

“It’s just a joke, as for it?”

She escaped from the joke, quite seriously.

“I warn you, don’t mess with my hair.”

She has lived miserably enough, and she can’t even lose the qualities of a woman.

She had a flat head, and big pants, and her skin was tanned and rough. She didn’t want to be like that.

Lu Qiming lowered his head and rubbed the teeth marks. She noticed something and stared at his face.

“Why is your face so pale?”

“I was bitten by you.”

“Don’t be kidding, let me see your injury.”

Lu Qiming put away his long legs and reached for snacks.

“If you want to watch it slowly, I won’t wait for you.”

Seeing her favorite food being taken away by him, Jiang Miaomiao lost her mind and started eating dinner.

After she was full, she went downstairs to check the water level. It had already risen to the fourth and a half floors, and their fifth floor was unsafe.

While it was not completely dark, the two had enough food and drink to have energy and moved up two more floors.

The seventh floor is still the office area. Jiang Miaomiao turned on the flashlight, trying to find a safe place to stay.

Suddenly hearing a plop behind her, she turned her head and saw that Lu Qiming had fallen to the ground.

She was frightened and ran to help him.

“What’s wrong with you? How did you fall?”

“It’s just an accident, it’s nothing.”

He waved his hand, “Don’t worry about me, just do your business.”

His body temperature was extremely low, and his skin was covered with sweat, which worried Jiang Miaomiao.

She shone a flashlight on his face and examined it carefully. His face was paler than before, and his lips were even more bloodless.

“Don’t move!” She held him down and forcibly checked his wound.

Lu Qiming is still persisting.

“I’m really fine, the injury is almost healed, you don’t have to worry about me…”

Before he finished speaking, Jiang Miaomiao had already seen the condition of the wound, and her face suddenly sank.

“Is this what you said almost healed?”

The wound festered, and the entire leg was swollen.

The cotton thread was soaked in pus, and the surrounding skin was gray as if it had gradually lost its vitality.

Lu Qiming lowered his head halfway.

“In a few days, it will definitely be fine in a few days.”

“In a few days, your whole leg will rot and become completely disabled!”

He stopped talking. Jiang Miaomiao didn’t have time to look at the surrounding environment, so she found a nearby office, dragged him and his belongings in, and closed the door.

She put the flashlight on the table, shined on Lu Qiming, and rummaged through the bag for medicines and tools.

The cotton thread had to be removed, and the pus in the wound had to be drained. Otherwise, it would be full of bacteria, making the injury worse.

She planned it well, but when she really found a pair of scissors, sterilized them with a lighter, and was about to cut them off, she was a little too afraid to do it.

With such a horrible wound, she is not a professional.

What if she messes around, makes him disabled, or, even worse, directly kills him? What should we do?

Seeing her hesitation, Lu Qiming suddenly made a sound.

“You go.”

Jiang Miaomiao was taken aback, “Where am I going?”

“Take your dog upstairs, the flood will definitely not catch up with your speed. If you climb to the supermarket on the 20th floor, you don’t have to worry about eating and drinking.”

“how about you?”

There was light in his eyes, and he smiled self-deprecatingly.

“I’m a big burden now, and if I can’t help anything, I won’t drag you down.”

He has seen her hard work these days, running up and down for everyone. She grits her teeth and moves no matter how heavy things are.

It would be fine if she was a strong person, but she was pitifully thin, and sometimes he worried that her arm would break.

He doesn’t feel much about doing many things by himself.

But asking her to do it always felt like abusing her.

“You go.”

Lu Qiming said again: “If I can survive this test, I will definitely go to you.”

In the dark office, Jiang Miaomiao squatted in the only light beam, was silent for a long time, and couldn’t help roaring.

“Shut the fuck up!”

He actually asked her to abandon him. Who was injured? What are you kidding? Who do you take her for?

Jiang Miaomiao was so angry that she held up the scissors and said fiercely:

“If you continue to talk such nonsense, be careful that I will open another hole in you!”

Lu Qiming didn’t expect her to be so angry. He forced out all the swear words as if he had done something unforgivably wrong, and his momentum suddenly weakened.

“If you don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t scold people…”

“Scolding you? I’m going to beat you, you don’t have the strength to fight back now.”

Jiang Miaomiao patted his face as she spoke and ordered: “Close your eyes.”

He did so, and within a few seconds, he felt a sharp pain in his leg, which made his body twitch twice.

Jiang Miaomiao hugged him vigorously and said in a low voice:

“Be patient, it will be fine soon.”

He gritted his teeth to hold back, did not open his eyes the whole time, and left his body entirely at her disposal.

In the end, he was sweating profusely, as if he had taken a cold shower, and my whole body died several times, and he couldn’t even move his weak fingers.

Jiang Miaomiao quickly filled him with a bottle of Red Bull, fed him a few pieces of chocolate, and used all the anti-inflammatory drugs left on hand on him.

Lu Qiming lay motionless on the sofa after eating. He didn’t know if he was too tired, had fallen asleep, or had fainted from the pain.

She touched his cold forehead distressingly, looked at the empty medicine box on the table, and decided to look around.

They need medicine, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and fever-reducing.

Jiang Miaomiao shook off a coat to cover him and walked out with a flashlight.

Jiang Meimu, who was sleeping, pricked up its ears alertly and followed.

“Shh, don’t go, stay with him.”

She pointed to the sofa and signaled it to go back.

Jiang Meimu turned around a few times hesitantly and returned to lie at Lu Qiming’s feet.

“Well, really good.”

Jiang Miaomiao praised it, opened the door, and walked into the darkness alone with the small chainsaw on her back.

It took her one night to search almost the entire floor, and she found many drugs.

There are cough medicines, asthma medicines, rheumatic pain plasters, cold medicines, anti-inflammatory medicines, and painkillers she urgently needs.

After this incident, Jiang Miaomiao deeply realized the preciousness of medicines, took away all available ones and returned to the office at the beginning.

After putting away her things, she lay down beside the sofa, looked at Lu Qiming, who was still asleep, and murmured:

“You are not allowed to die. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have lived to endure this kind of hardship. Since you want me to live, you have to be responsible to me, and you can’t just leave and let go.”

Lu Qiming hummed unconsciously.

She smiled, rubbed her sore nose, and fell asleep beside him.

The wind and rain fell all night. At eight o’clock in the morning, Lu Qiming opened his eyes.

The leg still hurts, but it is obviously much better than yesterday. At least I can move again.

He was hungry and wanted to find something to eat when he turned around and saw the woman lying beside him.

She slept deeply, her hair looked greasy because she hadn’t washed it for a long time, and her clothes were also filthy.

The initially delicate fingers are much rougher than before due to too much work during this period.

But the more he looked at her, the more he felt that she was beautiful, more charming than the clean and tidy appearance when they met for the first time. Which made him want to give her everything he had and exchange her for the comfortable life of her dreams.

But he can only think about it, his only property is a fairly strong body, and he is too sick to do anything right now, so she has to take care of him.

A strand of hair stuck to the corner of her mouth. Lu Qiming helped her brush it away and put it behind her ear.

Looking at her small mouth, I felt an impulse in my heart. When I was about to act, I remembered something, walked around her lightly, opened the door, and walked out.

Not long after, Jiang Miaomiao also woke up, and her first reaction was to see Lu Qiming’s injury.

Unexpectedly, after looking, there was nothing on the sofa.

Thinking of what he said last night, she thought he had gone away by himself. So frightened, she looked for him everywhere and finally saw a familiar figure in the stairwell.

Lu Qiming stood by the water with a toothbrush and a cup. His mouth was full of toothpaste foam.

Jiang Miaomiao breathed a sigh of relief and then couldn’t help but complain to him.

“What are you doing here to brush your teeth?”

Having been injured so badly and still thinking about such trivial things as brushing your teeth, are you okay?

Lu Qiming pointed to his mouth and made a gesture of waiting.

She had no choice but to hold back and stood by with her arms folded and waited.

After brushing his teeth, Lu Qiming washed his face again, feeling much refreshed, and came to her.

Jiang Miaomiao asked the question again, really unable to understand his behavior.

The other party hooked the corner of his mouth, lowered his head, and said in her ear:

“Because I want to kiss you.”


Before she could answer, he had already bit her lips. Unlike the last stormy and forceful kiss, today’s him is surprisingly gentle.

Licking little by little, like a kitten drinking milk, it melted her heart.

Reason told Jiang Miaomiao that she should refuse, but there was a voice in her heart saying don’t disappoint. Just close your eyes and enjoy.

She was constantly pulled between two thoughts. Her eyes flew wildly. She caught a glimpse of his arched back. She held his face and asked incomprehensibly:

“Why is your posture so strange?”

Lu Qiming unnaturally pulled the waistband of his trousers.

“Because it also wants to kiss you.”

She didn’t understand, “What?”

“Nothing, continue.”

He held the back of her head with one hand and kissed her again.

As the saying goes, the plan for a day lies in the morning, and the morning is the beginning of the day.

So the next day, Jiang Miaomiao was out of her mind because of this kiss.

The water level didn’t seem to be rising anymore and stopped at the height of the sixth floor.

The two decided to temporarily live on the seventh floor and then consider whether to move when Lu Qiming’s injury is better.

Jiang Miaomiao asked Lu Qiming and learned that he had found his toothpaste and toothbrush in the staff lounge. Hence, she searched in the lounge to find a bottle of shampoo to wash her hair.

She can bear it without taking a bath, but she can’t bear it without washing my hair.

It was oily and itchy, and her hair loss worsened, making her worry that if she wanted to flatten her hair in the future, she would have no hair to push.

She found a bottle of Clear from the staff locker, just for men, but it didn’t matter in this case, and she went downstairs to wash her hair immediately.

The water was a bit cold, but fortunately, the temperature was not low. She washed it thoroughly, dried it with her clothes, and returned to the office to lie on her stomach and let it dry naturally.

Lu Qiming was sitting not far away, eating a pack of raisins.

Jiang Miaomiao glanced at his face quietly and looked at him. Her eyes fell on his lips involuntarily, thinking of the kiss in the morning.

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