One Can’t Judge by Appearance #41

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Chapter 41

“How are you?” Yuan Yi turned to look at the driver, “What’s going on?”

“Mr. Yuan, a car in front of us lost control and almost hit us.” The driver was also in a cold sweat from the fright. If he hadn’t swung the steering wheel, the car would have hit them straight away.

Yuan Yi glanced out of the window, a car crashed into a nearby green tree, and several other cars were also affected, blocking the entire road tightly.

“Yuan Xiaoer, I found that as long as I meet you, there may be a traffic accident story,” Yan Xi grinned in pain. The cold sweat on her forehead seemed covered with mist on her face, and she was extremely embarrassed, “Wouldn’t it be that the two of us don’t match the horoscopes?”

“It’s been a long time, and you still believe in these things,” Yuan Yi saw that she was in severe pain, opened the car door, and walked down to Yan Xi to open the car door, “Come down and walk forward for a while, I will arrange for a driver to pick us up.”

Yan Xi got out of the car and walked two steps. She felt the wound on her back burning like fire. She thought that she was really unlucky today. First, she was almost blocked by reporters at the police station, and now she almost had a car accident.

Has she gone retrograde recently? Does she repost a few koi auspicious cloud microblogs on the Internet to prevent the reverse?

Yuan Yi stopped and saw Yan Xi walking slowly. With one hand on his, he said helplessly: “At your speed, how long does it take to walk this distance?”

Yan Xi stared at him without speaking but stared at him with eyes like spring water.

Unexpectedly, Yuan Yi walked up to her and squatted down.

“What are you doing?” Yan Xi stared at Yuan Yi’s butt, “You want me to kick your ass to vent my anger?”

“What are you thinking? Yuan Yi glared back at her and patted his back with his backhand: “Come up, I’ll carry you over.”

“Then, what’s the point of that?” Yan Xi covers her face and looks at Yuan Yi. His back looks reliable, and his butt…is quite round and seems a little sexy.

“Hurry up,” Yuan Yi’s voice sounded a little fierce, “Don’t waste my time.”

Yan Xi was a little hesitant because of her friend’s relationship with Yuan Yi. Asking the other party to carry her on his back was too intimate. She grew up so big, and only one man carried her on her back, and that was her father.

“What are you doing?” Yuan Yi suddenly bowed and took a few steps back. Before Yan Xi could recover, he carried her up.

“Don’t move, you can’t blame me when the wound hurts,” Yuan Yi clasped his hands in fists behind him, carefully avoiding the sensitive parts of Yan Xi, “You think I’m willing to carry you, in case the wound cracks, be careful to leave scars for the rest of your life. At that time, you might complain to me in your heart. When you were with me, I didn’t help you, leaving you with unsightly scars.”

Listening to Yuan Xiaoer’s rambling words, Yan Xi felt that the pedestrians on both sides of the road were looking at her. She lay silently on Yuan Yi’s back and covered her face with her sleeves.

Yuan Yi paused slightly, he looked back, and the back of his head accidentally touched Yan Xi’s forehead, and he turned his head back like an electric shock.

“Yuan Xiaoer, if you forcefully carry a girl like this, you will be regarded as a hooligan.” Her voice was muffled, with a hint of discouragement and embarrassment.

“I’ve never carried a woman on my back in my life, and you’re the first one. If you really count, I really don’t know who is the rogue one.” Yuan Yi avoided a couple walking hand in hand, “Let me tell you first, don’t think too much, I only carry you because I think you are walking slowly.”

Yan Xi curled her lips: “With your attitude, if I can think too much, then I’m just pretending to be affectionate.”

Yuan Yi opened his mouth to refute, swallowed the words again, and muttered in a low voice: “What else should I do? Are you going to confess?”

“Look at her boyfriend!”

Yan Xi covered her face and looked to the side from between her fingers. It turned out that the “other boyfriend” mentioned by the other party was Yuan Xiaoer, so she was that “other”?

Is this misunderstanding big?

“Young people nowadays are really…” An old man walked past the two of them in distaste, shaking his head and sighing, “The sky is bright and the world is going down. How cheeky.”

Yan Xi: …

On the other hand, Yuan Yi was surprisingly calm, as if he didn’t hear the words of passers-by. He walked forward with his slender legs without looking back, without even a superfluous reaction.

“Hey,” Yan Xi poked Yuan Yi’s shoulder with her index finger, “you’d better let me down.”

“Don’t move,” Yuan Yi stopped at the intersection of traffic lights, “I’ll let you down after passing this intersection.”

Many people were waiting for the traffic lights at the intersection. Yan Xi covered her face more tightly under the eyes of the scrutinizing crowd.

The traffic lights lasted about a hundred seconds. Yan Xi smelled the shampoo on Yuan Yi’s hair. It smelled very light, but it smelled very pleasant. She needs to find out what brand it is. She can buy it for her dad to try.

After crossing the intersection, Yuan Yi took Yan Xi to find a coffee shop to sit down. Still, he was drinking delicious hand-ground coffee, while Yan Xi had only a cup of steaming water in front of him.

“Don’t look at it.” Yuan Yi moved the coffee cup in front of him, “Injured people are not qualified to drink coffee.” He didn’t look at Yan Xi’s shining eyes, afraid that his willpower would not be strong enough and he would change their position at any time.

Unknown light music was playing in the coffee shop, and there were few customers, so Yan Xi glared at Yuan Yi and ordered a cake for herself.

“How do you know I’m at the police station?” Yan Xi asked curiously, “Did you just pass by?”

“I have a friend who works in the police station, so I know something.” Yuan Yi put down his coffee cup, “You shouldn’t be here today.”

“The harmony between the police and the people.” Yan Xi didn’t think there was a big problem, “Anyway, I’m not a big star, and reporters just like to catch hot spots. After this matter is over, I’ll live my life as it is, so let him go.”

“You can think about it.” Yuan Yi was very helpless towards Yan Xi’s big-hearted attitude, “Recently, ‘Those Things Around You’ has been rebroadcasting previous episodes, and the aunt we hired has called your TV station several times, if you don’t get better soon, I suspect that those old men and women will go to your TV station to sit quietly and demonstrate.”

Was she flattered by Yuan Yi? She was a little skeptical that Yuan Xiaoer would praise her, which was too unreal.

“When I’m at home with nothing to do, I often talk to the director on the phone. I’ve already planned several episodes of the show, but now I can’t go out on location for the time being.” Yan Xi ate the sweet cake, and her mood improved, “Anyway, the ratings of our station have not been high, and there are no rating  indicators in the station, so it doesn’t matter how many episodes are replayed.”

Yuan Yi couldn’t help but want to ask, what has supported such a casual TV station until now?

When he thought Yan Xi valued the program, she was very indifferent to the ratings. To say that she was casual. She did every program very seriously. This kind of contradictory behavior made Yuan Yi unable to understand Yan Xi’s thoughts.

“Aren’t you worried about the loss of audience?”

“I do programs with my conscience, and the audience watches TV with their hobbies. This is a matter of course,” Yan Xi wiped the cream from her mouth. “I am a person who loves myself very much. Work is important. My own health and body are more important. Things should be prioritized.”

“This kind of thinking is good,” Yuan Yi nodded, “Don’t do that kind of thing that hurts you to go to work, and move others to hurt yourself. What are you trying to do?”

“I thought you were going to say that I have no professionalism,” Yan Xi chuckled, “Like you rich people, don’t you always pay attention to doing things and strive for excellence, and you can’t back down?”

“Then you just treat me as a non-mainstream among the wealthy families,” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows and said carelessly, “the strange one among the rich and noble sons.”

“Non-mainstream,” Yan Xi asked with a smile, “if you dye your hair red and yellow, and wear some messy chains, you will look even more non-mainstream.”

Yuan Yi stopped holding the coffee cup. At this moment, he felt the cup in his hand weigh more than a thousand kg. He was a little glad he didn’t tell Yan Xi that he was a high school student with mottled hair.

Thinking about his appearance at that time, Yuan Yi felt blushing. The mistakes he made when he was young and ignorant, and now he will finally usher in retribution.

It’s better to hide this secret for a lifetime.

As soon as a piece of cake was eaten, the driver who came to pick up Yuan Yi called.

“Let’s go,” Yuan Yi hung up the phone, and after paying the bill, he walked up to Yan Xi and bent down, pointing to his shoulder, “Miss, please.”

Embarrassing things, throw them away and get used to them.

Yan Xi lay on Yuan Yi’s back, reached out, and patted Yuan Xiaoer’s shoulder: “Run, Yuan Xiaoer!”

“Believe it or not, I threw you down?”

“Oh.” Yan Xi covered her mouth obediently as if she was very gentle and obedient, and I didn’t say anything.

Yuan Yi…Yuan Yi carried the person out obediently, not daring to move too much for fear of involving Yan Xi’s wound.

At the gate of Song’s house, Yuan Yi turned to look at Yan Xi: “Want me to take you back?”

“No need,” Yan Xi thanked the driver who opened the door for her, then turned around and called Yuan Yi, “Yuan Xiaoer.”

In the sun, her smile was as gentle as a flower, and her eyes were brighter than clouds. Yuan Yi felt that her heart seemed to have an engine, and he was a little out of breath, “What else is there?”

Yan Xi shook her head, put the bits from her temples behind her ears, and thanked Yuan Yi earnestly: “Thank you.”

“What do I think? Thank me for the trivial things, long-winded,” Yuan Yi pulled his tie awkwardly to relieve the suffocation in his chest, “Don’t blow outside when you are injured, be careful of wound infection, hurry up. Let’s go back.” To hide his inner embarrassment, he waved his hands impatiently.

“Yuan Xiaoer, it’s not okay to be a man with a hard mouth and a soft heart,” Yan Xi noticed that the tips of Yuan Yi’s ears were a little red and laughed out loud, “I accept your kindness goodbye, be careful on the road.””

“Well.” Yuan Yi sat upright, coldly, without even turning his head.

After a while, when he looked out of the car again, Yan Xi was no longer by the side of the car. He looked away, a little disappointed, and it took a long time to calm down the expression on his face and let the driver drive the car home.

An hour later, several well-known entertainment gossip platforms suddenly broke the news. Although the titles were different, the content was similar.

“Shock! Actress Zhao Feifei’s rumored boyfriend is suspected of cheating, and he is intimate with a mysterious woman on the street”.

“The rich and noble son throws off the shadow queen, and crosses the traffic light with an unknown woman on his back.”

“The dream love of a movie queen and a wealthy family will eventually be shattered, and the rich and noble son has another love.”

These announcements reminded netizens of the rumored romance between actress Zhao Feifei and a certain super-wealthy son a few months ago.

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