The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

Chapter 41. (1/2)

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The two men who entered the villa were guarded by soldiers with supernatural powers. They were Ye Jianguo, the lord of Yaoyang Base, and his son Ye Haijun. After Ye Jiahui was sent back in the afternoon, she woke up in the evening.

As a third-level supernatural being, Ye Jiahui hardly suffered any injuries. Some small marks on her body were strangled by vines, which is not worth mentioning.

Whether it’s before or after the end of the world, she is a proud girl high above the heavens, and only men can please her. In her eyes, weak women are all unworthy things.

How could she be reconciled to Bai Qing Qing’s behavior? After suffering such a great humiliation, it’s not in her character not to come back with revenge.

That green tea bitch Bai Qing Qing dared to confront her because of the power of a man. Heh, she wanted that woman to see. There was nothing she couldn’t get if she wanted a man.

Cheng Yan obeyed her father’s words, let alone Cheng Yan’s younger brother’s. Do these men dare to fight against the lord!

Ye Jiahui lay on the bed and talked about the afternoon’s situation in a few words. She just went to the library to get materials for Cheng Yan. When she heard that Cheng Rui had brought a woman back, she was humiliated by the other party after she said a few words.

She couldn’t bear it any longer. Before she took the material, she didn’t know that the woman would attack her with supernatural powers. Cheng Rui helped the woman beat her up, almost killing her.

She was telling the truth. The father and son were furious when they heard that the Yaoyang base was their territory. They dared to do something to his daughter (sister) in the base and even wanted her life.

The Ye family will definitely get back after being slapped in the face.

The two father and son walked into the villa and saw a few unfamiliar faces, and there was an odd flash in their eyes.

At present, the base is divided into two factions. Not many supernatural humans were led by Cheng Yan, so he became the second-in-command under the Ye family. Why did he gather several supernatural beings that he had never seen before in his villa?

The several men sitting in front of the dining table have their own strengths and are astonishing, and each is a character that is not easy to mess with.

Ye Jianguo had his own calculations in his heart. With a hypocritical smile on his face, he greeted: “Cheng Yan, these are your guests? Why didn’t the base tell me when so many masters came?”

Suppose the base’s power wants to become stronger. In that case, it must win over experts and capable people, and high-level abilities who enter the Yaoyang base will be recruited by the lord.

Ability users can ask the lord for various benefits, and they will give them to the other party as long as they are within the conditions that can be provided.

Ye Jianguo was secretly displeased, thinking that Cheng Yan didn’t report to him whether there was any disagreement.

Cheng Yan went over to shake hands with Ye Jianguo and said, “They entered the base in the afternoon, and they are my brother’s friends.”

When the two base executives greeted each other, Ye Haijun lingered on the two girls in the living room with a greedy look in his eyes.

These two women who are new to the base are really pretty, and it would be great for him if he could get them back.

Bai Tian Tian felt the man’s sizing up and subconsciously shrank away to Shen Mingxuan. Her small face turned pale with fear.

Shen Mingxuan looked over coldly, his sharp eyes piercing.

Ye Haijun smiled and then moved his eyes to Bai Qing Qing, who was still eating quietly. His naked eyes wished to turn into a knife and cut the clothes off her body.

The girl was wearing a skirt, her swan neck and slender arms were wrapped in white gauze, and there were some red marks on her fair and delicate face, a morbid and sad beauty that had been devastated.

This is probably the girl who was beaten by the younger sister in the afternoon, comparable to the beauty of a star. A charming temperament is a man’s good taste, which makes people want to move.

Bai Qing Qing naturally felt the scorching gaze. The man’s obscene and greedy gaze fell on her, making people sick and uncomfortable.

Almost everywhere she went, she would attract such gazes. If it weren’t for the powerful man beside her, she would have been robbed long ago, now she would have already gotten used to this threat.

Bai Qing Qing continued to eat, admiring the nanny’s craftsmanship.

Ye Jianguo chatted with Cheng Yan for a while, and then the topic turned to Bai Qing Qing. Looking at the beautiful girl, he said, “This is Miss Bai.”

Bai Qing Qing put down her chopsticks and looked up, smiling, “Hello.”

Ye Jianguo sized her up with an unclear expression and said, “Miss Bai is very good-looking and attractive to men.”

These words are a compliment, but they are belittling. She is also worth attracting men’s liking, which is a disaster.

Yaoyang base is someone else’s territory. The men on the team did not relax. They were always ready for battle and looked at the father and son coldly.

Ye Jianguo looked at Cheng Yan, his face dark and displeased: “No wonder Cheng Rui hurt our little girl because of her. There is always an explanation for this matter. How do you think it should be resolved?”

Xiao Yang sneered and said: “Then your daughter injured Qing Qing and even killed her, how to solve this?”

His words made the airdrop to freezing point, the atmosphere instantly became tense, and the expressions on the faces of both sides were not good.

“She is sitting still.” Ye Jianguo was eager to protect his daughter. He was bound to ask for an explanation and said coldly: “Even if the little girl made a mistake first, she is the one who is seriously injured in the end.”

He looked sharply at Cheng Rui, who had a cold face, “She said, you are planning to kill her.”

The supernatural being in the living room stared at everyone, and the soldiers pointed their guns at everyone. A war would break out if they didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

Cheng Yan endured the anger in his heart and said in a deep voice: “Leader, let’s sit down and talk.”

“There will be another time.” Cheng Rui looked at the father and son, and his cold voice was full of killing intent and threats: “I will not show mercy.”

He will kill anyone who tries to hurt Qing Qing without exception.

Bai Qing Qing’s eyes were slightly dazed, and she looked at Cheng Rui with a cold face, and the others raised their eyebrows.

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