One Can’t Judge by Appearance #40

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Chapter 40

“Xiao Ru, what’s wrong with you?” Yang Min noticed that Tao Ru’s reaction was very strange since the man Dahe called “Yuan Xiaoer” came in, “Do you know this man?”

Tao Ru pulled her back to the corner and said in a low voice, “He is the second young boss I mentioned to Dahe, the rich young master.”

“The wealthy young master?” Yang Min saw the way the second young master Yuan was arguing with Dahe and felt that this person really didn’t fit her vision of a wealthy family, “Is this kind of wealthy family a little down-to-earth?”

Isn’t a wealthy man of this level who only drinks 82-year-old Lafite red wine, only drives a global limited edition luxury car, wears a hand-made watch, wears high-definition clothes, and brings ten or eight bodyguards when he goes out. That kind?

A gentleman like this, who takes off his suit jacket, rolls up his shirt sleeves, and bickers with girls, is too much to break the mystery of a wealthy family.

“Do you think we must go over there?” Yang Min saw that the two of them were arguing happily, “What is the relationship between the two of them?”


It’s not like, which boyfriend dares to be so sloppy in front of his girlfriend, he would not be able to stay until dawn.


Yang Min saw that although the second young master, Yuan, was arguing with Dahe, he dragged a low stool to sit beside the bed, bickering at about the same height as Dahe instead of being condescending so that Dahe could not see his face. 

From this point of view, The second young boss was quite careful.

“What were you doing in the past?” Tao Ru hurriedly held her back, “Let them quarrel enough before we talk about it.”

She saw that the second young boss was enjoying it, and Dahe didn’t really feel disgusted, so she didn’t bother about it.

“It’s just right not to look at you,” Yan Xi snorted softly, “In case I have to find a way to reject you.”

Yuan Yi suddenly paused for a moment and said in a bad mood: “I’m too lazy to argue with you, what do you want to eat tonight? I’ll ask someone to prepare it for you.”

“Want to eat hot pot…”

“To be realistic, “Yuan Yi got up from the stool and pressed the corner of the quilt for Yan Xi. “You can choose lean meat porridge, vegetable porridge, polenta, sweet potato porridge, and shiitake mushroom porridge. The heavy-flavored ones are all not within the range of choice.”

Yan Xi: Then what else is there to choose?

Not wanting to worry about eating anymore, she looked at the two friends standing in the corner: “Let me introduce you.”

“This is my friend Yuan Yi.”

“Yuan Yi, this is my good friend Tao Ru and Yang Min. Tao Ru is still an employee of your company. Remember the good things like being promoted and raising her salary to reach the pinnacle of her life in the future. Help her open the back door.”

“Mr. Yuan.” Tao Ru saw the young boss and felt a little guilty, but thinking that she was Dahe’s friend, she couldn’t act too cowering to embarrass Dahe at this time.

“Hello.” Yuan Yi nodded to the two of them, looking very serious, even though he was still bickering with Yan Xi a minute ago.

Both Yang Min and Tao Ru knew in their hearts that when Mr. Song came just now, Yan Xi didn’t even intend to introduce them to him. Her attitude towards him was so polite to the point of embarrassment. Compared with Mr. Song, the treatment of the young boss is much higher.

Yuan Yi and the two were polite, then turned to Yan Xi and said, “you guys talk slowly, I’ll talk to the attending doctor.”

Tao Ru and Yang Min stayed in the ward for a while before getting up to leave.

When they left the hospital and waited for the bus, Yang Min took out her mobile phone and flicked the webpage casually. Her face suddenly became a little unsightly: “Xiao Ru, there is new news about Dahe being smashed.”

“What?” Tao Ru followed and took out her phone, her expression getting worse as she looked at it.

Who broke the news? It wasn’t an accident, but the intern lighting engineer of Channel 8 did it on purpose. The lighting engineer originally wanted to assassinate the male host Zhang Hao. Still, he did not expect Yan Xi and Zhang Hao to switch positions that day, so Yan Xi was the one who was injured in the end.

There is also a video of a reporter interviewing the intern lighting engineer. The lighting engineer has a mosaic on his face. You can’t see his expression clearly, but he doesn’t seem to like to talk. When he felt something, he said he hoped to see Yan Xi and apologize to her.

“What does he mean by that? He still thinks this incident is not big enough, and Dahe is not famous enough?” Yang Min felt a little disgusted in her heart. Suppose there is something unspeakable or pitiful about the lighting engineer later. Will Dahe choose to forgive or not to forgive under the attention of countless netizens?”

As a victim, if Dahe chooses to forgive the lighting engineer, the judiciary may give a lighter sentence when sentencing.

From Tao Ru and Yang Min’s point of view, no matter what grievances there are between the lighting engineer and Zhang Hao, Dahe should not be involved. Yan Xi was injured in the end.

“Moral kidnapping, public opinion kidnapping,” Yang Min scolded sullenly, “It’s really shameless.”

This incident has reached such a point that it is already known throughout the country, and it is not known how it will end.

Yan Xi stayed in the hospital for a few days and then was taken home by Song Hai. Song Hai hired several professional nurses to take better care of Yan Xi at a high price, wishing her daughter to suffer less.

These days, because Zhang Hao was involved in this murder case and Yan Xi was injured again, “Noon News” temporarily transferred two hosts from other stations to host. Many viewers who are used to watching the two hosts call the TV station every day and ask the TV station when they will be able to host again.

Unknown grandpas and grandmas thought Yan Xi was dying, so they called the TV station to introduce a famous doctor they knew. The operator of the TV station said that her life was not in danger. These grandpas and grandmas also suspected that the operator was lying and was unwilling to pay for her treatment.

Yan Xi stayed at home for two days. As soon as she arrived at the hospital to remove the wire, she received a call from the police before she walked out of the hospital gate, saying that the criminal suspect wanted to see her.

The wound where the thread was just removed was still wrapped in gauze. Yan Xi didn’t dare to lean on the back of her chair when she was in the car. The traffic in the imperial capital was so crowded, and she had to brake the car or something from time to time. She didn’t want to toss it at all, but as a good citizen of this country, after hesitating for three seconds, she still chose to cooperate with the police.

The police were also worried that the news leak would attract media stalking and interception, so as soon as Yan Xi arrived at the gate of the police station, she was welcomed in by the staff. The few reporters squatting at the entrance only saw the butt of a car.

“Ms. Yan, thank you for helping us with our work.” A policewoman with a gentle smile poured Yan Xi a glass of water. “I wonder how Ms. Yan’s injury is?”

“Thank you.” Yan Xi took the cup and said with a smile, “I just went to the hospital to disconnect the wire, and I rushed over when I received your call.”

The smile on the policewoman’s face was a little awkward. The victim was called over just after the thread was removed. What she did was really…

“Where is the suspect?” Yan Xi took a sip of water, “I know you are short on time, so in order not to waste your time, I can cooperate with you immediately.”

“Thank you.” The policewoman thanked Yan Xi sincerely. Even the smile on her face was a little sincere. In their job, she has met all kinds of people, so when she called Yan Xi before, she was ready to be embarrassed by the other party.

When a person thinks they will be embarrassed, and who knows that the other party is very gentle, they will have a huge affection for this person. At this moment, the policewoman felt that Yan Xi was as beautiful as a fairy, a hundred times more beautiful than on TV.

Yan Xi followed the staff of the police station to meet Xiao Lin, the intern lighting engineer. In her impression, this intern was taciturn, very hardworking, and would help other colleagues with chores when he was free. She never thought this young man in his early twenties would plan such a thing.

“Teacher Yan.” When Xiao Lin saw Yan Xi, he showed a nervous expression on his face. He was sitting on the interrogation chair, wearing a vest only prisoners would wear. His handcuffed hands were clasped together uneasily. Looking a little scared.

Yan Xi sat face-to-face with Xiao Lin across the iron fence. Because of her back injury, her sitting posture was a little stiff.

“Teacher Yan, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you.” After Xiao Lin saw Yan Xi, his mood was a little unstable. After he entered the station, everyone treated him as a lighting engineer indifferently and never cared about him when chatting. Only Teacher Yan always remembered his portion when she invited everyone to eat.

“But the day I changed seats with Teacher Zhang, you didn’t stop me,” Yan Xi looked at Xiao Lin calmly, “Why?”

“I wanted to stop it, but you changed seats with Zhang Hao too suddenly, and the live broadcast was about to start immediately, so I was scared,” Xiao Lin lowered his head guiltily, “I thought that if I didn’t touch the light angle adjustment button, the light wouldn’t fall off.”

But he is just an intern, and other people in the group suddenly adjusted the angle of the dome light during the live broadcast, which he could not control.

“So what’s the use of apologizing to me now?” Yan Xi played with his fingers, “I have to forgive you?”

Xiao Lin lowered his head, red-faced.

“I don’t understand how much conflict there is between you and Teacher Zhang that you would rather break the law than take the risk?” Yan Xi knew that this was a question the police wanted to know, so she asked, “You have to know, if you destroy him, your life will be over.””

Xiao Lin stared blankly at Yan Xi. When Yan Xi thought he would not answer, Xiao Lin said: “My sister is very beautiful. She is an excellent student of the dance academy.”

Yan Xi vaguely guessed something and told her rationally that she shouldn’t sit here and listen any longer, but she looked down at her hands. Maybe because of her back injury, she didn’t want to get up now.

“That bastard Zhang Hao lied to my sister that he introduced him to a TV station job, and my sister believed it.” Xiao Lin’s eyes were red, “My sister died, and the cause of death was suicide, On the eighteenth floor,” Xiao Lin broke down in tears, “it must be so painful to fall from such a high place. My sister loves beauty so much, but she died in an ugly way.”

Yan Xi couldn’t speak. She looked at this young man who was crying hoarsely. Her throat felt so dry.

“My father passed away early, and my mother died of illness a few months ago, all of which were caused by Zhang Hao!” Xiao Lin suddenly became emotional, “It’s impossible for my sister to commit suicide. You rich people and the police are lying!”

Hearing Xiao Lin yelling and cursing emotionally, Yan Xi suddenly felt a little bored, she asked the staff to take her out, and she was relieved after leaving the somewhat depressing room.

“Ms. Yan, are you okay?” Seeing that Yan Xi’s expression was not very good, the female policeman who sent Yan Xi out couldn’t help but defend the police with a few words, “We sent several experts to investigate the case of the suspect’s sister. The result was indeed suicide. We will not joke about the victim’s life.”

Yan Xi and the female policeman had a few polite words, and when they walked out, they saw a black Bentley parked in the yard, and Yuan Yi in the passenger seat was waving at her.

“What are you doing standing there in a daze? There are a bunch of reporters around outside. Tell your driver to drive the car out to attract the attention of the reporters. I’ll take you back.” 

Yuan Yi got out of the car and opened the door, “The wound on your back can’t stand them crowding around. Time is money. You can’t waste it anymore.”

After Yan Xi got into the car, the driver started the car she was originally in. Still, as soon as the car got out, more than a dozen reporters suddenly poured out of the normal-looking gate and surrounded the car tightly, making it impossible to move an inch.

The Bentley took the opportunity to drive out, leaving nothing but exhaust fumes.

Yan Xi listened to what Xiao Lin said, “To be honest, I don’t think Mr. Zhang is the kind of person who would do such a thing.”

“No matter who is right or who is wrong, the police will worry about it. Do you want to be a part-time detective as a host?” Yuan Yi patted his suit jacket, “But even if Zhang Hao is innocent, he can’t be the host after this incident.”

Yan Xi fell silent. She knew in her heart that the truth was unimportant to the staff who showed their faces in front of the TV. What was important was their personal image.

“Why do you regret being the host?” Seeing that Yan Xi’s expression was not very good, Yuan Yi said casually, “If you like being the host, why don’t we cooperate. I’ll invest in a variety show, and you will be the host. and then sell the show to the TV station. There will definitely be more people watching the show than there are now.”

“That’s why you hire a host like me when you’re out of your mind, and the TV station buys the copyright of your program when you’re blind.” Yan Xi knows her fame and the current TV program market well, “If I don’t know You really don’t mean anything to me, your behavior is really like a wealthy rich man supporting a small host.”

“I’m not that boring, and I never keep female artists,” Yuan Yi retorted immediately, “Why are your thoughts so filthy, can you think of something clean and pure in your mind?”

“Then you paid me to be the host, aren’t you stupid?”

“I have money, and money is just a number to me,” Yuan Yi said “cut,” and turned his head to look out the car window, “Some men are willing to spend money just to take care of their women, why should not I spend some money for my friends? A friend is always more important than a foster object.”

There seems to be nothing wrong with that……

Yan Xi was stunned for a moment, but many men are willing to spend a lot of money for their foster objects, but they have settled their accounts with their friends very clearly. Therefore, the phrase “friends are like brothers and sisters, and women are like clothes” is the biggest lie between men. It is even more untrustworthy than when they say “I love you” in bed.

“Forget it,” Yan Xi shook his head. “Instead of letting you invest so much money for me, you might as well give the money to me directly, so as not to make it cheaper for others.”

“Yan Xiaoxi, are you short of money?”

“No shortage.”

“Then you are still so vulgar?”

“Who thinks there is too much money?” Yan Xi chuckled, “I still have to work hard to save money so that my children can be rich for three generations.”

Looking at the smiling woman beside him, Yuan Yi couldn’t help thinking, if… If he had a daughter with Xiaoxi, it would be very cute.

No, why did he think of such a terrible thing? What’s so fun about those noisy bear children with unlimited energy?

When a man feels good about himself, as long as a woman smiles at him, he will already think of their child’s name. This kind of problem does not distinguish between tall, short, fat or thin, rich or not. It only distinguishes whether the brain is strong or not.

“What are you looking at me for?” Yan Xi saw Yuan Yi staring at her in a daze. Stunned by my forthright hobby?”

“No,” Yuan Yi shook his head, “I was just thinking, if you want your child to be a rich third generation, first…you have to have a boyfriend.”

It hits the nail on the head, and her heart hurts. Yan Xi touched her face, “Yuan Xiaoer, life is hard, why bother…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the driver suddenly made an emergency turn and braked. Her back was hit hard twice, and she felt extremely sore.

At this moment, Yan Xi finally realized how it felt to be black in front of her eyes and all white flowers in a trance, and she was so painful that she wanted to shed a few tears for herself.

“Yan Xiaoxi, are you alright?” Yuan Yi stretched out his hand to support her shoulder, and put five fingers lightly on her shoulder, not daring to touch it.

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