Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 31 (2/2)

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Chapter 31 (2/2)

She walked to the stairwell and found that she didn’t have to go downstairs – the water level had already risen to the second floor, and it was almost going to spread in.

She immediately notified Lu Qiming, and the two made a new decision immediately.

Continue to move upstairs.

There are too many snacks, and there is no way to bring them all.

They found a few cardboard boxes, picked what they liked, and filled them.

Jiang Miaomiao ran to the beverage vending machine again and took a lot of Red Bull. The box was full after a while.

Lu Qiming was about to carry the boxes, but she took them all away and kept them in her arms.

“I’ll do it.”

“Can you move it?”

“Don’t underestimate me, okay, I haven’t eaten for nothing for so many years. You take care of yourself… oh, and my dog will be fine.”

She put Jiang Meimu on a traction rope, hung it on Lu Qiming’s wrist, then stacked several boxes together, took a deep breath, and suddenly picked up the boxes.

Lu Qiming frowned.

“Are you sure it’s okay?

“Don’t force yourself.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, let’s go.”

If they don’t leave, she really can’t hold it anymore.

Lu Qiming took the lead with the dog and headed toward the second floor.

Jiang Miaomiao followed behind with the box in her arms, trembling with every step she took.

He looked back at her repeatedly and couldn’t help but want to help.

But as soon as he stopped, the woman would stick out her face from behind the box as if she had perspective eyes, urging him to go quickly.

The water level rose too fast, and stopping on the third floor was not safe. They climbed to the fifth floor in one breath. Both were so tired that they collapsed on the ground and panted for breath after arriving.

Jiang Miaomiao’s hands kept shaking, and the pain was so sore that it didn’t feel like hers.

Lu Qiming moved over and squeezed her arm, his tone not without complaints.

“I told you not to force yourself.”

She grinned and pulled her hand back.

“Stop pinching, it hurts…”

“Endure the pain.”

Needless to say, Lu Qiming’s method is very effective.

After the initial pain passed, it became sour and refreshing, very comfortable, and she didn’t even want him to stop.

“I don’t know when the rain will stop. What if the water keeps rising?”

Lu Qiming’s tone was relaxed.

“If it keeps rising, then keep going up. Eighty floors are enough for us to climb. Such a good building should not be washed down immediately. If it doesn’t work, we will tear down a few doors and put it together to form a boat, and we will row out.”

When Jiang Miaomiao heard him say this, her worries eased a little, and when she remembered something, she proposed.:

“I just glanced at the third and fourth floors as I passed by. It seems to be a clothing seller. Let’s go shopping before the water floods up?”

Since it started raining, her body has been sticky, and she can’t take a shower.

If you don’t change into dry clothes, you might get sick, which is even more troublesome.

Lu Qiming was too lazy to move.

“Sister, my legs are like this, do you have the heart to let me climb up and down?”

“Okay, I’ll go by myself.”

“What should I do if I meet a zombie and can’t come back?”

Jiang Miaomiao: “… do you have to scare me?”

He couldn’t help but poke her forehead.

“Coward, help me up.”

Jiang Miaomiao pouted, helped him stand up, and the family of three went down to the fourth floor.

Entering the shopping mall area, Lu Qiming took a flashlight to look around. She saw the surrounding shops clearly and almost cried out of excitement.

Mom, she’s in heaven…

Dior on the left, Armani on the right, and Chanel in the front.

There are many luxury brands she only dared to look at online before, but now they are all displayed in front of her.

Due to the absence of lights, the specialty store looks less luxurious than usual.

But it doesn’t matter, the clothes still look good!

Jiang Miaomiao walked into a store and touched the dress skirt on the model, marveling at its magnificence and sophistication.

Lu Qiming said:

“The water can’t be flooded for the time being, try it.”

She shook her head and sighed.


“It is inconvenient to move around while wearing it.”

Lu Qiming is injured. Right now, she is the biggest labor force, and she has to do all the heavy work.

The long skirt is good-looking, but how can she carry the box when she wears it on her body?

Forget it.

Jiang Miaomiao walked out regretfully and said:

“The following are ordinary brands. Let’s find some T-shirts and sweatpants.”

Her shoes are also soaked, so bring more pairs of shoes.

Lu Qiming didn’t follow, jumping around on one foot.

Jiang Miaomiao waited for a long time and didn’t see his figure. She walked back again and found that he had found a few big bags and put all the beautiful clothes, shoes and bags in.

She was surprised: “What are you doing?”

“You should keep good-looking things for appreciation. If you put them here, they will be flooded. It’s better to take them away.”

When he spoke, he stuffed another pair of high heels. Jiang Miaomiao looked at him in amazement. After a few seconds, she also acted and packed everything she liked and took it away.

She ran up and down between the fourth and fifth floors, carrying more than a dozen sets of clothes.

The last two people went down to the third floor and found light clothes and shoes.

The water level has risen to the entrance of the stairs on the third floor. Jiang Miaomiao is holding a few bags, looking at the dazzling array of goods, very heartbroken.

So many things were flooded in this way, and it took so many resources and labor to create them.

Their makers need to find out how many are still alive in the world.

“Miaomiao, hurry up.”

Lu Qiming stopped and called her.

She withdrew her gaze and ran a few steps to keep up.

Above the fifth floor is the office area, where many companies have their headquarters.

They were exhausted, afraid they would not be able to deal with zombies. They did not search for the time being. They found a small office nearby. After checking to ensure there was no danger, they closed the door and hid inside to rest.

There is a very comfortable large sofa in the general manager’s office. Lu Qiming is lying on it to rest, trying to get a cigarette out, but his pocket is empty.

A pack of cigarettes flew over and fell into his arms. Jiang Miaomiao said:

“Let’s smoke less. If you get lung cancer, no one can save you.”

He smiled.

“I only smoke half a pack a day.”

“Half a pack is not much, is it? If you changed it to white sugar, you would have high blood sugar early, and Meimu and I would also be exposed to second-hand smoke. It doesn’t matter to me, Meimu is so small, it’s up to you if you don’t want it to grow up.”

Lu Qiming was speechless, so he had to put away his cigarette case and stop smoking.

Jiang Miaomiao squatted on the ground to check the bag’s contents, listening to him sighing and turning his head helplessly.

“You smoke it, and we’ll talk about the rest after the injury heals.”

The body hurts so much, and there is nothing to comfort. It isn’t easy.

Lu Qiming was as happy as a 160-pound big child, took out a cigarette, and lit it up, full of praise for her.

“Our Miaomiao are beautiful and sensible, and love others so much, we will definitely find a good man in the future.”

Jiang Miaomiao blushed and scolded him: “Who is looking for a good man? Crazy, don’t say such crazy things.”

He shrugged, took a cigarette, and said comfortably.

She turned her head back, decided to ignore him, and looked down at the clothes, but couldn’t help but imagine in her mind.

Lu Qiming is handsome and tall. Although he is sometimes annoying, he has a decent personality.

Most importantly, he is strong, able to work, and fully compliant with

My current requirements for my boyfriend.

In addition, there is no one else to choose from for the two of them. If they have been alive when it is time to choose the marriage partner, can they only choose each other?

Will they have a boy or a girl? What do they look like?

Lu Qiming has a tall nose, which is inherited from the boy, and looks good. But with a pointed chin and a good face shape, it looks good even if inherited from a girl.

She likes girls. Who should she be named after if she really gives birth to a girl?

She doesn’t like her surname. If her surname is Lu, what should she be called Lu?

She squatted on the ground holding her chin and was dissatisfied after thinking about it for a few hours.

It just happened that Lu Qiming called her, and when he turned around, he said, “Your surname is not easy to name at all.”

Lu Qiming: “???”

Jiang Miaomiao looked away, covering her face and howling.

Lu Qiming didn’t know what kind of madness she was having again. He had already gotten used to it and asked:

“Where is the food?”

She directly brought a box to him, looked at his dirty T-shirt and big pants, and said:

“I also brought clothes for you.”

After speaking, she took out a big bag and took out the contents. It was a brand new plaid thin suit.

This is from Armani. He has a good figure and must look very handsome in clothes.

Lu Qiming laughed, pointed to his nose, and said, “Give it to me?”


“I can’t even bend my legs, how can I wear them?”

“Then save it, there will always be a chance after the injury heals.”

“Okay, let me borrow your good words.”

He reached out to pick it up, got half of it, and suddenly said: “Why don’t you keep it for your future boyfriend…”

Jiang Miaomiao interrupted him aggressively, “If you say these three words again, I won’t serve you anymore!”

“… If you don’t say it, you don’t say it, so why are you so fierce?”

He put away the bag with a grunt, lay down on the sofa, and flipped things out of the box to eat.

Jiang Miaomiao happened to see his perfectly curved buttocks, and her calm mood was disturbed again, so she quickly looked away.

Lu Qiming rested after eating. She couldn’t sleep. She searched the office with Jiang Meimu in her arms to see if she could use anything.

This is a trading company, not very large in scale, with thirty or forty people.

Several walls divide the company into several parts: a large office that can accommodate dozens of people, several independent small offices, and a pantry.

The office is full of regular office supplies, such as printers, computers, pens, and paper.

But each station has its own little secret.

Jiang Miaomiao saw family portraits of many people, group photos of couples, and notes posted on the computer screen, which said in strong handwriting, “The opportunity must come earlier than death.”

She saw that there were coffee and tea bags on every workstation, and some of them belonged to girls at first glance. They were neatly packed, and the drawers had spare lipsticks and shoes.

Some locations are messy, hiding favorite car photos, hand-made models, and even small diamond rings in boxes.

She closed her eyes and could imagine what they looked like when they were busy.

How vibrant it was. It seems like a dream now.

The snow-white walls are stained with many shocking bloodstains. The situation when the zombies broke out must be very tragic.

Jiang Miaomiao sighed, returned to the general manager’s office, opened the desk drawer, and found a good thing.

It looks like a very expensive and easy-to-use razor.

She glanced at Lu Qiming, the other party was still asleep, and a layer of light blue stubble grew on her chin.

She secretly hid, ready to wait for him to wake up and give him a little surprise.

It was still raining outside the window, and the city became a vast ocean.

Only here is a safe haven for the time being.

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