Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #28

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Chapter 28

Five-year college entrance examination and three-year simulation, let me ask who is not frightened when seeing it, as if returning to the days of balding and doing questions…

Combined with Shi Zhi’s innocent smile at that time and that blessing, netizens thought about it and felt that the children might not be happy anymore.

Shi Zhi, what a ruthless woman. She’s absolutely amazing.

Fortunately, they still feel that the dialogue between the two is very warm, and it is indeed warm if there is no such “gift”.

Hahaha, how did she come up with this trick!

But as long as it’s not a gift for them, it’s fine. It’s just so real.

There are even good netizens who want to know what the expressions of the children are. Why don’t they let the “victim” take a group photo with the tutoring book for a family portrait? (Dog head memes)

During the gap between Shi Zhi’s commercial shooting, the assistant came over with the mobile phone and told Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi, the kid’s mother has already received the gift from you.”

Shi Zhi nodded, “Just received it.” The speed is quite fast.

“Now all the netizens call you a devil, saying that you are retaliating against the child who lost your thermos, and asking you if you eat the child raw.”

In fact, not only netizens commented like this, but the assistant also thought so.

Contracting out all the tutoring books, test papers, and five or three from childhood to adulthood is really not revenge!

Shi Zhi sat on the chair with a disapproving expression.

“Am I that kind of person?”

“Also, how can you talk about retaliation when you are studying?”

“Knowledge is power. I am here to let children go wider and farther on the road of learning, so as to become the backbone of society and contribute to society…”

The assistant was persuaded by Shi Zhi. Compared with Sister Shi, she was still too young. Sister Shi was obviously doing it for the benefit of the children, so how could she think that Sister Shi was taking revenge?

Shi Zhi’s beverage commercial was filmed very smoothly. The advertising director has always asked for authenticity, and Shi Zhi is best at authenticity.

So the filming was finished quickly, and both parties were delighted.

Shi Zhi originally planned to put down the thermos cup, but the brand said.

“Take it!”

“It is specially customized for you. It has the logo of our drink on it. It is simple and fashionable. The inner tank is also specially designed. It can not only hold ice soda, but also honeysuckle. It can resist hot and cold.”

Generally, it is better not to put carbonated beverages in the thermos, as the inner tank will be easily corroded after a long time, but the beverage brand has specially made a customized version for Shi Zhi.

It can be said that it is very considerate.

Shi Zhi: “…Thank you.”

Very well, her thermos cup has added a strong player. Shi Zhi lost a thermos cup at the Star Games, but thousands of thermos cups flew towards her.

Shi Zhi felt that she really looked like a cup seller now.

“I’ll go to Director Shi Tao in a while and see if I can win the heroine…”

After a few people got into the car, Brother Quan reported to Shi Zhi about the following itinerary.

Brother Quan had already mentioned this to Shi Zhi two days ago, and Shi Zhi was not surprised.

Brother Quan is still very responsible as an agent.

During this time, Shi Zhi has been doing a lot of variety shows, but she is still an actress in charge. In Brother Quan’s opinion, she has to return to the right track of acting after all. The most important thing for an actor is the work!

Only with work can you stand up!

The reason why Tang Yunling is so arrogant is that she is lucky, and the fairy tale scene she received exploded.

It’s not that Brother Quan didn’t want to take on the role of Shi Zhi. The main reason is that Shi Zhi’s previous scenes were more muddled than the others, coupled with the fact that she was riddled with scandals during that period. In addition, her reputation was a bit better during this period, so the script that was sent to Brother Quan was almost unsuitable.

Director Shi Tao has filmed several blockbuster dramas, and word of mouth is there. The casting of the new drama is aimed at the entire entertainment industry, and the heroine has not been decided for a long time. Brother Quan saw the news and thought he could bring Shi Zhi to try.

Assistant, “Brother, what kind of drama is that?”

Shi Zhi also came and was curious about what kind of drama it was.

Brother Quan shook his head, “I don’t know.”


I really don’t know. Brother Quan is also very helpless. He has been inquiring for a long time and only heard that it is a modern theme, but Director Shi Tao did not send them the script or anything. Everyone with ideas for his new drama has to go there in person to reveal the answer.

Assistant, “At that time, it is very unlikely that my sister will take this heroine.”

Brother Quan thought about it for a while, “Is it ten percent likely?”

10% is because Brother Quan has a filter for Shi Zhi.

He heard that Director Shi Tao has high requirements for the role. At this time, the heroine has not been decided yet, and it seems that the requirements are indeed high.

Anyway, they are just trying their luck, just in case.

Brother Quan: “Don’t have too much burden, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get selected.”

Shi Zhi: She certainly does not have this burden.

Shi Zhi’s team went to audition for this unknown drama with a sense of bewilderment.

The audition location was in Director Shi Tao’s studio. As soon as Shi Zhi and her party arrived, the staff led them to a separate room and gave Shi Zhi the script.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, take a look first. If the Director calls for you later, I will knock on the door.”

After the staff left, the assistant was speechless and said in a low voice, “The atmosphere is quite tense. I saw Feng Xuer just now. Is she also competing for this role?”

“It seems to have failed.”

Brother Quan saw surveillance in the room and asked the assistants to talk less. It was not that he was afraid that someone would stare at them. After all, most people are not that boring. They have to pay attention.

However, I am more and more certain that director Shi Tao is serious and rigorous. Feng Xuer is good regardless of her appearance or popularity. She was also eliminated, so it is even more mysterious for them to want to win this show.

With the script already in hand, Shi Zhi sat down and was still idle, reading the script and opening it.

Brother Quan didn’t expect that someone was actually staring at the monitors in each room to see the reaction of every actor who wanted to take the heroine, that is, the director Shi Tao.

Shi Zhi opened the script, and the drama title was “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance”.

Shi Zhi couldn’t help raising her eyebrows at this name. The drama’s title fit her, and then browsed through the character introduction.

The ordinary girl was retrieved by the butler and inherited a huge inheritance, her life has undergone earth-shaking changes.

“Isn’t this my drama?”

Shi Zhi said in a declarative tone.

Brother Quan: “Huh?”

What kind of drama made Shi Zhi like it so much that she put down her arrogant words on the spot?

Of course, Brother Quan misunderstood, and she was not the only one who misunderstood. Soon the door of Shi Zhi’s room was opened, and a middle-aged man walked in, that is, Director Shi Tao.

He looked at Shi Zhi with curiosity in his eyes.

“Shi Zhi, right? You said this drama is yours?”

Brother Quan was taken aback. He wanted to explain something for Shi Zhi’s sake, but director Shi Tao immediately praised her.

“Young people are very confident, but they really need this kind of self-confidence. People are not frivolous enough. If they are not confident in their profession, where else do they have to be confident?”

“You actually don’t look much like the heroine in the play, but you can transform it through modeling and makeup. It’s not a big problem… Why don’t we talk about our views on the play first?”

Director Shi Tao sized up Shi Zhi and said that he wanted to see what supported Shi Zhi’s self-confidence.

Brother Quan: ???

This means that the heroine is… still possible?

By chance, it really happened!

Brother Quan was dumbfounded. After realizing it, if the occasion was not inappropriate, Brother Quan wanted to play a song on the spot. This time instead of playing “Good Day”, he changed it to “Good Luck”.

Shi Zhi was also full of question marks.

There was suspicion in her eyes. Seriously, this is the serious and rigorous director that Brother Quan said?

Director Shi Tao was indeed aroused by Shi Zhi’s sentence, “Isn’t this my drama?” In his opinion, actors still need to be a little crazy, and his misunderstanding of Shi Zhi was not the slightest bit.

However, when Shi Zhi’s entire team was very excited about the olive branch extended by director Shi Tao, Shi Zhi declined.

Director Shi Tao: “If you are really asked to act in this drama…”

Halfway through the conversation, he realized that he was rejected by Shi Zhi, who meant that she didn’t want to pick it up.

Director Shi Tao: ???

What are you doing here if you don’t take this drama, come here to use *the heating and blowing the air conditioner?

(To create news, as the last beverage commercial did to Shi Zhi)

Brother Quan smiled, “Director, that’s not what Shi Zhi meant…” Then he desperately gave Shi Zhi winks. What are you doing? Finally, some good things came out, and Shi Zhi wanted to cut off the luck herself.

“She is afraid that she is not capable enough.”

Director Shi Tao’s smile was restrained. Without many expressions, he looked at the beautiful young actress, “Let Shi Zhi talk about it.”

“Tell the truth, tell the truth.”

Why did you open the script and say it was your drama, but now you don’t want to play it anymore?

Shi Zhi: Since he was asked to tell the truth, then she did.

“It’s too clichéd.” Shi Zhi’s tone was frank, the cliché was not enough, and she added “too” at the end.

Brother Quan almost died on the spot. Director Shi Tao didn’t expect Shi Zhi to be so daring to speak out.

“Can you be more specific?”

So Shi Zhi started a detailed discussion with Director Shi Tao.

She just flipped through the script roughly. “After Inheriting the Inheritance of the Richest Man” focuses on the heroine. In addition to the heroine, there are three good friends of the same sex. After the four people are together, various dog-blood plots and those who don’t want money are added to it.

Sisters fight against each other, rob men…all gathered.

Shi Zhi pointed at the script, “Why do you want to grab such a boyfriend? Are you grabbing trash?”

In the play, female friend A’s boyfriend is attractive and lustful. When he has a girlfriend, he flirts with countless people. He plays with a many-person heart, and his conditions are not good. Such a rubbish man can make A and B, two workplace women who have performed well in their work, compete and even turn against each other.

Shi Zhi felt that this was too unreasonable. Shouldn’t this kind of rubbish be kicked out immediately?

Can you still grab it?

The assistant beside her was teased by Shi Zhi’s adjectives, and couldn’t hold back, so she laughed out loud beside him.

After being glared at by Brother Quan, she took a deep breath and covered her mouth. I’m sorry, but it’s hilarious, and it’s so appropriate.

Shi Zhi is still going on.

“Why is female friend C so hostile and jealous towards the heroine after the heroine has money?” It’s beyond the normal level of sourness.

“In fact, they don’t all expect their sisters to get rich, and then take the sisters to a well-off life and go to the club…”

Director Shi Tao listened seriously and suddenly caught the last two words, “Club?”

Shi Zhi’s face is not red, and her heart is not beating, “You heard me wrong. It’s going to KTV, going to KTV to eat a fruit plate.”

Let me ask, who talked with friends at night, did not make a sound that they didn’t want to work hard, counted on the other party to get rich, and then took them to the club to admire male models?

Of course, in reality, everyone is counting on each other, and none wants to work hard to make money.

Having a wealthy friend, female friend C should be happy.

Director Shi Tao, “Oh.” It turns out that young girls like to go to KTV to eat fruit plates now. I don’t know much about this hobby anymore.

Shi Zhi: “Also… After the heroine inherits the inheritance, she has too many troubles. She shouldn’t be in a bad mood. She should be very happy.”

Director Shi Tao smiled: “It’s as if you know it.”

Shi Zhi: Yes, she knows.

Of course, you can’t tell others this.

“Times have changed. I only represent myself. I really don’t want to watch female friends get together and they will definitely tear things up and grab the boyfriend’s part.”

“Actually, normal female friends don’t have so many things when they are together. We eat, drink, play and have fun together. When there are new movies released, we watch them together. When we encounter unhappy or happy things, they all call out for a good meal, encourage each other, support each other…”

Shi Zhi had thought this way a long time ago, she could still stand after watching one or two dramas, but after watching one or two hundred, she would almost go blind.

If you have this opportunity, talk to the director of the TV series and pray that you can watch the plot in the sun.

Shi Zhi put herself in the perspective of the audience.

Director Shi Tao was thoughtful, but he didn’t tell Shi Zhi too much, let her go back first, and Shi Zhi would be notified if there was any news.

“There must be no news, still expecting news?”

After leaving Director Shi Tao’s studio, Brother Quan finally spoke. He was almost suffocated in the room.

Every moment inside becomes tormenting.

Why did Shi Zhi dare to say anything? Initially, the heroine is still a little possible. Still, it’s okay, Shi Zhi complained about the script, and it was gone entirely. 

Brother Quan’s mood can be described as having ups and downs.

Shi Zhi, “That plot is really bloody, I wouldn’t watch it for me.”

Brother Quan was helpless, “Isn’t that what the screenwriters did? Otherwise, it said that the richest man’s daughter was found and went back to inherit the inheritance. Isn’t this all fake?” As we all know, the wealthiest man’s daughter has not been found for so many years.

Shi Zhi, “…” Not really.

However, Brother Quan himself was not sure about the heroine. At that moment, director Shi Tao became interested in Shi Zhi, so he felt a sense of loss when the opportunity was almost in his hands and then slipped away.

He quickly packed up his mood, planning to continue to find a suitable script for Shi Zhi’s big waves, and then received a call.

“Hello, is this Shi Zhi’s manager? I’m the assistant of director Shi Tao…”

When Shi Zhi was recalled urgently, Brother Quan took a deep breath while pinching himself, and the background music was “Good Luck”.

“Brother, are you really okay?” The team members looked at Brother Quan very nervously.

Shi Zhi: “Hurry to the hospital, don’t miss the rescue time.”

Brother Quan called to stop Shi Zhi and the others and told them he was fine.

“I’m just happy.”

Brother Quan said to Shi Zhi, “Director Shi Tao sent a new script and told you to read it. If there is no problem, go to the audition. As long as there is no major problem in acting, the heroine will be confirmed.”

Brother Quan’s mood has experienced ups and downs. He never expected director Shi Tao not only not be angry but actually listen to Shi Zhi’s opinion and change the script.

Also gave her the heroine.

Brother Quan couldn’t wait to agree on the spot, but Shi Zhi had to read the new script.

Many changes have been made to the new script, and those bloody plots have indeed been removed, so it is still quite exciting to look at.

Director Shi Tao saw Shi Zhi again, smiling, “Is this a plot that you young girls like?”

Director Shi Tao is also bold this time. He has indeed filmed several blockbuster dramas and has a good reputation in the industry, but that was all a few years ago.

In the past two years, his dramas’ ratings have been getting worse.

He is a director who has ideas and pursuits for himself. After all, in this line of work, whoever wants to make a name for himself can’t become a representative of the exhaustion of talents.

At that time, Shi Tao thought it was interesting to see the script “After Inheriting the Inheritance of the Richest Man”. After buying it for several years and assembling the team, he suddenly felt the script was wrong.

Until Shi Zhi said to him,

Times have changed, and so has the content that audiences like.

So Director Shi Tao, after a night of sleep, decided——


Shi Zhi plays the heroine who inherits a huge family fortune.

Shi Zhi: I play by myself.

First, she took a makeup photo. “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance” is a modern drama that straddles the university and society. Shi Zhi took a photo of her wearing a short skirt and twin ponytails. She is a beautiful girl full of energy.

That is–

The cameraman shouted at Shi Zhi, “Shi Zhi, don’t hold the thermos in your hand.” It’s inappropriate, really inappropriate.

Shi Zhi, “Oh.”

The assistant rushed forward and took away the thermos cup for Shi Zhi.

A few days later, “After Inheriting the Inheritance of the Richest Man” was officially announced on Weibo. Several photos of the main protagonists and supporting characters were released. Shi Zhi’s Weibo and the studio both forwarded them, and a series of discussions were also started on the Internet.

“Shi Zhi is going to make a new drama again?”

“As we all know, Shi Zhi’s filming is all bad dramas, and it’s also the girlfriend series. Very good, this theme is even worse among bad dramas.”

“Not necessarily, I am quite familiar with this director, and the historical dramas he made before are particularly good-looking.”

“Shi Tao’s ratings for TV dramas in the past two years have not been high…”

Most people are very impressed with the girlfriends series, which is a bad drama. They instantly lose interest when they see that the heroine has several female friends.

“Uncle Shi Zhi’s appearance makes me feel good again, and I want to call him a female goose again.”

“Hey, look what I found, Zhong Jiaxin also starred. Isn’t Zhong Jiaxin a good friend of Tang Yunling? Shi Zhi and Tang Yunling… Fuck, this is a good show, but it’s in reality.”

Shi Zhi had just entered the drama group, and the so-called people familiar with the matter had already made urgent arrangements when they broke the news.

At some point, she was so squeamish in the crew that she couldn’t even unscrew the mineral water bottle cap, and she had to ask the assistant and the actor to twist her or something.

But this time, unlike in the past, netizens scolded Shi Zhi but instead scolded the official account.

“??? This information is too fake, you are insulting my IQ.”

“When you said that she couldn’t even unscrew the cap of the mineral water bottle, you were afraid you were teasing me! It’s over!”

Official Account: ????

He was still joyful, waiting for everyone to scold Shi Zhi. How did this get them scolded? This piece was directly dealt with by the platform because a large number of false news stories were reported.

It wasn’t like this before.

No netizens believe this so-called material. Shi Zhi’s majestic posture in throwing the discus at the Star Games is still vivid. If you push it forward, Shi Zhi’s hand hammer sandwich machine is fierce. Now the expression pack is still lying in many people’s mobile phones.

When Shi Zhi took the drink advertisement, she not only opened her own bottle cap but also opened the manager’s bottle of drink.

Now let them break the news that Shi Zhi was so delicate that she couldn’t open the bottle cap, which pushed their IQ to the ground.

Right here?

It would be more realistic to tell them that Shi Zhi frightens the actress with a discus, although Uncle Shi seems to only blow rainbow farts to her colleagues.

Brother Quan has prepared anti-black materials in advance. According to past experience, every time Shi Zhi enters the group drama, it is a period of black material outbreaks. All kinds of dirty water are simply splashing on Shi Zhi, who doesn’t give money.

He opened his mouth to spread the falsity of the rumors with evidence because it was a waste of time to refute the rumor. However, he just saw the black material this time, and before he attacked, the netizens had already done it.

Brother Quan: Huh?

The mood is a bit complicated.

“I didn’t expect you to have such a use for throwing the discus.”

Shi Zhi, “What?”

Brother Quan waved his hand to indicate that he should be ignored, and he was suddenly happy again.

“Shi Zhi, Zhong Jiaxin will be your best friend. She has a good relationship with Tang Yunling, so she might trip you up. We have to be careful.”

Shi Zhi, “There are a lot of people at the scene, so how can we get in trouble?”

She hasn’t figured out who Zhong Jiaxin is yet. But, only after listening to Brother Quan and the team members talking non-stop around her does she sort out the relationship a little bit.

“Director, which scene shall we shoot later? Is it the scene where the sisters are arguing in the playground?”

Zhong Jiaxin moved her hands. As Tang Yunling’s plastic sister, she knew about Shi Zhi’s previous grievances with Tang Yunling, and she and Tang Yunling were also on the same line.

(Plastic Sister is a relationship that appears to be in harmony on the surface, yet both hate each other or try to compete in secret.)

Fighting with Shi Zhi as the sisters in acting, Zhong Jiaxin felt that this was easy to catch. After all, it was only a matter of tearing the face in reality. It could be regarded as reality projected into the play. It is estimated that it can be filmed heartily.

Zhong Jiaxin’s eyes were full of eagerness, and she was ready to shout, “rotten, stink”.

Director Shi Tao raised his eyelids, “Why are you arguing?”

“Did you not read the script I sent you later? The script has been changed and there is no quarrel.”

Zhong Jiaxin:?

Facing Director Shi Tao’s questioning, she was a little confused. Zhong Jiaxin vaguely remembered that another version of the script seemed to have been released later. Still, she went shopping on vacation and didn’t read it. It is estimated that the changes are not significant. She has finished reading all the previous scripts.


Zhong Jiaxin fooled Director Shi Tao and urgently started to read the new script. Zhong Jiaxin’s face became darker the more she looked at it.

What is the changed script, and what is it? Don’t tear each other apart? She still has to be against Tang Yunling, and she doesn’t like Shi Zhi either. She plays the good best friend in the country?

It’s the kind of really good female friends.


She must be good at tearing up with Shi Zhi. How can she play best friend with Shi Zhi?

The first scene has already begun.

Zhong Jiaxin sat stiffly on the bicycle seat behind Shi Zhi. Shi Zhi turned around and asked, “You can hold my waist.”

Otherwise, if she rides fast, you may not be able to stabilize your body.

Zhong Jiaxin, “…No…no need.” Hehe, what a joke.

Shi Zhi doesn’t care. Anyway, she doesn’t mind. It’s up to the other party.

Director Shi Tao shouted to Zhong Jiaxin, “Zhong Jiaxin, smile. You are in the backseat of a good friend!” Why are you still crying with a sad face?

Zhong Jiaxin “…” showed a smirk, and in the end, no one hugged Shi Zhi’s waist while riding a bicycle.

The director asked the bike to ride faster, which was too fast! If she doesn’t hug her anymore, she feels like she will fall!

Not only are there bicycle scenes, but there are also friends playing together, going to class together, and eating together. The four of them are completely stuck together. Zhong Jiaxin will inevitably have physical contact with Shi Zhi, and she must show her sincerity. Otherwise, it will be stuck and repeat the scene again and again.

Zhong Jiaxin became the one who was getting the cut the most.

Director Shi Tao has high demands on himself, as well as on actors, and he can still smile at ordinary times. Still, he is an entirely different person when he is filming.

Zhong Jiaxin was in a bad state and was bombarded by Director Shi Tao throughout the process.

Zhong Jiaxin: Stop scolding, stop scolding, scolding is stupid.

During the intermission, Zhong Jiaxin stared at Shi Zhi with dull eyes. She wondered why Shi Zhi could behave so. Naturally, it was impossible for her not to know her relationship with Tang Yunling.

This is a ruthless person.

Shi Zhi was eating roasted chestnuts. The roasted chestnuts were sweet and hot, and then she felt a gaze that could not be ignored from Zhong Jiaxin’s side.

The other party looked straight at the roasted chestnuts in her hand.

Look like a greedy child.

After thinking about it, Shi Zhi asked, “Do you want to eat one too?” Anyway, she has more here.

Zhong Jiaxin had the smell of sugar-fried chestnuts in her mouth. She had just taken it from Shi Zhi and eaten several in a row.


Everyone in the audience performed very well. Zhong Jiaxin thought her acting skills were not bad, and she didn’t want to drag the crew back.

Isn’t it just interaction! Come! Who is afraid of whom!

And Zhong Jiaxin did go from being stiff to becoming proficient gradually. At first, she resisted contact with Shi Zhi, but she got used to it later.

After the filming was over, she took the initiative to embrace Shi Zhi’s arm, “Shi Zhi, let’s go to the bathroom together.” The girls were about to go to the bathroom, hand in hand.

“You smell so good, what perfume do you wear?”

Shi Zhi raised her hand and smelled it, “I didn’t wear perfume, it smells like laundry detergent.”

Tang Yunling and Zhong Jiaxin made an appointment for afternoon tea, and the two hadn’t seen each other for a while. Tang Yunling knew that Zhong Jiaxin and Shi Zhi were on the same crew.

When she was waiting for Zhong Jiaxin to complain to her about Shi Zhi.

“Yun Ling, those manuscripts on the Internet that say you resemble Shi Zhi, you should quickly ask the company to deal with it for you, the two of you really don’t look alike at all.”

Sure enough, skipping the greetings, Zhong Jiaxin said this to Tang Yunling.

The manuscript was actually sent by Tang Yunling to rub Shi Zhi’s heat before, but she is now redder than Shi Zhi, so she doesn’t need it anymore.

Tang Yunling stirred the coffee, showing a distressed expression, “I don’t want to be teased by others, I’ll let the manager deal with it later, the main reason is that there are too many, and I can’t finish it…Why am I not like Shi Zhi?”

Is she much prettier than Shi Zhi?

Tang Yunling has been doing well recently. She heard that red (popularity) can nourish people, and when she came to Zhong Jiaxin, she had just had a set of sky-high facial treatments. Now her face is in good condition and can shine.

Zhong Jiaxin, “You two just don’t look alike. The photos are still a bit similar, but the real person is different.”

“Shi Zhi is prettier than you.”

Tang Yunling, who was waiting for a compliment, looked at Zhong Jiaxin suddenly, “Huh?”

Her friend said that Shi Zhi was prettier than her.


Is it the other way around? Are you really an enemy or a friend?

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