Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #27

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Chapter 27

White background, gray edges, stainless steel.

Shi Zhi was also afraid that everyone would not recognize or understand it, so she stretched out her hand to make a slight gesture of height.

“Probably that big.”

“Thank you.” If you see anything, please call her.

Shi Zhi really didn’t want to be interviewed at first. After playing Tai Chi and finding that her thermos cup was “missing”, she thought of the biggest screen in the audience.

People in the stadium can see that if the thermos cup is lost and found there, it will be more likely to be recovered.

Shi Zhi’s team was also sitting in the audience. When Zhi Zhi’s face appeared on the big screen, the assistant excitedly shouted to Brother Quan next to him.

“Wow, look, Sister Shi Zhi!”

The makeup artist praised, “Sister Shi’s makeup look is invincible today, it’s Xiaozhi when she is full of energy!”

(Adding Xiao (小, which means small) before someone’s family name (姓)is pretty common, but it’s usually for the older, calling the younger ones. Or Friends of the same age usually use the following way to show their intimacy)

In the case of face-to-face shots with high-definition lenses, there is no minus.

Brother Quan was also nodding and found a little comfort in facing Shi Zhi’s face.

He is in a very complicated mood. This complexity probably comes from Shi Zhi’s discus throwing and Tai Chi. The discus is so hard-core that Brother Quan heard someone vaguely calling Shi Zhi a real man next to him.

Tai Chi is different from what Brother Quan wanted to sign up for Shi Zhi. After all, this performance is not suitable for a girl. But Shi Zhi is only interested in this except for the discus. He just watched it, and her Tai Chi is still handsome.

Now Shi Zhi was interviewed as the number one of the three competitions. Brother Quan straightened his waist. After listening to what Shi Zhi said, Brother Quan almost slumped his body.

“Shi Zhi… what did she… say?”

The makeup artist pulled Brother Quan’s ears and shouted, “Sister Shi’s thermos cup can’t be found. she’s looking for a notice!”

Brother Quan’s ears are going deaf. He now has back pain and ear pain… it’s not good anywhere.

Host: ???

Live audience: ???

What the hell?

The host’s expression was very subtle, looking at Shi Zhi, “Well… it’s over?”

Shi Zhi nodded, “It’s over.” What else would she do? She couldn’t remember the brand of the thermos cup, only what it looked like.


The professional quality of the host could no longer be maintained, and the smirk on the face collapsed. Here at Shi Zhi, the host suffered a professional waterloo here.

Shi Zhi saw that the host seemed to be out of state, so she took the initiative to ask in a low voice, is the other party okay? Do you want to take a break?

The next female idol to be interviewed was already waiting next to her. Shi Zhi saw that the host was still wandering, so she helped save the scene and asked the female idol in the host’s tone.

“How do you feel?”

“What do you want to say to the audience?”

She still remembers these two processes.

The female idol looked at the host, then at Shi Zhi, and finally decided to follow Shi Zhi’s words. She picked up the microphone and said, “I am very fortunate to be able to participate in this “Star Games” with various seniors…”

Shi Zhi felt that it was too difficult for her, but she could do nothing. After all, she also used this platform to ask for help, so she was considered to have returned the favor.

When the host returned to their senses, the two over there had already talked.

! ! !

Host: Shi Zhi, do you really feel that you are very caring? Thank you.

Shi Zhi’s host is still very good. The host even thinks that she can be laid off. Fortunately, Shi Zhi didn’t want to take her job at all. After chatting with the female idol, she returned the scene to the host again. The host finally breathed a sigh of relief.

After Shi Zhi looked for the thermos cup through the big screen, such a broadcast soon sounded in the stadium.

[Search notice, search notice, has anyone picked up the Shi Zhi thermos cup, white background, gray edge, stainless steel, if any artist or staff member picks it up, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the logistics after hearing the broadcast, thank you]

The broadcast resounded throughout the stadium and was broadcast in a loop. It was incompatible with the youthful atmosphere of the star games. There was no way to ignore it. In the end, it was inexplicably a bit of brainwashing magic.


After finishing all the projects and meeting with the team, she felt tired. Although she had a super VIP seat in the front row, she still exhausted her strength.

Brother Quan also felt that he was tired. He didn’t know what to say, so it was up to Shi Zhi to explain.

“Sister Shi, I took a picture of you, it’s so beautiful!”

The assistant leaned over and showed Shi Zhi the photo, and Brother Quan also glanced at it while the two of them were looking through the photo.

Beautiful is beautiful, but the discus you hold makes it impossible to ignore.

Shi Zhi also recognized it, “Is this when I throw a discus?”

Assistant, “Yes!”

Shi Zhi looked at the picture, “I want to eat cake.” Hungry.

Sugar shortbread, sesame cake, sauce cake… all delicious.

Brother Quan: ???

He never expected Shi Zhi to associate the discus with the cake she ate. Obviously, Shi Zhi didn’t feel that there was anything to explain to him.

The whole team did not notice Brother Quan’s little emotions, and they had already begun to cheerfully indicate that they had ordered a meal together. When Shi Zhi said this, everyone also made a sound of wanting to eat cakes.

“Sister Shi, if you spend your energy on the field, you will definitely be hungry. Eat cakes, my treat!”

“Why don’t we eat the pancake fruit from last time? The old man made it taste good, and he is still a fan of Sister Shi. We must support this single seedling.”

“And it’s not far away.”

Shi Zhi has no opinion. She likes to eat all kinds of cakes, but she won’t go on this time, and it’s not easy to make a small business.

After everyone discussed eating the cake, Shi Zhi realized that the manager didn’t say anything.

“Brother Quan, do you want to eat cakes?”

Brother Quan squeezed out a sentence between his teeth, “I eat discus.”

The assistant was shocked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Shi Zhi added, “Maybe it’s a lack of some kind of trace element.”

“But the discus is in the stadium, and I can’t bring it out, or I have to let you lick it.”

The scene of Brother Quan holding a discus and licking it in winter has already appeared in everyone’s mind, so he should stick his tongue on it.

Makeup artist, “The iron pot should be the same, brother, do you need it?”

Brother Quan, “…” He wants to be quiet, don’t ask him who he is, thank you.

Shi Zhi and the team ate the pancake fruit again. Shi Zhi didn’t leave the car this time but still ate the sausage and eggs. The assistant said that he was a fan. The old man even knew her, but she took advantage of the old man not paying attention. Secretly stuffed him with more money.

Tickets for the star games are difficult to grab. In addition to the live audience, more people are waiting online to see beautiful and handsome guys.

Soon, the Internet began to update the relevant videos of the Star Games, and Shi Zhi also attracted the attention of many people.

It’s hard not to notice that, after all, swimming events are in a group of girls who are dressed elegantly, sexy or cute. Shi Zhi is wearing a one-piece swimsuit that can be taken to the street.

“When I saw this swimsuit, I jumped to my feet in anger. God knows how much I look forward to Shi Zhi wearing a cooler one. I admit that I was greedy when I saw Shi Zhi’s cheongsam.”

“Why does the beautiful sister wear the swimsuit like this? It’s really a waste. Please give me this good figure, woo.. wooo.”

“It’s not surprising to put it on Shi Zhi. After all, this is a woman who can wear a straw hat in a variety show. (Dog head)”

However, after Shi Zhi entered the water, the power rally ran wildly, causing the entire team to change from the bottom to the first, which was still shocking.

Some viewers who have been to the scene also revealed, “The idol fans who were in the same group as Shi Zhi at that time were still complaining about why Zhi Zhi was not good at swimming, why she still participated, disgusting it would drag her sister idol down, and then hehe, laugh to death.”

In fact, Shi Zhi felt she was not good at it, and the rest of the people were really good.

Even if they are not on the scene, everyone seems to be able to make up for Shi Zhi’s expressions, which is probably doubting life.

I feel a little distressed, Sister Shi.

And at the moment when Shi Zhi changed into a pink costume for all female artists and raised her face value with her hair tied in a ball, everyone fell.

Hastily, why can she be so cute!

What kind of sweetheart is Shi Zhi? Isn’t the sugar content too high?

Netizens reacted the same as the audience at the time. They knew she was beautiful, but she usually gave people the feeling of a 360-degree modeling face without dead ends, and her beauty was very advanced.

They didn’t expect that she would be so appropriate to dress up in a sweet direction.

“I’m sorry, I’m going to yell at Sister Shi, female goose!”

“Female goose look at Mama!”

Netizens can’t wait to wave with a light stick: Shi Xiaozhi! Shi Xiaozhi! Shi Xiaozhi!

Then they saw this scene-

Their baby sweetheart, Shi Xiaozhi, took the discus and threw it far away. The biceps under the clothes were particularly eye-catching.

Netizens: !!!

The next video is to play a set of smooth Tai Chi.

There are also the classic clasped hands.

Can a sweetheart have so much strength? King Kong Barbie? There are also Tai Chi and kickers behind.

Is this… an uncle?

“I have to say that Shi Zhi’s Tai Chi is really professional. My grandfather, who loves Tai Chi, is absolutely amazed.”

“One thing to say, this commander is indeed beautiful, but I really didn’t expect Shi Zhi to come to play Tai Chi.”

“Just like who would have thought that Shi Zhi could still throw the discus.”

In Shi Zhi, she can only have high energy and higher energy. During the interview with Shi Zhi, she was looking for a thermos cup on the spot. On the following broadcast, netizens were really going to laugh.

Very good, now it has changed from waving a light stick and calling Shi Xiaozhi to: Uncle Shi, Uncle Shi, Uncle Shi!

“So Shi Zhi’s thermos cup has been found?”

Who took Uncle Shi’s thermos cup and quickly returned Uncle Shi’s thermos cup to her! Seeing that people are in a hurry, they have all made search notices.

This sentence has received the most likes, and [Did Shi Zhi thermos cup found] also likes to mention the hot search again.

Shizhi’s thermos cup, which is gray on white and stainless steel, has touched the hearts of thousands of sand sculpture netizens.

Every artist participating in the Star Games has made various preparations, hoping to win everyone’s audience by relying on this exposure.

Those who have special skills in sports strive to perform better in this area, and those with fewer sports cells will take advantage of their appearance and stature…,

However, no matter how many calculations they couldn’t even dream of, they were defeated by a thermos!

Sand sculpture netizens not only went to Shi Zhi Studio to ask if they had found the thermos cup but also squatted with the organizer of the star Games.

Exist? Is there any news about Shi Zhi Thermos Cup?

Shi Zhi really replied, but the thermos cup had yet to be found.

The organizers of the Star Games also actively expressed that they would work hard so Shi Zhi can found the thermos cup.

Finally, with everyone’s unremitting efforts, the case was solved.

First, the cleaning aunt said that she seemed to see a thermos cup with a gray edge on a white background in the trash can, but when she saw it in the trash can, she thought it was a waste and threw it away. Now it is probably in a garbage disposal plant.

Shi Zhi is about to become an Internet celebrity’s thermos cup――


It’s gone. We can’t find it again.

Netizen: Too much! Could a certain artist especially throw it at Shi Zhi?

The organizer released a video showing a little boy with a code on his face. Shi Zhi was playing Tai Chi in the distance. The little boy noticed the thermos cup, opened it and looked at it twice as if he was muttering something. , and then threw it in the trash can.

There is also a long comment below.

“Sorry, I’m the boy’s mother and a staff member at the Star Games. When my child heard about the vacuum cup, he finally thought about it and said that he might have thrown it away.”

“He thought it was someone who littered the garbage… He apologized to Shi Zhi, hoping that Shi Zhi could contact her and she would compensate for her son.”

The cup was not deliberately thrown by one of the colleagues but was lost by the little boy.

Just how could it be considered garbage?

The little boy’s mother’s page also released a video specially recorded for her son later.

The child in the video was milking and apologizing to Shi Zhi first.

“Sister Shi Zhi, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to throw away your cup. I’m a second-grade elementary school student and I just became a glorious young pioneer. The teacher said that if you see garbage on the ground, you must pick it up and throw it in the trash can.”

“I went to the stadium with my mother to help during the break. I mistook your thermos cup for rubbish thrown away by others, because rotten leaves and rotten petals were soaked in the open water… I was wrong, I am willing to compensate for Shi Zhi sister’s thermos cup, first It is funded by my mother, and I will return it to my mother when I grow up.”

In the end, the little boy leaned closer to the camera with a puzzled face in a whisper tone.

“Sister Shi Zhi, I have a question that has been bothering me for a long time. My mother has never let me ask, but I still can’t help it, and she can’t beat me either.”

“It’s just that I watched “Super North Nose”, you take Duoqi…Will you eat children raw, are you really the devil?”

Netizen: Come on! Absolutely!

Shizhi’s devil character is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and even children are puzzled, but what exactly is eating raw children!

Through this video, netizens almost know the causes and consequences. The little boy is completely kind and doesn’t expect to do bad things with good intentions. When he threw Shi Zhi’s thermos cup in the trash can, he might still be wearing a red scarf on his chest. The idea is brighter.

The children are still cute but don’t know what the rotten grass and flowers in the cup are.

Will Shi Zhi respond to this video?

There is a high probability that it will not. After all, the stars are so busy.

Shi Zhi only found out about this after listening to the assistant.

The assistant was swiping the phone and suddenly told Shi Zhi very seriously.

“Sister Shi, I have unfortunate news for you.”

Shi Zhi:?

“Your thermos cup, it’s gone, it’s dead, and the death is very pitiful, woo woo…”

Shi Zhi, “…” She can see many people around her, and it’s really a shame to be her assistant. Everyone should be an actor.

After the assistant told Shi Zhi the ins and outs, he said, “The little boy’s mother has sent a private message to our studio asking about the price of the thermos cup.”

“Oh, there are still many netizens who want a link to a thermos cup.”

“This little boy is really funny, and he asked Sister Shi if you are the devil.”

Shi Zhi also followed the assistant’s instructions and watched the entire video. She said to the assistant, “Come on, help me record one.”

The assistant took the phone, “Sister Shi, you really plan to reply to the little boy!”

The thermos cup series has made new progress. Sand sculpture netizens rushed to tell each other to go and watch it. Shi Zhi posted a video and responded to the little boy!

Shi Zhi’s video was posted on her Weibo homepage, and she first greeted the little boy.

“Hello, little friend, this is your sister Shi Zhi.”

“I have received your apology and accepted it. You did a great job when you saw the garbage picked up and thrown into the trash can. You also know that you will return the money to your mother when you grow up. You are an excellent young pioneer, so after knowing that you did not deliberately throw away sister ‘s thermos cup into the trash can, sister decided to waive your compensation.”

“What is soaked in the cup is not rotten flowers or rotten leaves, but chrysanthemum and honeysuckle. It can clear the liver and eyesight, disperse wind and heat. It is a very effective medicinal material and is good for the body.”

“As for you asking if sister will eat raw children, is it the devil…”

In the video, Shi Zhi paused, then approached the video like a little boy with a pure smile.

“Of course sister won’t eat raw children, and she’s not a devil either.”

“I have prepared a gift for the children, I wish you a happy and healthy growth.”

After watching it, netizens finally solved the mystery.

“It turned out to be chrysanthemum honeysuckle, hahaha, what a rotten flower and rotten leaf.”

“So is the chrysanthemum honeysuckle soaked in the thermos cup Very good, Uncle Shi Zhi stone hammer!”

What makes a female star hold a thermos cup with those things soaked in it?

If you remember correctly, Shi Zhi was in her early twenties.

Shi Zhi, a strange female star, walked the red carpet in her twenties, was afraid of the cold, and wore a down jacket. Her hobbies were fishing, playing chess and planting flowers. Now she has a new discovery.――

I like to hold hands, and she usually soaks chrysanthemums in a thermos cup. √

“I laughed so loudly, Shi Zhi was too funny.”

“But this video is really warm. The interaction between the two people is very interesting and a bit warm. Shi Zhi also clarified that she is not a devil, but we don’t know what gift Shi Zhi has prepared…”

Everyone found the interaction very interesting and warm. At the same time, they became curious about the gift that Shi Zhi said at the end of the video.

What gifts!

Itching to know!

However, Shi Zhi did not tell the netizens this time but just sent a link about the thermos cup, and the child’s mother said that she didn’t know what the gift was but gave their address to Shi Zhi’s studio.

“Sister Shi, I sent you a thermos cup.” This chat comes from the go genius Wu Luo.

“Shi Zhi, have you received the thermos cup?” This chat comes from Bai Wu, who has already joined the group.

“Sister Shi, look, which cup do you like… Or I’ll buy it all for you, buy a bunch.”

This is Ning Jiachi. He sent Shi Zhi various photos for Shi Zhi to choose from. Ultimately, he decided to buy everything without waiting for Shi Zhi’s reply.

All are arranged for Sister Shi!

Knowing that Shi Zhi’s thermos cup was lost and could never be found again, people around her have fallen in love with Shi Zhi.

Poor baby, how can you do without a thermos cup? You have to soak honeysuckle.

Shi Zhi, “…”

Thank you all for your kindness, but she can’t use many cups. She only has one mouth. She can set up a stall if you give her so many cups.

The butler was even more exaggerated. After knowing that Shi Zhi had lost the thermos cup and had to carry out a search notice, he showed a remorseful expression.

“Master, it’s my fault. I didn’t take good care of the eldest lady.”

Then he turned around and arranged a pure gold thermos cup for Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi was shocked. Is this all right? This is not cheap, and she doesn’t dare to use it.

After going to the company with a pure gold thermos cup, the assistant once held Shi Zhi’s pure gold thermos cup and pulled it, saying, “Sister Shi, your cup is pretty good.”

No one really regards it as gold, even if it is gold.

Brother Quan had already begun to slowly accept this fact. He originally wanted to make Shi Zhi more youthful and energetic, dilute the breath of Uncle Shi, and create Shi Xiao Zi.

Then after the Star Games, Uncle Shi’s reputation became even louder!

“Anyway, it’s also on the hot search, without spending any money.”

Brother Quan comforted himself like this.

“Oh, thermos cup manufacturers have also come to the door.”

Following the advertisement of beverage and toothpaste, thermos cup manufacturers also came to the door, wanting Shi Zhi to be a spokesperson.

However, Brother Quan still refused. If Shi Zhi had been printed on the thermos cup, then her uncle’s label would not have been expected to be removed in this life.


Brother Quan glanced at Shi Zhi, holding a thermos cup and sitting on the reclining chair. He felt that he couldn’t take it off now or years later.

Shi Zhi has other trips to shoot beverage advertisements.

The drink is a certain carbonated soda that Shi Zhi prefers. The contract has been signed, and the treatment is good.

After Shi Zhi went, the advertising director stuffed Shi Zhi with a thermos cup.

The advertising director explained, “There are sodas in it.”

“I also looked at the ideas that have been hotly searched recently. Is it a bit health-keeping to put soda in the thermos cup?”

Shi Zhi was admired.

“It has an internal taste.”

“What kind of hardcore health care is this.” Put soda water in the thermos cup, and the person who can come up with this idea is also a talent.

A thermos cup that can’t escape wherever you go. 

But Shi Zhi doesn’t care. She can do it. As long as the drink is good, it’s fine.

The soda selected by Shi Zhi after the evaluation is, of course, delicious. However, the teeth that Shi Zhi mended during the filming process still seem to be faintly painful.

It doesn’t matter, she brought mouthwash, toothpaste and a toothbrush this time, and she brushed her teeth as soon as the shooting was over.

Shi Zhi was filming her beverage advertisement, and everything went well. The mother of the little boy who accidentally lost her thermos cup also updated Weibo to reveal the problems that haunted them for days.

That is–

What kind of gifts did Shi Zhi give to the children?

The little boy’s mother posted a photo. It’s not a toy, it’s not a nutrient, and it’s not a chrysanthemum or honeysuckle that some people guessed.

It’s a neat tutorial book for all subjects in primary school, an English vocabulary book, and a composition essay.……

The little boy’s mother added, “Shi Zhi also said that the child has all the tutoring books from elementary to high school. When he gets to high school, she will arrange a full set of five-year college entrance examinations and three-year simulation for him.”

A tutorial book from childhood to adulthood!

Five-year college entrance examination and three-year simulation!

Netizen: ???

Shi Zhi, please answer, why do you deny that you are a devil? Is it wrong for other children to ask?

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