One Can’t Judge by Appearance #38

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Chapter 38 

Yan Xi never thought that she didn’t rely on the show she hosted to become a hit, but because she was stunned by the overhead light, she became the most popular number one. On the homepage, she was smashed by the overhead light, saying that she is a once-in-a-century hapless female host.

Others are beautiful and handsome men who are rare in a hundred years, and when she arrives, she is unlucky. This psychological gap is a bit big.

Under the Weibo account, she was certified as the host, and there were thousands of more messages, all of which were condolences for her physical condition. The program she hosted before was popular on the Internet for several issues, and the attention she received as a host was limited. Now when she “didn’t know her life or death”, some people began to stand up and say that the previous programs she hosted were touching and praised her for her hosting skills. How good, kind and righteous.

Netizen 1: My grandmother likes this female-hosted program very much. She stays in front of the TV every night at 8:30. Even if it is a weekend replay, she can watch it with relish. Now that something has happened to her, my grandmother is like a star-chasing girl. She keeps asking me to search for information about this female host on the Internet, and I don’t know how she is now. I hope she’s okay. Otherwise, my grandma will be very sad.

Netizen 2: What a coincidence, I am also from the Imperial Capital. My grandparents and parents also like to watch “Those Things Around Us” hosted by her. My grandparents are old and have a bad memory. They often can’t tell who is on TV. Who is who? But Yan Xi is an exception. Every time the show starts, the two elders praise her for her good looks, but her face is slightly sad.

Netizen 3: Friends upstairs, do your grandparents see pictures? This hostess does have some characteristics, but she looks a little weak and is easy to bully. It is not unreasonable to say that her life is not good. Isn’t this inexplicably smashed by a light?

Netizen 4: Hehe, what age is this? It still promotes feudal superstition. People are still being rescued in the hospital. Don’t say it if it doesn’t sound good. I heard that this female host is only 24 years old. She is a graduate student in the department of Media of a famous university. She is hosting the show well. She calls on everyone to pay attention to abused children and to pay attention to the bright spot of all walks of life. Now that this kind of accident has suddenly occurred, we should pray for her to recover soon and not be in danger.

Yan Xi found that many well-known media network clients had reported the news that she was knocked out by the ceiling light, and she felt ashamed. She really didn’t want to be famous in this way, okay?

Thinking about it, as soon as she went out in the future, someone pointed at her and said, “Look, that’s the female host who was knocked out by the overhead light during the live news program.”

There is no sense of pride at all, okay?

She opened WeChat, and there were many messages from friends in it. She opened the circle of friends and posted a status.

Dahe, this is Xiaoxi: Thank you, sisters and brothers, don’t worry. I’m still alive.

It didn’t take long for this status to be posted, and there were countless likes and comments. Yan Xi saw several friends laughing below, saying congratulations that she finally became popular this way, and asked which hospital she was in. They were coming to see her.

“Who are they all?” Yan Xi was a little tired from maintaining a lying posture all the time. Yan Xi couldn’t help but move her arms. There was a faint pain from the wound on her back, but it was not obvious.

But soon, this feeling became more and more obvious, and it was difficult for Yan Xi to ignore it. This was because the effect of the anesthetic gradually passed.

Yan Xi, who had the energy to quarrel with friends on WeChat just now, instantly slumped into a poor little turtledove. She wanted to use her phone to watch TV to distract her attention, but her phone ran out of battery again. At this moment, she suddenly felt a little wrong. Although this emotion came inexplicably, she couldn’t control it. The nurse took her mobile phone to charge, lying on the bed, inexplicably sulking with herself.

“Bang bang bang.”

The door was knocked a few times lightly, and Yan Xi turned her head to look. Yuan Yi, who had just said he would eat food, came back empty-handed. He saw Yan Xi looking at himself with a grudging look in her eyes, thinking she was complaining that he hadn’t brought her food, “The doctor said, you just finished the operation and you can’t eat for the time being, so I didn’t buy it for you.”

“Didn’t you go to eat boiled fish and spicy chicken?” Yan Xi blinked, “Have you been coming back so quickly?”

Yan Xi was still lying in the hospital. Yuan Yi was not in the mood to eat these. He just ate something casually near the hospital and hurried back. He walked to a chair and sat down: “Those things taste too heavy and should not be suitable for health care.” Seeing Yan Xi’s face pale and frowning slightly, he guessed that the effect of the medicine had passed, “Does the wound hurt?”

Yan Xi lay on the bed and didn’t speak. She grabbed the pillowcase and felt aggrieved, like a child who weighed more than 90 kg.

Seeing her like this, Yuan Yi immediately called the doctor and asked him what to do.

The doctor said that there was nothing to do. Painkillers should not be used indiscriminately. Let’s lose two bottles of anti-inflammatory medicine first. So Yan Xi, who had a very painful back, was stuck with an infusion needle in the back of her hand.

Yan Xi squinted her eyes at Yuan Yi, and Yuan Yi lowered his head and adjusted the drip more slowly: “Follow the doctor’s instructions, it’s good for your health.”

“But if I keep lying down like this, I’ll turn into an airport,” Yan Xi felt a little distressed about his not-so-proud breasts, “Did the doctor say, when will I be discharged from the hospital?”

Yuan Yi glanced at Yan Xi’s upper body lying on the bed and quickly retracted his gaze: “Didn’t it turn from an airport to a basin?”

“Get out!” Yan Xi rolled her eyes.

Yuan Yi said calmly, “I’m just stating the facts.”

“Yuan Xiaoer, you specially arranged such a good ward for me, is it to care about me, or is it convenient to close the door to anger me?” Yan Xi patted the pillow with her hand without a needle. Have his skill points in this life been added to his mouth?

Yuan Yi saw that Yan Xi was already overwhelmed by anger, forgot the pain in her back, and took out his mobile phone from his pocket: “Am I such a boring person?”

What’s the difference? Yan Xi rolled her at his eyes again.

Yuan Yi… Yuan Yi felt that Yan Xi’s cheeks were flushed with anger, and how she rolled her eyes at him was cute. It seems that he not only likes her eyes very questionably but also has a change in aesthetics?

Whether the two quarrels with each other actually let Yan Xi go through the most difficult period after the drug’s effects dissipated because on the second day… her pain nerves began to become immune, and she gradually got used to this feeling.

Early the next morning, when Yan Xi woke up, she asked about the faint scent of porridge in the ward. Yuan Yi, who had fought with her until after ten o’clock last night. She didn’t know when he had arrived in the ward and was now sleeping on the sofa.

She didn’t care why there was suddenly a single sofa in the ward, but she was a little surprised that Yuan Yi came again.

“Miss Yan, are you awake?” The nurse noticed she had woken up and helped her to the bathroom with another nurse. After finishing what she had to do when she got up in the morning, Yan Xi lay back on the bed and turned her head to look at Yuan Yi. The other party was still asleep.

After she finished breakfast Yuan Yi brought and took her mobile phone to swipe Weibo for a while, Yuan Yi woke up. It’s just that pale face if anyone who doesn’t know it sees it. I’m afraid they will think the injured person is him instead of her.

“You are sick?”

“No,” Yuan Yi got up and went to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water. When he came out, he wiped his face with a handkerchief and said, “I dreamed that you turned into a ghost last night. I was so scared that I didn’t sleep well all night.”

“Yuan Xiaoer!”

Director Jintai took the station’s leader to knock on the ward’s door. He didn’t expect that the one who opened the door was a young man who didn’t look easy to mess with and looked familiar. If it weren’t for Yan Xi lying on the bed, he would still be a little afraid to enter the door.

They are here now to express their condolences to Yan Xi and, by the way, to show the attitude that the station values her and that the station is waiting for her return.

Yan Xi was injured during the live broadcast of the program, and now it is known to the whole Internet. The station noticed the value of Yan Xi, so how could they do something that chilled her heart. In fact, not only are they concerned, but reporters from many online platforms are also very concerned about this matter. For some reason, no reporters can approach the ward to conduct interviews.

In desperation, some reporters had to turn to the next best thing, interviewing Yan Xi’s attending physician and nurses, who knew that these people were more strict than others, and they didn’t find out anything. Some experienced reporters realized that the host’s identity may not be simple. They no longer inquired about Yan Xi’s news but described Yan Xi in a seemingly neutral but praiseworthy tone.

Some reporters have the guts to believe in evil and want to find another way to increase their attention, saying that the host is born with a bad life, which is why this happens. Even reporters swear in the article that Yan Xi’s face is the legendary suffering person. Someone who will have constant misfortune and wandering in her life. To increase his credibility, he also listed actresses who have played bitter dramas in China and now live unhappy lives to prove his point.

When this kind of article comes out, most people naturally verbally abuse it. Still, the Media is not afraid of scolding at all. Only when it is scolded does it have attention. What could be more enjoyable than the rising click-through rate, attention, and popularity?

Yan Xi didn’t know about these remarks on the Internet for the time being. After she had dealt with the condolences from the leaders, Yuan Yi sent them out as a relative and friend of Yan Xi.

Everyone else in the station thought that Yuan Yi was Yan Xi’s boyfriend, so they had a very kind attitude towards Yuan Yi. Only the director of the station was a little suspicious. Where on earth had he seen this young man?

“Lao Jin, what’s wrong with you?” After walking into the elevator, the leader of the main station saw that Director Jin was a little absent-minded and joked, “Knowing that this host is the pillar of your channel, you don’t have to worry about other stations robbing her.”

“I’m not worried about this,” Director Jin smiled embarrassedly, unable to express the doubt in his heart, “Besides, Xiaoyan is a very good host. If there is a better platform for her to develop, I am also happy for her.”

Because of the increasing popularity of “Those Things Around Us” on the Internet recently, the main station is considering whether to move this program to satellite stations to broadcast, but the broadcast period has not yet been set, and an accident happened to Yan Xi.

However, because of this incident, Yan Xi attracted the attention of many people. It was considered a blessing in disguise. It was originally just a matter of consideration. After this incident, it will probably be confirmed. Even if it is only broadcast in the morning or late at night, it is a star-studded show.

The leader of the main station knew that Director Jin was listening to him, so he smiled and said, “The station is also willing to give capable young people opportunities.”

Director Jintai was determined that he would finally have a more capable host in his hand.

“Go to her natural suffering,” Yan Xi finished reading a report that said she had a bad face. “Sister, I am a rich second generation. I have never suffered since I was a child. Where is the poverty? Are your eyes blind?”

“God’s fucking lone Star destiny, if the writing is so good, just write a novel. Being a reporter buried his talent!”

“When did I have an ex-boyfriend who was killed by a car?” Yan Xi continued to turn over the news, “This reporter used to work in “Understand the Sound” magazine, what kind of bitter story did this reporter make up?”

Yuan Yi sat next to her, listening to Yan Xi swipe her mobile phone while complaining about the reporter’s report, and calmly sent the reviewed documents to the secretary’s mailbox, “Yan Xiaoxi, you have been scolding all morning, but you are not thirsty. Do you want to drink water?”

Yan Xi said: “At a time like this, as a good buddy, you should share my hatred and scold unscrupulous reporters!”

Getting up and pouring water, Yuan Yi inserted another straw into the cup and handed the cup to Yan Xi: “You are a woman, what a good buddy to me.”

Yan Xi bit the straw and took a few sips, “Yuan Xiaoer, I think with you, we can hire one less nurse.”

“I know I’m very capable, but I don’t need to save this money.” When Yan Xi finished drinking the water, Yuan Yi put the cup on the table. “I’m going to the company for a meeting this afternoon, so I won’t accompany you.”

“Oh.” Yan Xi responded casually.

At the end, when Yuan Yi left, he was worried that her mobile phone didn’t have enough power, so he left her a tablet computer with a full battery. She doesn’t know if it’s a coincidence. The playback platform installed on it happened to have the drama Yan Xi is chasing, and even the members’ premiums were activated.

It turned out that Yuan Xiaoer was so caring. Yan Xi silently posted a good person card to Yuan Yi in her heart.

When she finished catching up on the dramas she hadn’t watched in the past two days and then went to check the news about herself in the evening, almost all the messy reports had disappeared, especially a certain media Weibo account that said she was destined to be lonely for a lifetime. 

Not only did they delete Weibo, but they also posted on Weibo that we had to believe in science and not feudal superstition. The previous article was done by an intern reporter. They publicly apologized to Yan Xi and expelled the intern reporter who promoted feudal superstition on the public platform.

The skills of shaking off the burden of that article are proficient, and they are very good at finding topics. This is not the level of business that trainee reporters can have.

Could it be that they were reported by netizens to promote feudal superstition, so they were forced to delete it? Since the article has been deleted, it is better to lower your posture and apologize to her sincerely so that you can still get a wave of favorability in the hearts of netizens who “know your mistakes can be corrected”.

There are really more and more righteous netizens now.

After Yan Xi was moved, she logged in to the host’s Weibo account and posted a Weibo.

Host Yan Xi: Let everyone worry. My injury is not serious. Thank you to every netizen who cares about me. Thank you!

Recently, Yuan Yi’s company was preparing to develop a mobile game. Still, because the creativity and character design did not meet Yuan Yi’s expectations, the game team was called back to continue to rebuild.

After he finished the work in his hand, he had time to look at his mobile phone. The messy news was really a lot less, and he finally didn’t have to listen to that woman’s nagging from Yan Xi.

God knows why women can complain so much, thank God.

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