The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 40. (1/2)

Bai Qing Qing, who was pretending to be dizzy, heard the big movement, her eyelashes trembled slightly, but she still didn’t open her eyes.

Ye Jiahui is a third-order mind power ability that can control surrounding objects to attack. Her wisteria ability cannot be used and can only be used to protect herself.

So, she deliberately pretended to escape to give Ye Jiahui a sense of superiority over the prey she was chasing as if she was cornered? Forced to the waste warehouse, but she actually led Ye Jiahui here.

After the wisteria ability is upgraded, it can inject venom into the enemy through stab wounds and has the ability to cause the enemy to stun and create illusions.

The nanny will definitely report to Cheng Yan and Cheng Rui. Should she pretend to be in a coma and wait to be found? If she finds her, she doesn’t need to do it next. Ye Jiahui’s fate will not be much better.

She didn’t expect Cheng Rui to be so enraged that he wanted to kill Ye Jiahui immediately.

The people in the team are indifferent, and in the apocalypse, their hands have been contaminated with an unknown number of lives. For a strange woman who wants to hurt Bai Qing Qing, even if her status is noble, they will kill her.

Ye Jiahui blushed and struggled desperately to hold Cheng Rui’s hand, with a look of distress in her eyes? “Brother Cheng, Cheng Yan, save me…”

She tried to hold back a sentence from her throat, “I, Dad, yes, lord, Lord.”

Cheng Yan frowned. What did Ye Jiahui do? Act so arrogant, she stepped on many capable people under her feet. Did she fall into Cheng Rui’s hands today? Finally, feeling a trace of resistance.

Ye Jiahui can be killed, but not now. After all, the Ye family is the lord of Yaoyang Base, and killing her will cause big trouble.

Cheng Yan went to hold Cheng Rui’s hand and said in a deep voice, “Cheng Rui, let her go.”

Cheng Rui’s eyes were scarlet. He looked at his brother and said sharply, “Brother, are you going to stop me?”

Who stopped him? Is it useless? Yesterday, he swore to protect Bai Qing Qing. Today, someone rushed to the house under his nose and took her away, trying to kill her.

Cheng Yan and Cheng Rui are currently equal in strength. If they really want to fight, he can stop Cheng Rui, but he doesn’t want to hurt the relationship between the brothers.

Ye Jiahui’s throat was sore, her breathing gradually became difficult, her pupils were a little slack, and a terrifying death was approaching.

“Cheng Rui!” Cheng Yan lowered her voice, “You can kill her if you want, but not now.”

Liang Zhiyu’s fox eyes narrowed slightly, and he said faintly: “Cheng Rui, you keep this woman’s life first. Should she be handed over to Qing Qing whether she is dead or alive, let Qing Qing handle it.”

Cheng Rui let go of his hand and threw the woman aside in disgust, hitting the ground completely.


He walked towards Xiao Yang and wanted to hug Bai Qing Qing, but Xiao Yang hugged her tightly and said possessively, “I don’t need you, I’ll carry her.”

Cheng Rui knew that Xiao Yang was interested in Bai Qing Qing, so where would he give it to him and grab someone directly from him.

Of course, Xiao Yang refused to let her go, holding Bai Qing Qing and fighting Cheng Rui, Bai Qing Qing in his arms was robbed as cargo, and she was really speechless.

There is a disease, and the Shura field occurs at this time.

Didn’t you see her hurt? Is it the right thing to take her back to rest quickly?

Cheng Yan was calling the high-level headquarters of the base and had no time to interfere with his younger brother’s affairs. Shen Mingxuan watched the two snatch Bai Qing Qing and sneered.

Xiao Yang and Cheng Rui did not give in. Only Bai Qing Qing suffered.

“I’ll take her back.” Liang Zhiyu said.

In the team, except for Fu Chen, the ruthless captain, the old fox Liang Zhiyu was not easy to mess with. Xiao Yang and Cheng Rui chose to compromise with a dark face, and Bai Qing Qing was handed over to Liang Zhiyu.

Liang Zhiyu took over the unconscious girl, his eyes flashed slightly, and he easily picked up the person horizontally.

This is his first physical contact with Bai Qing Qing. The girl’s body is soft, reminiscent of the tender and beautiful petals hit by rain.

He lowered his eyes and glanced at the girl. The corners of his lips twitched, and he walked out of the warehouse with her in his arms.

After returning to Cheng’s house, the messy villa had been cleaned up. When she saw Bai Qing Qing being brought back, the nanny was relieved. Fortunately, she was all right. Otherwise, she would have to be punished.

After waiting for two hours, Bai Tiantian rushed over and asked anxiously, “What’s the matter with Qing Qing?”

Bai Qing Qing suffered some minor injuries on her neck and arms. Because of her fair and delicate skin, the minor injuries looked shocking.

Liang Zhiyu said, “She’s alright? She’s just temporarily unconscious.”

Bai Tiantian wiped her tears: “Which bastard hurt her, I will tell the captain when he comes back?”

She now also subconsciously regards Fu Chen as Bai Qing Qing’s brother. If his sister is injured, she must tell her brother and ask him to teach them a lesson.

Hearing her words, several people have different thoughts. Fu Chen is still looking for Bai Qing Qing outside the base. It has been several days, and they don’t know how he is doing.

“I’ll take her to treat the wound.” Liang Zhiyu carried Bai Qing Qing upstairs.

Cheng Yan left the others in the living room, and Ye Jiahui was sent back to Ye’s house. This matter will definitely take work to pass. We need to discuss what to do next.


In the second-floor bedroom, Liang Zhiyu gently put Bai Qing Qing on the bed. He stood beside the bed and looked at the girl. It was estimated that she had a good rest in the past two days. She looked much better than when the team was on their way.

The girl’s small face was delicate and fair, and the small wounds did not affect her beauty but added a bit of sadness and softness.

After watching her quietly for a few seconds, he leaned over and touched the wound on her face with his slender fingers.

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