Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #26

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Chapter 26

It’s time to rest after that.

Then it was decided-

Discus throw!

She didn’t play freely this time. She just chose inside.

Brother Quan already has a sense of the picture. Other artists are there to let the high-definition camera shoot archery with their faces to show their appearance. Or they are doing rhythmic stadium indoor to show off their figure. Shi Zhi took out the discus, bulged her biceps, and threw the discus out.

Brother Quan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, “It’s full of youth… it’s all overflowing…”


Brother Quan couldn’t dispel Shi Zhi’s thoughts, so he reported a few more projects to Shi Zhi. Generally, he didn’t just apply for one project when he went there.

Shi Zhi had two days off, so she returned to the villa and lay on her 300-square-meter bed for two days.

The 300-square-meter bed has been made. If you have money, you can really do whatever you want. This kind of Mary Sue plot can also be realized. Mom doesn’t have to worry about me getting out of bed anymore!

It’s not just that you can’t roll down. If you get to the middle of the bed, you won’t be able to run down for a while.

Shi Zhi was fortunate that her bladder was very powerful, and she had a first-class ability to hold urine. Otherwise, if she drank too much water in the middle of the night, she suddenly remembered to go to the toilet and might be very miserable in a hurry.

Shi Zhi was facing the big bed where a group of people could jump directly on it, and she was surprised and curious at the same time.

“How to clean up this sheet?” It’s not easy to do.

The butler smiled and told Shi Zhi that the sheets were all disposable, just like rich people wear designer clothes. They only wear them once and don’t care if it’s inconvenient to clean them up.

Shi Zhi: I’m sorry, but she is ignorant.

The life of a rich man who is intoxicated with money can really wake people up!

Fortunately, she is a rich man.

The day of the Star Game will come. It was a sunny day, but it was initially an indoor sports meeting, so there was no need to worry about the weather.

Before they arrived at the stadium, they saw many fans holding up signs with the names of celebrities. This time, the people on the team were not envious. After more than a dozen big men in black responded with high-energy support, they haven’t slowed down yet.

“Those big men won’t come out again this time, right?” The girl staff was still frightened there, looking around.

Shi Zhi, “No.”

The female staff said, “Sister Shi, why are you so sure?”

Shi Zhi: Because it was arranged by the butler, she has already warned him.

Of course, she couldn’t say it outright, so Shi Zhi could only continue with a babble.


Indeed, no black-clothed man appeared again, and the female staff put up her thumb at Shi Zhi, “Sister Shi, your intuition is too powerful.”

Shi Zhi felt a little guilty, but only a little.

“Sister Shi, you are here too, come on.”

Shi Zhi and her party were not completely ignored. When they entered the mu, among a row of fans, a petite girl yelled at Shi Zhi like a chat.

Shi Zhi looked back in confusion. Who was calling her?

She looked over there, and the other party was already embarrassed to hide next to her companion. Brother Quan said, “She seems like a fan of Ning Jiachi.”

Ning Jiachi also participated in the star Games. When Brother Quan signed her up, Shi Zhi had already learned about it from WeChat. Ning Jiachi was very excited when he knew that Shi Zhi was also going. He initially yelled to meet Shi Zhi outside the stadium indoor, but she came earlier, so this plan can only be canceled.

Although Shi Zhi didn’t want to cheer, she was kind, so she smiled at the girl, “Thank you.”

The rest of Ning Jiachi’s fans laughed when they helped the girl reply and shouted to her together, “You’re welcome!”

It is probably the same as Bai Wu, a friendship established by “Our Village ”. Ning Jiachi’s fans also have an excellent impression of Shi Zhi. They don’t care what others say. Sister Shi has been feeding Chi Bao anyway.

After Shi Zhi left, everyone began to evaluate Shi Zhi.

“Fuck, I was taken aback when you called Shi Zhi just now. I thought Shi Zhi would definitely ignore you, but I didn’t expect that she would actually turn around.”

“Absolutely, Sister Shi is so beautiful.”

“After all, she is a woman who can’t hide her beauty even if she wears a straw hat and mixes it up.”

“I didn’t see it, I didn’t dare to look at Sister Shi just now, woo woo woo.” Ning Jiachi’s fans who shouted Shi Zhi at first regretted it.

“Tang Yunling didn’t participate.”

Brother Quan swiped his mobile phone and snorted. He saw that Tang Yunling had issued an announcement saying that due to physical discomfort, the schedule of the Star Games was suspended.

Shi Zhi sighed, “It’s a pity.”

Brother Quan was puzzled, but what a pity, he was actually quite happy.

Every time Tang Yunling and Shi Zhi were in the same frame, she would always do a little trick and touch porcelain endlessly, but recently it has been less.

(Porcelain is a fragile item, touching porcelain endlessly means she is doing something that allows the item to collect damages. The item here is Shi Zhi’s reputation. Our dearest reader a passerby telling us the the origin of the phrase “touching porcelain” in the comment- go read it guys. An additional knowledge.)

According to Brother Quan’s idea, it is best not to get involved with Tang Yunling.

Shi Zhi, “It’s a pity, the waist…”

During their conversation, they did not avoid others. After all, they did not directly say bad things about anyone. Someone quietly went to the side and sent a message to Tang Yunling.

“Shi Zhi has already arrived at the indoor stadium. Her agent said that you didn’t come. Shi Zhi said it seems a pity that you didn’t come.”

Tang Yunling replied quickly, “What did Shi Zhi say?”

“I mentioned it… it’s a pity, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know what it means.”

“I just passed by them and didn’t dare to go over again. The assistants next to her were very vigilant and stared at me several times…”

Tang Yunling had no time to read the words under her eyeliner. She threw her phone aside and muttered.


“She’s really perverted.”

It’s been so long. Shi Zhi is still thinking about her waist!

Since Tang Yunling listened to the recording of Shi Zhi boasting about her behind her back and then met Shi Zhi at the book club, she stared at her waist. Tang Yunling has always been worried in her heart. After Shi Zhi and Bai Wu’s cp were at the hot search, Tang Yunling became more and more convinced of something.

Initially, she was really not feeling well, but it’s not that she couldn’t go to the Star Games if she gritted her teeth and persisted.

Now it seems… it’s right not to go.

Shi Zhi didn’t know that his old opponent Tang Yunling had been frightened.

Brother Quan was surprised, “Why are you still thinking about that roasted kidney?”

Shi Zhi, “It smells good.” Since I smelled the roasted kidney that Tang Yunling bought that day, Shi Zhi has always remembered it, and she feels that the other roasted kidney didn’t have enough flavor.

(Kidney is from the word ‘pinyin’ Yaozi, but if someone hears half of the word ‘Yao’, it can be translated with waist; small of the back or waist-like topography that is narrow in the middle)

After entering the venue, Shi Zhi couldn’t be with the team. The organizer of the Star Games gave everyone uniform clothes. The male stars were blue, and the female stars were pink, which was pretty good.

When Shi Zhi saw Ning Jiachi on the field, Ning Jiachi discovered her first and ran towards her.

“Sister Shi!” Originally, Ning Jiachi was still a symbol of nobility and coldness in a pile of idols. Still, now it is revealed his original personality.

Shi Zhi also said hello to Ning Jiachi. Ning Jiachi, “What do you have in your hand?”

Shi Zhi raised it, “The thermos cup.”

Ning Jiachi, “…” Of course, he knew about the thermos cup, but he didn’t expect Shi Zhi to bring water in.

The two of them didn’t say a few words. Ning Jiachi actually wanted to continue chatting with Shi Zhi, but a staff member had already called him. Next is his project, so he had to go first.

Shi Zhi opened the cup and drank some water. She also had a project.

The first event is the women’s swimming relay.

Brother Quan and Shi Zhi fought for reasons to keep this project. Swimming is still more popular, regardless of men and women.

Shi Zhi walked towards the swimming area as if taking a walk. There were already many young actresses there, and idols were waiting. A group of people sat there talking non-stop, and she was still very eye-catching.

Shi Zhi didn’t know anyone. She originally planned to find a place where no one would sit, but she didn’t expect someone to greet her.

“Sister Shi Zhi, come here!”

The girl had already gotten up intimately and came over to pull Shi Zhi, “My name is Geng Can, a member of the YU group, just call me Cancan.”

She may also think it’s strange that she is acting too eagerly, but she said in a low voice, “I’m white paper.”

The white paper is real!

Geng Can watched the hot search, and then the combination of Shi Zhi and Bai Wu made her go crazy. It was too sweet. It was too easy to be knocked.

So when she saw Shi Zhi, her eyes were bright.

Shi Zhi knew that Bai Zhi (White Paper) was a cp fan of herself and Bai Wu, but she didn’t expect to meet her here. She didn’t care where she was sitting. It happened that a little girl pulled her, so she sat with Geng Can.

When the game was approaching, Geng Can also took Shi Zhi to change into a swimsuit. Geng Can went in relatively late and was stopped by a team member.

“Cancan, are you familiar with Shi Zhi?”

Geng Can’s teammate’s name is Lena. Geng Can doesn’t have a very good relationship with her. Geng Can doesn’t like some of Lena’s styles very much, but no matter what, she is also a team member, and it is rare for Lena to take the initiative to find her.

So Geng Can gave Lina a brief introduction to the white paper CP.

By the time Geng Can finished changing into her swimsuit, Shi Zhi had already come out and was waiting there.

Geng Can be a little surprised to see Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi Zhi, are you wearing this?”

Shi Zhi, “Huh?” What’s wrong?

Geng Can shakes her head hesitantly.

Logically speaking, there is nothing wrong, but no matter how you look at it, it is wrong… This is too ordinary.

There are many spectators in the swimming area. Not only are there many spectators, but even artists competing in other regions will take time to float here. After all, who doesn’t like the beautiful □□. Who is not an LSP anymore?

(LSP in Chinese “老色坯 “is a word for describing people focusing only on the sexy side of something. It’s kind of a joking word in the Bilibili you can use when you see somebody staring at the girls, and he seems to imagine some dirty scenes. It’s not a very strong word, so everybody uses it to steer at himself or somebody else.)

All the female stars who changed into swimwear did not disappoint everyone’s expectations.

Taking off the big long legs full of bath towels, all the females completely showed off their physical advantages. With small suspenders and a low moon, even a girl who takes the pure route has a large piece of skin exposed behind her swimsuit.

Cool and seductive.

The audience is discussing.

“It seems that there is Shi Zhi.”

“Shi Zhi has always been in good shape. The cheongsam she wears in “The Law of Actors” really shattered me. I don’t know what she will be wearing.”

“Isn’t that?”

Looking in the direction pointed, Qi Qi made a confused voice.

Unlike the rest of the people who guessed that Shi Zhi would definitely show off her figure, Shi Zhi took off her bath towel to reveal her plain one-piece swimsuit with a skirt and sleeves.

The package is tightly wrapped, and it won’t look abrupt to go shopping in this swimsuit.

Audience: ???

“This swimsuit style is damn familiar, and I seem to have a similar one.” Suddenly the same style.

Liyuan wore a careful swimsuit robe, and one of them was mixed with Shi Zhi, who was wearing an ordinary-style swimsuit. She didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, and she was justified.

This swimsuit is very comfortable.

However, even if what Shi Zhi was wearing was not conspicuous, it still attracted much attention. Look at the straight snow-white legs, which were tightly wrapped, and there was no way to hide the bulge.

I want to say something to Shi Zhi. Please don’t tell them. It’s okay to wear something refreshing when you’re outside.

There were also special reporters on the scene who interviewed everyone before the game. After all, they were of a competitive nature. Female stars wanted to express themselves and faced reporters asking questions about their swimming skills.

A more confident answer is good, and most of them are ok.

Shi Zhi thought for a while, “Not so good.” Swimming is not her forte.

There were female idol fans who had drawn a team with Shi Zhi in the auditorium. After hearing Shi Zhi’s answer, they were furious, and everyone quarreled there.

“I’m speechless, you can’t swim well, what are you doing here?”

“I’m so annoyed, my sister is going to be dragged down again. My sister originally said that she would give fans the first place.”

“Don’t sign up if you’re not good at swimming, Your fishing is awesome. Go fishing!”

The person beside him reminded him, “There is no fishing project.”

Most of them heard that Shi Zhi was not good at swimming and that she would be a hindrance, so they disliked her.

The expressions of the people in Shi Zhi’s team were also instantly subtle. However, everyone didn’t make it clear and looked like they were still harmonious. She was assigned to the third pole of that team. The first and second poles indicate that the swimming level is good. One swims often, and the other grows up by the sea.

“It’s ok, Sister Shi Zhi, just rely on us.”

However, at the beginning of the game, the Shizhi team made a mistake with the first stick. The second stick kept saying that the person who grew up by the sea seemed to be a beginner in swimming and stumped and swam down.

Shi Zhi: ???

She really thought everyone was swimming well.

The Fourth stick of the other team closes her eyes, and she’s ready to lie down and laugh.

The second pole of the Shi Zhi team had just reached the finish line, and the third pole of the fastest team was already halfway through the swim.

Shi Zhi put on swimming goggles and jumped out of the water.

“My god, what’s the situation!” Someone in the audience has already stood up.

The anchor also noticed a conspicuous figure in the water, “It’s Shi Zhi.”

“Is Shi Zhi right? Shi Zhi swims very fast, she is about to overtake the previous players… overtaken!”

The camera and the audience in the auditorium can clearly capture that Shi Zhi, wearing a plain swimsuit, is like a flying fish in the water. The splash is not too big, but it quickly approaches the player in front.

One, two, three…

She quickly surpassed everyone in front of her, including the team that had already traveled half the distance before she set off.

Watching it makes people’s blood boil!

After all, the Star Games meeting is not a professional sports meeting. Everyone is mainly for licking the screen. Even if the brother (sister) performs almost nothing, it is not their primary job.

No one expected someone to swim so fast, or Shi Zhi, who was saying that she was not very good at swimming.

After the fourth stick of the Shi Zhi team finished swimming, the referee announced that they had won first place, and the fourth-round rival still felt unreal.

Damn, is this the happiness brought by lying and winning ?!

The people who were still angry that Shi Zhi couldn’t swim and were dragged down by their idol were dumbfounded. One of them said bitterly, “Shi Zhi did it on purpose. She deliberately said that she can’t swim well and she is not good at it.”

Their idol is the second best.

Finally, some passers-by couldn’t see it.

“Shi Zhi herself thinks that her swim is not good, can’t she? She didn’t expect that she thought that the swim was worse than some people! What can you do to watch the game?”

But passers-by were also thinking Shi Zhi, who is not good at swimming, depends on who she is compared to. Compared with those people just now, she is completely a king.

Isn’t it comparable to her own fishing skills? It seems that fishing is indeed better.

After Shi Zhi took over the baton, she hid her merits and fame. She had another project after changing her clothes.

“Sister Shi Zhi.”

Geng Can’s teammate Lena approached Shi Zhi affectionately, and the members of the YU group, who belonged to the same team as Lina, looked at each other tacitly.

Lena belongs to the kind of person with a strong purpose. Whoever is popular to play with, so she can treat her with such a good face, usually asks someone to do something or intends to get something.

Geng Can be anxious. She cursed in her heart and finally knew why Lena asked her in the dressing room if she was familiar with Shi Zhi.

Lena had just secretly watched the clip of the white paper CP. She didn’t expect that this CP group was not small, and the comments were all positive, so Lena had other ideas.

Get together next to Shi Zhi to see if she can develop a cp. Even if she can’t, Shi Zhi just performed so brilliantly in the swimming relay, and she could have more shots with Shi Zhi.

Geng Can became anxious and went to call the other party, “Lena, let’s go buy something to eat together.”

Lena, “You guys go.” Turning her head to look at Shi Zhi again, from coldness to intimacy, “Sister Shi Zhi, I will go with you.”

Shi Zhi, “I’m going to participate in another project.”

Lena, “What project, maybe there is a coincidence… Is it rhythmic gymnastics? Sister Shi Zhi, you are in really good shape. You must be outstanding in rhythmic gymnastics.”

Shi Zhi opened her mouth, “Discus.”

Lena: ???

She reacted exactly the same as Shi Zhi’s agent at the time.

What kind of iron cake?

The corners of Shi Zhi’s mouth rose, and she looked at Lena, “Do the projects overlap? Do you also throw a discus?”

The answer is no. Lena will definitely not throw the discus.

Shi Zhi wandered to the triathlon area. All of them were sturdy men. The male artists thought Shi Zhi was in the wrong place.

Shi Zhi explained again.

“It’s right, I’m going to throw the discus.”

The staff gave Shi Zhi the certificate that she did sign up for the discus. Although they saw Shi Zhi sign up for this item at the time, they thought they had reported an error and asked Shi Zhi’s agent several times.

This scene naturally attracted the live cameraman’s attention, so Shi Zhi, who changed back to pink sportswear, appeared on the big screen.

Today, the team also made a special style for Shi Zhi to create a vibrant and energetic Shi Zhi.

The age-reducing cute ball head has clear makeup, almost nude makeup. Shi Zhi has a good foundation at face value, which is more natural. At first, she applied a very thin layer of blush, but it was rubbed off because of exercise. It revealed a healthier powder, the bridge of the nose was straight, and the lips were watery and tender.

Seeing Shi Zhi like this, everyone’s first reaction was—

Fuck, it’s so fucking cute. The cute head is about to fall off!

What kind of cosmic cutie is this? I want to call her daughter. I want to kiss and hug and raise her high!

As expected by the team, Shi Zhi could reverse the previous image as soon as this image came out. At this moment, she was not the uncle Shi Zhi who was fishing, nor was she the devil who scared the child to go to hell.

She is a sweetheart so sweet that people unconsciously smile.

If this sweetheart didn’t hold a heavy discus in her hand, that didn’t match the image at all.


Sweetheart. Shi Zhi holds a discus, poses, spins and jumps. She closes her eyes (no). In fact, Shi Zhi was regularly rotating, moving her steps, and her body rotation was coordinated with her arms., The camera could vaguely capture the slightly arched arc under her pink sportswear.

If you read it right, it should be the biceps.

Go you!

Shi Zhi threw the discus out. Everyone held their breath and looked up simultaneously to see the discus crossing a beautiful arc in the air. It was thrown quite far and landed heavily on the lawn.

The referee reported a score, which is still a good score.

Shi Zhi, “Call–“

After the exercise, she clapped her hands and breathed a sigh of relief.

The audience took a deep breath.

What the hell is a strong Barbie?

The contrast is too great! You can call sweetheart at that face, but this revealing hand makes you want to call her dad.

The charming thoughts of the male stars who were attracted initially by Shi Zhi’s looks and body were immediately dissipated.


Lena is also paying attention to this side. After she finished watching Shi Zhi revitalize the discus, she silently ran farther.

She wouldn’t go to Shi Zhi’s side anymore. She always felt that if she went on, the discus in Shi Zhi’s hand would hit her head, and it was useless to run far because Shi Zhi’s throw was quite far.

You can also locate and chase.

It’s terrible.

Shi Zhi felt that the discus was done quickly, and the competition was over. After it was over, she found an area of interest to watch the game with her hands on the side.

Once again, occupy a favorable position, the best VIP viewing area!

Shi Zhi looked very happy, and only one project was left, so she went to play Tai Chi again.

The wild horses split their manes left and right, and the white cranes have bright wings.

The set is smooth, the movements are stunning, and the rhythm is also perfect. So after the women’s swimming relay, the team won first place, discus first place, and Shi Zhi took the martial arts first place too.

After Shi Zhi finished Tai Chi, she returned to where she was sitting but did not sit down.

Her thermos cup is gone.

In addition to watching celebrity competitions, another attractive point of the celebrity games is to watch various celebrities being interviewed. The host had just sent away a popular idol when he heard the audience shouting on the stage.

“Shi Zhi!”

“Quick, the host catches her, don’t let her run away!”

Shi Zhi, “…”

Shi Zhi was standing not far from the interview area. Although there were no fans of Shi Zhi at the scene, everyone was enthusiastic about Shi Zhi, a magical woman. The host wanted Shi Zhi to be interviewed for a long time, but he didn’t find her. Every time the assistant just caught Shi Zhi’s figure, she seemed to have this hiding especially, and soon disappeared over there.

The appearance of Shi Zhi does mean a bit of “self-caught” in the eyes of the host.

So the host stopped Shi Zhi, “Shi Zhi, can you be interviewed?” Come here, don’t run away!

Shi Zhi also stepped forward very cooperatively.

“First of all, congratulations to Shi Zhi for winning one group first and two individual first… How do you feel?”

The host first listed Shi Zhi’s grades according to reason and then handed her the microphone.

Shi Zhi pondered: Feelings…

“The indoor temperature is pretty good today.” It’s not cold, and it’s not cold when swimming. Shi Zhi can’t forget the scene where it’s snowing, and everyone is wearing dresses outside. It’s too poisonous.

Audience: ???

Host: ???

She insists on wearing a professional fake smile, trying to make up for the field.

 “The indoor temperature is really suitable, so that our beautiful brothers and sisters can sweat freely on the field.”

“Then… Does Shi Zhi have anything to say to the audience?”

The host of this session is very familiar, and the familiar ones are almost getting cocoons in their ears. She can already imagine how the other party will answer.

Thank you, fans. Thank you, everyone. Thank you, parents… LalalaLalala.

Best with tears of excitement in their eyes.

Shi Zhi finally waited for this. She looked straight at the camera. Her face appeared on the largest display screen in the entire venue, and everyone seemed to feel that they were being watched by her.

Shi Zhi opened her mouth.

“Hello everyone, I want to ask, has anyone seen my thermos?”

“White background, gray edges, stainless steel.”

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