One Can’t Judge by Appearance #36

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Chapter 36

“Yuan Xiaoer, do you like me?” The wall with moss, and the sycamore tree that grows against the wall. Yan Xi stands under the sycamore tree, and the morning sun has a faint yellow color as if it has dyed Yan Xi a layer of holy light.

Yuan Yi couldn’t feel the temperature of the sun. He looked at Yan Xi crampedly: “What are you thinking? How could I like you?”

Hearing this sentence, the smile on Yan Xi’s face slowly dissipated, and she stared at him dazedly, as if she was sad and angry. His figure looked extremely embarrassed in her clear eyes.


Tears flashed across her fair cheeks and splashed on the dead leaves on the ground.

“You, don’t cry.” Yuan Yi felt his heart was as painful as a needle, and he hurriedly took out his handkerchief but felt empty in his body. In desperation, he had to stretch out his hand to wipe her tears. The tears were warm and moist, and Yuan Yi felt as if he smelled the bitter and salty taste in the tears.

“Then do you like me?” The woman in front of her opened her watery eyes wide, her eyes full of grievances.

Yuan Yi opened his mouth wide and wanted to say “I don’t like it”, but the moistness and warmth of his fingertips made him unable to say these three words.

“I, I, I…”

“I like…” Yuan Yi opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling in a daze for several minutes before he recovered from this somewhat absurd dream. He slowly got up from the bed, casually put on his robe, and went to the bathroom.

After washing up, Yuan Yi rubbed his aching temples, opened the door and walked out.

Yuan Yasen glanced at his second son, who came down from upstairs, and his tone was very calm: “It’s almost noon before you get up. You usually manage the company with this kind of lazy attitude?”

“Dad, I just took an idle job in Changfeng, what difference does it make if I’m not there?” Yuan Yi’s face was a little pale. He walked to the dining chair and sat down, picking up chopsticks to eat the breakfast served by Aunt Li.

“Didn’t you invest in and run a few companies yourself?” Yuan Yasen never asked his son about his business, but seeing that his attitude was sloppy, he couldn’t help but say a few more words, “If the company can’t go on, you can go back to the head office and stay there.”

“I don’t need it yet,” Yuan Yi said without raising his head, “The benefits of the industry under my name are quite good.”

Yuan Yasen thought that Yuan Yi wanted to save face and suffer, and made up his mind to let him suffer more setbacks before he knew that starting a business is not easy, “Come to the study after breakfast, I have something to tell you.” 

“Okay.” Yuan Yi took a mouthful of millet porridge, which was very thick, and he wanted to drink an extra bowl.

Half an hour later, the father and son sat opposite each other in the study, and the atmosphere was a little cold.

“Your mother can’t bear you to move out,” Yuan Yasen looked at the son in front of him, frowning slightly, “What do you think?”

“Dad, I’m twenty-seven this year,” Yuan Yi replied calmly, “I should have moved out a long time ago.”

Yuan Yasen found that he couldn’t see his second son’s joy or anger, as if he was just stating a fact and had no other meaning. In his memory, the child who would talk back to him and cause him trouble had grown up unknowingly, but as a father, some of his previous experiences suddenly seemed like a dream.

“I don’t mean to interfere in your life,” Yuan Yasen pondered for a moment, “but as a son, you should consider your mother’s feelings before doing things.”

Yuan Yi looked at him and said nothing.

Yuan Yasen inexplicably didn’t want to look into his son’s eyes: “Second, your mother suffered a lot when she was pregnant with you, and because of your dystocia and hemorrhage, she almost lost her life. Don’t do anything that disappoints her.”

“Dad,” Yuan Yi suddenly laughed, “Isn’t this supposed to be your fault? If you didn’t let my mother get pregnant and give birth to me, how could she have suffered such a crime?”

“Second, you are getting more and more outrageous now,” Yuan Yasen sank his face, “Get out!”

Yuan Yi showed no anger on his face: “Dad, “Dad, irritability is not good for your health.”

When Yuan Yasen turned his head to look at Yuan Yi again, he had already gotten up and walked out of the study without even looking back.

“Unfilial son!” Yuan Yasen endured it for a long time and scolded in a low voice. Hearing the sound of high heels outside the door, knowing that his wife Xu Ya was back, he took a deep breath and tried to make his face look better before he got up and walked out.

“Yasen, I don’t think Xiaoyi’s face is very good. Is he sick?” Seeing her husband coming out of the study, Xu Ya asked worriedly, “Do you want to call the family doctor to diagnose him?”

Yuan Yasen stretched out his hand to support her, “It’s okay, don’t worry too much, are you tired after shopping on the street for so long?”

Xu Ya frowned, but after taking out her mobile phone and calling the family doctor, she returned to the room with Yuan Yasen.

In the Imperial TV Station building, Yan Xi looked at the calla lily in the hand of the flower deliverer and signed a random name on the confirmation sheet: “I don’t want the flowers, so you can take them and deal with them at will.”

The flower delivery man was stunned. He rarely encountered this kind of situation, and he didn’t know what to say for a while, “I’m sorry, our shop has no such rules.”

“Well, I shouldn’t be embarrassed you,” Yan Xi took the bouquet and said to the flower delivery man, “The flowers in your shop are beautiful, and I don’t have any opinions on your flowers.”

After speaking, she threw the flowers into the trash can and stepped on the flowers, by the way.

After stepping on it, Yan Xi turned her head and said to the flower delivery man with a smile on her face: “Thank you, for your hard work.”

Flower deliverer: “No, it’s not hard work.”

This bouquet was very valuable. It was airlifted after a high-level inspection. Unexpectedly, it was thrown into the trash can when he turned his head. At this moment, he suddenly had the urge to refute some prejudiced remarks on the Internet. Who said that men could chase women with money? How confident is this?

After the flower delivery man left, the other talents in the Imperial TV Station building leaned in very gossip: “The hot hand destroys the flowers, Xiaoyan, you have the demeanor of the devil in the rivers and lakes.”

“Haven’t you seen the female demons of the rivers and lakes in the TV series? All she likes are the heads of the famous and decent families, the masters of the martial arts?” Yan Xi put her hands around her chest, her tone a little light, “The female demon will not be happy with the leader of the demon sect.”

Everyone knew that Yan Xi didn’t like this suitor who sent flowers, and she didn’t take her words to heart. After laughing, she forgot about it.

Yan Xi returned to the office and saw a text message from the Song Dynasty on her work phone.

Song Dynasty: Do you like flowers today?

She stared at the text message for two minutes and dialed the Song Dynasty phone.

After the phone rang, Song Dynasty waited for half a minute before pressing the call button and smiling, “Miss Yan.”

“Mr Song,” Yan Xi was unmoved by listening to the sexy voice of the Song Dynasty. In their industry, there are too many men with pleasant voices, and the voice of the Song Dynasty does not have much influence on her. “I don’t like flowers. Mr Song might as well save the money and donate it to the Hope Project.”

“I will donate money for the Hope project, and send beautiful flowers to Miss Yan, which is also my little wish.” Song Dynasty took off the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and there was no emotion in his slender eyes. “After so many years, Miss Yan is still unwilling to accept my pursuit?”

Yan Xi smiled and said, “Is Mr. Song joking?”

“No, I never joke,” Song Dynasty tapped the desktop with his index finger. “I not only want to pursue Miss Yan, but also want to cooperate with your father in business. I just don’t know if Miss Yan would like to give me this thin noodle?”

(Thin noodle can be translated with meaning, please do it for my sake, ‘to save my face,’ ‘humble’)

Threaten her with her dad’s career? This Song Dynasty thought he was acting in a domineering president drama, or did he think she was very timid?

“Mr. Song, please discuss with my father about business matters. I can’t do this,” Yan Xi chuckled. “As for what Mr. Song wants to pursue me, I’m really sorry, but I can’t agree.”

“Oh?” Song Dynasty didn’t get angry but chuckled softly, “As the saying goes, if you see people’s hearts over time, I believe that Miss Yan will one day be truly moved by me.”

“I’m sorry, I’m too family-oriented,” Yan Xi touched the succulents on the table, “I’m not suitable for a wealthy family, Mr. Song please stop in moderation.”

“Miss Yan…”

Song Dynasty listened to the busy sound coming from the mobile phone and suddenly laughed. Back then, this woman could make him wait like a fool for hours; sure enough, there was something special about it.

Is the idea of family status too important?

He put down his phone. Actually, he didn’t plan to marry her. This kind of thing is not so important.

“Teacher Yan,” the staff knocked on the door outside the office, “You are going to put on makeup.”

“Okay, thank you, I’ll be right over.” Yan Xi got up and went to the dressing room. As soon as she entered the door, she heard the two makeup artists talking about Li Jiayu. When they saw her come in, the makeup artist did not stop talking but asked if she knew Song Ci.

(Song Ci is a poetry of the Song Dynasty)

“I don’t know the Song Poetry, but I have memorized the Tang and Song poems.” Yan Xi leaned back in the makeup chair and did not join the gossip team.

“What Tang and Song poems, Teacher Yan, we are talking about Li Jiayu’s boyfriend during her lifetime,” the makeup artist swept Yan Xi’s face with a makeup brush. Yan Xi was a little worried that she was too obsessed with gossip and used her face as a seasoning plate.

“Someone made a big reveal today. It turns out that Li Jiayu had been dating Song Ci, the son of the wealthy Song family, but it was not exposed. Two days ago, a reporter photographed Song Ci and a certain popular actress holding hands at the airport, so now everyone all suspect that Li Jiayu jumped off the building and committed suicide because she was betrayed by her boyfriend.” Speaking of which, the makeup artist couldn’t help shaking her head and sighing, “How can these rich and powerful sons be trusted, it’s a pity that Li Jiayu is beautiful and talented.”

No wonder Li Jiayu is seven or eight years younger than Shen Xingyan and can’t compare to Shen Xingyan in terms of seniority, qualifications, and hosting skills. Still, she can compete with Shen Xingyan and even have a relationship with the fashion circle. It turns out that she knows someone in that circle.

For the sake of the great deceased. These words are kept in their hearts and not spoken, but it doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t understand them.

Yan Xi felt that these revelations were a bit subtle. Even if Li Jiayu was put on a green hat by her wealthy boyfriend, with her current status, popularity and courage, it is unlikely that she would commit suicide because of a man.

However, she has never been in contact with Li Jiayu, and all this was just her guess.

While listening to the gossip from the makeup artist, Yan Xi took out her mobile phone and swiped Weibo at will. It was indeed filled with various breaking news, and some people even posted photos and biographies of the main heirs of the Song family.

After reading the gossip materials, She learned that the Song Dynasty was not the only heir of the Song family. In addition to him, the Song family has three heirs to choose from, Song Ci, Song Shi, and Song Fu. Yan Xi had reason to suspect that the people who named these four younger generations were fans of Song Dynasty history, and the Song Dynasty was his favorite younger generation. No matter what poems and songs it was, it was not as conspicuous as the Song Dynasty.

(Song Ci is the poet, Song Shi is the Northern Song Dynasty writer and calligrapher, and Song Fu is Du Fu, the greatest poet of China in the Song Dynasty era. Of course, you know, Song Dynasty pinyin name is Song Chao)

These four people are cousins. Song Ci is the eldest, Song Shi is the second, Song Fu is the third, and Song Dynasty is the youngest. However, she has to admit that in this information about the heirs of the Song family posted by enthusiastic netizens, Song Dynasty is the noblest son with the best appearance, the highest education, and the perfect appearance.

Compared with the Song Dynasty, the other three had stains that could not be washed cleanly.

Under this revelation on Weibo, countless netizens have called Song Dynasty’s husband in a mocking tone, as if he is the clear stream among the wealthy family, the king of the noble princes, and the sought-after item among the diamond kings and the fifth generation.

This style of breaking the news by stepping on three people and pulling one person is a technique that has long been used in the entertainment industry. Still, because these four people are the heirs of the wealthy with the golden aura of the local tyrant, and the Song Dynasty has a handsome face, no netizens think this is a malicious step.

It can be seen that money and beauty are the thickest and most powerful filters in the world.

Turning off the real and fake gossip, Yan Xi clicked on the WeChat chat box and sent Yuan Yi an emoji.

“What’s the matter?” The family sat at the dining table, and Yuan Bo noticed that Yuan Yi had clicked on the phone.

“It’s nothing,” Yuan Yi took his mobile phone, stood up and said, “I used to have late breakfast, and I’m not hungry yet. You guys eat slowly.”

Yan Xi: [Big Brother]

Looking at the expression on this dog’s leg, Yuan Yi knew that she used the dog Leg emoticon and must have something to ask him. He thought for a while and changed Yan Xi’s name to Yan Dog leg.

He looked around in the emoji package and chose an emoji of an emperor to reply to.

Yuan Xiaoer: [If there is something to play, I will retreat if there is nothing to do]

Yan Dogleg: Please, what will be the tragic end of refusing the pursuit of rich and noble sons? Is it too late to let my dad sell his wealth now?

Yuan Yi was stunned. Who the hell would go after her with such poor eyesight?

Yan Xi sent another message just as he was about to ask who it was.

Yan Dogleg: I’m going to record the show, and we’ll talk after the “Noon News” is over.

Walking to the sofa in the living room and sitting down, Yuan Yi turned on the TV and found a few more advertisements in the Imperial Capital Eight that looked normal in style, and the products were still from the Song family industry.

Yuan Yi’s heart was empty for a while, and then he felt suffocated again. He read the WeChat message from Yan Xi several times over and over and replied with a stern face: “Who wants to pursue you?”

There was no reply over there.

Soon after, the familiar opening song of “Noon News” sounded, and Yan Xi’s face soon appeared on the TV.

Yuan Yi has always felt that the content of “Noon News” is not interesting, especially since today’s issue is particularly annoying.

What is there to report about the completion ceremony that the leaders attended? Is there no news to say? It takes two or three minutes to say that the sugarcane has forked. Is there something wrong? And dogs can go to the market to buy breakfast by themselves. Parrots can read poetry. What kind of mess is this?

“Yuan Xiaoer, is there a thorn on the sofa?” Yuan Bo came over after eating and saw Yuan Yi rubbing around on the sofa, “If you can’t sit still, go to the room to rest.” As he said, he reached out for the remote control.

“Don’t move,” Yuan Yi held down the remote control, “This news is quite interesting.”

Yuan Bo turned his head to watch TV. The host explained the square dance aunt in a park and was about to participate in a show on a TV station. In the camera, these aunts are wearing fuchsia performance costumes, holding big fans in their hands, swaying humanoid fan circles, with bright smiles on their faces.

Is this news interesting?

Yuan Bo felt that the depth of the generation gap between himself and his younger brother was probably equivalent to the Mariana Trench.

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