One Can’t Judge by Appearance #35

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Chapter 35

In the rich and noble private room, Song Hai and a few drunk friends boasted about their children to each other. This one said that his child was filial and that he brought him a valuable gift when he went abroad. The one said his son was capable, married a beautiful and filial daughter-in-law, and gave birth to a pair of dragons and twins.

Most drunk middle-aged men have a few common problems, such as bragging and wanting a face.

Drunk people tend to be less sensitive and don’t know who’s starting, betting to see whose children will come and pick them up. To prevent cheating, they also supervise each other’s phone calls.

“Let me tell you, my son’s listed company has made money in a year…and made this amount,” a thin man compared his nine fingers. He raised his wine glass and touched Song Hai, “Lao Song, I remember that your daughter is not married yet, why don’t you let the two juniors meet, let’s be in-laws.”

“No, no,” Song Hai shook his head, again and again, the wine glass in his hand shook around, spilling a lot of wine, “Your child is thirty years old, six years older than my daughter, too old.”

“Thirty-one is flowers for a man when his career is successful, isn’t that just right?” The thin man was unhappy, “Besides, my son is so capable, how many women want to marry him.”

“That doesn’t work either. My daughter is looking for a better-looking boyfriend,” Song Hai put the cup on the table. “What is money? All my assets belong to her. It doesn’t matter what kind of man she wants.”

“What’s the use of looking good, but you can’t eat it.”

“Bah, isn’t there a saying that a beautiful meal is delicious.” Song Hai leaned back in the chair drunkenly, humming, “No matter how rich your son is, he won’t come to pick mine up.”

“Hu, nonsense, my son is the most filial.”

“My son is filial.”

“Nonsense, my children are well-behaved and capable. If you don’t believe me, you will wait and see. It must be my children who come first.”

The bad habit of middle-aged men bragging after getting drunk has been fully reflected in this group of men.

“Mr. Yuan, this is it.” The hotel manager stood outside the private room door, turned around to see that Yuan Yi didn’t say anything, and then turned to look at Yan Xi beside him.

“I’m sorry to trouble you.” Yan Xi smiled politely at the hotel manager.

“No trouble, no trouble, it should be.” The hotel manager was very polite, stepped forward, and knocked softly on the door. The sound insulation effect of the hotel is so good that the door is not opened inside, and no one knows what is happening inside.

“Someone is coming, someone is coming.” Several old men stumbled up from their chairs and squeezed open the door. In the end, the thin man took advantage of the excellent geographical location and grabbed the right to open the door.

“I’m sorry to disturb the distinguished guests.” The hotel manager saw that the table was in a mess, but it was not too messy. He knew that the people inside were just ordinary meals, and there were no fights, gatherings for gambling, or other illegal acts.

“Hi.” Several old men saw that the hotel staff was outside the door, and they disappointedly returned to their seats.

With Yan Xi’s hanging heart, she heard the men inside talking about betting, what their children were the most filial, and so on, and she had roughly guessed what had happened. She didn’t rush into the door but grabbed her head and said to Yuan Yi: “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect them to be so boring.”

A group of middle-aged and elderly men who had nothing to do with their actions almost scared her to death.

Yuan Yi also heard the conversation in the private room. He leaned against the wall and said lightly: “It’s okay, you women are courageous and love to think a lot. I understand.”

Yan Xi didn’t know whether she should say thank him or defend a woman. But thinking that Yuan Yi had just done herself such a big favor, she felt that it was more appropriate to treat him as if she hadn’t heard these words.

“Dad,” Yan Xi crossed to the hotel manager, walked into the private room, and asked Song Hai softly in a low voice: “Dad, why did you drink so much? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“Yan Yan is here? Song Hai’s eyes lit up, and he turned to a few old friends and said, “See, my daughter is here to pick me up!”

The other people were a little resentful, but seeing that Yan Xi was bringing water to Song Hai and wiping his hands. They were both envious of her gentle and caring appearance. Sure enough, it was better to have daughters. The daughters were all caring little padded jackets.

Yan Xi helped Song Hai to say goodbye to several uncles and uncles and didn’t say much when she left the private room. Yuan Yi hesitated for a moment, walked to the other side of Song Hai, and supported his arm.

He was worried that Song Hai was too heavy and Yan Xi’s thin arms and legs couldn’t hold it.

The hotel manager, who wanted to step forward to help, quickly retracted his hand. He turned his head and glanced at the other colleagues behind him, motioning them not to do anything. Didn’t he see that Mr. Yuan was pleasing his father-in-law? In this world, how can you get a promotion and a salary increase without a wink to reach the pinnacle of life?

When he held Song Hai, Yuan Yi knew how heavy the fat man was. He glanced at Yan Xi, who didn’t change his complexion, and suddenly held back the breath in his heart. He was a dignified man and must not be embarrassed at this time.

“Young man, you are good-looking, a hotel employee?” Song Hai looked at Yuan Yi with a dazed expression, he had won such a big face in front of his friends, and it was time to see who was pleasing to the eye, “It’s a pity to be a hotel clerk with this appearance. I think you look good, do you want to be a star? Play the leading role…” He shook his head, “It’s a little bit less righteous, but it’s still good to play the villain male lead. Now young people like big villains, You can try it.”

Yan Xi watched her dad giggle and praise Yuan Yi with a cold expression on his face. Dad is not a hotel employee. He is a golden thigh you can’t even dream of holding.

“Thank you, I’m not interested in the entertainment industry.” Yuan Yi believes his physical strength is good, and he still goes to the gym when he has nothing to do, but…why is Yan Xiaoxi’s father so heavy?

“It’s not bad for young people to be down-to-earth and able to endure hardships,” Song Hai took his arm out of Yuan Yi’s hand and patted Yuan Yi on the shoulder. “The young man is promising, he has the style of my past, and a successful person in the future.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he swayed to the ground, sat down, and was pulled up by Yan Xi.

Watching Yan Xi drag Song Hai up from the ground, Yuan Yi felt that he shouldn’t have run recently but should practice weightlifting. The man’s self-esteem is gone at this moment.

Not arguing for the steamed buns to fight for breath, Yuan Yi once again held Song Hai’s other arm.

The two finally helped Song Hai into the car. Yan Xi shook her sore arm and used the seat belt to buckle Song Hai into the car seat, “Yuan Xiaoer, I’m too much trouble for you today.”

“Can you do it alone? Yuan Yi looked at Song Hai suspiciously, “Let me accompany you.”

Drunk people are irrational in their words and deeds. It will be very dangerous if they go crazy in the car and Yan Xi is driving.

“Yuan Xiaoer, you are really the most and best man in the world,” Yan Xi was moved by Yuan Yi’s helpful and friendly behavior. However, she refused a little bit. Hypocritically and meaningfully. “But, will it be too much trouble for you? Then I’m so embarrassed.”

“It’s okay, you’ve already bothered me tonight,” Yuan Yi went around to the other side and got into the car, “It’s not bad, let’s go.”

“Can’t you put it beautifully?” Yan Xi sat in the driver’s seat and muttered in a low voice, “For example, we are good friends, and it is right to help you. For example, it is my honor to serve beautiful women.”

“Thinking too much is an illness, drive quickly,” Yuan Yi clicked on his seat belt, “I have to rush home to sleep.”

Yan Xi:  …

Don’t be angry, don’t get mad. He has helped her a lot. As a woman, be generous!

“Yan Yan,” Song Hai said with a smile, “I’ll sing you a song.” Not allowing Yan Xi to refuse, he opened his mouth and sang.

“Come in a hurry, go in a hurry, the tide rises and falls, love and hate are in an instant…”

However, before he could sing a few words, Yan Xi ruthlessly rejected him: “Dad, if I were you, I would remain silent now.” She turned her head and stared at Song Hai, “Do you know that drinking a little wine is pleasant, and drinking a lot of wine hurts your body?! You also bet with people, in case I don’t come to pick you up, see where you put your face.” For the sake of her father’s face, she has been holding back without having a seizure. She finally couldn’t bear it when she got in the car. “Smoke hurts the lungs, alcohol hurts the liver. If you live a hundred years without smoking and drinking, but you are all fifty years old, do you really think you are a child?!”

Song Hai shrank his neck and didn’t dare to sing the song anymore.

“Dad, I don’t care how you used to live, but now that I’m here, I won’t let you mess around anymore,” Yan Xi said sternly. “Next time you drink so much wine, I’ll move out!”

Hearing that his daughter was going to move out, Song Hai woke up three minutes after drinking. He promised that he would never drink so much alcohol in the future. That he would not make a random bet to make his daughter worry, and he slowly started quitting smoking, never making fun of his own health.

Yuan Yi, who was sitting next to her, looked at Yan Xi and said that she changed her face when she changed her face. Just now, in front of other people, she could be called a good daughter of twenty-four filial piety. He still found it a little strange that she didn’t seem to be such a good-tempered person. Ah.

Seeing her criticizing Song Hai with a flat face now, Yuan Yi was slightly surprised but still relieved.

It’s finally normal.

“Yan Yan, I’m sorry, Dad was wrong this time, and I will never do this kind of thing that worries you in the future.”

“Okay, I forgive you,” Yan Xi’s face became better, “Dad sit down, I’m going to drive.”

“Okay.” Song Hai’s voice was a little cheerful.

Halfway through the car, Song Hai was dizzy and realized a person was still sitting next to her. He squinted for a long time before recognizing that this was the kind employee just now. Hence, he began praising the hotel’s service attitude.

Yuan Yi would not care about a drunk person. He would respond casually to whatever Song Hai said.

Looking at the Buddha’s face without looking at the monk’s face, this person was a bit noisy, but he was Yan Xi’s father anyway, and he endured it for his friends.

When he arrived at Song’s house, Yuan Yi and Yan Xi helped Song Hai into the room. Song Hai murmured: “Yan Yan, you call the driver to take this young man home. It’s so late, his family will be worried.”

Yuan Yi, who was standing at the door, lowered his eyelids slightly and did not speak.

“Okay, I know, go to sleep. Yan Xi coaxed Song Hai to sleep, closed the door, and slammed his shoulders, “Yuan Xiaoer, thanks to you today. Otherwise, I’m really worried about whether I can get my dad back.”

“Let’s go. I’ll take you back.” Yan Xi took Yuan Yi downstairs and picked up the car keys from the coffee table. After her father’s driver’s wife gave birth to a child, she didn’t want the driver to leave the child and drive with his confinement wife on such a big night.

“No, I have just sent a message for the driver to pick me up.” Yuan Yi glanced at his watch. It was past eleven o’clock now.

“Then sit down for a while, and I’ll pour you a glass of milk.” Yan Xi went to the kitchen refrigerator to take out the fresh milk, poured it into the milk pot, and boiled it for a few minutes. “Yuan Xiaoer, do you drink milk with sugar?”

“Feel free.” Yuan Yi, who was secretly looking at the decoration of the living room, immediately retracted his gaze, “I don’t choose.”

Whatever means adding sugar, Yan Xi understands.

After pouring two cups of milk, Yan Xi took the tray and put it on the coffee table, “It’s a little hot, be careful.”

“Thank you.” Yuan Yi smelled the faint scent of milk in the cup. He watched Yan Xi bow her head to blow the milk, and felt that his face was a little hot.

Is it the milk that is hot and smoked?

For many people, Yan Xi’s villa is a luxury mansion. Still, in Yuan Yi’s opinion, the decoration style of this house is a bit old-fashioned, and various styles are mixed together. You can’t praise elegance without knowing your conscience.

But the house was cleaned up very cleanly and still had a lively atmosphere.

Before the glass of milk was finished, the driver arrived. Yuan Yi drank the remaining half of the glass of milk in one breath and calmly wiped his mouth with a handkerchief: “You go to bed early, good night.” He stood up and glanced out the window, “Don’t follow out, pay attention to closing the doors and windows, and check the kitchen. Remember to lock the door after I leave.”

“Okay, boss.” Yan Xi got up and wanted to send Yuan Yi away, but Yuan Yi stopped her before she reached the door, “Okay, don’t come out, it’s not safe to be outside at night.”

Yan Xi suddenly felt that Yuan Xiaoer’s worrying appearance was cute.

“Then, good night.” She waved at Yuan Yi.

Yuan Yi hummed, walked out the door without turning his head, and helped Yan Xi close the door. Yan Xi walked to the window and saw Yuan Xiaoer walking to a black Bentley. The driver graciously opened the door for him.

“Second Master, please get in the car.”

Yuan Yi looked back at the villa behind him and saw a shadow by the window. He bent over and sat in the car, perhaps because the glass of milk was too warm just now. He didn’t sleep so late and didn’t feel a headache.

Back at Yuan’s house, Aunt Li hadn’t slept yet. Yuan Yi handed him the coat, “Brother still hasn’t come back from a business trip?”

“Young Master called today, it means that he has only returned,” Aunt Li was a little worried about Yuan Yi, “Why did Second Young Master come back so late today?”

“Take care of a little thing.” Yuan Yi rubbed his temples, tore off his tie, and threw it on the sofa.

“Mr. and Mrs. are already asleep,” Aunt Li added, “Would you like to drink milk and I will heat it for you?”

“No, I’ve already drunk it at a friend’s house. Yuan Yi looked at Aunt Li, “It’s getting late. You should go to bed.”

“Okay, ” Aunt Li nodded and remembered another thing. “By the way, Second Young master, Mr. originally wanted to talk to you about something. But you haven’t come back, so he went to bed first, and told you to find him tomorrow morning. .”

But which friend’s house did Secon Young Master go to? Even serving guests milk.

“Well, I see.” Yuan Yi replied calmly.

Seeing him like this, Aunt Li didn’t say anything else, after all, put away his suit and tie lightly, turned around, and went back to her room.

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