One Can’t Judge by Appearance #37

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Chapter 37

“The progress of civilization is also the progress of society…” Yan Xi was halfway through reading the press release and saw that the director’s sign behind the camera was on. This was an urgent news break. She quickly finished reading the manuscript and let the camera cut into the news video.

The news video lasted less than two minutes. Yan Xi broadcasts the news while reading the manuscript that was temporarily stuffed in. When she first encountered breaking news, she was still in a hurry, but now she knows how to deal with it to make the live broadcast smoother.

The camera turned back to the studio. Yan Xi read the manuscript following Zhang Hao’s rhythm, and suddenly her brain seemed hit by something. Her ears buzzed. She fainted.

Seeing Yan Xi being hit by a falling light on the TV, Yuan Yi didn’t recover for several seconds. It wasn’t until the show ended in a hurry that he realized that he was staring at the TV except for a pair of eyes, and the rest of his body seemed to have lost consciousness.

Throwing down the remote control, he walked out without even thinking about it.

“Yuan Xiaoer, what’s wrong with you?” Yuan Bo saw that Yuan Yi was still wearing slippers and was about to go out. He reached out and grabbed him, “Put on your shoes first.”

Yuan Yi lowered his head to change his shoes, looking much calmer. He took the coat handed by Aunt Li: “I have something to go out and I won’t eat at home.” After speaking, he hurriedly walked out the door, his coat hanging on his arm, and he didn’t even have time to wear it.

“He doesn’t even say hello when he goes out at noon,” Yuan Yasen said unhappily. “He’s almost 30 years old, and he still behaves in such an unruly manner.”

Yuan Bo glanced at him blankly, bent down to put on his shoes, and walked out the door without turning his head.

“Look at them one and two…”

“Okay,” Xu Ya put down her chopsticks, “you eat well, the children are so old, what do you look like when you scold them like this?”

Yuan Yasen put down his chopsticks and said with some displeasure: “I am their father. What’s wrong with saying a few words to them?”

Xu Ya’s face sank slightly: “Then you go out and scold them now, I won’t stop you.”

Being blocked by his wife, Yuan Yasen was speechless.

At the intersection of the traffic lights, Yuan Yi looked at the zebra crossing in a trance until the horn sounded behind him and suddenly realized that the red light had passed. He started the car, and an ambulance squeezed behind him, and he stepped aside.

Is this car… going to pick up Yan Xi?

He followed the ambulance and soon after saw the ambulance turn right and enter another road.

That’s not the way to go to the TV Station.

Yan Xi is not the first case of an accident during the live broadcast of the program. Still, the probability of such an incident is more difficult than winning the jackpot in the lottery. What’s more, although Channel 8 has no ratings, the equipment used by everyone is quite good because of the support of the superior policy. The equipment will be checked every once in a while. How could this happen?

Zhang Hao hadn’t come out of the fright yet. He was sitting outside the studio, drinking the water handed to him by the program assistant. He had always been sitting in Yan Xi’s position today. Still, his left face was a little swollen because he didn’t sleep well last night. There was some problem with the lighting angle of the studio, which would make his left face particularly obvious, so he deliberately changed his position with Yan Xi today.

Who knew such an accident would happen? If he didn’t change his seat today, it would be him who was hit by the light.

Thinking that when Yan Xi was carried out of the studio, her whole back was covered with blood, he felt cold all over his body, and his hand holding the cup shook.

“Where’s Yan Xi?” A man in a white shirt and a gray suit stood in front of him, “Is she seriously injured?”

Zhang Hao stared blankly at the man in front of him. He didn’t come out of the fright, and his reaction was slow.

Seeing him like this, Yuan Yi had no patience, “Which hospital was she sent to?”

“Handsome guy, Teacher Yan has been sent to the First Central Hospital,” the program assistant hurriedly said when he saw this strange man in a suit with a fierce look. As if he was about to hit him if he disagreed, “The director station and the director program also went to the hospital together.”

Yuan Yi didn’t even have time to say thank you, and he hurriedly turned and left.

Seeing Yuan Yi leaving, the assistant breathed a sigh of relief, turned around and saw someone in the studio preparing to clean up the blood stains on the ground and the falling ceiling lights, and hurriedly stopped: “Wait a minute, don’t destroy the scene. The director has just called the police. The police are coming to investigate the scene.”

The person who was bending over to pack his things stopped, and he turned to look at the assistant: “This will make things bigger, will it be bad for the station?”

“It’s not very good,” the assistant motioned to him to come out immediately. After he came out, he closed the studio door. “You just got recruited in. You don’t know. Teacher Yan is different from other small hosts. We will investigate this matter ourselves. It’s okay to be clear, otherwise, if there is trouble in her house, I’m afraid we won’t be able to eat it in the station.”

“Isn’t this an accident?”

“Whether it is an accident or not, the police have the final say. We say it is an accident. If Teacher Yan’s family does not recognize it, it will still be our problem at that time.” The assistant also feels that today’s incident is purely coincidental. Still, even if it is coincidental, it requires professionals to have checked the scene to be the authoritative result.

It didn’t take long for the police to arrive, and two invited professors arrived with the police. It is said that the two of them were masters of on-site investigation. Even if there was something wrong with dandruff, they could be noticed.

The senior invited professor actually took action for such a trivial matter?

The person in charge of the TV station and responsible for the reception was a little panicked. Was it the host who was upset because the light hit her, or was there a large-scale murder? That even such a big man rushed to the scene in person?

Yuan Yi heard his assistant say that the two professors had already rushed to the scene and said calmly: “I see.”

In the past, Yan Xi was sitting on the right side of the host, except today, sitting on the left side, but something happened. He doesn’t believe there is such a coincidence in the world that a firmly installed ceiling light can fall off easily.

When Yan Xi opened her eyes, she found that she seemed to be lying on the bed, surrounded by many talking people and the smell of disinfectant in her nose.

“Mr. Yuan, please rest assured that the patient’s brain injury is not serious, but the wound on the back should be paid more attention to avoid wound infection.”

“Then why isn’t she awake yet?”

Yan Xi felt a little sick and wanted to vomit, but she couldn’t spit it out. Yuan Yi’s nagging voice was all in her ears. Why didn’t she know before that Yuan Xiaoer, a big master, had so much nonsense?

“Are you awake?” The nurse standing beside saw Yan Xi opened her eyes and said happily, “Mr Yuan, the patient is awake!”

Intuition told Yan Xi that there were many people around her, but she couldn’t see them while lying on her stomach.

Yuan Yi squatted in front of her with a mask on, looking into her eyes, “Do you remember your name?”

Yan Xi’s gaze fell on Yuan Yi’s shirt collar: “Yuan Xiaoer, the collar of your shirt is not straightened out.”

Yuan Yi snorted: “It doesn’t seem to have amnesia, and her brain is still normal.”

Seeing him, a 1.8-meter tall man squatting by the bedside, Yan Xi almost couldn’t help reaching out to touch his head and then praised, “Good boy.”

Then the doctors surrounded her, asked many questions, and observed her tongue, eyes and ears. With this cautious attitude, Yan Xi suddenly had the illusion that she was a precious experiment in the laboratory.

After the doctors left, Yuan Yi got up and sat down on the stool: “Yan Xiaoxi, did you go out without worshiping God? This kind of bad luck can be encountered by you?”

“Can’t you be gentle with me because of the fact that I am a wounded person?” Yan Xi didn’t feel much on her back, probably because of the effect of the medicine, and she didn’t know whether the wound was deep or not, “Where’s my phone?”

“What time is it? Are you still thinking about your cell phone?” Yuan Yi got up and took out Yan Xi’s cell phone from the drawer, but there was a sterile transparent bag on the outside. He put the phone in Yan Xi’s hand, “Take it.”

“Thank you.” Yan Xi is not stupid. It is impossible for so many doctors to take care of her injuries. He also arranges a separate advanced ward. The station is not so dignified or so generous. So all this should have been arranged by Yuan Yi. The only question is, how did Yuan Yi know that she was injured and came so timely?

“Thank you.. thank you,” Yuan Yi turned his face away a little uncomfortably, “I arranged for two female nurses to take care of you, you can arrange for them to do anything.”

Yan Xi glanced at the screen of her mobile phone. It was already past three o’clock in the afternoon. Her father and his assistant went to the field to investigate the project this morning. They shouldn’t know about it for the time being. Looking at the missed calls, there were more than 20, mostly from friends.

She first called Song Hai and told him about her injury, telling him not to worry. She was all right.

The matter is so big she was hit by light during the live broadcast, and the “Those Things Around Us” she hosted before has been popular on the Internet for several episodes. This matter will be on the Internet sooner or later. Instead of letting her dad know the news from the Internet and worrying about it, she might as well take the initiative to confess and calm Song Hai’s emotions.

When Song Hai heard that his daughter was injured, he had just arrived at the hotel and asked his secretary to book a return ticket. Yan Xi repeatedly persuaded him.

“Dad, I’m really fine. A friend of mine helped me hire a few experts and two female nurses for me.” Yan Xi lay on the bed and tilted her head to look at Yuan Yi. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask him. I’m really fine.”

After speaking, she turned on the microphone, and her eyes signaled Yuan Yi to help her calm down Song Hai’s emotions.

Under the gaze of Yan Xi’s burning eyes, Yuan Yi… gave in.

“Yes, uncle, don’t worry, I have some connection here, and I will definitely arrange the best doctor for Xiao Xi.”

“Yes, the nurses are also the most professional.”

“Injury? There’s no problem with the injury, it’s just a skin injury.”

Yuan Yi never knew that the man who turned out to be a father could nag to such a point. He repeatedly promised that he would take good care of Yan Xi, and Song Hai reluctantly agreed that he would not rush over right away. Still, he would come back the day after tomorrow at the latest.

“Dad, ” Yan Xi turned off the loudspeaker and put the phone to her ear, “You are going out this time for children in remote villages. I have no problem with this injury, so don’t make people think you are doing a fake charity and cause you trouble.”

“If I can’t take good care of you, how can I care about other people’s children,” Song Hai sighed helplessly, “I know what you mean, don’t worry, I won’t be tired of myself, and I won’t rush back in a hurry. I will definitely pay attention to my body, okay?”

“It’s good that you know,” Yan Xi’s voice became delicate, “When you come back, remember to bring me local delicacies.”

“You know how to eat,” Song Hai breathed a sigh of relief when he heard her daughter’s relaxed tone and was in a mood to talk about eating. It seemed that the injury was really not serious, “What is the relationship between the man who spoke to me just now. Your boyfriend?”

“Dad, don’t think too much,” Yan Xi glanced at Yuan Yi, “How is that possible?”

Not to mention that Yuan Yi’s identity is impossible to marry, and he doesn’t seem interested in her because of his arrogance.

If an ordinary man is as rude as him, he will never consider having a girlfriend.

“I’m going out to answer a call,” Yuan Yi saw that Yan Xi and her father were having a good chat, got up and walked out of the ward.

As soon as he called Assistant Meng’s phone, he was picked up.

“Boss, there is a result from the police. This accident was not an accident, but man made.”

Yuan Yi’s throat tightened, and Yan Xi’s appearance of being hit by a lamp kept appearing in his mind. He couldn’t stop it. He rubbed the bridge of his nose: “Who is the suspect?”

“It’s a new trainee lighting engineer, but he doesn’t want to target Miss Yan, but Miss Yan’s partner Zhang Hao.” Assistant Meng sympathized with this Miss Yan, “Who knows that Miss Yan changed positions with Zhang Hao today.”

People who are unlucky will jam their teeth when they drink cold water. Under normal circumstances, the host of a news program cannot easily change positions. Still, Zhang Hao’s left face is swollen, and the shooting effect will be slightly better if he changes his position with Yan Xi. Due to various coincidences, Miss Yan was unlucky.

“I see.” Yuan Yi hung up the phone and pushed the door open a gap but did not go in.

No matter how beautiful a woman is, lying on the bed with messy hair and no image, she won’t look much better. Yan Xi’s sick uniform was a bit wide, revealing the small half of her arms as white and tender as if she was made of tofu.

Yuan Yi closed the door, leaning against the wall and suddenly a little afraid to go in. A nurse passed by and glanced at him curiously. Didn’t they say that the patient in this ward was not seriously injured? Why did the patient’s relatives and friends look so solemn?

Yuan Yi ignored other people’s eyes. He opened the mobile browser, hesitated for a long time, and typed a sentence on the search engine.

What is it like to fall in love with someone?

“Yuan Xiaoer!”

He stuffed the phone into his pocket and hurriedly ran into the door: “What’s the matter?”

“I dropped my phone,” Yan Xi looked at him pitifully, “Can you help me pick it up?”

At this time, her face was pale, and how she looked at him made his heart soft and tugged together.

Walking to the bedside, he bent down to pick up the mobile phone in the sterile bag. Yuan Yi squatted by the bedside and looked at Yan Xi: “Yan Xiao Xi.”

“Huh?” Yan Xi grabbed the phone and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“After a while, I will move, so come and join in the fun.”

“When?” Based on the way she is lying on the bed now, where can she go?

“There is still a while, probably until you are healed.” Yuan Yi stood straight, “Now that the anesthetic has not passed, you can sleep for a while so as not to feel uncomfortable in your stomach.”

Yan Xi couldn’t see Yuan Yi’s expression, but when she saw him walking out, she asked, “Are you going back?”

“If I don’t go back, I’ll probably go eat,” Yuan Yi turned to look at her, “I will go eat some spicy chicken, duck blood curd, boiled fish or something. You can’t eat it now anyway, so I can help you try it.”

Yan Xi:

Is this to piss her off?

That afternoon, Zhang Wang received a call from Yuan Yi to change the moving date.

The reason is that tomorrow is not a good day, and it is necessary to invite the master again to calculate the auspicious day.

A few days ago, someone didn’t even bother to look at the yellow calendar, and now they have to ask the master to count the relocation days. What’s the trouble?

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