Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 28 (2/2)

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Chapter 28 (2/2)

There are more packs of dried pork in it.

Jiang Miaomiao’s eyes lit up, “Ah ah ah! It’s meat! Where did it come from?”

“I left it on the bedside table and didn’t finish it before, so I forgot to take it out. Do you want to eat meat? Take it and eat it.” 

“Hehehe, how interesting is this.”

She took it politely, opened the package, and took a bite, closing her eyes to enjoy the smell of pork.

After taking a bite and wanting to take a second bite, she opened her eyes and saw Lu Qiming. Thinking that he gave her the food, she was embarrassed to eat alone and tore off half of it from the side she didn’t bite.

“Here, you eat too.”

“No, I don’t like it.”

“Open your mouth.”

She couldn’t help but shove it into his mouth. Looking down, he saw Jiang Meimu with its tail wagging and disconnected. Hence, she divided the remaining bit in her hand in two and stuffed half of it into the dog’s mouth.

A family of three ate a piece of dried pork a few centimeters in size. Jiang Miaomiao always felt that Lu Qiming still had private goods in his possession. After eating, she went to his room to look through it.

Lu Qiming was extremely regretful.

“I wouldn’t have taken it out if I knew it earlier, it would make you greedy.”

He is pretty serious.

“At this kind of moment, there should be meat to share and juice to drink.”

“You speak well, who knows if you have hidden it.”

“I didn’t hide it. If you don’t believe me, go find it.”

“This is what you said, I can’t spare you if I find out.”

Lu Qiming pointed to her and went to her room.

Jiang Miaomiao has been in the villa for so long, and she hasn’t even hidden a melon seed. She is very confident in herself and opens the drawer of his bedside table.

There are three packs of cigarettes, four lighters, a box of fat Dahai, and a box of Tieguanyin.

(Fat Dahai, the name of Chinese medicine. It is the dried mature seed of Sterculia Vulgaris. It can be used for lung heat, dumbness, dry cough, etc. Tieguanyin is a variety of Chinese oolong tea that originated in the 19th century in Anxi in Fujian province.)

She opened the wardrobe again, three or four sets of clothes, a dozen pairs of underwear, a dozen pairs of socks, a few large cans of protein powder-like fitness supplements, a large stack of game discs, a few spare keyboards, and a mouse, a bundle of rope, nothing else.

She didn’t believe Lu Qiming’s evil thought, stood in the center of the room, her eyes scanned every corner like a scanner, and finally landed on the mattress.”

Jiang Miaomiao walked to the bed and was about to lift the mattress when Lu Qiming came to the door with a book in his hand.

“Okay, I caught Xiao Huangwen secretly in the closet.”

(huáng. Yellow pornographic. Xiao Huangwen probably means hiding little pornography.  The meaning upstairs probably he caught her hiding a little pornography book in the closet)

She blushed, ran over to take it, hid it in her arms, and said:

“I’m an adult woman, what’s wrong with this book, can you manage it?”

“If you want to, just say it, maybe I’m willing to wrong myself to satisfy you, so why rely on imagination?”

Lu Qiming raised his long eyebrows with a playful expression on his face.

Jiang Miaomiao’s face turned redder. She scolded him and continued to lift the mattress.

Lu Qiming sat down on the bed and fluently recited the book content.

“His gaze is like an eagle, and he can hit people’s hearts directly. The abdomen was neatly arranged with eight-pack abs, two seductive lines winding down, and the behemoth underneath made her blush and heartbeat.

Don’t come over! She exclaimed. He laughed savagely, blocked her way, and spit out thrilling words from his thin lips.

Woman, you’re playing with fire…”

Jiang Miaomiao felt ashamed and pushed him.

“Get out of the way.”

Lu Qiming said, “Why are you turning over my mattress? There is nothing down there, don’t waste your energy.”

“You can’t know until you see it. Get out of the way. If you don’t leave, it means you’re a thief with a guilty conscience.”

He hummed twice, walked a few steps, suddenly turned his head and asked:

“Let me show you how real muscles are?”

Jiang Miaomiao became more and more sure of what he was hiding, sneered, and mustered all her strength to lift the corner of the mattress.

A few packs of snacks were exposed underneath, Lu Qiming’s eyes flustered, and he grabbed her arm to explain.

“The gap between this mattress and the head of the bed is too big, and things are easy to leak. I don’t even know…”

She gave a loud shout and used her strength to lift the mattress completely.

There are dozens of packs of snacks under it, candied fruit, chocolate, dried pork, beef jerky, etc. You can open a small shop.

Jiang Miaomiao crossed her arms and asked:

“What else do you have to say?”

“I am growing up and need to have supper at night.”

“You son, no matter how long you grow your head, you will reach the ceiling.”

Jiang Miaomiao took a plastic bag, shook it, grabbed the snacks in, and said coldly: “Confiscate them all, confiscate them!”

Lu Qiming blocked the room door and forbade her to go out.

“At least leave me a few packs.”

“No way.”

“Please, three packs? Two packs? Is a pack okay?”

Jiang Miaomiao wanted him to give up, but unexpectedly he suddenly kissed her, his warm lips wrapped around her lower lip, and ran away before she was ready to grab a handful of snacks, pushed her out of the room, and closed the door.

“Thank you.”

“…” Jiang Miaomiao said sadly: “I can’t brush my teeth until tomorrow!”

Damn him, this shameless hooligan!

Lu Qiming didn’t speak. She walked towards the warehouse with the rest of the snacks. When she came out, she found that it was already dark.

The zombies gathered outside the villa. She quickly checked whether the doors and windows were closed and turned off all the electrical appliances that could be turned off until the villa was so quiet that the needles could be heard as if no one were living.

After doing this, she went upstairs with Jiang Meimu in her arms. When she passed a window, she was a little curious about what it looked like outside.

Take a look, just take a look.

She opened the window with a slit less than the width of her fingers, raised her eyes, and looked out. A dark thing blocked her sight, and there was an anti-theft window in the middle.

She didn’t understand what it was at first, but it took two seconds before she suddenly reacted-it was the eyes of a zombie!

The other party also found her, screamed wildly, opened the window, and rushed in.

Jiang Miaomiao was so frightened that she didn’t even care to shout for help. She grabbed the window and closed it tightly, locked it, and clamped her fingers during the period, causing her to cry in pain.

Lu Qiming heard the movement, walked up the stairs, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

She was embarrassed to say that she had done something stupid and shook her head with her hands behind her back.


“Crying like this, you either see your parents or you are injured.”

Lu Qiming walked up to her and stretched out his hand.

“Show me.”

She had lingering fears, glanced at the dark shadow outside the window, and whisper:

“Go back to the room first.”

When she arrived in the room, Lu Qiming helped her fingers with medicine. Her fingertips, which were initially tender and onion-like, turned blue and purple, and the nail covers were broken.

He had already heard the whole story, put a Band-Aid on, and poked her in the forehead.

“Do you still touch things one should keep your hand off in the future?”

She was so depressed that she didn’t want to talk, so she got into bed and could even hear the sound of zombies climbing on the wall in her ears.

Happiness during the day is short-lived, and danger comes at night.

They haven’t found a breakthrough yet. Otherwise, it will be a matter of minutes to break in.

Lu Qiming threw the medicine into the drawer and sat in the dark, watching her.

“Is there anything you want to do but haven’t had time to do?”

Want to do it but can’t do it? That’s a lot.

She hasn’t gotten rich yet, she hasn’t cut her eyelids, and she hasn’t done full-body hair removal.

I didn’t buy the high heels I like very much, I didn’t eat the Buddha jumping over the wall that I have long wanted, and I didn’t do the work I like.

Did not fall in love, did not get married, did not take beautiful wedding photos.

Did not give birth to a child, did not push the child to the mall, did not watch the child grow up.

Jiang Miaomiao covered her face and didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

She wants to die happily. Thinking so much will only make her nostalgic for the future.

In the darkness, her thin shoulders trembled slightly.

Lu Qiming pursed his lips and touched her back.

“There have been many times before that I felt that I was dead, but I have lived to the present. I am not you, and I may not be able to understand how you feel, but in any case, only by living can you have the opportunity to do what you want to do. If you die, there will be nothing left. Look at those people outside. If they have a chance, they will definitely escape regardless of everything.” 

Jiang Miaomiao hadn’t spoken for a long time. He thought she was asleep and ready to sleep.

She sat up suddenly and began to undress without saying a word.

Lu Qiming frowned, “Are you hot?”

“Lu Qiming, do you like me?”


“Answer me!”


“If you like it, you like it, and if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. Do you need to think about it for so long?”

He immediately replied: “I like you.”

Although sometimes annoying, most of the time, he likes her, so he is willing to condone some of her small shortcomings.

Jiang Miaomiao took off the last piece of underwear and threw herself on him.

“Stop talking nonsense, come on.”

“Pfft…cough, come, what?”

“Maybe I will die tomorrow, I don’t want to die without feeling it once.”

Jiang Miaomiao grabbed his T-shirt and wanted to help him take it off.

He was so frightened that he stepped back and blocked her with his hand.

“Calm down, don’t worry.”

“Didn’t you let me think about what I didn’t do? I thought of it, the only thing that can be achieved right away is this.”

He has a good figure, long legs, a handsome face, and a decent character.

As for the mouth… Anyway, there is no need to speak at that time.

Jiang Miaomiao took off his pants very persistently, Lu Qiming covered his baby and rolled out of bed, stood on the floor, and said:

“We can’t do it because . . . we don’t have a condom, yes! No condom.”

They are all dying. What else do you want?

She rolled her eyes and got out of bed.

Lu Qiming was about to cry, he couldn’t push her away, and he couldn’t beat her. Could it be that she could only obey her orders?

This thought flashed in his mind, and the sound of broken glass was suddenly heard in his ears.

Very close, it seems to be next door.

Jiang Miaomiao stopped moving and kept the volume very low.

“Something came in?”

Wait another three minutes!

“I’m going to have a look.”

Lu Qiming walked out quickly.

Jiang Miaomiao dragged a small chainsaw from under the bed and followed him closely.

The two of them sneaked in the darkness without an inch of thread and came to the door of the next door.

For safety reasons, all unused room doors were locked by them. Lu Qiming carefully lay on the door and listened for a while, then turned his head and whispered softly:

“The zombies are coming in.”

What can I do about this? Rush in and fight it to the death?

The window has been broken. If other zombies hear the sound and run in, aren’t they courting death?

But regardless of it, who knows how long this wooden door will last?

Jiang Miaomiao was still scratching her head and thinking of a way. Lu Qiming suddenly took her chainsaw, looked at the door, and said:

“I’m guarding here, you go back to sleep.”

……Even if her nerves are as thick as cables, she can’t sleep in this situation.

“Are you kidding me?”

“I’m not kidding.”

His voice was low, “I’m guarding here. If the zombies come out, I’ll give you a signal. You immediately escape, get on your bike, run fast, and don’t look back.”

“There are zombies everywhere, where can I go?”

“When the fight starts here, I will turn on the lights. The zombies will definitely gather by then. It’s a good time for you to escape.”

Jiang Miaomiao looked at him with a sour nose and wet eyes.

“Lu Qiming…”

“Let’s go.”

He smiled at her. Because it was too dark, he didn’t know if she had seen it or not.

“If I survived, I’d sleep with you. I like you, it’s the truth.”

Jiang Miaomiao burst into tears, only hating that she was not a superwoman, put on her underwear, and flew into the sky, smashing all the zombies in the world to pieces and letting this man survive.

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