One Can’t Judge by Appearance #31

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Chapter 31 –

“Okay, boss, I have arrived at Miss Yan’s house, please don’t worry.”

Assistant Meng was fortunate that her mobile phone was of good quality, and Miss Yan’s father shouldn’t have heard what the boss said. He can only do this to make up for the boss’s face.

He didn’t understand what the boss was thinking. He had already met with Miss Yan’s father. Now he asked him to go back and said he was too embarrassed to trouble him.

How did you feel so embarrassed just now? It’s too late to think of using lipstick to please female friends.

Song Hai looked at the young man who claimed to be the assistant of the second young master of the Yuan family in front of him with a gentle smile. Still, his chubby body stopped in front of the door and did not let Assistant Meng in.

“Mr. Meng, what are you doing?” He heard a gossip last week that the second young master of the Yuan family went abroad to discuss business. Not long after, the news spread. A person who claimed to be the assistant of the former young master came to give gifts. If he didn’t have the slightest doubt, there was something wrong with the brain.

But he was afraid that the other party was honest and didn’t dare to make things too embarrassing, so he simply stopped people outside the door, neither offended nor welcome.

Meng Zhu saw that Song Hai was a little defensive of him, and he didn’t feel offended. Anyone who was visited by a stranger would have this attitude. In fact, he felt that Miss Yan’s father had already given him a face by not closing the door in front of him.

“Dad, what are you doing?” Yan Xi came back from the outside and glanced at the young man standing at the door, thinking it was an employee of Song Hai’s company, and nodded to him amicably.

“You don’t know this person?” Song Hai’s eyes became sharp, and this person kept saying that he brought a gift on behalf of the boss, but if his boss was so familiar with his family Yan Yan, how could Yan Yan not know this assistant?

“He is not your employee?” Yan Xi saw Meng Zhu was dressed cleanly, and his tie was neatly tied. He immediately reacted, “I’m sorry, our family doesn’t buy the insurance, and we don’t handle any business, thank you.”

Unexpectedly, he changed from a senior assistant to an insurance salesman in the blink of an eye. Meng Zhu was stunned for a long time before he reacted: “Miss Yan, I’m not here to sell insurance. I’m Mr. Yuan Yi’s assistant.”

“Hey?” Yan Xi glanced at Assistant Meng a few more times. She didn’t have strong facial recognition skills and didn’t know if she had ever seen this man. “What did he ask you to do?”

“This is a gift Mr. Yuan asked me to give you, please accept it.”

“What is this?” Yan Xi didn’t reach out to answer it. Yuan Xiaoer called her in the middle of the night before yesterday and asked if she wanted to bring something. At that time, she had clearly refused. Why did he still buy it?”

“It’s a set of lipstick that is the most popular among women nowadays,” Assistant Meng saw that although Yan Xi was smiling, her smile was full of politeness. She knew that if she didn’t make it clear today, this set of lipstick would not be delivered. “Mr. Yuan didn’t know. What shade do you like, so he bought a whole set.”

“Yuan Xiaoer will buy me lipstick?” Yan Xi stepped onto the steps and walked through the door. The smile on her face suddenly became more polite, “Sorry, I can’t accept this generous gift. Thank you for your kindness. Please thank Mr. Yuan Yi for me and say hello!”

Assistant Meng watched blankly as the door of the Song family closed in front of him, a little unable to slow down.

“Dad, next time you meet someone you don’t know, don’t open the door.” Only yesterday, there was an incident where a rich man was kidnapped by gangsters at home. Although the station received the news, they were afraid of causing social panic, so the news was suppressed and not let it be broadcast.

With her understanding of Yuan Xiaoer, he couldn’t give her lipstick unless something was wrong with his brain.

She looked out from the door cat’s eye and saw that the man with lipstick had already left, so she walked to the sofa, slumped lazily, took out her mobile phone from her bag, and called Yuan Yi. Doing something in the name of Yuan Yi, this person must be someone who knows that she has a friendship with Yuan Yi. Although she doesn’t know their intentions, she still reminds Yuan Yi of a better cause.

What if these people didn’t come for her but calculated Yuan Yi?

The Yuan family was wealthy, and there were too many interests involved. Who knew what intrigues and tricks were in it? She was not familiar with the routines of the wealthy, so these matters were left to professionals who were familiar with the wealthy to deal with.

After learning that Yan Xi hadn’t fallen in love, Yuan Yi felt that the tiredness of her whole body had disappeared without a trace, and her only regret was that the lipstick hadn’t been delivered by himself. He sat leaning on the head of the bed, drowsy.

When the phone rang, he looked at the call display and pressed the answer button without hesitation. He wanted to ask Yan Xi if she liked the lipstick, but before he could ask, Yan Xi spoke first.

“Yuan Xiaoer, something happened just now,” Yan Xi’s tone was a little solemn, “Someone pretended to be your person and came to me to give gifts.”

Yuan Yi: “Huh?”

“Someone just brought a whole set of big-name lipstick to the door and said you asked him to deliver it,” Yan Xi hugged a pillow in her arms and said lazily, “He thinks I’m stupid. How could you think of giving me lipstick? Isn’t this bullshit. You have to be careful recently, I am worried that someone will do bad things in your name.”

Yuan Yi is the gleaming diamond king fifth. Using his name, the liar approached a rich man with a marriageable daughter, making them think that Yuan Yi was interested in their daughter and there would be too many things that could be manipulated by then.

After working in the media field for a long time, she knows that there are all kinds of strange tricks in this world, only the ones they have not encountered and the things that no scammers can’t do.


Yuan Yi couldn’t help but wonder what kind of image he had in Yan Xi’s heart, a woman who made her think that he couldn’t even bear to give her a set of lipstick.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt uncomfortable all over his body, “Why can’t I send you lipstick?”

Does this sound a little wrong?

Yan Xi asked cautiously, “Could it be that… it was really from you?”

There was silence on the phone.

Sometimes silence is the best admission, and now it’s embarrassing.

“Then what? Why don’t you call the assistant back,” Yan Xi felt it was easy to overthink when she was in the media industry. She wanted to eliminate this occupational disease, “I’m sorry, I overthink, but…Why did you think of giving me lipstick?”

After doing such idiotic things, she could already imagine that the Yuan Xiaoer on the other end of the phone must be secretly laughing at her in his heart.

But what exactly did Yuan Xiaoer think? Would he send this thing to her?

“This is my apology for waking you up in the middle of the night,” Yuan Yi heard Yan Xi’s tone sound a little weird, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing. I can’t finish using such a set of lipsticks. Next time you want to buy it, don’t buy so many. “Yan Xi breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that she really thought too much. Looking at Yuan Xiaoer’s appearance, it didn’t seem attractive to her. She may suffer from narcissism because she has been single for too long, and when a man approaches, she feels she means so much to him.

So confident, maybe she should go for Miss World.

“Do you want the next time?” Yuan Yi raised his voice, “Yan Xiaoxi, this is an apology, not a gift.” He almost agreed, but fortunately, he woke up at the last moment. Why should he worry about how many kinds of lipstick a woman has? Color? He couldn’t tell the difference between these colors since they were all piled together.

“I wanted to praise you for your generosity just now, but now I take it back.” Yan Xi shook her legs, took a sliced ​​apple from the table, and ate it.

“It makes me seem to be very rare for your praise,” He couldn’t help but ask when he heard the clicking on the phone, “What are you doing? Why is there a strange sound?”

“Eat fruit.” Yan Xi finished eating one piece in three or two bites, then took another piece and put it in her mouth, “Why, do you want to eat it?”

“Yan Xiaoxi, are you a woman, talking to people on the phone and eating?” Yuan Yi couldn’t help but say, “Are you not saving your face?”

“You’re not my boss, and you’re not my crush. What kind of image should I pay attention to? Can you guys stop being so hypocritical and keep your friends so disciplined, can you still play happily?” Yan Xi wiped her mouth, “It’s alright, alright, if you don’t like it, I won’t eat it.”


Yuan Yi rubbed his ears and said impatiently, “Eat, eat as much as you like.”

“Forget it, I’ll take care of your mood and stop eating,” Yan Xi turned her head and found Song Hai looking at her with burning eyes, so she said to Yuan Yi on the other end of the phone, “I’ll hang up first, and you will tell the assistant on my behalf. My apologies, sir.”

“Well,” Yuan Yi touched his nose, inexplicably a little cautious, “I will send you the lipstick tomorrow.”

After hanging up the phone, he found that he had been talking to Yan Xi on the phone for more than ten minutes.

“Things that can be said clearly in three or four sentences,” he shook his head and put the phone on the bedside table, “Women are really troublesome.”

She loves to talk so much useless nonsense on the phone.

“Yan Yan,” Song Hai, who had been holding back for a long time, saw Yan Xi hang up the phone and try to pose as an enlightened parent, “Do you know the second young master of the Yuan family?”

“Well, I met some time ago,” Yan Xi knew what her dad was thinking and immediately emphasized, “He doesn’t want to chase me. We are just ordinary friends.”

Song Hai, who hasn’t asked anything yet:…

“Ordinary men and women will give you lipstick?” Song Hai held his teacup, his tone a little suspicious, “Yan Yan, Dad didn’t plan to be a super rich man, so don’t feel wronged and hug the other thigh. Although the Yuan family is rich and powerful, we are not short of money to spend, right?”

“Dad, where did you think of it?” Yan Xi laughed, “With the financial resources of the Yuan family, if he really wants to pursue me, what does it mean if he doesn’t give me a car, a house, jewelry, but a lipstick set? It’s not that he doesn’t know the economic conditions of our family. Am I still short of money to buy lipstick?”

“That’s true. If he wants to pursue you and give something like this, it’s really too stingy,” Song Hai thought. When he didn’t have much money in his hand, he was also very generous in pursuing his children’s mother. 

“Anyway, I think that although the former second young master is good-looking, he doesn’t seem to be an easy person to get along with. Maybe there is also a bad habit of domestic violence. So don’t get close to him.”

Yan Xi laughed when she heard the words: “Dad, you think too much. A character like Yuan Xiaoer, what kind of beauty he hasn’t seen before, why would he like me?”

“Why doesn’t he like it? You are beautiful and temperamental, and you are smart and capable. Why doesn’t he look up to you?” Song Hai was not happy to hear this. All stupid dads in the world have a kind of blind self-confidence. Their daughters are little fairies, and there are only two types of men worldwide. What the daughter likes, the daughter doesn’t like.

Yan Xi was speechless. Is her father’s mentality a bit contradictory?

At 8:30 in the night, “Those Things Around Us” was broadcast on time. At the show’s beginning, there was a restaurant kitchen in full swing, waiting for the food to be served, and there were dishes full of color, flavor, and taste.

“There are many delicacies in our country, but we often can’t taste them in person when we are busy or don’t want to go too far to taste them. I have to say that this is a pity.” The soft female voice is like a stream, soft and a little melodic, “But today, there is a kind of person who helped us solve this problem.”

“His name is Zhou Qiang, an ordinary delivery man worker, and there are countless deliveryman workers like him in the imperial Capital.”

In the early morning before dawn, with the sound of rain, the small restaurants that have opened on the side of the road seem to have become beautiful scenery.

Yuan Yi sat on the sofa, his eyes fixed on the TV, and he didn’t move.

On TV, Yan Xi’s voice came out from time to time, but she rarely showed her face in front of the camera.

The angle of the photographer’s shooting was very clever. He used the camera to record the customers’ expressions, the behavior of merchants, Zhou Qiang’s back climbing the stairs, his drenched raincoat, and the delivery man’s packaging bag that was not stained with a drop of water.

“Thank you, it’s raining too much outside, so pay attention to safety.”

“It’s really troublesome for you to deliver food to me in such a heavy rain.”


The camera zooms further and further, and some customers don’t close the door until they have gone far.

“It’s a bit cold on this rainy day, but the attitude of the customers is very warm,” the female voice also seemed to be infected with warmth. “Delivery orders have met the needs of many people. At the same time, it has also added employment needs. Mutual respect has also brought each other closer from a distance.”

It wasn’t until the show’s end that Yuan Yi came out of the atmosphere it created. He rarely ate delivery food and seldom had contact with the delivery worker. Still, in this show episode, they used the camera to record the worker’s hard work and touching movements.

Yuan Yi thought unreasonable shops or discerning customers would appear in the show. Still, the camera recorded warmth, kindness, courtesy, and diligence from start to finish. Instead of provoking customers, delivery workers, and merchants as opposites, they create a community where they need each other.

After watching this episode of the show, Yuan Yi felt that he seemed to have a bit of an urge to order delivery food.

Because “Those Things Around Us” has been popular on the Internet for a while, some netizens marked this issue as “the Delivery Man. Part 1” on the Internet that night.

Due to the forwarding of some small marketing accounts, it quickly attracted the attention of some netizens.

Netizen 1: The style of this show is really fresh and refined. I have been waiting for the drama customers to appear. But I didn’t think that until the end of the show. It was all warm. On the contrary, I couldn’t help but order a takeaway.

Netizen 2: It can be seen that the program team is very attentive, does not provoke things, and does not deliberately expand contradictions. In fact, there are still many ordinary people in the whole society. There are few beautiful things, and because there are cameras following the shooting, most people will subconsciously make themselves perform better, so in this case, if there are beautiful things one after another, I can’t help but doubt the authenticity of the show.

Netizen 3: Am I the only one obsessed with the host girl’s voice all the time?

Netizen 4: The host’s voice is charming and contagious. The show can resonate emotionally with so many people. Her narration and dubbing performance is a large credit for this emotional resonance.

Tea Tasting: May I ask netizens, is this hostname Yan Xi?

Chen Mingdong heard a familiar voice in the video. After catching a glimpse of a familiar silhouette, he didn’t have time to finish watching the video, so he couldn’t wait to post this question in the comment area.

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