Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 28 (1/2)

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Chapter 28 (1/2)

Jiang Miaomiao held the rice cooker’s inner pot and stood still without daring to move.

Lu Qiming, who was taking a bath in the bathroom, rushed down with the shower gel foam all over his body and only tied a bath towel casually on his body. When he saw her, he immediately asked.:

“What’s wrong?”

She was also baffled, pointing to the door that was slammed.

Lu Qiming walked over barefoot to check, leaving a long wet footprint on the floor.

After a few seconds, he suddenly raised his hand to turn off the light.

The villa fell into darkness, and the sound of the crash outside the doors and windows disappeared immediately.

“We’d better not turn on the lights at night.”

The zombies’ perception ability has improved, unlike before when they only show aggression when they smell the breath of living creatures.

Now whether it is light, sound, or smell, only a slight leakage will attract their attention.

They have to be cautious and cautious.

The lights were gone, the windows were closed too, and the room was so dark that only a little shadow could be seen.

Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t cook, so the two of them and the dog could only take out the biscuits that had been in a cold place for a long time to satisfy their hunger. Fortunately, several large packs of ham sausages made their mouths barely taste the meat.

After eating, according to their usual habits, they should exercise for a while, watch TV, play games, and then go upstairs to sleep.

They couldn’t do anything now, so they returned to the room.

Jiang Miaomiao lay in the dark, holding the quilt and looking toward the window.

From time to time, the howls of zombies could be heard in the distance, which sounded as terrifying as evil spirits.

She was not afraid of the horror atmosphere. She was scared of torment with no end in sight.

Even if she can endure the darkness, where is the way out?

She couldn’t find anything but death.

The weather was already scorching, but she was cold all over her body, holding the quilt and not letting go.


Lu Qiming knocked on the door, “Would you like milk tea?”

She opened the door suspiciously.

“Can you see the kettle?”

“I have a good memory, don’t look at it, use my brain.”

He stuffed her with a cup of warm instant milk tea, and Jiang Miaomiao took a sip, feeling she was alive again.

The two were leaning against the bedside and talking.

“You go find your friends, they are at the base, right? The base is protected by the army and has weapons, which can definitely deal with zombies.”

Jiang Miaomiao said.

Lu Qiming was surprised.

“How about you?”

She shook her head, and after several changes in her thoughts, she returned to the original point.

“I’m not leaving. I used to read apocalyptic novels, and the people in the base lived hard. I can’t eat enough, and I have to work every day. If I have bad luck and meet some people who like intrigue, I will definitely not be able to live a better life.”

Seeing her laugh at herself, he became more and more worried.

“You stay here alone? How do you live?”

She smiled.

“How do I live before you come, and how do I live after you leave? If I have something to eat, I will live, and if I have nothing to eat, I will find a more comfortable way to die. I am much happier than before. I have electricity and a dog, so what are you afraid of?”

Lu Qiming was silent for a while, rejecting her proposal.


“Why?” Jiang Miaomiao said, “you are so powerful, you shouldn’t die here.”

The hero and heroine’s skills are about the same level as him. If he can live to the end, he can also become the savior of the world. What a pity to die.

Lu Qiming said: “I can’t go if I want to. With so many zombies on the road, I ran out with my bare hands. Isn’t it courting death?”

“I-I can give you the chainsaw…”

He couldn’t help laughing and touched her forehead.

“Don’t be silly.”

With the residual warmth of milk tea in his palm, he felt so comfortable that she was reluctant to leave.

When he pulled his hand back, she took the initiative to cup his hand with her head.

Lu Qiming smiled slightly and simply stretched out his arms to hug her.

“Don’t think about it, sleep, there must be a way before the car gets to the mountain, we will definitely find a chance.”

Jiang Miaomiao finished drinking the milk tea in one breath and lay on his firm chest.

His heartbeat was not noisy, but it was like a reassuring sound that relaxed her.

After a while, she fell asleep. Her slender hands shrank on his chest like a well-behaved cat.

Lu Qiming put down the cup, kissed her on the forehead, put her on the bed on tiptoe, and walked out.

He put on his protective clothing and put some blood on the corpse of the female zombie. When he passed by Jiang Meimu’s body, the latter was about to get up, but he booed.

“Don’t be noisy.”

Jiang Meimu blinked, lay back in its nest, and watched him open the door and leave.

One night passed, the sun shone brightly, and the light returned to the villa.

Jiang Miaomiao stood motionless by the window, enjoying the light that came in almost greedily. For the first time in her life, she found that she loved the sun so much. She was not so enthusiastic when she saw the sun in the basement for half a month.

After she had taken enough photos, she looked at the bed in hindsight and found that Lu Qiming was not there, so she opened the door and went downstairs.

The air was filled with the scent of fish soup. She took a deep breath, couldn’t help but speed up and ran into the kitchen.

Lu Qiming stood tall by the stove, sprinkling garlic leaves into the soup.

“Awake? Brush your teeth and you will be able to have breakfast soon.”

Jiang Miaomiao asked inexplicably: “Why did you get up so early?”

“If we can’t do activities at night, we naturally have to cherish the time during the day even more. Didn’t you not eat enough last night? There are good dishes today, and I cooked the rest of the fish.”

Jiang Miaomiao couldn’t tell if she was happy or moved, so she walked over and hugged him from behind.

Lu Qiming stiffened and joked: “It seems that you are in love with me, my charm is unstoppable.”

“Fuck you, narcissist.”

She pinched his waist and went upstairs to wash up.

After Lu Qiming cooked, Jiang Miaomiao was too embarrassed to be idle. She washed the unwashed bowls yesterday, placed them on the dining table, and tidied up the living room.

When the food was placed on the table, she stood at the table and looked around.

Complete appliances and furniture. There are fish and meat to eat, and the vegetables on the planting rack grow strong daily.

Her dog is cute and obedient, and her cohabiting roommate is capable and handsome.

As long as the zombies don’t attack, this kind of life is obviously delighted!

Jiang Miaomiao was in a good mood as if she had been pumping chicken blood and threw two clips at Lu Qiming.

The latter was puzzled, and she said, “Clip your bangs.”

She wanted to eat while looking at his handsome face.

Lu Qiming couldn’t help laughing bitterly, and while pulling his bangs up, he said:

“I’ll cut off my hair later and let you appreciate it every day, how about?”

“You cut it yourself? Can you do it with your craftsmanship, why don’t I help you?”

She just said casually, without overthinking.

Lu Qiming waved his hands repeatedly as if seeing the god of plague.

“No, no, no, let my hair live. I’ll be fine with my own razor.”

If he doesn’t want her help, she won’t help. She saves herself from trouble.

Jiang Miaomiao rolled her eyes and drank half a bowl of fish soup in one breath.

Full of food and drink, the two of them collapsed on the sofa and didn’t want to move.

Jiang Miaomiao kicked Lu Qiming with her toes, and the latter said without waiting for her to speak.:

“I don’t want to wash it.”

“Who told you to wash the dishes, I want to ask you, why in the morning when I brushed my teeth in the bathroom, I smelled a bad smell in it?”

“You still have to ask. You have bad breath,

“You don’t need to ask, your bad breath made me stupid last night.”

“Fuck you, you have bad breath!” Jiang Miaomiao kicked him hard and said seriously:

“That’s obviously the smell of blood from zombies. It used to smell like that, when we went out and came back to take a shower. Did another zombie sneak in?”

Lu Qiming shook his head.

“Impossible, I checked every room in the morning and there was nothing abnormal.”

“Then what’s the matter with this smell?”

He pinched her belly, which was so thin that he couldn’t touch it.

“Ten times you’re hallucinating in fear. Leave it alone. If you don’t go out today, what are you going to do?”

Jiang Miaomiao said: “Eat, watch TV, and play with mobile phones.”

As long as the sound is muted, it should be no problem.

“Fortune favors fools.”

Lu Qiming yawned, got up and said, “You can play, I’m going to make up for my sleep.”

“You didn’t sleep well?”

“Didn’t you say it? Your bad breath made me sleepless all night.”

Do you have one?

Jiang Miaomiao covered her mouth with both hands, took a deep breath into her palm, and sniffed carefully.

Except for the smell of garlic in the fish soup, there is no other taste.

He has framed her again, shameless.

Lu Qiming went upstairs. She lay idly on the sofa for a while, saw Jiang Meimu running by, and grabbed it over.

“Why is your hair so dirty? You’re not obedient, are you drilling everywhere? Let’s take a bath for you.”

Jiang Meimeu struggled hard, but in the end, it couldn’t escape her clutches. It was pressed into the basin and washed, returning its snow-white color.

After Jiang Miaomiao bathed it, she went to water the vegetables again, doing things one after another, not wanting to stop.

As soon as she stopped doing things, she would think of the zombies outside and the picture of the zombies biting her.

Even if she didn’t want to, she could at least stay in this house happily before she died and be her own shrinking turtle.

Lu Qiming slept until the evening before waking up. The first thing he did after getting up was to see if Jiang Miaomiao was still there.

He walked downstairs and looked around to find her squatting in the room where the sundries were placed. He breathed a sigh of relief, yawned lazily and asked:

“What are you doing here?”

“Check the supplies.”

When everything is done, I have to find something to do for myself.

Lu Qiming got interested, walked over and squatted down.

“How much do we have left? How long can it last?”

“It depends on the situation.”


“If you want to live half-dead, you can eat for a month. But if you want to live with good food and drink, you can eat for a week at most. What kind of living do you want? I want the first one.”

People are actually a very tenacious species. They can live for two weeks without eating and one week without drinking water.

Before the apocalypse broke out, the news often saw that so-and-so got lost in the forest and lived for several months by eating grass and drinking stream water.

They can also live like this and only take a bite when they are so hungry that they can’t stand it. They will definitely last for a long time.

But the problem is that it’s already painful to be unable to go out at any time at the end of the world, and your life is in danger. You still can’t eat enough and drink enough. Why do you live?

Jiang Miaomiao looked at him, and Lu Qiming said:

“Of course we have to eat and drink well. Otherwise we won’t have the strength to resist when we encounter zombies.”

The two reached an agreement. Jiang Miaomiao nodded and put the carton back in place.

“Dinner is ready, let’s eat.”

They walked towards the dining room. When they passed the window, Jiang Miaomiao deliberately did not look outside.

The sound of zombies is very close. It is estimated that there is one in the yard.

She can’t fight it, she can’t run, she can only not look, listen, or care.

Deceive herself.

Dinner was fried noodles with ham and sausage. Bacon, salted fish, and canned food were all eaten, and only instant noodles were left for instant food.

There is a lot of rice, flour, and noodles, but there are no dishes to match, and it is hard to swallow only the staple food.

Jiang Miaomiao once again regretted that she didn’t raise a few chickens in the first place. As long as she fed them rice, eggs were a sustainable resource, and she could turn them into flowers.

If there is no rice to feed, the chicken can also be killed for meat, and the soup can be drunk twice.

Thinking about the delicious taste of chicken soup, she suddenly felt that the fried noodles on the plate were unpleasant, sighed for a long time, and sighed faintly.

Lu Qiming looked at her for a while, then stretched out his hand in front of her and snapped his fingers.

She asked suspiciously: “What are you doing?”

He was like a conjurer, his wrists turned, his palms.

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