Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #23

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Chapter 23

Part 1

The Anchor who sells the goods said that selling the goods is not the most important matter.

Shi Zhi showed an expression of disapproval. Isn’t their work just selling goods?

She picked up the Butterfly cake next to her. She originally wanted to introduce it by herself like the Anchor, but Shi Zhi found out…

She forgot what the other party said before.

Just Stuck.

This reaction was naturally captured by the audience in the live broadcast room.

[If I read it right, Shi Zhi wants to introduce the Butterfly Cake but don’t doesn’t know what to say?]

[Anchor, hurry up, what are you still doing in a daze, help our sister Shi, keep your eyes open, okay? (Dog head)]

[Tell me more, speak more, and I will place an order immediately!]

[Please, Shi Zhi talking more, I placed ten orders, it was wonderful!]

[Hahaha, I’m gonna die because of a laugh. How did Shi Zhi make a scene in one second? I was still immersed in her anger at the bad drink just now, then suddenly, she continued to work. Her little stuck expression was really weirdly Cute.

Just like that one live comment said, the people in the live broadcast room hadn’t walked out of Shi Zhi’s image of angrily attacking the beverage brand. But suddenly, Shi Zhi acts honestly like a shelf.

The Anchor immediately picked up the advertisement. She originally called her sister Shi’s name the whole time. Still, under the influence of the live comment, she also changed her name and started calling her sister Shi.

She didn’t expect Shi Zhi to be imperious at all, and she was also willing to call her sister.

When Shi Zhi saw the words in the live comment, they asked her to say a few more words so they would order as many pieces as possible. Someone had already called out a hundred pieces as if they were bidding, and Shi Zhi did not speak again.

Those are off-topic topics and have nothing to do with her work. The most important thing is――

Even if she sells so much, what does it do with her?

Butterfly cake is not her brand, and she can’t get any commission.

But no matter what, Shi Zhi took a little time to clarify, which doubled the time she used. The Anchor never dreamed she could make a lot of money near the end of the live broadcast.

The large number of viewers who poured in behind the live broadcast room basically heard that Shi Zhi was suddenly clarified during the live broadcast and rushed over. Still, some people only watched half of it, and others didn’t catch up. They were all in a hurry.

With a loud cry, what did Shi Zhi say?

Why are the people who read it all swiping hashtag #Shi Zhi Niu Bi#? Is it reasonable to say that this news is not negative for Shi Zhi?

(NB = 牛屄 (Niu bi): When someone does something really cool or impressive, online commenters sometimes type NB, which simply means “awesome” or “badass”.)

But fortunately, the live broadcast can be watched and replayed, and netizens who eat melon quickly edited out the clips when Shi Zhi clarified.

As can be seen from the video, Shi Zhi was originally there to help bring the goods honestly, and then the internet trolls arrived. When she saw the words of the vice president of XX Beverage in the barrage, Shi Zhi read it.

Shi Zhi read it out on the spot and directly checked it with her mobile phone, and then there were endless classic quotations.

――I bought the earliest ticket on the train and ran away overnight.

――Why did I leave without an audition? How bad is your drink? Don’t say you have the number 13 in your heart?!

(I’m kinda confused here, but my conclusion. The slang internet word for the number 13 is 1 means ‘to want’ and 3 means ‘life’. So Shi Zhi actually insults him, talking about his motive for killing people with his beverage drink. Another prespective from nice reader with username a passerby, told me the meaning of number 13 in Shi Zhi mouth saying that it’s so bad that it’s cursed. Based on Asia superstitious. 13 is an unlucky, cursed number.)

――Even if he pays less for advertising, the drink is so bad, I can’t bear it.

――It’s okay to be blackened. I have already blackened him. It’s fair to be blackened in both directions.

All the netizens were laughing like crazy, and the comments were as lively as the Chinese New Year.

“Shi Zhi’s description is really vivid and cute. It’s absolutely amazing.”

“Running with a train? There is a sense of the picture.”

“When she shouted from the air, I was shocked when she slapped the table. I’m sorry, Sister Shi, I’m sorry, I thought of the animation of Sister Shi hammering the sandwich.”

“Today, Shi Zhi was clearly dressed like a pure college student, but when she opened her mouth, she made people kneel. Your sister Shi is still your sister Shi. When you watch “Our Village ”, praise the fish and say the fish are so cute and they must be braised. I noticed that this woman, it may not be ordinary, but until now I feel that I still underestimated her.“

“Emmm… Shi Zhi seems to have really released herself recently, because she gave up treatment?”

“I like Sister Shi who lets herself go like this. It doesn’t matter if the advertising fee is small, the drink is unbearable, and the foodie expresses its approval!”

Before netizens watched the video: Why did they all brush #Shi Zhi Niu Bi#.

After watching the video: #Shi Zhi Niu Bi#!

Couldn’t agree more.

Is she too daring to talk about it?!

Now even big-name celebrities dare not offend various brands. If there is an advertisement, they will continue to do it. Shi Zhi gave up the audition because of the drink’s taste.

Netizens couldn’t guess the reason for this, and Shi Zhi was obviously ready to be blocked by the brand, and he also came out with a two-way blackening.

You block me? Oh, I also blocked you.

Just cute.

When someone wanted to comment that Shi Zhi didn’t fold his waist for money, some netizens already threw out the words to Shi Zhi.

“Not really. If you give me a few hundred million, I guess I will still be obedient? “

Sister Shi refused to wear a high hat.

Everything is easy to say as long as the money is in place.

In this way, everyone did not feel uncomfortable but felt more real.

Human reality.

As long as the money is in place, Shi Zhi will do anything. (No)

There are not many celebrity teams that can choose good products now. Many products themselves are not doing well. If you find a popular artist to endorse, you can happily harvest the money of fans and passers-by.

Some celebrities even pick up third-grade products and let the consumers rush to buy the product because of their fame, showing a bad face but having no way to complain.

In this kind of environment, Shi Zhi seems to be an alternative stream because the drink is not good, and the audition is not done yet. This average celebrity can’t do it, right?

The bar spirit also reflects the gradual numbness of consumers in this big environment, “Are those drinks so hard to drink?” As long as you get the endorsement fee, you can do it. It feels like there are a lot of dramas in Shi Zhi.”

He was immediately refuted, “It’s a big deal, the drink is not good, and they sell a dog, but we spent money!”

(sell a dog means it’s a cursed word)

Also, what drama does Shi Zhi have? This is not because the vice president of the XX beverage brand is shouting some S female stars on the Internet, and the trolls are chasing after her live broadcast room. Shi Zhi only clarified it.

In any case, people who are pitted by various bad products are a little envious of Shi Zhi fans. Artists strictly control the products they advertise. Fans of the Artists should be delighted.

Soon, they thought again, as everyone knows, Shi Zhi has no fans, only black fans.

XX beverage brand vice president is very depressed.

As a beverage brand that made its fortune through marketing, he planned to make a gimmick when he invited Shi Zhi at that time. But the idea that he got the most is eliminated from her. He didn’t expect Shi Zhi’s team to come, but she didn’t audition again.

So he turned his brilliant head and thought of a better strategy: to go to Weibo to accuse the stubble.

Who would have thought that the car overturned, and Shi Zhi said on the live broadcast that their drinks were unpalatable?

The topic of their unpleasantness on Weibo is already very popular, and it has reached the point where it will affect sales.

The vice president was scolded by his boss, and he was full of anger. Is Shi Zhi crazy? Is her team crazy too? Is she no longer going to accept a business, right?

Then he is welcome!

Netizens who are not too busy watching the excitement have long been squatting on the Weibo of Shi Zhi and the vice president of the Beverage brand. They almost want to buy a house to live there.

It’s so wonderful.

Fight, fight, let them see who can win!

Now Shi Zhi has temporarily scored one point, and the vice president of the beverage brand has not responded yet.

The vice president of XX Beverage, who was watched by everyone and even asked if you were okay, posted on Weibo. Before, he was still talking about disassembly. This time he

It means that Shi Zhi was scheming, maliciously attacked their products, made such an excuse, and left when she felt unpleasant. It was completely her one-sided words. Who can prove it?

Later, he didn’t forget to praise their products wholeheartedly. They are very delicious, nutritious and healthy. Everyone is welcome to taste them.

Shi Zhi hadn’t come out yet, and someone replied under him.

“I can prove it.”

Vice President: ???

People who eat melons prick up their ears, smell the melons and attack!

Everyone rushed excitedly to the Weibo page of netizens who said she could prove it to Shi Zhi.

This is what the blogger said, [I also went to the audition for XX drinks, but I was going to be a group performer. By the way, I saw if I could take a chance to meet the other celebrity. I didn’t expect to meet Shi Zhi. Her team stayed in the same big room as our group performance. Don’t I usually shoot vlogs often? I didn’t hold back. I can prove that Shi Zhi really ran away because the drink was too hard to drink.]

She posted the video.

Netizens can see that the background is a large room, and the sound inside is noisy, but you can still see Shi Zhi at a glance.

Shi Zhi is staring at the XX drink in her hand, still turning the bottle and looking at the packaging. An agent-like person was talking next to her. Her expression was very leisurely, and then she unscrewed the drink bottle cap, raised her wrist, raised her face and took a big sip.


Shi Zhi’s whole delicate face was wrinkled, staring at the drink in her hand with an unbelievable expression.

It is simply a capitalized life of doubt.

How natural and leisurely in the last second, and how contrasting the face changes in the next second.

Across the screen, everyone suddenly saw despair on her face and even seemed to empathize. How unpleasant it is to drink, to make the child show such an expression!

“Hahaha, damn it, my wife is so cute!”

“Beauty, you are a beauty, is it really okay for you to use your face like this?”

“When the little face collapses, the big thing is not good.”

“Fuck, I can watch this video three times.”

“Upstairs, I can watch it thirty times.”

The video is enough to explain the problem. After Shi Zhi drank the unpleasant-looking drink, she said something to the agent, and the group left the scene.

Didn’t she just run away overnight on a train?

It has an internal taste.

Someone asked, “Miss Blogger seems very close to Shi Zhi. Can you tell me about the situation on the scene? Shi Zhi really made a lot of unreasonable requests?” What does she look like in reality?”

Shi Zhi’s previous image in the public’s hearts was very vague, probably from the goddess of the hit drama to the female star who gathered all kinds of black materials. Still, during this time, she seemed to suddenly become three-dimensional.

So, what does the real her look like?

The blogger replied: [Let me just say what I saw, when the Shi Zhi team came, there was no staff to respond, so she sat with the team in our group performance.]

Part 2

The blogger : [I couldn’t help but want to record a video at that time, it must have been discovered by her manager, Shi Zhi stopped her manager. My heart was about to stop. I’m grateful, she’s very nice, and I didn’t see any strange requests.]

The blogger : [The most important thing is that she is so beautiful. She is gorgeous. She is 10,000 times better than the retouched picture. Her face value is so good. Shi Zhi blows the rainbow fart of the other little sisters. Obviously, she is beautiful and has a thin waist!]

In the end, it almost became Shi Zhi’s blowing building.

(Blowing Building = probably means an endless compliment)

However, netizens have to agree with this point. Shi Zhi’s appearance in the video is not ugly at all and looks better than in the photos.

The animated picture of Shi Zhi drinking a drink went out of the circle, and netizens also accompanied it with text.

“There are always bad people trying to harm me.” “My whole person is not good”, “My face is broken”, “how can I have a soul” and of course, the moving picture of Shi Zhi carrying the train and running overnight has also been made.

Sand sculpture netizens like to join in this kind of excitement.

(sand sculpture; neologism, Internet slang, humorous or offensive.)

The vice president of XX Beverage rolled over one after another, and some complained that their drinks were terrible. After he argued with a reason, the little net celebrity released the animation of Shi Zhi drinking the drink. The XX drink was terrible, and the animation of Shi Zhi also went out of the circle. All together.

Any search is full of remarks that XX drinks are hard to drink and expensive, so don’t buy them. XX drinks have been directly hit hard, and sales have declined rapidly.

Marketing is overdone, and you confuse yourself with marketing.

Relying on that expression of doubting life after drinking a drink, Shi Zhi also got another name——

Your sister Shi will never lie.

You don’t have to trust advertisers, but you can trust Sister Shi.

The assistant of Shi Zhi’s team read the netizen’s message loudly and reminded Brother Quan, “Brother Quan, Sister Shi didn’t get scolded this time. Why don’t you have a good day?”

Sister Shi didn’t get scolded, so “Good Days” has to be put up.


Shi Zhi felt that the original body was really miserable, and the team members were so happy that they could not be scolded.

Brother Quan sat there and sighed, “Let it go.” He can’t put it up.

“Although this matter has passed, I am worried that Shi Zhi will not be able to receive advertisements in the future.”

In fact, Brother Quan didn’t expect Shi Zhi to actually solve the matter directly by herself. After calming down and thinking about it deeply, Brother Quan also had other concerns.

Shi Zhi suddenly became so arrogant that she dared to talk directly to the brand. What other brands would think about in the future? Would they be afraid too?

The rest of the celebrities also gloated a little bit. It felt that Shi Zhi was so direct. It was not because XX drinks blocked her, or it was as simple as she blocked the other party. It was estimated that all brands had to block Shi Zhi.

Brother Quan originally had a sad look in his eyes, but then his eyes fell on Shi Zhi’s fist, “…”

Instantly changed the subject.

“Cough, thank you for stopping me at the time and didn’t ask me to find that Internet celebrity, or we really can’t make sense of it.”

They didn’t expect XX drinks to be rude, and it was like the vice president was cheating. There was really no way to prove that it was because the drinks were hard to drink that they left.

Thanks to the vlog taken by the little net celebrity.

Brother Quan also comforted himself that if there are no ads, there will be no ads. She can still be on the show and filming, although it will be a pity.

Shi Zhi glanced at the phone and let out a doubtful, “Huh?”

She raised her head and said to the people on the team, “There is a Coke brand Aite contacted me, and asked me if I was interested in their products. After I was satisfied with the tasting, asked me to shoot an advertisement.”

Shi Zhi burst out with a name, and the entire team screamed after a silence.

This is a big business. The new brand of XX Drinks is entirely incomparable to this kind. The little flower from a hit drama and the traffic celebrities have to fight for the opportunity. This…fell on them?

If you are trying to drink something, just ask anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

This is not over yet. Not only the Coke brand but also the rival of this Aite Coke, they also sent an invitation to Shi Zhi.

Brother Quan swept away his sorrow and patted his thighs excitedly, “Put ‘Good Day’ on!”

“Good Day” can be played now.

Shi Zhi was about to have a shadow on this song and asked, “Can you change it?”

Brother Quan said yes, and changed the song, “The God of Wealth is here, the God of Wealth is at my door again…”

“…” It’s not much different.

Weibo is very lively right now.

Netizens first saw Shi Zhi being approached by two major Coke brands, Aite and its rival. Then many famous beverage brands stretched out olive branches towards Shi Zhi.

(olive branches = If you offer an olive branch to someone, you say or do something to show that you want to end a disagreement or quarrel.)

The beverage merchants are all confident in themselves. They are not those spicy chickens that rely on marketing to get some sales. The beverages under their brands are all screened by the market and left by the sea. The taste is absolutely fantastic.

(Left by sea probably means a great number or numerous of people or things (dialect))

When they saw Shi Zhi forcefully complaining that XX drinks were hard to drink. Their first reaction was that this female star was a tiger, and then they smelled a business opportunity. After the two major cola brands were dispatched, the rest of the beverage brands could no longer sit still.

Netizens have said that you don’t have to trust advertisers, but you can trust Sister Shi.

Shi Zhi, this woman must be obtained!

In the beginning, everyone was still well-behaved, like Aite brand to Shi Zhi, but eyth don’t know when the style of painting changed.

(the style of painting changed = meaning the method that they usually used suddenly switched)

From promoting their products, “Miss Shi Zhi, take a look at our new product, the authentic juice is freshly squeezed, and there is Hainan coconut fruit in it.”

When they started to step on the rest of the drinks brand. “Our drinks are good quality and cheap, and the better quality is half cheaper than other cool beverages, a certain product.”

A certain cool beverage expressed dissatisfaction and quickly counterattacked.

Speaking well, there is a reason why our family drink is expensive. Milk is produced by cows who listen to music, and coffee is imported. Why use it locally?

Netizens were almost laughing to death. They thought that it would just Shi Zhi would fight with the vice president of XX Beverage. Still, they didn’t expect that several big beverage brands would actually fight.

They didn’t expect you to be such a drink!

Initially, they were still waiting to see Shi Zhi’s joke. Her colleagues, who believed she would never receive any advertisements in the future, were dumbfounded.

This is not a problem that can’t be answered. It’s too much, right?

So now the brand has changed, do they like Shi Zhi’s wild approach?

Some people are already planning whether they can turn their face on which brand to complain about, but they are just thinking about it. First, they don’t dare, and secondly, if they really do it and have the same effect, then they can.

It’s just that the answer is no.

The first person to do it is a genius, and the second person to do it is a fool.

Which PR did Shi Zhi’s company invite, and the point of marketing is so accurate every time!

People in the industry are getting more and more curious.

“The mysterious behind-the-scenes”, Shi Zhi herself has no knowledge of this.

Everyone was waiting for what kind of reaction she would make, and Shi Zhi finally posted on Weibo, and she posted an emoji pack.

In the emoji package is a screenshot of her participating in “Our Village”, sitting by the river wearing a big straw hat, with the text:――

Don’t fight anymore!

Netizen: Fuck!

Laughed and vomited.

Today, Shi Zhi brought them too many surprises. They didn’t expect her to play so well with memes, and she added another character to her expression emoji pack.

Shi Zhi hasn’t decided which drink to pick up, and the major beverage brands have sincerely sent the drink to Shi Zhi’s company. Let Shi Zhi do the evaluation and then decide after drinking it. Everyone speaks according to their strength.

Brother Quan can be said to be proud. When pushing the beverage courier into the elevator, he saw other artists in the company. The other party danced in front of him when Shi Zhi was blacklisted before.

The other party did the same this time, “Yo, Brother Quan, why do you have to take the courier yourself? Is there no one in the team to help?”

This time, Brother Quan is ready, pretending to sigh, “No way, all the major beverage brands sent their product over to let our Shi Zhi try the taste. Of course, I have to do it myself.”

The other party was speechless for a moment. Looking at the proud brother Quan, he couldn’t say a word. He could only watch Brother Quan leave before cursing.

Of course, he also knew that Shi Zhi was looted by major beverage brands, and there were tears of envy behind her.

Shi Zhi wanted to shoot an advertisement for a certain company, but they were rejected. Now Shi Zhi can choose whatever she wants… Why doesn’t his artist have the skills to drink a drink and break their face?

Shi Zhi was given various drinks by the people around her, and as long as she held the drink in her hand and unscrewed the bottle cap, passers-by would look at her face excitedly.

It’s written in her eyes――

Change, you have changed.

Use Shi Zhi’s expression to guess how good the drink is.

Shi Zhi, “……”

The assistants and staff around her became even crazier. Every time she drank the drink before she lifted it up, she was slapped in the face by several mobile phones.

Her reputation is that she faithfully records every expression of her.

This time, Shi Zhi’s face was expressionless.

The assistant observed for a while and said, “So this time the drink is not good or weird?”

“I’ll write it down in a moment.” Expressionless ones like this are relatively rare.

Shi Zhi stopped her, “No, I’m drinking water.”

All remembered stunned.

Shi Zhi and her team are seriously doing beverage evaluations. This time they are all reliable beverage brands. The taste is delicious, sweet, sour, carbonated… all of them.

It was a good-tasting drink, and Shi Zhi was also happy to drink it, but one day Shi Zhi felt something was wrong.

She rarely posts on Weibo, which didn’t matter in the past. She was scolded for anything she posted. Now, seeing less scolding, Brother Quan urged Shi Zhi to post more and even set Shi Zhi a daily task on Weibo.

Of course, Shi Zhi didn’t listen.

She posted a Weibo today.

Shi Zhi V: No matter how good the drink is, remember to brush your teeth on time after drinking it.

Netizen: ? ? ?

Why do you feel this way? What happened?

The thing is that Shi Zhi’s teeth were corroded by the drink, which was quite serious. She went to the dentist to look and had to do root canal treatment.

Some female stars are glamorous on the surface, but they actually have tooth decay.

The supernatural netizens quickly picked it up and watched Shi Zhi walk out of the dentist’s hospital in the photo with confusion on her face. Then everyone opened their mouths, hahaha.

Is it okay to do a drink test and corrode your teeth?

I’m sorry, Sister Shi, I really can’t help it.

Sacrificing oneself for the majority of foodies, everyone keeps this friendship in mind, but they still have to laugh.

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